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Our friends Rational Anthem just finished recording their new full length album that will be coming out in early spring 2012, and this is a track from it that will be appearing on this year’s Swamp Comp! IT RULES, POSERS. LISTEN TO THAT SHIT.


Listen/purchase: Alt​/​Punk Vol. 3 by Various Artists (ALGB 005)

We are featured on this compilation along with other rad bands such as Creeper, Rational Anthem, The Creeps, and more!

Thanks to Jamie Downes for putting together this collection of DIY bands, taking interest in us, and adding a little write up of the demo:

An earnest collection that explores resignation and redemption, vulnerability and strength, the debut release from Long Knives also shows an apparent willingness to tackle challenging subject matter and play with song structure, not to mention showcasing some beautiful vocal moments courtesy of lead-lady, Kristia Moya. The California four-pieces’ future looks well worth monitoring closely.

Fraser (The Murderburgers) releases first video for Rational Anthem Kickstarter

Fraser (The Murderburgers) releases first video for Rational Anthem Kickstarter http://bit.ly/1CHscsy

Fraser (The Murderburgers) releases first video for Rational Anthem Kickstarter

Last August, Rational Anthem was going through hard times. Their vans kept breaking down or dying altogether. They launched a Kickstarter offering digital downloads, merch, freestyle raps, life advice and much more. One of the …

Day 58: Rational Anthem. 

I got this shirt on July 16th, 2011 when Rational Anthem played in my friend Avi’s basement. The show was an awesome backyard BBQ party and I ate some veggie burgers and hung out in the sun. It was with Turkish Techno and Acid Fast, and it was a lot of fun. 

I think the next night the band ended up coming to my house late at night and they stayed for at least 3 days, it was kind of silly but I loved every minute of it and I was sad to see them go when they finally did. They played a show in my town, and we ate burritos and ice cream and went to an arcade, it was pretty badass. I love those guys. 

Oh and Chris Hembro stole my lost boys DVD on accident and sent it back all scratched up. I am never letting him live it down. What an asshole.