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Can I please have the 2k12 boys messing with or playing with their friends hair.

heck yeah m’non let’s do this -Mod Yaka

Leo would probably do the common 3-shake ruffling of the hair and mess with the tips of their hair. Kind of just rub the ends between his fingers to see how hair feels. He might sometimes just get lost in trance and will do it for quite a while. He’d probably comb their hair with his fingers, too.

Raph would probably mess it up a bit more, but not too much. Just enough for it to be noticeable and for them to grumble as they fix their hair. He might run his hand through their hair and focus on how the hair feels as it slips through his fingers. He’d make a slight grumble sound whenever he felt a tangle.

Donnie would ask to mess with their hair and then press on to maybe slide his hair through their hair. Front to back, back to front, side to side, diagonally— name it. He might put their hair in different styles!

Mikey would either leave their hair as it was with a slight ruffle or ruffle it like crazy. He’d put their hair in different styles and grab some strands of their hair and test them out— how long they can stretch out, flip it to the side, flip it to the front. He’d probably have fun trying different hair products on their hair and seeing how it comes out.

If their friend ever asked something along the lines of “why do you mess with my hair so much?” the turtles would probably reply with something like “I don’t have hair; I wanna know what it feels like!”

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Could there be a scenario where the turtles share a blanket w/ their s/o plz 🌟

Cuddles all day, every day <3


He spreads the blanket out over the two of you, you instantly grab it and pull it up to your chin and smile.  You snuggle into Leo as he wraps an arm around your shoulder and kisses the top of your head, the movie on the tv beginning to play.  It doesn’t take you two long before the both of you fall asleep in each other’s arms, the heat from the blanket making a comfortable environment to be in.  This is what mostly happens when the two of your share a blanket.  Leo really enjoys it, being cuddled up to you as much as he can.


“Quit hoggin’ the blanket!”

This is said quite often by the both of you, not being able to settle without tugging the blanket your way or his way.  Raph is pretty big so it takes more blanket to cover him up.  He’s not much for this whole snuggling under a blanket thing, but he’ll be up for it every once in a while; it’s nice to stay with you and rest.  He sneaks occasional kisses too.  And prepare to hear snoring, he does this literally every damn time.  Guy can’t stay awake for more than half an hour on the damn couch with the blanket.


If you ever manage to fall asleep before he does, he’ll just stare at you so lovingly with a smile on his face.  Stealing soft kisses from your cheeks and your lips, pulling up the blanket so that you’re not cold.  He lets you have more of the blanket than he does, just so you’re warm and comfortable.  And even if you stay awake, he spoons you a lot, just loving the feeling of you close to him in this moment of silence.  


He’d be more than happy to share a blanket with you.  And he gets really affectionate when the blanket is over you two; so many kisses and nuzzles.  Eventually though he gets really sleepy, and you end up spooning him than he does you.  Mikey sleeps soundly after that.


sketch/warm-up dump from work!! aside from job-work i’ve been keeping myself busy by working on revamping an ol’ pitch project (which has been kicking my butt in terms of both drawing, concept, and writing but i’ve been learning a ton!) 

thanks for following despite my times of inactivity guys, i’ll try to post more often 😅