There are over 91 tracks of funk on this thing!  I am almost forced to get this one!

What It Is! Funky Soul And Rare Grooves (1967-1977)

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Funk emerged in the 1960s, a scorching sound that amped up the legacy of R&B and doo-wop in spirit and sonic intensity, and became the precursor of hip-hop which in fact revived funk for a new generation via sampling. While major artists topped the charts with funk hits throughout the ‘60 s & '70s, there were, hundreds of smaller songs, notes music journalist Oliver Wang in his liners, for whom `airplay’ rarely got better than hissing out of a rusted jukebox or crackling through the static on AM radio.

WHAT IT IS! celebrates this heady, groove-heavy strain of gut bucket funk that remains a major force in American music. A 4-disc compendium that would take incalculable hours to collect in dusty bins at disappearing record shops, this box is culled mostly from the treasure-filled vaults of Atlantic, Atco, and Warner Bros. Records. It’s an unprecedented shadow history of funk, pulling together rare sides from well-known artists and definitive funk grooves from lesser-known but supremely gifted masters of the art form alike.  [music link

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Thinking about Cee Lo and his raspy tone… I’ve always thought that the tragically underrated 60s soul singer Lee Moses sounded like a rougher Cee Lo. And his (amazing) song “Bad Girl” reminds me of the kind of lyrics Cee Lo writes.

Plus it’s the middle of the night in the States and I feel like sharing some music I love a whole lot with you. :)

Bad Girl

Don’t miss I’m Sad About It either. 


A funky rare groove for listening pleasure.


1968, Moscow Jazz Festival

Valery Ponomarev -tumpet, Igor Visotsky - sax-tenor, Yuri Markin - bass, Viktor Dorohin (died) -drums, Vadim Sakun - piano & arr. Moscow Jazz Festival 1968.

The Song by Andrey Ehspay (soviet compozer). 

P.S Valery Ponomarev ( trumpet on the recording) , the greatest trumpet player from the Soviet Union actually has been working with The Jazz Messengers for several years. He still leaves and plays in NY

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With Serpico’s ‘I’m Ill vol. 1 mix doin some great numbers thanks to all of YOU last week, we’re back with the first installment from another series courtesy our resident human-sample encyclopedia, Taiwan’s very own king of digging (even though you’ll never get him to admit it), Deejay Vicar.  

As a part of the 'Taiwan Love Japan’/'Japan Love Taiwan’ events that took place in the fall of 2011, we bring you this incredible mix full of rare grooves, funky beats and “How the f*ck did he find that” samples.  

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado:


Be well world.

Friday Affairs September
  • Friday Affairs September
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  • Friday Affairs

Friday Affairs Session Live 08/09/2011 by Ēdēn. on Mixcloud

Friday Affairs is back with a new look. Fresh music throughout the show, selecting only the best new tune from each artist. Regardless of genres as long as it joins the musical dots. Soul, Hip Hop, Forward Music, Future beats, Boogie and beyond.

Don’t miss this how featuring new music from Hudson Mowhawke, Lil Wane. The Weeknd, Nguzuzunzu, LV, Lil Silver, Roska and Pinch plus many more. 

Track Listing

Ras G - Crush on an Earthling (Ramp)

Tshetsha Boys -Uya Kwihi Ka Rose (Honest Jon)

Paul White ft. Guilty Simpson - Trust (One Handed Music)

Lil Wayne feat. Cory Gunz - 6 Foot 7 Foot (Universal)

Comma - Mezcal Hologram (Om Unit remix) (Frite Nite)

Hudson Mohawke - Cbat (Warp)

The Weeknd - Lonely Star (self-released)

Dam Mantle - A Statue That Is Perpetually Unveiled (Halleluwah Hits)

George Fitzgerald - Reset (AUS)

Groove Theory - Tell Me (George FitzGerald Remix)

NGUZUNGUZU - Water Bass Power (Night Slugs)

Owiny Sigoma Band - Doyoi Nyajo Nam (Quantic Dub) (Brownswood)

Jesse Rose - Where Were You Last Night (Catz n Dogz + Martin Dawson Remix) (Made To Play)

Radiohead - Give Up The Ghost (Thriller Houseghost Remix) (Ticker Tape)

