Rape as a weapon of war

GoT S07E05 Thoughts

Fuck me. 

This might have been my least favourite episode to date and we had Gendry!!! Okay, in all fairness, it wasn’t a bad episode. There was just one particular conflict that I am not looking forward to seeing continue. 

And no, it’s not Jon3rys. I couldn’t give two shits about that right now. 

But let’s begin, shall we? 

For anyone who still believes Dany to be a good person, I honestly suggest going to an optometrist or retaking high school English because how much more obvious can this show get? I didn’t get to write down her full speech, but following this:

“I’m not here to murder…”

With this: 

“Bend the knee and join me or refuse and die”

You’re kind of a hypocrite and a really obvious one at that. War is horrible, I get it, and good people do atrocious things in war, but that’s why we, as modern somewhat enlightened (although questionable) human beings, have war trials. People may die in war, as that is inevitable, but there are certain acts that no decent human should perform even in the midst of war. 

I know I’m quoting Wikipedia here, but whatever: 

Examples of war crimes include intentionally killing civilians or prisoners, torture, destroying civilian property, taking hostages, perfidy, rape, using child soldiers, pillaging, declaring that no quarter will be given, and serious violations of the principles of distinction and proportionality, such as strategic bombing of civilian populations.

Do you think a man as concerned with portraying war as a clusterfuck of morally grey characters would place an entitled figure with weapons of mass destruction which she uses indiscriminately, who commits war crimes, as the main protagonist? Do you think that is a good conclusion? And this is simply going by this episode and not the mess Dany made in previous seasons. 

She had Randyll and Dickon Tarly as her prisoners. There was no need to execute them, or at least no need to execute both of them. If she wanted to make an example, she could do so with Randyll, but fine, let’s concede the fact it had to be done. She burned them. A slow, horrible, agonising death. She could have beheaded them, as was customary in Westeros, but no, she chose to burn them because you know why? She likes it. She’s done it before. Burning her enemies gives her great satisfaction of her power, but also it spreads fear into the hearts of everyone there because she knows it’s the only way to get them to submit. 

If she allowed them the third option of becoming a prisoner of war, she knows they’d choose that over her. She even says so to Tyrion, because guess what? The people of Westeros doesn’t like or want Dany as their queen. Cersei may be a Grade A Bitch, but she’s the bitch they know. She doesn’t have dragons to burn those who defy her at her will. Yes, she’s powerful and could still easily execute people at a moment’s notice, but they’ve seen her humiliated and frightfully human when she was made to walk naked in shame through the streets of King’s Landing. She is human and she can fall. To them, Dany wields her power like a god and not the kind they worship out of love but out of fear. What kind of ruler is that?

And let’s talk about execution in general here. We’ve seen a lot of it over the seasons, and what we always come back to as a code of honour and true morality in this grey world is this quote from Mr Honour himself, Ned Stark: 

“The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you cannot bear to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die.”

Mr Honour Jr aka Jon Snow lives by this rule like a life motto. If he must sentence a man to die, he will swing the sword himself, and throughout the show, we’ve seen Jon do this and we’ve seen how this weighs upon him, though the culprits may be deserving. Yes, people die in war and Jon has killed on the battlefield for survival, but executing someone is a deliberate act. It’s taking the life of a human while they are powerless to stop you. Jon doesn’t take any pleasure in it. 

But Dany… She’s executed people left, right and center. Burning them in the most unnecessarily cruel way because she can and because it instills fear. Feeding them to her dragons which is even worse. That’s not at her hand. That’s cowardly and sadistic. 

You know who else rules through fear? 

“The only way to keep your people loyal is to make certain they fear you more than they do the enemy.” 

Cersei bloody Lannister. 

Yeah, let that sink in. And let’s move on. 

Jon meeting Drogon. I hated this scene, although I see how it’s important in establishing Jon as a Targaryen. I didn’t like it mostly because I was still reeling Drogon burning the Tarly’s alive, and yet right after, they have Jon bonding with Drogon like some special moment. But do you think Jon would even touch that dragon if he knew the horrors Dany had made Drogon do? Or the fact that she just executed Jon’s best friend’s family in the worst way possible? Yeah, Sam hated his father, but he didn’t hate his brother. And no matter what animosity there was between them, Sam is a good person and he would still be devastated by this. Not to mention we weren’t given all those Dickon scenes where the man acted with honour, kindness and bravery, just to dismiss him as another faceless enemy of Dany’s. He was Sam’s brother and so much like Sam in a way. I think that’s what made his death in spite only knowing him for 2 episodes so heartbreaking. Also, why this meeting between Jon and Drogon made me angry and disgusted. 

