XV. THE DEVIL  // Akutagawa Ryunosuke

Ahh this took a bit longer than intended but it was so fun! I love BSD and I love tarot so I was really glad to participate. ^^ When thinking about how poor Akutagawa views his power and his relationships to others (or lack thereof, left wanting), I thought this card surprisingly fit him well…!

Many thanks to @miss-intention for hosting The BSD Tarot Card Project! Go check out everyone’s awesome draws for it~

Some quick Rashomon/Akutagawa’s ‘relationship’ with Rashomon head canons because I’ve been sitting on them for a while and @fyodorsuggestions got me thinking. 

  • Rashomon is somewhat if not entirely sentient. Akutagawa knows this. 
  • While Rashomon is sentient, it doesn’t have human thoughts - it doesn’t speak/think/communicate with any human language. Despite this, Akutagawa can understand it; more through spikes of emotion, sometimes a rapid flash of imagery in his head. Think a constantly flickering, ever changing loop of colors and images and emotion. That’s what it’s like having Rashomon in his head. 
  • As such, no one else is capable of ‘communicating’ with Rashomon. 
  • Rashomon increases in size as Akutagawa’s ability to control it/power over it increases. 
  • Akutagawa will sometimes experience inexplicable, ravenous hunger that’s akin to what he feels from Rashomon when he uses it. 
  • Akutagawa’s sickness was something he’s always had; wielding Rashomon simply exacerbated the issue. 
  • Rashomon and Akutagawa’s relationship is intricately symbiotic. Rashomon needs Akutagawa in order to manifest; Akutagawa needs Rashomon to be powerful. 
  • There’s somewhat of an informal contract between Rashomon and Akutagawa. As long as Akutagawa can control it and has the ability to withstand the toll on his body, Rashomon is his to use. The beast will gladly turn on its master if Akutagawa becomes to weak (I believe leaning more mentally weak than physically, but physically is a factor) to control it, however. 
  • Rashomon is very much a contributor to Akutagawa’s ‘survival of the fittest’ mentality. 

Bonus foolishness: 

  • Akutagawa sometimes manifests Rashomon when he’s alone and lets it ‘roam,’ somewhat like an unruly cat. Dazai would sometimes find him as a kid with Rashomon on his shoulder while he read.