Quantic & His Combo Bárbaro - Un Canto A Mi Tierra (J Boogie Remix) (Tru Thoughts)

Little Dragon - Summertearz (Ritual Union)

Starkey - Lost In Space Ft. Charli XCX (Om Unit Remix) (Civil Music)

 Balam Acab - Motion (Tri Angle)

Grace Jones - Crying Dub (PIAS)

Vondelpark - Camels (R&S)

Lunice - I See U (The Blessings Remix) (LuckyMe)

Silkie - Boogie Boy (Deep Medi)

West Norwood Cassette Library - Get Lifted (Karenn Remix) (WNCL)

Maurice Donovan - Babeh (SSSSS)

Kyle Hall - Solar Funk (Wild Oats)

Maya Jane Coles - The High Life (2020Visions)

LV - Melt! (Keysound)

 Roska - Abrupt (Hotflush)

Lil Silva - Pulse vs Flex (White Label)

Instra:mental - Vicodin (Skudge Warehouse Mix) (Nakedlunch)

Samo Sound Boy - Shuffle Code (Ikonika Remix) (Trouble & Bass)

Stinj - Christina (Emmerson Remix) (DBTY)

DARLING FARAH - Show Me (Civil Music)

 UNKNOWN - Knock Knock (Swamp 81)

T++ - Dig (Honest Jon)

Funk Ethics - Step in (Brownwood Electric)

Rustie - All Nite (Warp)

Apparat - Candil De La Calle (Mute Artists)

Next up,....DJ EXCEL

“HANG THE DJ” - interview series #4

I had the pleasure of meeting this very charming and interesting fellow by chance because Dave Fogg (the music director at the time), had booked him for a party we were doing at Ghostbar (@ The Palms, Las Vegas) last year.  We had a few peers in common but instantly fam-bammed.  I adore Excel (a.k.a. David), a nice Italian Catholic from Philly with a full communion name (you can ask him for the full governmental).  He is multi-talented, an all around good dude (except for his lack of love for understanding that animals are not just pets lol), and quite simply quirky in a fascinating way.  I was able to spend some good quality time with him this past LA trip and I adore him even more after our VERY real chat about life, love, being single, and the “rules” of dating…and of course we chopped it up about music.  This former (and maybe soon to be again) rapper is from Philly-Most…and here’s a little bit about him….

How did you start?

“Jacked my parents records and started scratching on the wood grain console stereo. Even really before that I used to mess with my Fisher-Price record player & those sound effects machines with the spinning arrow… I figured out you could play the sound backwards if you moved the arrow in that direction. Not really sure why I was so fascinated with music & the idea, but I was & still am.”

What was your first gig and when? Were their any memorable moments that night good or bad?

“Aww Yes, the 1st gig. Grade school, Tara’s Birthday. I get to her house, all my friends from school were there. They had a stereo & the million dollar question is presented… "Who Wants To DJ”??? Guess who volunteered?…She had a New Edition “Candy Girl” record & The Rob Base cassette. That cassette is the reason I DJ. “It Takes Two” was/is/forever will be one of my favorite joints. I played that song over & over that night. When I left, I begged my parents to take me to store to get it. Rob Base & Run DMC were 2 of my 1st Hip Hop albums.“

How long have you been djing?

"I started to take the idea seriously in 91. We moved to North East Philly in 1990. Mid/Late 91 I had a crew of friends, we gathered shifty equipment from other friends & their older brothers. We set up shop in my basement & just taught ourselves how to mix & scratch. We took whatever little money we had & took the train in town to buy records. Since we didn’t have much, we shared the records. When I graduated grade school, I got the illy stereo system, so we started doing house parties with that.
1993 Obi-One (PHL) & I played our 1st club. It was named Taboo & was around the corner from my spot. It was a hang out for all the neighborhood kids. We met Jazzy Jeff that year, I’m sure he doesn’t even remember that, but it’s something I’d never forget.”

What genre are you “known” for?

