My Boys

Got an idea in the middle of class today, been waiting all day to have a chance to actually write it. This is probably gonna be shit, but oh well. 

He’s crying.


You groan and push your face further into your pillow. 

Now he’s screaming. 

“Shawn.” You push his shoulder. He groans and rolls away from you. “Shawn!” You say again, shaking his arm. 

“What?” He mumbles.

“Get your son.” You slur, so fucking tired.

“I don’t hear, fuck!” He groans. “Does the boy ever sleep.” He turns back towards you. 

“No, and he got his Daddies lungs. Go get him.” You say sighing. 

Sleep, man it’s a great thing, when you get it. But ever since you had your mini Shawn, it has ran away from you. That kid could cry all night, so saying that he got Shawn’s lungs isn’t a lie. Man he could scream. 

Shawn huffs and rolls out of bed. 

“Dude, calm down.” You hear Shawn say as he walks to the nursery. “You are gonna keep Mommy up all night aren’t you.” He says in his baby voice. 

Shawn is a great father, has been since the day he found out he was gonna be one. This is baby number two for you guys but little Raul really doesn’t like being away from you and Shawn. 

Taylor, he slept threw the night from the get go. He was such a quiet baby, still is now as a toddler. But Raul, he is gonna be so much like his Dad. Loud and goofy. 

“Shhh, Raul.” Shawn whispers walking back into your room. 

You roll over and see him holding the tiny baby to his big frame. Shawn’s a giant, you already new that. But watching him hold a two month old made him look huge, compared to the young child. 

“Raul, what’s the matter buddy.” You sigh sitting up, leaning against the head board.

“I don’t know, I changed his diaper and tried to feed him.” Shawn yawned sitting next to you. He hands you Raul leaning his head on your shoulder. You sigh as you hear two little feet running towards your door. 

“Mommy, I can’t sleep.” Taylor says from the door. 

Shawn waves him over and Taylor smiles. 

2:47 am 

“I’m so tired.” You whine to Shawn. He kisses your bare shoulder and looks at you. 

“I know Baby, me too.” He blinks slowly up at you. 

“Daddy can we cuddle?” Taylor asks. 

“Why don’t we all cuddle.” Shawn whispers. “You get to lay with Mommy while I hold Raul.” Shawn shrugs at you. You nod and hand him Raul, now that he is no longer crying. 

“Tay, I’ll be right back okay. Get comfy.” You weakly smile getting up. 

“Hey.” Shawn whispers, catching your hand. 


“Where are you going?” He asks with wide eyes.

“Bathroom, and then make a bottle so it’s ready when he’s hungry.” You say yawning. “Might as well since I’m up.”

“Let me do it, you’re tired.”

“You are a little busy.” You smirk at him as Taylor snuggles up to his Dad, closing his eyes. Shawn looks at his sons, smiling wide. 

“You’re right.” He sleepily smiles at you. You head to the bathroom. 


You walk back into the bedroom when you finish making a bottle. 

Shawn, on his back. 

Raul, laying on his stomach, on Shawn’s chest.

Taylor, on his side, holding on to Shawn’s arm like its a stuffed animal. 

You slowly and carefully crawl back into bed, Shawn stirring as the bed dips. 

“Hey Beautiful.” He grins. 

“Hey.” You whisper. You kiss Raul’s head lightly. Then kiss Taylor’s. 

“Do I get a kiss?” Shawn asks smirking. You roll your eyes.

“Gotta save best for last right?” You grin at him, that makes him smile wide. 

“C’here.” He says leaning up to you. You lean down and kiss him lightly. 

“My boys, gotta love them.” You sigh laying down. Shawn takes a hold of your hand and holds it as you get all comfy. 

“I love you Babe.” He whispers before drifting off to sleep. 


“Mommy.” You stir as someone shakes your shoulder. “Mommy, it’s time for breakfast.” 

You roll over and meet the brown eyes of your son. You smile and sigh in content.

“Morning Tay.” You smile.

“Morning Mommy!” He smiles as you wake up. 

“Where’s Daddy?” You ask as you notice Shawn isn’t next to you. 

“It’s time for breakfast.” Taylor says grabbing your hand and trying to pull you with him. You get up and follow him, grabbing Shawn’s flannel along the way. 

You are just pulling it on as you enter the kitchen. 

