Watching the Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare PV
  • Me (inner thoughts): Why is the volume so low? *turns up volume to 50% of the maximum*
  • Rath: *desperate scream*
  • Inner thoughts: O.O Nah, I don't think anyone else heard it. I mean, the volume wasn't that high.
  • Brother: *comes to my room* OMG Are you ok or was that a cellphone?
  • Me: Uh, I was watching a video. Why?
  • Brother: That scream...
  • Me: Did you hear it?
  • Brother: Yes.
  • Me: It wasn't that loud...
  • Brother: Yes, it was ¬¬
  • Inner thoughts: Yuki Kaji your screams... I don't even know what to think anymore.

haven’t… posted art in a while lol I drew too much and now I’m in an art block _(:3/ <)_ so I Played around and doodled with the binary tool wwww I need to try drawing other bws characters that isn’t rath