Update on apartment!!! So I’ve been here for almost 2 months now (2 months on the 29th) and I haven’t done much lol I wasn’t home for like 3 weeks with BC trip/music festival and then back home (parents).

Anyways here’s what I’ve done!

Hung up my assassins creed flag, put all my kandi stuff away, hung up some posters to make my walls bust so the emptiness stops bothering me, and hung up ALL my rave hoods!!!! 😄😍❤


The transport docked and Bianca’s heart let out a cheer.

The massive space station was layered over one of Jupiter’s moons, Ganymede. It was home to over a million people and the galaxy’s best school for exobiology, Maria Clymenia University.

Bianca had wanted to study exobiology since her brother had found a baby from a then-undiscovered species. Bianca had christened it the Nicolus Lacertilia and given it over to the local exobiology institute. She had also assisted in learning about it and had discovered a special regenerative mutation, at the age of twelve.

That event has triggered her fascination with alien biology, with a particular interest in genetic mutations.

She stepped off the transport, into the port, and threw her arms into the air. Others were having similar reactions, whooping and hollering. Bianca recognized one of her classmates from exobiology class in high school on Pluto.

After a few moment of celebration, Bianca went to find her cases from the belt that carried everyone’s bags. Her two suitcases were a matching set, one of a kind.

After leaving the port, Bianca set off with her cases down the street. Her new apartment was only a few blocks away from the port, but down a ways, into the depths of the station.

Her home was just one level above the most famous nightclub in the solar system. It was disappointing that she wasn’t closer to the university, but Bianca couldn’t afford an expensive apartment, and Maria Clymenia didn’t have dorms. Her father was rich, but he had insisted that Bianca not take any of his money for university and her adult life.

She took the lift up to her floor and found her apartment. She used the key she had gotten from the real estate man, who was a disagreeable Mercurian.

She unpacked quickly and left the apartment, knocking on the door next to her. She figured she should get to know her neighbors.

The door opened and a girl with green-dyed hair grinned at her. “Hi, I’m Naomi Lockhart! Are you my neighbor? Come on in!”

The two chatted late into the night. It was almost midnight when Naomi said suddenly, “We should go to Reincarnation! They’re having a rave tonight. My friend Thalia will be there. Do you have any rave clothes?”

Bianca protested profusely, but Naomi wasn’t having any of it. She used what Bianca had said about attending Maria Clymenia against her. “University doesn’t start for another month and a half!”

“Fine,” Bianca conceded. “But I’m not getting any tattoos. Especially not where you told me you have one.”

In moments, Bianca was decked out in furs and florescent jewelry. “I’m not sure about this…”

“You look great,” Naomi giggled. She was wearing similar attire.

She dragged Bianca out of the building and down three levels to the club Reincarnation. A girl who had black hair dyed with blue streaks ran up to them. She wore gloves with glowing lights in the center that shot beams of light when she waved them. She was laughing. “Hey Naomi! You brought a friend. What’s your name?”

Bianca introduced herself. The longer she was around her, she noticed signs on the girl (who was Thalia) that marked her as a Jovian.  The clipped-off vowels that pegged her as a non-native speaker of Plutonic, which Bianca and Naomi both spoke fluently. Her electric blue eyes that were only found on Jupiter natives. Her height and nose shape also contributed to the general Jovian image.

She was also high. She giggled and talked in a way that a person not under the influence of ecstasy would not.

“Hey, Naomi?” Bianca called to her new friend after an hour of blazing lights and pounding music. “I’m gonna go back to my apartment with Thalia and help her sleep off the drug. I’ll see you later.”

Bianca towed Thalia up three levels, back to her apartment. Thalia giggled the whole way. She tucked the tittering Jovian into her bed and fell asleep on the couch.

When she woke up, she went to check on Thalia. The girl was sleeping soundly, so Bianca made her toast and coffee, woke her up, and plunked her in front of Saturday morning cartoons that played on the viewscreen.

By nightfall, Thalia was back to a non-high state. She was sullen, and when prompted, told Bianca that she had nowhere to stay.

“Where have you been living?” Bianca cried, in heavily accented Jovic.

Thalia mumbled a few words, and repeated them in Plutonic at Bianca’s blank look. “In an old place. I think it was a bar at some point.”

“That’s it,” Bianca said. “You’re living with me until I can get you on your feet, financially speaking. I’m also going to teach you fluent Plutonic and Dianese, which is spoken galactically. It’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t speak it. But only if you stay clean.”

“Fine,” Thalia said, smiling. “I happen to be good at exobiology.” She pointed at Bianca’s thin electronic reader. “I noticed an exobiology book. I can help you study.”


And they shook.

For five weeks, the two girls helped each other. They shared their stories, interests, and little bits about their personal lives. Bianca spent an entire afternoon telling Thalia how she got into exobiology. Thalia regaled her tales of running amok with her two friends, a Mercurian called Luke and a Minervean named Annabeth. Bianca was impressed. Minerveans were among the smartest species in the galaxy.

Just before Thalia left (she had found a new house on the same level), she turned to Bianca at 4:39 in the afternoon. It was August 25 in the year 2416, and Bianca would never forget what Thalia Grace said to her:

“Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

Bianca never forgot her answer, either. “I do.”

Five years later, she and Thalia were both wearing white dresses, she said the same words, and Thalia became her wife.