Of course, it also establishes some Jon3rys bonding, although more so on Dany’s side. Let’s face it, the Dragon Queen wants familial Dragon D. Her heart eyes for Jon throughout this episode was at least 100x more convincing than previous episodes between them. Jon, on the other hand, has moments where he does seem to think Dany is alright, but I still don’t see the same level of affection on his end at all. As always, he has a one-track mind and that’s the war up North. 

And I’m sorry but Dany’s attraction towards Jon seems to predicate on her notion that he’s as heroic and powerful as her. I get that he is and that’s a wonderful reason to fall in love with him, but it’s still falling in love with the idea of him and not who he is, because who Jon is, isn’t that person. He doesn’t want to be a hero or to be powerful. I know Show Jon doesn’t go into this, but Book Jon wants a family, to settle in Winterfell and live peacefully and honourably like his pseudo father. But Dany will never know that about him because she doesn’t know him. Take her asking Jon about whether he got a knife to the heart, the wonder and awe in her eyes as she asks him. She wants him to be just like her (or her delusional perception of herself as some kind of prophesised princess that was promised). Jon is who she thinks she is and she’s attracted to that, which is basically some Game of Thrones version of Narcissus. When she realises he’s a Targaryen, she’ll feel threatened more than relieved she’s not alone, because if she thinks he’s her then she’ll think he wants the Iron Throne and he’s a threat to her ambitions. 

There’s a reason why after all that Gilly discovers the Rhaegar and Elia annulment (which btw is such bullshit but whatever). Jon has more right to the Iron Throne than she does. 

What’s funny about this episode that even Dany’s Second Biggest Fan struggles to support her. Yes, he still will, but that entire conversation he has with Varys just sounds a lot like he’s trying to convince himself that ‘yes, all rulers burn their prisoners like a sadistic pyroqueen, and yes, Dany is so not like her father’. And the fact that her own loyal subjects are questioning her? Yeah, tell me again how she’s a hero. 

Now onto the main reason why I hate this episode: StarkBowl. But oh ho, not Jon and Sansa StarkBowl but Sansa and Arya. 

I’ve always loved Arya. She was my favourite character for so many seasons, until I fell madly in love with Sansa, although Arya remains in my Number 2 spot. But this episode, I felt such a burning anger towards her. After all they’ve been through, everything Sansa’s endured, Arya would still hold her accountable for the beliefs Sansa held as a young child. She’s changed and grown so much on account of her experiences yet she will not lend her own sister the same courtesy. It pisses me off because what Arya is doing (judging and accusing Sansa of things she didn’t do or for who she was when she was a child) is exactly what Anti-Sansa’s have been doing for years. And her own short-sighted, ignorant inability to grasp that this woman before her is not the same Sansa she once knew has now led her to being manipulated and conned by Littlefinger. 

What I can only hope is that Sansa is smarter than Littlefinger. Bran wouldn’t give Arya the dagger if he foresaw Arya using it on Sansa. And I feel like it is so uncharacteristic of Arya, who has longed for so long to be reunited with her pack, to suddenly break down by childish prejudice at the first miscommunication. Sansa is far more cunning than anyone gives her credit for and I feel that this could all be a long orchestrated con on Littlefinger himself. Arya’s not that stupid. I refuse to believe she’s stupid enough to underestimate LF that way and let herself be manipulated so easily. I feel like perhaps that fight between Sansa and Arya was for LF’s benefit because it felt so contrived, so out of nowhere. I know this speculation is also heavily biased by my refusal to believe that the Starks would fight amongst themselves after all they went through, but I do believe that LF will die this season. It won’t be at Sansa’s hand but it will be because of Sansa’s machinations. 

Now, onto Gendry!!!!!

The happiest part about this hell episode because fuck, he’s so hot still. That cropped hair, those muscles, that smile… Yeah, swoon. He’s also hilariously bullheaded (very like a Baratheon) when he ignores Davos, hits those soldiers with his hammer and immediately tells Jon who he is. 

In fact, there was this instant spark of chemistry between Gendry and Jon in their first meeting. 

“You’re a lot leaner.”

“You’re a lot shorter.”

The gentle ribbing of two strangers is adorable, but it also reminds me of Ned and Robert’s first scene together:

“Your Grace.”

"You’ve got fat.”

Now the parallels of Jon as Ned is nothing we haven’t seen before. Gendry as Robert is newer, and Jon and Gendry together as Ned and Robert is so satisfying to watch. It also makes me, a trash shipper, so happy because you know if Jon is being paralleled as Ned in this episode, you know who is being paralleled as Cat? 

Yes, that’s right. Strong, confident Sansa, who was called only Lady Stark in the Great Hall meeting. 

I know I’m crazy but I’m still not worried about Jonsa. That scene in the Great Hall just kept making me think of Sansa as Penelope. She’s there holding onto Winterfell for Jon’s return as he gallivants off on his many missions and overcomes his many trials. She’s there, always loyal and true to him, and maintains his kingdom for him

Boatbang may happen (likely), but Odysseus also slept with Calypso, before ultimately returning to his lady love. I believe the same will happen for Jonsa. 

