Rape during War time


The Bastard Child/Children of War (2014)

Set in the 1970s, the film follows three separate stories during the Bangladesh War, during which time thousands of women were raped and millions of people were killed. It’s about how rape and religion were used as war weaponry.The movie covers a period of nine months showcasing the atrocities and the inhumane methods adopted by the military of West Pakistan with the support of the Americans and the Chinese. Pakistani soldiers are shown going on a rampage killing and raping hundreds of thousands of men and women across the region. This movie is an attempt to bring out the ugly truth about the war. It is an expression of the double standards of bystanders and those who continue to shut their eyes or say nothing today not wanting to shed light or stop to think about gruesome side to the war. As the film progresses towards its climax, the three stories begin to intertwine with one another.