“This day & age, everything. I know it sounds cliche, but for me, it’s not. I grew up on a wide range of music. I enjoy a wide range of music & make it my duty to try & use as much of it when I’m out playing.
I play Hip Hop because I love it.
I play House because I love it.
I play Disco/Funk/Rare Grooves because I love it.
I play Rock….. you get the point.
If I don’t like it, i don’t play it. Lucky for me, i’m pretty easy going on music but there’s a few I just can’t work into my sets… There’s nothing wrong with that, not every dj should play the same music. There has to be something to set us apart from each other.”

What do you/would you love to play you don’t get booked for or that you’re not known for?

“Because of my last answer I really don’t have this problem. I play gigs from Trap Music to Back Pack to Electronic Hipster sweatbox, to Sparkler Bottle Service & so on.
All of them are equally as fun & I really enjoy playing for crowds who genuinely love music.”

If you weren’t djing what would you be doing?

“Most likely working in fashion. that’s my second love.”

What is your hobby or interest when you’re not djing that people don’t know about?

“Hmm…. I wish I had something else to list, but I don’t. I work on music with most of my time & when I’m not, I’m coolin’.”

Whats in your dj bag (aside needles, headphones, vinyl, and slipmats)

“Phone charger, ear plugs, business cards & serato CD’s just in case.”

How do you deal with requests?

“Depends. It is what it is…. Most request are pointless. They ask for stuff they know you’re going to play or stuff they know you won’t have. However, sometimes they’re a life saver. As great as we all may be, or think we are…. We’re not always on point, so sometimes that one request may help you dial in on a crowd that you just can’t connect with, but that’s rare.”

Top three re-occuring request situations? (i.e. “can you play something I can dance to”?)

“It’s the same…. "It’s my birthday”, “It’s my girlfriends birthday”, etc. honestly, it’s whatever, I don’t trip. If you’re cool about it, I got you, If you’re a dick, I’ll let you watch me delete the song out of my computer & you can go fuck yourself for the rest of the evening.“

What is on your "Oh hell naw, I’m not playing that” list?

“DJ Webstar - Chicken Noodle Soup
Bruno Mars - Lazy Song
90% of Eminem songs
Souljah Boy - Pretty Boy Swag
BEP - I Got A Feeling (somehow, I’ve gotten away with not really having to play this song… I can go out on a limb and say I’ve only really used this song when I was on the cruise ship, other than that, I can’t recall having to play this in a club)
I’m sure there’s other songs on this list, but I really can’t think of any at the moment.
sometime’s it not so much the song as it is the version… So there’s certain songs I just won’t play the OG version of cause I think it’s too cheesy.
Example - Ne-yo f. Pitbull - Give Me Everything - i only play the Bingo Players remix as of now.”

Why do you think people think the dj booth is also a coatcheck?

“Safest place to stash your kit for the price of "On The House”.“

Who’s the "character” in the club that annoys you the most? i.e. club promoter, birthday girl, makin’ it rain dude, Jamie Foxx on the mic doin his “stump the dj” bit, etc.

“That’s some new shit…. Really, It’s some new NY/LA/LV shit. Never before has ANYONE dare stepped in the booth & told THE DJ what he should play or "you know what would go great with this song”. I just started to see that recently. Right around the time the Serato generation got the idea that anyone can be a DJ. Now everyone wants to put their 2 cents in. Again, I’m pretty easy going, but I will check you if need be. Not on no ego shit, cause if you personally know me I’m extremely humble, sometimes, too humble. But I take what I do personally & professionally. You’re hiring a specialist. You don’t tell the doctor how to perform surgery. You don’t take the barber’s clippers & cut you’re own hair, You don’t take your car to the shop & tell the mechanic how to fix your car. So don’t tell the guy/girl who you just paid a grip of money for, who’s specializes in reading crowds & programming music how to do their job. POINT BLANK. Club managers don’t know shit about djing. Unless they’ve been in your shoes. Same for the promoter or the hostess or whomever. And I know, not everyone is a “specialist” but you should know who you have playing before they walk in the door. Let me figure the club out. Let me figure out the crowd. If i play something that doesn’t go over, I’ll fix it, that’s what we do. It’s not like the “professional” is going to clear the whole club out. & if they do, then maybe you hired a con-artist.“

Your story about people asking you to play "hip hop”…when you’re playing hip hop?

