Finally, after all those years of waiting, Black Wolves Saga english patch. I don’t know Japanese so when the translation was out, I played it immediately.

Rath is love at first sight but at the end of the game, I like Guillain most <3 He’s so adorable. (and dangerous, but who isn’t in this game? XD)

I don’t know whether or not I would finish this piece. As much as I want to, I really had a hard time drawing Arles because of those fancy clothes and most importantly, his HAIR! I’m still figuring out how to draw that fabulous hairstyle…

Who’s your favorite wolf?

Black Wolves Saga: Bloody Nightmare- Rath Vogarts "Good and Bad" Ending CGs

CV: Kaji Yuuki [oh how I love this man!!!]

After Mejojos route, Raths route was a much needed breath of fresh air. I seriously love Rath and the whole wolf family. His route was short, and not very deep but that is to be expected since Bloody Nightmare focuses on the two twin cat bastard douchers. I loved this route but prefer his Last Hope route more because it focuses more on his story. I had to do his bad ending in order to unlock that fabulous wolf, Guillans route.

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Black Wolves Saga -Weiβ und Schwarz-

↳ Last Hope

All - CG (5)

Watching the Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare PV
  • Me (inner thoughts): Why is the volume so low? *turns up volume to 50% of the maximum*
  • Rath: *desperate scream*
  • Inner thoughts: O.O Nah, I don't think anyone else heard it. I mean, the volume wasn't that high.
  • Brother: *comes to my room* OMG Are you ok or was that a cellphone?
  • Me: Uh, I was watching a video. Why?
  • Brother: That scream...
  • Me: Did you hear it?
  • Brother: Yes.
  • Me: It wasn't that loud...
  • Brother: Yes, it was ¬¬
  • Inner thoughts: Yuki Kaji your screams... I don't even know what to think anymore.