“What’s all this?” You ask as you see the table set, and Shawn standing at the stove. 

“You’re up.” He smiles as he turns. 

“Breakfast!” Taylor calls, jumping up and down. 

“Go take a seat bud.” Shawn smiles at his son. 

“Mommy come on!” Taylor says taking your hand. 

You look at Shawn and see that he’s staring at you, casually looking up and down. 

“Fuck.” He mumbles quietly so little ears don’t hear him. 

You look at yourself, jogger shorts, cami with his flannel, your hair that was curled yesterday now a crazy mane on your head.

“What?” You quirk a brow, picking Taylor up and resting him on your hip.

“You just look really good in my flannel.” He shakes his head.

“Yeah, good enough to get a good morning kiss?” You tease, smirking at him. 

He turns around, grinning smugly, and nods. He leans down and connects your lips, giving you a quick but sweet smooch. 

You pull away giggling and Taylor giggles too.

“Here Mommy.” Taylor says, making you look at him. “I have a kiss for you.” He smiles. You smile and he kisses you too. 

“Thanks Tay. That was the best kiss ever.” You smirk looking at Shawn. You giggle as you walk by him. He smacks your butt as you walk by, causing you to laugh harder. You set Taylor down in his high chair and look over into the play pin noticing Raul sleeping. 

Shawn sets your plates down and pulls your chair out for you. He kisses you again as you go to take a seat. 

“Let’s eat!” He says siting next to you, setting two waffles on your plate. 

“Thanks for making breakfast Babe.” You smile as you start fixing up your waffles.

“I don’t know what your talking about, Taylor made it all.” He says looking at Taylor. 

“What? No! Daddy made it.” Taylor giggles. 

“Then what did you do?” Shawn asks.

“I manned the music.” He grinned looking at you. That made you laugh and another smart comment was tumbling from your lips.

“Well you do have the best music taste in the house so…” You say biting back a smile. 

Shawn looks over at you with wide eyes. His hand finds your bare leg squeezing your knee. 

“Take that back.” He says, trying to hide his smile too. 

“Sorry, I only speak the truth.” You continue.

“You are just playful this morning aren’t you.” He says raising his eyebrows. His hand slides further up your leg, making your eyes widen. 

“Get me well rested and the sassy comes back.” You say taking a bite of your waffle. 

“Your sassy is always there, rested or not.” He says taking a bite your waffle, not a small bite, but a big ass bite.

“Shawn Peter!” You say hitting his arm. He laughs at your reaction.

“What? You insulted my music taste.” He shrugs.

“That does not mean that you get to take my waffle. You took like all of it.” You whine at him. He laughs. 

“It was good too.” 

“I wouldn’t know, you ate it all.”

“I can think of a way could taste it.” He smirks. 

“Taylor, you’re Daddy is being bad this morning.” You say as Shawn squeezes your thigh. 

“Daddy, time out!” Taylor says pointing at the wall. 

You laugh as Shawn glares at you.

“No, no time out.” You laugh. 

Then the crying starts. 

Raul’s awake. 

“Morning little man.” You say getting up and picking him up from the play pin. 

“I’ll get his bottle.” Shawn jumps up, rushing to the fridge. As he leaves you take half of his waffle and eat it quickly, with Raul in your arm. 

Once he returns he hands you the bottle taking his seat looking at his plate.

“Did you take my waffle?” He asks looking at you. 

“What? No, Taylor did it.” You say pointing at Taylor.

“No, Mommy took it, she even gave me a bite.” He smiles pointing back at you.

“How dare you.” Shawn laughs.

“Karma Babe.” You shrug, burping Raul. 


“Come on Tay, let’s go do the dishes. You get to man the music again.” Shawn says getting.

“Why do we have to do the dishes?” He asks. 

“Because we are treating Mommy today, that means we are doing all the chores.” Shawn says picking Taylor up. 

You look up at Shawn in shock. He winks at you and takes your son to the kitchen. 

You sit at the dining room table with your baby boy in your arms, he’s staring back at you with his brown eyes that are identical to Shawns. You are soothing running your finger over his features, smiling at his blinks get longer and he starts drifting off to sleep. 

“Is he done eating Babe?” Shawn asks. 

“Yeah,” You say getting up to bring Shawn your plate, still holding Raul.

