Hi Disney fans! :D
This is our new Rapunzel paper cut illustration, inspired to the Disney Designer Dolls Collection designed by the amazing Steve Thompson!

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sotangledupinit  asked:

Sorry for literally flooding your interactions tab. I just love your art and you're so incredible talented!!

Oh my goodness, please do not apologize for liking my posts??? I mean, THANK YOU? Have a party, the art is tagged reasonably well, I think! Thanks for the kind words, glad you’re enjoying the art. <3<3<3

Here’s a quick Rapunzel and Pascal doodle for you!


Tangled by Madison Shafer


More of our Hannah Alexander Artwork-inspired Art Nouveau Disney Princess series. This time from the wonderful WeNeals Photography and Retouching.

Snow White - Ginny Di
Belle by AlyCat Cosplay
Rapunzel - Morgan Danielle
Ariel by Pudding Cosplay and Photography 
Mulan by Jade Song
Pocahontas by XIII Cosplay
Jasmine by JessoLaurus Rex
Merida by Ampersand Costumes & Props
Esmeralda by Killer Bea Cosplay

See more from the WeNeals series here

See the artwork that inspired the costumes here.


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As an infant, Princess Rapunzel was kidnapped because of the magical properties of her long blonde hair; she was raised in an isolated tower, knowing her kidnapper as “mother.” Having been forbidden from leaving the tower her entire life, Rapunzel now desperately yearns to see the world outside at least once. When the infamous female thief Eugenia Fitzherbert (AKA Flynn Rider) accidentally takes refuge there, Rapunzel demands that she be her guide. The two young women strike a deal, and together they begin a whirlwind adventure.