There are over 91 tracks of funk on this thing!  I am almost forced to get this one!

What It Is! Funky Soul And Rare Grooves (1967-1977)

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Funk emerged in the 1960s, a scorching sound that amped up the legacy of R&B and doo-wop in spirit and sonic intensity, and became the precursor of hip-hop which in fact revived funk for a new generation via sampling. While major artists topped the charts with funk hits throughout the ‘60 s & '70s, there were, hundreds of smaller songs, notes music journalist Oliver Wang in his liners, for whom `airplay’ rarely got better than hissing out of a rusted jukebox or crackling through the static on AM radio.

WHAT IT IS! celebrates this heady, groove-heavy strain of gut bucket funk that remains a major force in American music. A 4-disc compendium that would take incalculable hours to collect in dusty bins at disappearing record shops, this box is culled mostly from the treasure-filled vaults of Atlantic, Atco, and Warner Bros. Records. It’s an unprecedented shadow history of funk, pulling together rare sides from well-known artists and definitive funk grooves from lesser-known but supremely gifted masters of the art form alike.  [music link

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An exclusive mix by Ivan Ave - made for the Tight Songs radio show, hosted by Fresh Selects, on XRAY FM: xray.fm/shows/fresh-selects

1. Watch The Skies Intro
2. Wendell Harrison - Take Time Out
3. Unlisted (Might flip this)
4. Nohelani Cypriano - Lihue
5. Tihomir Pop Asanovic - Ostavi Trag
6. String Connection - Moment Na Sopran | Syntezatory
7. Billy Paul - Fire In Her Love
8. Glenn Jones - Meet Me Halfway There
9. Steve Arrington - Beddie-Biey
10. A Tribe Called Quest feat. Consequence & Faith Evans - Stressed Out (Raphael Saadiq Remix)
11. Dwele - The Truth
12. Happy Black Messiah Day Interlude 
13. D'Angelo - Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine (Jay Dee Remix)

Originally broadcast on Episode #38, 12/21/2014: www.mixcloud.com/FreshSelects/tig…8-dec-22nd-2014/

Artwork by Gangster Doodles 

Thinking about Cee Lo and his raspy tone… I’ve always thought that the tragically underrated 60s soul singer Lee Moses sounded like a rougher Cee Lo. And his (amazing) song “Bad Girl” reminds me of the kind of lyrics Cee Lo writes.

Plus it’s the middle of the night in the States and I feel like sharing some music I love a whole lot with you. :)

Bad Girl

Don’t miss I’m Sad About It either. 


1968, Moscow Jazz Festival

Valery Ponomarev -tumpet, Igor Visotsky - sax-tenor, Yuri Markin - bass, Viktor Dorohin (died) -drums, Vadim Sakun - piano & arr. Moscow Jazz Festival 1968.

The Song by Andrey Ehspay (soviet compozer). 

P.S Valery Ponomarev ( trumpet on the recording) , the greatest trumpet player from the Soviet Union actually has been working with The Jazz Messengers for several years. He still leaves and plays in NY


A funky rare groove for listening pleasure.


Stone Mountain, Georgia’s own Regis Amos was a producer of lo-fi synthesizer bliss that defies classification. Armed with an array of historic budget synths like the Casio SK-1 and Yamaha DX-100 keyboards, and a lush palette of inspiration ranging from new age psychedelia and rare groove funk to contemporary hip-hop influences, his work under the DBGE alias feels like a curious artifact of a past that never happened.

DBGE’s self-imposed limitations are perhaps his greatest strength, with him standing worlds apart from the contemporary ubiquity of the digital audio workstation. Contrary to other low-fidelity synthesizer revival projects, these tunes aren’t stuck in the past, but rather represent something timeless and universal in their romanticism, utilizing brevity as a parable of the fleeting, beautiful moments in life– and much like the mysterious workings of human memory, retain only those short and memorable glimpses while leaving the mundane at the cutting room floor.

Released on cassette as per his wishes, this limited compilation combines the EPs Dreamscape™ and Mellowphase for the first time with a 20+ minute selection of previously unreleased hidden tracks, compiled posthumously by his close friends to complete Scanline’s proud debut offering.

Chrome C60. Edition of 100 copies. Hand-numbered. Pay what you want starting at $7 USD. This is a non-profit release, all proceeds will be donated to his family.