“Here I’ll take him.” He says with a smile. You laugh as you see him wearing the baby carrier. You help him get Raul all comfortable in it.

“I drew you a bath.” Shawn whispers into your ear.

“Oh my god really?” You say getting excited. 

“Go relax Babe, me and the boys got the chores.” He smiles.

“God I love my boys.” You grin, leaning up to kiss him.

“We love you too.” He says against your lips. 


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She was breathtaking. She would never think so herself, but man she drew every eye in the room. 

They way her dark blue dress clung to her curves, and the smile she was wearing made her eyes sparkle in the dim lighting. 

Shawn was watching her from across the room. He would feel his chest tighten when she would laugh for smile at someone else. He wouldn’t admit it, but he was jealous. Jealous of the fact that he wasn’t the one making her laugh or smile like that. 

He was hating that he got to walk in, with her on his side, and then had to split up during the party because he had to meet with the record label President. 

She understood, knowing that Shawn had to talk up the new album. He had to do his job, this was just a part of it. 

But she wished that he was here to hold her to his side, hand on her back, while this creepy guy spoke to her. Well not to her, more like, to her breasts.

Shawn noticed, he noticed how every man looked at her in the room. It made his blood boil, she was his and not anyone else’s. He hates that others even get to see her like that. 

He’s biting his lip as he watches her from across the room. 

“Shawn?” Is what pulls him from his glare.

“Hmm what?” He asks looking over at Andrew.

“Are you paying attention? They asked how the third album is coming along?”

“Oh yeah, it’s going good. I just wrote a new song with Geoff, hoping to record it this week.” He nods, letting his gaze fall back to her. 

He starts fiddling with the ring on his middle finger, taking in deep breaths as the man she is talking too moves in closer. 

“Where is Geoff?” Andrew asks. 

Shawn ignores the question. Eyes going wide, and angry as the man moves forward, grabbing her arm. 

She looks scared, Shawn can tell from the look on her face. The man pulls her closer to him, he’s right in her face. She’s trying to push him away but he’s got a tight hold on her arm. 

“What the fuck.” Shawn growls as he pushes past the crowd, rushing to get to her. 

She’s looking around, hoping someone will see what is going on. Hoping to find Shawn. She can’t find him anywhere. 

The panic in her chest rising, this guy just won’t let go and he’s starting to hurt her. 

“Let go of me!” She screams as he puts both hands on her. 

“Let go of her!” A yell comes from behind her making her flinch. 

“I think you need to mind  your own business.” The man glares at Shawn.

“She is my business, you need to let her the fuck go.” Shawn growls.

“Get lost man, I grabbed her first. I’ll let you have your turn when I’m done.” 

“Y/n duck.” Shawn said. She did as told and ducked her head, looking down. 

All she heard was a rush of air and the crack of someone’s nose. The tight grip on her arms is released and she moves away from the guy. 

He’s on the ground clutching his mouth and nose, blood gushing every where. She looks over at Shawn who is shaking out his right hand and breathing hard. 

“Shawn what the fuck?” Andrew yells. 

“Don’t.” She squeaks trying to warn Andrew to back off and let him cool down. 

“Shut it.” Andrew says putting a hand up in front of her face. “Shawn,” He starts, angry.

But Shawn has had enough of people treating his girl with disrespect. 

“What the fuck did you just say to her?” Shawn snaps, getting into Andrews face.

“Shawn don’t do this.” She pleads trying to grab at his arm.

“No what did you just say?”

“Shawn, let’s go for a walk. Cool you down.”

“Y/n, I need you to let go.” Shawn says lowly, moving his gaze to her. 


“I’m too heated and I don’t want to hurt you, let go.”

“Stop it, you’d never hurt me.”

“Y/N I SAID LET GO.” He snaps at her. She flinches and backs away, he’s never yelled at her like that before. 

“Shawn!” She says covering her mouth. He looks over at her, about to yell again. But the words get caught in his throat as he notices the scared look on her face. The face she made when the man was grabbing her, she was staring at him like that. 

“Y/n, baby I’m so sorry.” He snaps back to reality starting to walk to her.

“No, stop.” She says shaking her head. She lets a tear fall and walks away from him. 

“No! Y/n.” He chases after her.

By the time he catches up with her, she’s already in the car, driving off without him. 

