BTS reaction to them taking care of you when you have a broken arm

kpoploverxoxoxo said:  Can you please do BTS reaction when their girlfriend call them to ask for help cause she broke her arm while practicing ^^?Thankss (And btw who’s your bts and got7 UB?^^)

- Thank you for the request again :D My bias from BTS is Jimin and bias from Got7 Jackson :D <3 Now enjoy hehe

Jimin: *you call him for his help to carry the bags*
“I’m cooooming jagiiiii!” *gif*

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Jungkook: “Can you help me Jungkook?” you asked
“What kind of question is that? Of course I will help you” *starts to act cute* 

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J-Hope: *you ask for his help* *gif*

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Rap Monster: “What do you need?” *smiles*

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Suga: “Stop telling me what to do,you are becoming so bossy..But I love you” *laughs looking at you*

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V: He doesn’t mind helping you at all,anything you need he is there for you.
“I will go get you that after I do this” *kisses you*

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Jin: *sees you trying to get something by yourself*
“Babe,if you need help you call me”