Black wolves saga; School AU icons part 1 l part 2

I wanted a rath icon for myself and after I made it, I felt like I should make the rest of charas so I did uwu;; Plus I like drawing derpy chibis ok Here are the wolves and cats \o/ family is in the second part! Feel free to use these if you’d like


BWS: School AU

*For the comic, in case you didn’t get it Fiona is sick, thus the cough mask

I didn’t draw them, but I imagine Arles as a student teacher or something, and Auger as the President’s brother that doesn’t have an executive position but hangs around the council office anyway.

Of course, Elza is the Kendo club Vice President:)


I’ll always be by your side

So I wanted a new light header for my twitter to match my bg’s color scheme so I drew this u///w///u Rath’s outfit was taken from another drawing I did 'cept I used his original eye patch instead ahaha