“Geoff.” He calls as he sees Geoff across the way. “I need your car.” He yells sprinting to him.


“Don’t start with me, give me your fucking keys.” Shawn says holding out his hand. 

Geoff knows something is seriously wrong, and digs into his pocket throwing the keys into Shawn’s hand. 

Shawn runs to the car, starting it as soon as he can. He has to find her and apologize. He never ever wanted to see that look on her face again. He can’t believe he snapped on her like that. 

He throws the car in park next to the one she drove home, rushing up the stairs to the apartment. He opens the door, surprised it isn’t locked. 

“Y/n?” He calls out. 

No response. 

His heartbeat beating out of his chest. 

He can’t lose her.

“Y/n?” He calls out again. 

He’s walking around the apartment trying to find her. He stops in front of their master bathroom. 

He can hear her crying. He goes to open the door, but this one is locked. 

“Baby.” He sighs against the door. “Open the door please.” 

“Go away.” She whines. 

“No, Baby, please talk to me.” 

“Please Shawn go away.” She says, sobbing. 

His chest clenches and it feels like his heart is ripped out of his body as he can hear her sobbing on the other side of the door. He hates that he can’t hold her, rock her back and forth. 

“I’ll wait Baby.” He sighs. He hears her sigh and choke back a sob. He turns and leans his back on the door. 

He wipes his face and closes his eyes as he starts to cry himself. 

An hour passes and he slides down the door, sitting on the floor with his back and head against the door. The sobbing stopped and he’s pretty sure she’s fallen asleep but he’s true to his word. 

He’ll wait. 

He’s wiping his tears as the door clicks and opens. Before he can respond he falls back, as the thing holding him up moves, and he hits his head on the floor.

“Jesus Shawn are you okay?” Y/n crouches down to check on him. 

He looks up at her with a small smile.

“So much better now.” He whispers letting his hand cup her face, using his thumb to wipe her dried tears away. She closes her eyes leaning into his hand. “I’m so sorry Baby, I don’t even know what the hell I was doing. I was so angry that that guy touched you, I’m sorry about that too.” He starts rambling.

“Stop, stop, Shawn, stop.” She hushes him. He sits up, as she sits on the floor in front of him. She crosses her legs and he does the same, letting his hands rest on her thighs. 

“No, I should have been there with you the whole time. I should have stepped in when I saw the guy approach you.” He sighs. “I shouldn’t of hit him, but all I saw was red. Especially when he spoke of you like you were a toy or some shit.” He shakes his head. “I lost it, he treated you so wrong and you didn’t deserve that. I couldn’t help myself, I had to punch him. He had to know that what he was doing was wrong.”

“Shawn, I’m not angry at you.” She stops his rambling by putting her hands on his face. 

“But you should be.”

“Why? Because you stood up for me? Because you punched a guy that was talking about sexually abusing me?” She spoke truthfully. His jaw clenches and he closes his eyes as she says that. 

“But I don’t,”

“No, you listen to me. I love that you get jealous. I love that you stand up for me at all times. I love that you’ll punch a guy and not worry about the consequences just because he spoke disrespectfully to me. Shawn I love that side of you, I love you.” 

“Stop, don’t say that.” He sighs. 

“Shawn?” She asks confused.

“No I scared you. I can’t believe I did that. I can’t believe I snapped at you like that. I was just so mad, and then Andrew started to get in on it. He should never speak to you like that. But the look on your face.” He sighs covering his face with his hands. “Jesus Y/n I can’t get the look on your face out of my head.” 

“Shawn.” She grabs his hands, moving them away. He closes his eyes, not looking at her. “Look at me.” She says softly. He shakes his head. “Shawn look at me.” She says again.

“No Y/n.” 

She’s lost her patience.

“Dammit Shawn, look at me!” She raises her voice at him. He looks up, searching her face. “Shawn, I should have listened to you. You told me to let go. I knew how heated you were, I knew it. I was just trying to get you away from the group. I didn’t want you to do something you would regret. I just wanted you to calm down for a second.” She explains. “I knew it, I should have listened. Tried to get into your head in a different way.” 

“I did do something I regret.” He sighed.

“What did you do Shawn? When I left what did you do?”

“When you left? What no. I regret snapping at you like that. I have never yelled at you, ever and all of the sudden it happened.”

