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Dude I love Klance with all my heart and soul and seeing you ship Kaxca is actually like? Idk it makes me feel warm? Like I really really don't ship it but like you do? And plenty of others as well, and you're so happy and positive about it even though it's rare as shit but like idk it just! Makes me! So happy

I…….literally started to cry. This is so positive and nice and genuine and it’s just supportive and sweet and I’m overwhelmed to say the least. Thank you for just being happy that other people are happy enjoying a thing, even if it’s a small rarepair. We need more people like you in the world. Please keep spreading your kindness and warmth. And thank you for sharing it with me♥️✨

In May 2016 Swizz Beatz shared this photograph, showing off a stack of signed $2 bills that Jay Z had given him, with the lyrics to “22 Two’s” written on the band. 

$2 bills are seldom seen in circulation as a result of banking policies with businesses. Due to this lack of demand the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing has low production numbers for this bill.  This comparative scarcity in circulation, coupled with a lack of public knowledge that the bill is still in production and circulation, has inspired many urban legends and occasionally has created problems for people trying to use the bill to make purchases. 

Hov is likely to have a stack of these rare bills on his person at any given time, and regularly hands them out to friends, fans and fellow artists he meets—for good luck. He was inspired by his friend, lawyer Steven Reisman. Reisman began the practice in 2006, and it has been estimated that he gives out around $50,000 a year in $2 bills to friends and strangers. Backstage at an Ed Sheeran concert in 2013 Reisman told the singer and his entourage that “the only person who ever takes them all is Jay Z. Whenever he sees me he’ll reach in my pocket, take them out, and say ‘I’m giving out the $2 bills today, okay?’”

In September 2011 Jay and Beyoncé were spotted giving out the bills at the US Open tennis tournament in Queens. At his “Made in America” festival in Philadelphia in both 2013 and 2014 Hov rained $2 bills down on the crowd. He handed them out to attendees at the tenth anniversary celebrations for The 40/40 Club in June 2013. In an interview with MTV News in January 2014, shortly after he appeared during J. Cole’s birthday show in New York City, Dreamville Records artist Bas shared this anecdote: “It’s funny. I came offstage and I went in the green room and Jay Z came up to me and was like, ‘Dope set.’ Then he dapped me and gave me two $2 bills. I got 'em in my wallet right now. I’m keeping them forever.” During that show Hov had been feeling rather generous, being it was the night he gifted J. Cole one of his original Roc-A-Fella Records chains.

  • me looking for fanfic of a common pairing: it gotta be 20k+, finished, set in Estonia in 1999, T-rated, cooking show AND fake marriage au, no character death, everyone is a genderfluid panromantic ace, at least three cats and seven penguins are involved
  • me looking for rare pair fanfic: HOLY SHIT IT'S IN ENGLISH *immediately starts reading without even checking the summary*

its weird having symptoms that seemingly contradict at first. like i really rarely have interest in other people’s lives and i’m just not able to care about them much, but at the same time, i still desperately need their approval and am scared of what they think of me and what they might do behind my back.

it’s a lot more difficult to build relationships that you paradoxically need when you’re not naturally inclined to do the things that are considered the building blocks of them, (e.g, message people frequently, engage emotionally, etc) 

if the scps had blogs
  • 049: runs a blog dedicated to medical trivia, surgery demonstration videos and posts links to their streams of Surgeon Simulator. Sometimes does lets plays of other games. pretty nice to most of their followers too
  • 035: shitposts and has tons of followers, is always the one to add that Witty Comment™ to a text post and it can range from being hilarious to fuckin stone cold as shit
  • 096: Rarely posts, rarely answers asks due to anxiety, reblogs body positivity posts. vagueposts a LOT. gets flustered and sappy when literally anyone sends them a nice ask tho
  • 079: retro video game aesthetic blog, likes Vaporwave and is really fuckin mean to their followers like why are they so salty?? we just don't know
  • 106: has a main and sideblog, main one he just spews things not too dissimilar to Dril posts, the second being his fetish/aesthetic blog full of guro, cute girls, and sometimes just straight up real gore he posts himself. replies to asks with unsettling emojis and is just generally uncomfortable to interact with
  • 173: default theme, default icon, no title, only has one post that says "cvxvvdvdmnhjhn" because they just punched the keyboard and pressed post
  • 682: anti SJW blog, literally no one cares what they have to say. goes out their way to harass people and shitposts bad memes. unironically likes Shadow the Hedgehog music