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Plot twist, the velociraptor's name is Fred and he just wants hugs. Allied react to learning this new information please?


Assuming that Fred can speak on his own…Some magical velociraptor collar… (I blame Kiku…or Alfred binging Jurassic World)

Alfred: “Oh…Fred, huh? So are you a sentient raptor? Did Tony make you?”

Alfred would be relieved at first, but then very curious and analytical as he would look over the raptor and begin to question it as he circled it. Ultimately hugging it as it requested. Though soon after the hug he would be like a kid in a candy shop as excitement rushed through his veins and he begged the raptor to stay with him so he could have another friend and something to study. The smile that would cross his face could light up the world for weeks as he would constantly hug the raptor and title it his new best friend.

Arthur: “Oh really? So is it a prank after all?”

Arthur would be very skeptical of the raptor and would critically look it over for any kind of wiring or mechanics so he could blame Alfred for it all. After his inspection he would shake his head and cross his arms as he lectures Alfred for being reckless regardless of what he saw and would politely decline to hug the raptor. His defense would be that he would rather say no and live, then say yes and possibly be a snack or pranked by Alfred.

Francis: “You…you can…talk!? Oh for fu-..One hug?…Just…no drooling..”

Francis would…would be confused…If he was still on top of the table he would nervously laugh before slowly getting down from the table. He…would be hesitant to hug ‘Fred’ at first…but, if it got him to not look so threatening, he would, promptly before running out of the room.

Ivan: “Huh? All you want is hug? Okay! One hug!…Then we attack Alfred!”

Ivan would take the opportunity, if all ‘Fred’ wanted was a hug, who would he be to say no? He’d hug him tightly, but soon his twisted smile would set in. What a better way to have a raptor help him attack Alfred? Get on his good side first!

Matthew: “I…Okay…One hug isn’t too bad…”

Matthew, who was previously about to pee his pants in fear, would close his eyes and open his arms as he laughs nervously, but pat ‘Fred’ slowly. He would still blame Alfred for all of this…

Yao: “A hug? No…no no…but I will pet you? Is that okay, Fred?”

Yao would be hesitant to hug Fred, but after hearing Fred talk for a second he would not mind patting him on the head gently. Raptors to Yao aren’t cute, but if it is friendly he won’t be rude. All together Yao would need a few days off to recover from the scare and shock that Fred brought, but would not be angry at making a new acquaintance.

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FANDOMS COLLIDE!!!!! xD haha SAY HELLO TO A MALEC JURASSIC WORLD AU! all fault goes to @lecrit and her post on Twitter that i read a day ago and couldn’t forget about :’D here’s how the AU goes:

anyway… i’ve been drawing this for day and a half instead of studying for my exams… AGAIN :’‘‘) hALP- i’ll never learn

drawing raptor have been a lot of fun tho! so from left to right we have Charlie, Echo, Blue and Delta >U<


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