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Support Tinashe who is a talented self-made artist whose label refuses to promote her. She produces and writes her own music. Tinashe built a mini home-studio in her room when she was just a teenager. She is the saviour of the music industry. She wrote/produced 4 mixtapes in her own room, and has a critically acclaimed debut album. And she sold out a 2nd world tour without the backing of her own label and no album. Support!
Superlove by tinashe
She’s currently #58 on itunes USA, dont let mediocre white girls like katy perry and megan trainor chart better than her.
iTunes: https://t.co/g2rvASXfWS
Spotify: https://t.co/uDbZZHIRux…

Grantaire at the beach with Enjolras. Enjolras asks Grantaire to apply sunscreen to his back, but what Grantaire does is paint a disfigured rat on Enjolras’ back with white paint. Needless to say, Enjolras gets sunburnt, and when he looks in the mirror, all he can see is the tanline of a rat, stuck to him for who knows how long.

Enjolras’ screaming is audible throughout the neighbourhood.

Here’s to an amazing one and a half years with the prettiest, friendliest, funniest, most loving and squiggliest little mouse I have ever known. I’m going to miss not being able to drink a glass of coke without getting half a cheeky rat in it!

She was honestly the best little rat I’ve ever had. From day one of bringing her home she was always bouncing, kissing and eating everything. She even went to University once, and not many rats can say that they’ve done that! Medic was SUCH a special girl, and words  just can’t explain how much we’re going to miss her.

RIP, baby girl <3
Apr. 2015 - Jul. 2016


“They keep stuff movin’ forward like a big wad o’ hair rollin’ up Second Ave…”

Welcome to Fuckin’ Record Reviews 2.0. Here’s a clip from… 

FORCED EXPOSURE #10 1986 (page 93 ), JIMMY JOHNSON, Editor

Review of RAT AT RAT R Amer$ide/Rock & Roll Is Dead/Long Live Rat At Rat R lp (Neutral - 1985) by BYRON COLEY 

