(I saw a post that read something like ‘it’s so terrible that Dave is ending up with a jerk when there’s a nice girl who would be happy to help make him better’ and so my current reaction is ‘please everyone step TEN FEET away from the Harley back it up’)

i don’t understand the people who are like ALL NATURAL FOOD ONLY NO CHEMICALS

like today i discovered they now make like molten chocolate cake/hot fudge brownie/warm cookie bowl things? you just mix this powder with water and then after it microwaves you add a bit of chocolate sauce, and that’s literally all it takes. it took me 3 minutes and $3, and it didn’t involve buying a huge quantity of a perishable thing (eggs, milk) that i dont have room to store, and holy shit it was goddamn DELICIOUS i ate that brownie like my life depended on it, i have had better warm brownies but only RARELY

why are you shitting on the advancement of food science, the approaching end of scarcity, and something that let me, personally, as a broke person w no fridge, enjoy a goddamn brownie


Michael Jackson ft. Bryan Loren - To Satisfy You


justin bieber feat. r. kelly - PYD >

yea you prolly just scrolled past this like “wtf?, them niggas got a song together?, but trust this track is so smooth