The tadpole Whiptail, Squalogadus modificatus (1916)

Phylum : Chordata
Class : Actinopterygii
Order : Gadiformes
Family : Macrouridae
Genus : Squalogadus
Species : S. modificatus

  • Least concern
  • 35 cm long (size)
  • Atlantic and Pacific oceans (map)

The Tadpole whiptail, is a species of rattail found in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans where it occurs at depths of from 600 to 1,740 metres. This species grows to a length of 35 centimetres. This species is the only known member of its genus.

What are you running from? : a flamgirlant mixtape

Recently I posted a track here on my blog saying how it was the perfect October song - creepy and full of lurking darkness.  A follower suggest I make a new themed mixtape and I agreed it was a good idea!

What are you running from? is my latest mixtape full of creepily wonderful tunes just in time for Halloween.  Songs about ghosts and boneyards, devils and death, shadows and terror fill this mix, but you won’t find even a hint of “Monster Mash”Now sure, I may have taken a little liberty with this “theme”, but I’m a big fan of coloring outside the lines.  Still rocks as hard as it should.

As always people, show these artists some love.  Buy a record, go see a show, get a Tshirt.  How are they gonna feel the love if you don’t show it?

Hope you hear something new you dig!  Download or head over to 8tracks to give it a listen.  Enjoy!!

What are you running from?

01  RatTail : BYEBYE
02  Levek : Creature Creeper
03  The Stepkids : Shadows on Behalf
04  Those Darlins : Night Jogger
05  Timber Timbre : Bad Ritual
06  The Coathangers : Trailer Park Boneyard
07  The Graceful Slicks : Blood Red Hair
08  Ganglians : Blood on the Sand
09  Amen Dunes : Murder Dull Mind
10  The Sandwitches : Black Rider
11  Mission Of Burma : Dust Devil
12  The Black Angels : Young Men Dead
13  Dirty Beaches : Don’t Let The Devil Find You
14  Cate Le Bon : Terror Of The Man
15  Andrew Bird : Near Death Experience Experience
16  Blasted Canyons : Death And A Half
17  Ducktails : The Razor’s Edge
18  Sufjan Stevens : Enchanting Ghost
19  Waylon Thornton : Look For Danger
20  Sunny Ali & the Kid : Redrum
21  Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin : I Wear Black
22  Paul Cary : Green Monster

Oh and hey, I got a mess of other mixes y'all can get your hands on if you’re so moved.  Check it out!