“Shawn it’s okay.” She tried.

“No, it’s not. I wasn’t me, I couldn’t see straight.”

“Shawn.” She crawls into his lap. “Stop it’s okay. I know that, I wasn’t crying because you yelled at me. I’m a big girl, I can be yelled at without crying. All my emotions hit me at once. Yes your yelling didn’t help, but it’s like the situation finally clicked in my head. That guy was trying to grab me and take me, and I freaked.” 

“I’m so sorry.” 

“Stop apologizing.” 

“No I’m so sorry. I can’t lose you.”

“You aren’t gonna lose me, ever. Shawn I love you” 

“I love you too.” He smiles weakly.

“How’s your head?”

“Can you kiss it and make it better?” He teases. She smiles and kisses the top of his head. 

“All better?”

“It hurts here too.” He taps his lips. She laughs and leans in and connects their lips.

“That’s helping.” He mumbles against her lips, causing her to giggle.

“How long did you sit here waiting?” She asks as they pull away.

“I don’t know, I would have sat here all night.” He shrugs. 

She smiles and kisses him again. 

“I would wait a lifetime for you.” He grins at her. 

“Stop being cheesy.” She lightly pushes his face away.

“Can’t help it. I love you.” He smiles.

“With the lights on?” She teases. He rolls his eyes and grins at her. 

“If you’ll let me.” He smirks.

“Nice try.” She nods at him. 

“You’re okay though?” He asks becoming serious.

“Yeah Babe I’m fine.” 


“No promises remember.” 

“Stop playing for a second, promise me you’re okay.”

“I promise I’m okay.” She whispers, running her fingers threw his curls. 

“Okay.” He sighs, closing his eyes.

“Does this mean I have a ‘Bad Reputation’ now?” She giggles. 

He shakes his head, kissing her, to stop the teasing. 

Just Hold Me

A/N: I’m in the mood for some cuddles right now and have no one to cuddle with (b/c boys are dumb) So imma write about it instead.

You woke up to an empty bed this morning, no messages from him on your phone, no note in the kitchen. You knew something was up.

Shawn almost never leaves without any contact to you in anyway. You know where he is and what he is doing, you talked about that at dinner last night, but still it’s a bit odd that he hasn’t even said Hi through text. 

You decide that he is probably just really busy and that you don’t need to be bugging him while he is in the studio writing with Geoff. Instead you decide to make some muffins that way he can have a treat when he gets home. 

You had just put the muffins in the oven when you heard the door open. You smiled and waited for Shawn to meet you in the kitchen. 

“Babe?” He called, he almost sounded sad.

“Shawn?” You called back meeting him in the hallway. 

“Hi.” He weakly smiled at you.

“Bad day?” You asked.

“No it was fine, just feeling a bit off and I don’t know why.” He admits shrugging.

“You okay?” You push further wanting to make sure he really is okay.

“Yeah, can you cuddle me?” He asks looking down. 

“Shawn are you alright?” You ask becoming concerned. He didn’t respond he just walked to you and picked you up. You laughed and protested as he carried you over her shoulder to your shared bedroom. He set you down on the bed and crawled after you. 

You let yourself wrap around him, legs tangling, pulling him close. He held you tight and you nuzzled your head into his neck. You lightly left small kisses up and down his neck as he hummed in pleasure. 

“How was your day babe?” He asked as you looked up at him.

“It was pretty uneventful, just doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom.” You nodded with a small smile. “How was the studio?” You say making it sound casual when in reality you are just trying to get some answers.

“It was okay, we didn’t really hit any inspiration. It’s kind of hard when you are cooped up in a room. It has the most plain walls and 97 pin holes from all the posters they have hung up in there.” He says closing his eyes.

“You counted the pin holes?” You ask raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, when there is nothing to do and no music coming to your head you get board.” 

“Why didn’t you text or call me?” You ask.

“I don’t know, Geoff said ‘no distractions’.” He shrugs.

“I’m a distraction?”

“Yeah babe, in a good way. Just that when I start talking to you I don’t want to stop, most of the time I just sit there trying to think of ways I could get out of there early so I can come home to you.” He says absentmindedly. 

You hear the timer going off in the kitchen and start to get out of bed.

“Hey, it was a compliment I swear.” He says starting to pull you back.