  • RAT AT RAT R were NYC dark mark underachievers in existence between 1981-1991 via the I-95 corridor that still serves as a noisenik conduit between Gotham and the City of Brotherly Love to the south. Underachieving, not because they weren’t great - they were - but because in those 10+ years, they only had one solid opportunity to rattle our cages during their time of flaming youth, and Amer$ide was it. Compare their output to that of Sonic Youth or Swans or Live Skull and it’s clearly a bummer they did not get to release more during their potency. Those later rex on Purge/Sound League are good, but Amer$ide’s paranoid reek is something else.
  • Anyone looking to delve deep into the history of RAT AT RAT R should read two worthy online items, including The Oral History of Rat At Rat R by Brad Cohan in The Village Voice (11/9/12), which is an interview with RARR founders Ron AndersonVictor Poison-Tete and John Myers. Sez Ron, “In my way of thinking, first there is Sonic Youth then comes Rat At Rat R, then after that comes Swans – that order was kind of their appearance in the New York scene. But Rat At Rat R just stumbled - there was just a lot of bad luck. They’d get going and something would happen.” 
  • Sez David, “The prequel to Rat At Rat R was a band called XZV-9…like RARR the name was a mathematical equation.. (3x3x3)..Sonda was our manager at the time…we had 40 original songs.. which was unheard of in central Pennsylvania.. Victor, Sonda and John then moved to Philadelphia and formed an early version of RARR with PAK guitarist Ron Anderson around 1980, and I stayed behind and worked for my Dad, married the girl next door etc… disenchanted with the city of "brotherly love”…they packed up and headed for NYC…and I left my wife and joined them there…We started playing the S.I.N. club on East 3rd St (the name stood for “Safety in Numbers”) because honestly at that time, you just didn’t venture below Ave A alone…it was there we fell in with Sonic Youth and Swans starting the unholy triumvirate of savage art rock…our three bands pretty much ruled New York in the early eighties…until the fateful day Village Voice critic Robert Christgrau sent his flunkie John Picarella down to CBGB’s to write about Sonic Youth… we were opening…unfortunately Picarella slammed SY and raved RARR…causing a rift between us and the other two bands..we hadn’t been around that long and were proud of the blurb…and put it in our press kit…Thurston, Kim, Gira etc. I guess took offense to that…and we were kinda excommunicated…also a fatal flaw was turning down Gerard Cosloy when he offered us a deal with Homestead, going with Branca’s Neutral records instead…later Gerard and I became roomates on Ave C and it became obvious what a genius the guy was…ahhh regret…it’s what ultimately gets you in the end…still, we made our mark in music history and we were and still are a family…our first album has just been re-issued and is available from Ektro records out of Finland…John is in Shanghai composing music to heal diseases, Sonda is an art director and redesigned the Voice and the L.A. Weekly…Victor is still making Art on Long Island and I am Teaching in Brazil…Tomorrow never knows…“ 
  • Sonda Andersson is presently Art Director Extraordinaire at Virginia Monthly and probably doesn’t want to be bothered. However, there’s an infrequently active wordpress blog called eyesplinters and she was listed in a cool 1/31/12 post by debrislide titled, People who play interesting bass who are women. This is true (obviously), but more relevant to our concerns here is that Sonda responded to the post with this:  "Thanks for including me in this great line-up. The fact that you wrote about our musicality was refreshing. To update my profile, I play mostly Leo Fender/ Forrest White basses (Telecaster, jazz and my fave Music Master Sabre). I also played a Les Paul Signature gold-top bass and although a less balanced instrument, it has an incredible sound. Amp: a Kustom 250 roll and tuck with three 15’s. Update on bands…rat at rat r..we got together awhile ago and recorded three new songs, will be re-issuing Amer$ide, our first album. Live Skull also has things in the works. Outside of music, I’ve been an art director and designer for many years…SPY, Rolling Stone, GQ, 10 years as Design Director for New Times/Village Voice publications and now live in Richmond VA. Thanks again for the nice read!”
  • Byron Coley, in addition to being a noteworthy ice hockey renegade in the 1960s, exhibited a reliable disdain for gothy inclinations during his first 40 years as a writer, as evidenced by the review above.  FE Editor Jimmy Johnson, however, seemed to display a more catholic appreciation for dark eyeliner and associated gormandizing, even pimping Virgin Prunes records during FE’s heyday. He eventually liberated the rock underground from its goony thud (thankfully!), profferring essential Derrick May, Kirlian and Octave One 12"s in the late 90’s. [Currently NOT IN STOCK] 

Anyone remember RAT AT RAT R? Totally great and mostly unheralded NYC post-no wave group with one very good album on Neutral Records from 1985, commonly known as “Rock & Roll Is Dead, Long Live Rat At Rat R”. (There was another release as well, and I’ve never heard it).

This photo’s from around the time of that album. From the looks of it, they were totally walking the walk. Big Rock Joke Doll!

“HAPPY ENDING is like no other book I’ve ever read. The unique style of writing only adds to the reader’s ability to really ‘feel’ the pain, anguish and despair in David’s decent into the dark pit of addiction. Each page is written straight from the heart with such candid unfiltered honesty. David journeys a long and winding road, experiencing the very best and worst parts of the human condition in himself and in the people he crosses paths with throughout his life. His story is a validation that love and the will of the human spirit can overcome the worst and most controlling obstacles in life."—Leslie Zimmerman via Amazon.com

Learn more about HAPPY ENDING by David Rat at http://www.open-bks.com/library/moderns/happy-ending/cover.html

@curlicuetruth webcomics! http://www.nofna.com/?T=1-1-58-1 first page of ferret arc, which is where I started.

the overall genre is 1) FANCIFUL and 2) ‘’’thinky’’’ but like actually thinky and 3) uplifted animal characters, and so far I don’t think the ferret-prostitute arc is particularly strong compared to the others, bar the parts about her ART (she’s an ARTIST, but nobody buys her paintings, but they’re GOOD PAINTINGS and I LOVE it), but I think that may just be because I’m more interested in SHOUNEN/HORROR (Secretary) and REFITTING THE SPACE SHUTTLE/WILDLY OUT-OF-CONTEXT NTH-DIMENSIONAL SPACE PROBLEMS (Solar System) by about thirty one million degrees. Than I am in. An artist’s struggle to relate to her society, no matter how uplifted-mustelid, and no matter how front-and-center integral that struggle is to every nofna I’ve read so far