He’s not dead, but why not take the time to Remember Rasheed?

  • Rasheed Wallace was T’d up and ejected from the McDonald’s High School All-American Game.

“Some people say I’m mean and this and that. On one hand that’s cool. That keeps away all the riffraff and all the bugaboos.” - Rasheed Wallace

  • Allegedly psyched up teammates by yelling, “Let’s go out and play like we’re Chicago on NBA Jam.”

“Every time he took a shot he said, `Don’t worry young fella, I get paid for this. I get paid for doing this to you.‘” - Kwame Brown, on Rasheed

  • Allegedly wore Timberlands during a mid-season Blazer practice.

From the Detroit News:

“I ain’t going to say (nothing) to him (George W. Bush). I didn’t vote for him. I’m not excited at all, it’s just part of the thing.” - Sheed

“He ain’t lying, either. He won’t say nothing to him.” - Chauncey Billups




A seldom seen Egyptian semi-auto rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm. It is sometimes referred to as the Egyptian SKS. It does have a similar silhouette and features such as the folding bayonet, however this gun is of Swedish design. It was based on the Egyptian Hakim which in turn is based on the Swedish AG-42 Ljungman. Sadly the seller mentions this one is missing its detachable 10 round magazine. This is considered part of the trinity of Egyptian surplus semi-auto rifles, the other 2 being the Hakim and FN-49. (GRH)



Rasheed Wallace has retired from the NBA today/again, so here’s a 6:36 compilation video of Wallace yelling “Ball don’t lie” during professional basketball games.

Also, this and this.

Enjoy the good life, Sheed.



REPORT:  Lakers interested in signing Rasheed Wallace?

If it’s true, it has to mean Pau Gasol’s days as a Laker are numbered.  That’s the only excuse for signing a 38-year old “retired” power forward/center when you desperately need a point guard (or even a small forward).

Meanwhile, you thought Ron Ron was crazy for changing his name to Metta World Peace?  You thought Matt Barnes slapping assistant coaches was nuts?  Wait until they get a load of Sheed.


i.n.s.t.i.n.c.t.s | Project: LUPUS Illustrations

The postcard art bundle that I did for my Gradshow last month. The theme was skulls and profiles with pop-art-ish colors. I enjoyed drawing the animal skulls most. I was heavily inspired by omocat’s color pallete. Sorry for the inactivity. Moving from one country to the other is a huge hassle. Will probably be a little more active here.

Media: Photoshop CS6

Year: June 2014