“What?” You ask confused.

“I didn’t mean it in a bad way, you are the best distraction I promise, don’t leave.” He says and you let your head drop, laughing a bit.

“I love you.” You laugh and give him a quick peck. 

“Where are you going?” He calls as you walk to the kitchen.

“Just wait, I have a surprise for you.” You call out. You take the muffins out of the oven and then out of the tin. You grab two of them and cut them in half spreading the butter just the way he likes. You walk back to the room to find him sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for you. 

“Surprise.” You smile as you show him what’s in your hand. 

“I love you so much.” He smiles as you hand him his buttered muffin.

“I’m glad I made them today, with you having an off day you need something to make you smile.” You say sitting next to him. He looks at you with a weird face. “What?” You ask.

“I don’t need muffins to make me smile. The idea of you at home, for me, alone makes me smile. You make me smile. I don’t need a fucking muffin to make my day better. That’s what you do.” He says becoming serious.

You were joking about the muffin making him smile, but he didn’t take it that way. He was being weird and you didn’t know how to be respond. He was being loving and clingy but also his stubborn sassy self.

“Shawn I know.” You say softly clearing your throat. 

“Good, now hurry up and finish because I wasn’t done cuddling with you.” He grins as you take a bite. 

Did you hear that?!

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Shawn and you have been together for over a year now. It took you a while to finally trust that he wasn’t gonna leave you, like all the rest.

You were extra careful with your heart, since it’s just not yours in danger anymore.

You introduced Shawn to your daughter three months into the relationship. It was nerve wracking. 

How would Shawn respond?

How would your daughter respond?

But they fell for each other too. 

She has got Shawn wrapped around her tiny little finger. From the first second he met her, she had him beat. He did anything she wanted him too, even to your protests. 

“No, no ice cream before dinner.” You warned her.

“Come one babe, just a small scoop.” He plead already getting her a bowl out. 

But he loved it. He was so good with her. He was so worried that she wouldn’t like him, but she loved him. 

It was Shawn’s third night back from a small tour he had. He had just gone to the states for two weeks for some promo and a few shows. But he was back and had been staying with you at your small two bedroom apartment. 

“One more show Mommy! Please.” You baby girl pleaded. She was pulling your heart strings for sure. She was snuggled up with Shawn under a blanket, he was playing with her hair a bit and was looking just as sleepy as she was. 

“Yeah one more show babe.” He whined too, they both looked over at you with their signature puppy dog look. It amazed you that even though they weren’t related in any way, they still acted much the same.

“Last episode.” You gave in sighing against the couch. They both cheered, Shawn clicking play on the next episode. 

He reached out and grabbed your fingers, playing with them. You looked at him and caught his gaze. 

“I love you.” He whispered. 

“Yeah, you’re both lucky you’re cute.” You say squinting at him. He chuckles and your daughter squirms a bit, shifting into Shawn’s side. She leans her head on his chest and he holds her a little tighter.

You sat there and just watched them. It was a picture you would die for. He was holding her like she was his own, and she was snuggled up like he was hers. To be honest, they were. Shawn saw your baby as his too, he’s been around to long not to. 

Her dad was out of the picture. He up and left when you found out you were pregnant. Four years later and you found Shawn. Now she’s five and has that father figure in her life. 

“Is she sleeping?” He asked, pulling you from your thoughts. 

“Um.” You leaned forward slowly. “Yeah.” You laughed softly. He did too as you stood up. You gently started picking her up and she woke up fighting you off. 

“Come on, time for bed.” You said trying to get her again. 

“No.” She whined holding on to Shawn. 

“Come on, it’s time for bed.” You said again, changing your tone. 

“Night baby.” Shawn kissed the top of her head as she gave in and let you pick her up. You took her to her room and tucked her into bed. You kissed her head turned on her night light before walking out of the room. 

“She went down that easy?” Shawn asked as you sat next to him. You nodded as you leaned your head on his shoulder, his arm going around yours. 

“You can be such a brat with her.” You tease laughing.

“What? How can I not?” He says kissing your forehead.

The both of you start to watch the show Shawn had changed it to and sat in each others arms for awhile. 

You were starting to doze off a bit when you heard a door open. You heard a sniffle and then a hiccup. 

