Mall Rats - Part 7

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader x Steve

Word Count: 1008

Requested by: @thesprintersoldier

I found your account earlier today and I fell in love! I think “Mall Rats” is really creative and a great idea! I’d like to request a store, I was thinking build a bear would be really cute. Maybe, Steve and Bucky can make the reader a bear or they see that the whole team has their own each personalized bear. I actually seen some avenger bears there not to long ago!

A/n: I have decided to continue the series for sometime longer. So please send any requests you have!  Tagging is also still open!

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You were walking past Forever 21 when a dress in the window caught your eye.   You had to try it on.  Turning to the boys you let them know you were heading in.  They diligently followed you into the store.    You managed to find the dress you saw in the window as well as a couple others as you made your way to the fitting room.

You tried on the dress and you weren’t sure it the color was right so you left the fitting room to ask the guys.  The sight that met you had you shaking your head.  Steve was leaning against the wall his head hanging, in his hand your shopping bags hanging loosely.  

Bucky was sitting on the one chair that sat outside the fitting room.  He had his head leaned back against the wall and was sighing every few seconds.   You looked at both of them and coughed to clear your throat.

“What do you think?” You ask giving a little spin. Both men look at you and give you smiles.  Steve holds you at arm’s length and gives you a heart melting grin, “You look beautiful.”

Bucky give you a wink and says with a pleading look, “It looks amazing on you. Can we leave now?”  

“Why don’t you guys head to the sports store next door I will meet you over there.”  You concede giving them a grin.  You head back in the fitting room to try on the rest of your clothes while the two men headed out into the hallway to find the sports store.

As the two men were heading to the sports store, something caught Steve’s eye.  He stopped in his tracks and looked in the window of the store.   In the window were teddy bears dressed like the avengers. “Buck check these out!”

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10 facts about me

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1. i’m sad all the time

2. i love makeup 

3. i didn’t see my first concert until i was fifteen, jimmy eat world in portland

4. i’m majoring in creative writing and take school very seriously 

5. i used to self harm and got the tattoo on my wrist to cover a scar 

6. as far as pets go, i’ve had cats, fish, hermit crabs, a rat, and a crawfish

7. i did theatre all four years of high school

8. i love to sing

9. i took a five mile walk today and got a fat blister

10. i’m currently listening to sex by the 1975

11 facts

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1. i FINALLY ordered lolita (the book) better late than never right
2. i’m falling in love with hole & courtney love so hard omg
3. i really really really want a sphynx so much :’(
5. i’ve got a pregnancy phobia, i think pregnant women are the most disgusting thing ever
6. i also want rats very bad lol
7. i’ve never been at a beach (only when i was too little to remember) it’s a shame……….. because i love the ocean so much
8. i have to force myself to look after my skin, i hate the feeling of lotion etc. so much :(
9. i’m very lonely i wish i had friends. but then again, it would exhaust me to be with people…
10. i’ve never smoked a cigarette
11. i’m so sad over the fact that nara dreamland got destroyed

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TUC memes

1. Ripped bread
2. Wash temp (stinkbug)
3. Henry"not hanging out with a rat"
4. Ripred the navigator
5.Riprop rainbow
6. Lobsters at the fount
7.rat shit bat shit dirty old twat

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Personally i have 18 rats (cuz Treat had 9 babies), 2 guinea pigs and 3 cats
but we live with 3 other rats, 7 more cats, 2 potbellied pigs, a dog, 28 chickens, a spiketail lizard, a bearded dragon, 8 sugar gliders, 2 ferrets and a lovebird

Lay Me Down, Let Me Dream

Co-written by Katnissdoesnotfollowback & Titania522

Summary: Katniss and Peeta share a bond that is stronger than the normal couple, a bond that even death cannot defy.  When tragedy threatens to separate them forever, Peeta risks his soul to save Katniss from an eternity of despair. Inspired by the book, What Dreams May Come  by Walter Matheson and the movie by the same name, starring Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Annabella Sciorra. Written for Prompts in Panem, Real or Not Real: Everlark Dreamscape Week.

Trigger warnings: Major Character Deaths, Minor Character Deaths, Suicide, Afterlife, Heaven, Hell, Reincarnation (Literally Everybody Dies).

Rated M for Mature Sexual Content.

Part 1: Cheeks can be found here.

Day 2 of 7: Rats

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