Also, who thinks Cersei’s not actually pregnant? I think she’s beginning to question Jaime’s loyalty and needs to firmly hold him in place. And I think when he finds out she’s not after all he’s done for, all the sinful things he did, it might make him plunge that sword into her heart prophecy-style. Or not a sword. I don’t know. 

But that’s it for me. My head hurts. My heart hurts. And I maintain that I hate this episode because fuck StarkBowl. And fuck disrespecting Sansa like that

anonymous asked:

Hey hun. So I am a Disney/fairytale/fantasy nut and was wondering if you could recommend any good Johnlock "Disney princess" or fairytale AU fics? Ta!

Hi Lovely!

I actually haven’t read any that come to mind immediately, other than these ones:


The Swan Triad Series by Pennin_Ink (T, 121,660 w. across 3 works || Swan Princess AU) – Sherlock and John grow up spending every summer together. Their mothers’ attempts to play matchmaker only fuel their mutual resentment and scorn. But then, one summer…

The Frost Child by twistedthicket1 (M, 9,944 w. || Frozen-ish AU || Angst, Fluff)In a world where people are born with a Gift of varying levels, simple John Watson is the last person one might look at when thinking of any strong Magick capabilities. Hiding comfortably in the shadow of Sherlock’s brilliant deducing abilities, John is content to keep it that way…

Perdition’s Flames by i_ship_an_armada (E, 63,435 w., | Treklock AU) – Sherlock would do anything to save him. Risk anything. Give anything. His money, his life. His soul. What he does, though, is change both of their destinies forever. Genetic re-engineering is the only option left. It turns out researchers underestimated the life expectancy and potential abilities of genetically re-engineered subjects. The British government and what would eventually become the United Federation of Planets, however, had not. Part 1 of PF Universe

Coventry by standbygo (E, 52,020 w. || Dollhouse AU) – “Let me get this straight,” John said, wondering when his life had become a science fiction film. “Some guy orders up a personality, a person, to his specifications, and they program this into a real live person, who has consented to do this, and she goes to this person and acts as his wife, or lawyer, or Royal Marine, or Navy Seal or what have you, and she has all the skills, all the knowledge, everything? Then you say the magic words, and she follows you back to The House, and they erase it all until her next appointment?”

The Boy Who Drank Stars by kinklock (E, 36,187 w. || Howl’s Moving Castle | Slow Burn, Romance, Pining) – “I’m looking for a castle,” John informed the scarecrow. “A moving one.” Except that, as it turned out, it was not a moving one at all.

Impossible Improbable Truth by KaraRenee (M, 24,308 w. || Labyrinth AU) – John and Sherlock take a case investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl and her toddler half brother. What they find is an impossible adventure that leads them on a journey of discovery of their sexuality. {{I haven’t read this, but it’s on my Marked for Later and I remembered putting it on there LOL}}

Through Dangers Untold by hogwartswitch (E, 32,003 w. || Labyrinth AU) – The Goblin King has fallen in love with John Watson and visits him in dreams. But the evil wizard who cursed the Goblin King cannot allow that to continue. Will John survive the labyrinth? Or will he become a lost goblin like all the rest? {{I think I started this when it was a WiP, so I never finished it, hah. I don’t remember it all.}}

Malediction by MapleleafCameo (M, 36,680 w. || Ladyhawke AU) – Cursed to a half-life, John and Sherlock must fight the forces of evil to be reunited once again. {{I read this once a LONG time ago. I remember loving it.}}

Bel Canto by bendingsignpost (T, 96,751 w. || Phantom of the Opera AU || Major Character Death) – After years of waiting for wealthy patrons to faint, Dr John Watson discovers a far more interesting patient in the opera house basement. {{ Another I never finished, but this is the  “go to” PotO fic}}

The Dragon’s Soldier by twistedthicket1 (M, 154,667 w. || Smauglock || Past Rape/Non-con, H/C, Dragonlock) – When the dragons “came out” to the rest of the world, nobody expected the resulting War that broke out between Humans and Beasts. Both sides afraid and suspicious of each other, Humans drove Dragons into slavery, imprisoning them and turning their children into weapons for the military. Forced into hiding, many Dragons disguised themselves as Human and kept their secrets locked away, awaiting for the day when the royal blood line long since vanished would once again reappear and lay waste to the Humans that oppressed them. Can Dragon and Man really get along? Or even more, become friends? {{Another on my MFL list, haven’t read this yet so read at your own risk}}

The Soul Remembers by i_ship_an_armada (E, 43,636 w. || Oblivion AU || Dreams, Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure, Bittersweet Ending) – John Watson is the lone security repairman stationed on a desolate, nearly-ruined future Earth. His dreams are plagued by a tall, dark-haired man, and when his dreams meet reality, he will be forced to question everything he believes is the truth about his life.