Soon enough the little girl walked out, tears running down her face, looking at her feet. You sat forward, Shawn waking up and becoming worried.

“Honey? What’s wrong?” You asked. 

“I had a nightmare.” She cries.

“Awe honey, let me take you back to  bed.” You start to get up.

“No I want Daddy.” She says softly. You stop short.

At first you think of the asshole that left you. How could she want him? She’s never met him. 

But then it hits you.

She just called Shawn, Dad. Daddy to be exact. 

You look over at Shawn and he’s frozen. 

She hiccups again and he jumps up from his spot on the couch.

“Daddy.” She says running to him and he picks her up, holding her to his chest. He looks at you confused, but also with a small smile. 

“Come on,” He says walking back to her room. You get up and follow behind, waiting in the hall. 

She explains her nightmare, Shawn listening intently. He assures her that there aren’t any monsters under bed, but checks just to be safe. He also checks her closet and sits next to her telling her how he would fight them off. 

“They should be scared of you.” She sniffles. 

“Trust me, they are. I can get them.” He says proudly. He starts to rub her back and softly sing to her until she falls asleep. 

When he walks out of her room he leans back against the wall across from you. 

“Shawn?” You ask as he closes his eyes leaning his head back.

“Did you hear that?” He asks looking at you. 

A smile sweeps across his face. 

“She called me Daddy.” He says becoming happier. “She called me Daddy on her own, no one asked her too. She did it on her own.” He says, more to himself. 

“What do you think of that?” You ask, still worried that that might freak him out.

“I think that that’s the greatest thing that I have ever felt.” He said looking at you. You smile and reach out for him. 

“She called me Dad.” He says again as he hugs you. 


The next morning you both are in the kitchen making breakfast when you hear the sound of little feet running to you. 

“Mommy! Daddy!” She cheers running to Shawn first.

He picks her up and kisses her cheek.

“Hey baby.” He smiles as she leans over and kisses your cheek. 

“Want some pancakes?” You ask her. “Shaw- Dad made them.” You correct yourself.

“Yummy!” She says as Shawn lets her down. She climbs her seat and gets ready to eat. 

Shawn smiles and shakes his head as he start cutting up her pancakes.

“What?” You ask nudging his arm.

“I just love that she is calling me Dad.” He shrugs. 

“Honestly.” You say, him looking at you. “Me too.” You smile. 

He smiles too and leans down and kisses you. 

You were a family. 

You, your baby girl, and now Shawn. 

New commission sheet for 2017!

I’m not working right now and I REALLY need some way to make rent and pay my bills. Rent and vet bills are very expensive for someone who is not working, so you guys are my only hope until I get my hands on a job. ♥
In the past, many have donated a great amount, which I appreciate. You may do so again if you’d like (email is the same as paypal) or commission me! Don’t worry for those who have already commissioned me, I’ll finish yours first!

If you cannot do either, please spread the word. It would mean a lot!

Commission Details:

- Payment after I finish
- Armor, weapons, and the like will cost extra
- Will draw anything, including gore and NSFW
-I allow my OCs with yours - get $5 off 

Thanks so much everyone!!

anonymous asked:

Being the Ghoul fucker I am I want all Ghoul followers reacting to their friend just suddenly hugging them from behind while mumbling sweet things, just letthembeloved

OOOKay back to reactions. ALSO gonna be working on some OLD asks bc yall have been waiting long enough. What better way to start off than w/ the ghoul boyfriends

Charon: Genuinely surprised, he almost never receives physical affection, especially not this suddenly. His first instinct was that something was wrong with them, so he asked them if they were okay. He just can’t grasp the concept of people genuinely liking him. 

Raul: He appreciated the gesture, but Raul isn’t exactly a huggy kinda ghoul. He made it a point to thank them though. It isn’t every day that someone reacts so well to a ghoul. 

Hancock: Startled, but just started laughing. He turned around and wrapped his arms around them, “if you wanted a hug, you shoulda just asked!” Hancock was surprisingly a pretty good hug-giver. Since they had surprised him with a hug, he occasionally did the same to them. 

Workout Partner

Requested! Keep them coming!!!

“Babe?” Shawn asks as he almost runs into you in the closet. “What are you doin?” He just got out of the bathroom, going to grab his workout clothes. 

“Getting ready?” You say grabbing a pair of yoga pants and a sports bra.

