Entry for the fluffy Chicken line, based on a chicken and a Cockatrice.

Final stage is called Silkatrice (can be changed), stage 1 is unnamed.

Normal -> Normal/Dragon

Pokedex entries: 1. Rarely, a Bird Pokemon Egg that is incubated by a frog Pokemon will hatch into a ???. Scientists are still not sure why. 2. Silkatrice’s long, fluffy feathers keep their eyes hidden, but it is said that anyone who looks into their eyes will be turned to stone.

thalassophilouswitch asked:

Your Lapras post destroyed my heart, giving me all the cetacean feels agh, Lapras doesn't get nearly enough love aaaaahhh

oh god I had so many cetacean feels when making it, I actually got really sad :( Like it’s dex entry explicitly states that the reason that Lapras is such a rare pokemon is due to overhunting and human activity… it makes you wonder if other rare pokemon are only rare due to actually just being endangered..

Idea For The GTS

Imagine if the GTS would allow you to search for and request a Pokemon to be shiny! That way you could deposit your rare Pokemon and Legendaries asking for shinies and not have to worry about some asshole or person who can’t read your language trading you a non-shiny

Fakemon Designs: Silchick and Silkatrice

Fakemon Designs: Silchick and Silkatrice

Name: Silchick -> Silkatrice
Classification: The Hatchling Pokemon -> The Cockatrice Pokemon
Type: Normal -> Normal/Dragon
Ability: Fur Coat/Petrify
Moves: Peck, Dragon Claw, Glare, Egg Bomb
Evolution: Silchick -(Lv. 34)-> Silkatrice
Rarely, a Bird Pokemon Egg that is incubated by a frog Pokemon will hatch into a Silchick. Scientists are still not sure why.

Silkatrice’s long, fluffy feathers keep…

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