“Same as up top. PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS. Everytime some one has tried to explain to me what they want, they don’t really know. Hip Hop isn’t Hip Hop anymore. One person says play Hip Hop & they mean Pitbull/David Guetta/Rihanna. The next person means Kanye/Nicki Minaj/Gucci Mane. it’s like saying, I want you to get me a grey shirt. There’s 12 different shades of grey. If you’re not more specific, I’m gonna go with what I know is the definition of hip hop…………. Slum Village demo tapes. LOL”

Worst gig you ever had?

“I played at this spot in Philly called the Blackhouse. SUUUUPER HOOD JOINT. It was like a 3 floor crib they made into a late night club. I got in there at 2am or so. The equipment was busted. Crowd was just ill…. I remember just being hyped to play cause I knew what it was. I put my needles on & put my 1st record on. It wouldn’t play for more than 5 secs & then skipped to the beginning. The tone arm was fucked up. The crowd didn’t know that, so they were getting restless & it looked like it was me. It didn’t help I was the only white dude in there. I’m getting frustrated & yelling cause obviously the equipment had to be ghetto rigged to work correctly. By the time it was fixed, the crowd just wasn’t fucking wit me the way they should have been. I felt like a huge disappointment & it wasn’t my fault. That was the last "low budget/hood” party I played.“

Weirdest moment djing?

"Probably playing at this local club in St. Vincent. Club Rush. Spot was like the club from belly. Bunch of sweaty people just standing around & dancing real soft. It was really weird.”

Best moment djing?

“3am, Pedestrian basement party. Packed to the walls, all the homies, the beginning of the electronic/indie dance movement. played til about 5am. It was the reset button I needed. No lights except one lamp so I could see. I haven’t had that much fun in a long time.”

Worst moment djing?

“That moment & that gig walk hand in hand.”

Tips - biggest and smallest or any short story about getting tipped?

“My man, Derrick Coleman was playing for the 76ers. He would come in to Glam every night I played. We’d shoot the shit & drink Crystal, that’s all he drank. The one night, he said, "yo ex, I know they don’t pay you what your worth… You always throw it down in here. If you ain’t here, I won’t fuck with it” He paid me that night out of his pocket, on top of my pay from the club. I made decent money for that spot, but it meant a lot that he felt that strongly to do that.“

The Good, Bad & the Ugly of the current club format/scene right now? (pertaining to whatever scene your in, i.e. big room, underground, lounge, cool kid whatever)

"I think I answered that question above in the annoying person section.”

Least favorite thing the dj opening before you or going on after you does?

“Eh, that shit doesn’t bug me. Play all the hits, play anything you want. I have plenty of music. I’ve been lucky on the opening djs. They’ve all be really cool. They’ll ask me if there’s anything they shouldn’t play, but I always answer, "nah man, do you, I don’t know what I’m playing yet anyway” LIVE.“

What would people be surprised to know about you?

"Hmm…. I can’t swim or hold my breath under water without holding my nose.
I’m a relatively shy/quite person until I feel comfortable around you.
I used to rap & people really thought I was gonna get a record deal. There weren’t too many white MC’s at the time. I was pretty ill, I think. hahaha! I juggled DJing & MC'ing since I didn’t have my own equipment until 1997. So when I couldn’t borrow my friends turntables, I would write rhymes. Then finally, I just decided to make a choice & I picked djing & never looked back. Well, occasionally, I drop a quick 16 in the car. LOL”

Who are some of your favorite DJ’s that you think people should know about who people might not know about on a mainstream level?

“Jay-Ski, Kwestion, Impulse, Brendan Bring'em, Dirty, Hatchmatik, A-Rock, Yo-C, Jerome Baker III, Stereo Faith.”

Whats on your ryder?

“The basic tech shit & I recently modified my hospitality ryder with some fun & cool things to help the nights… such as..Inflatable pool animals & beach balls. a dancing wolf, bottle of liquor we use to give out or spray on people, etc.”

Whats your poison? (drink of choice in the booth)
“I don’t really drink…”

What will you be/or want to be doing 5 years from now?

“God willing, I’ll be playing more, traveling more & continuing to make a decent living off of music…Thanks Bree!!!!!!!”

My girl Adriane Denise Jamison, Excel, and myself when we dj’d together at Afex this year…great night (photo by Adam 12)


Excel - Live from Summer Skool @ Recess