“You’re coming?!?” He asks getting excited. 

He’s only been asking you to go to the gym with him since you guys started dating. Claiming that it would be extra time that you guys would get to spend with each other. That it would help create this trust between the two of you. 

You worked out on your own, you usually went at night before bed, but it just started to make sense. He goes to the gym everyday, you do too, why not just together. 

“Yeah, I’m coming.” You laugh as you walk past him. He grabs your hips and pulls you towards him.

“I love you.” He grins before kissing you. You kiss back, giggling, and pull away. 


The music in the jeep is blaring, both of your guys’ pre workout. It helps him get pumped, and you to wake up. 

“Ready?” He ask taking your hand as he parks. “Geoff is already here.”

“Oh joy.” You mumble, you hate working out in front of others. 

“Come on!” He says getting out. You follow grabbing your water bottle. 

“Hey man.” Geoff says as Shawn walks in first, then you walk past the both of them to head to the elliptical’s. 

“Finally convinced you huh?” Geoff smirks, Shawn laughs and you roll your eyes at both of time. 

“She’s not a morning person, but she’ll get there.” Shawn pats Geoff’s shoulder.

You put your headphones in and start your workout. 

You can’t help but watch Shawn through the mirror, he’s lifting weights. The way his muscles flex with ever curl is beautiful, hottest thing you’ve seen. He catches your gaze and winks at you. Making you that much hotter. 

You get off the elliptical, once you’ve done your daily 20 minutes, heading over to him. He smiles at you, setting his weights down.

“Wanna spot me?” You ask quietly. He smirks and nods. 

He spots you as you start doing squats. 

Geoff is on the treadmill with his headphones in, oblivious to you two. 

“Your ass looks fucking amazing.” Shawn mutters into your ear as you stand up. You blush a dark shade of pink and turn to face him. 

“Yeah you should see your arms.” You smirk at him. 

“I told you working out together was a good idea.” He laughs kissing you quickly.

“Yeah,” You hum pulling away. He smacks your ass as you start to walk away from him. 

“Geoff I bet I can lift more than you.” Shawn says pointing at Geoff.

“Come on Shawn, be honest, we all know that that’s bullshit.” He says walking over. You laugh and Shawn looks over at you.

“What? You think that’s funny?” He says wrapping his arms around you from behind.

“Yeah a little.” 

“Tell you what, lets make a bet. If I lift more than Geoff, he buys breakfast and I get off early tonight.” He says looking at Geoff.

“Ohh, I like that.” You pipe up. 

“And when I win?” Geoff says crossing his arms.

“Then I buy breakfast and you get off early tonight.” Shawn says with a shrug. He turns to you. “And I owe you a kiss.” 

“Make it two and I’m in.” You smirk.

“Deal.” He puts his hand out. You shake it and so does Geoff.


“Thanks for breakfast.” You say wiping your mouth. 

“Yeah Shawn, thanks for breakfast.” Geoff laughs as he gets up from the table. Shawn grumbles something and you laugh patting his leg.

“I could of added one more.” He says to no one but himself.

“Yeah sure you could have Honey.” You say smiling. He looks at you and grins.

“I think I owe you two kisses though.” He whispers leaning in.

“Shouldn’t I get to decide when I want to cash those in?” You ask smirking. He laughs but still leans in. You decide to be a tease and lean in to, ghosting your lips over his, then getting up and walking away.

“Hey!” He whines. He follows you out to the jeep, after throwing a fifty on the table.”Come here.” He says taking your hand, making you laugh. 


“You are such a tease,” He mumbles before connecting your lips. 

It gets heated, quickly and you push him away.

“Why?” He asks looking into your eyes.

“Shawn, look at where we are. That’s all we need, paps getting pictures of us in a heated make out session. I can see it now, ‘Shawn Mendes and Girlfriend, relationship heating up, wedding bells soon?’” You mimic a reporters voice.

He laughs and blushes. Running his fingers through his hair.

“You’re right, they’d probably come up with some shit like ‘Pregnant after six months together.’“ He jokes.

“With Twins!” You keep going.

“Already divorced.” He chuckles opening your door. 

“No,” You shake your head, catching his attention. “Very much in love.” You whisper kissing him again before getting in.

“Very much.” He whispers pulling away.