Deducing Daisies by LlamaWithAPen (G, 144,583 w. WIP || Pushing Daisies AU || Friendship, Death, Humour) – What if you could touch someone and bring them back to life? Sherlock Holmes, the Detective, is a seemingly ordinary man with an extraordinary gift: he can bring the dead back to life with a single touch. {{Haven’t read this yet, it’s on my MFL list, read at own discretion}}

Once Upon a Beast Becoming by antietamfalls (T, 24,042 w. || Beauty and the Beast AU || Magical Realism, Romance) – An act of pride, a druid’s curse, an enchanted leaf; Sherlock’s torment has lasted an age. Hope arrives in the form of one John Watson, a man uniquely suited to break the spell. But with a single night to win his affections, Sherlock finds his carefully laid plans disrupted by a monstrous killer whose sights are set on the only thing he has left to lose: John. {{Haven’t read this yet, on MFL list. Read at your own discretion}}


We Bleed into the Grey by QuinnAnderson (T, 4,989 w. | Fluff and Angst, Supernatural Elements) – It was stupid, really. What was the point of having an ability if it wasn’t even a useful one? Sherlock would just as soon be rid of his. Until he meets John Watson, that is. {{Sherlock can see Auras}}

An Experiment in Empathy Series by belovedmuerto (G to T, 62 397w across 13 stories) –  In which John is an empath, Sherlock is Sherlock, and an epic bromance happens. In the aftermath of The Great Game, John creates an unexpected bond between himself and Sherlock. Now they have to learn how to deal with it. John is better at this than Sherlock is. {{I LOVE this SERIES SO MUCH.}}

An Experiment in Apathy Series by belovedmuerto (G to E, 28,701 w. over 13 stories, WIP) – John and Sherlock navigate their complicated relationship. I adore this series, and it feels complete where it leaves off :)

Invisible by chappysmom (K+, 25+K w. || No Slash, semi-canon compliant) – John had had the knack for as long as he could remember. It wasn’t that he could become invisible, exactly. The laws of physics worked quite well in his vicinity, thank you very much. It was just that people tended … not to see him. {{This was one of the first AU’s I read, and I still love it to this day}}. SEQUELSStill Invisible (ASiB) || Too Visible (THoB) || Invisible Once More (TRF) All are very good and should all be read.

Conductivity by Coquillage Atlas (K,11K+ w.|| Fantasy and Friendship) – John Watson, alone in London with a healing power he can hardly bear. A description of his life with magic, before and after Sherlock. {{Another really good AU!}} SEQUELS: Resistance || Reciprocity 

Left by lifeonmars (M, 45,153 w. || Magical Realism) – John Watson is left-handed. He’s tried not to let it affect his life, but as any Lefty knows, that’s almost impossible. (FAVE!!)


I Used to Live Alone Before I Knew You by etothepii (T, 11,052 w. | Winglock) – Where Mycroft is an angel, Sherlock is a demon, and John is still John. {{I like this one because John is so perfect in it, and Sherlock cares so much about John}}

Fallen Series by Belladonna_Q & mamishka (T, 222,094 w. across 3 works, WiP || Angel!John, Fae & Fairies) – In a world where myth, mystery, and the supernatural flourish beneath the veneer of modern civilization, Sherlock is a master of magic as well as science and deduction. But there are some things that he cannot see, riddles he cannot unravel, even when they walk right beside him in the form of one John Watson…

A Certain Kind of Hunger by MapleleafCameo (E, 5,881w. || Somnophilia, Incubus!John, Tail Things) – A concerned Sherlock watches as John seems to be rapidly losing weight. What he discovers is that John really isn’t normal. And he is very, very hungry. The tail was the real surprise.

Angel by MrsNoggin (T, 1K+w. || Friendship, Winglock-ish) – John is an angel. That can be the only explanation. This is an interesting take on the Winglock universe.

Not The Hands That Kill by You_Light_The_Sky (M, 6,201 w. || Winglock, Implied Sex) – Having wings does not make Sherlock Holmes a guardian angel, not in the way that John Watson is his.

Guidelines by WithLoweredVoices (M, 43,018 w. || Winglock, Fantasy, BAMF!John) – The Good Soldier, one of the oldest and strongest of the fallen, is offered a bargain: to live as John Watson and to Guide a fledgling archangel so that he will stay on the path of good. Of course, Sherlock Holmes has different ideas about his destiny. Warnings for violence, occasional gore, and a whole load of hurt and angst.

It’s After That Hurts by jonnyluvssherlock (T, 2,791 w. || Winglock, Pining Sherlock, Minor Gore, Fallen Angel, Friends to Lovers) – Sherlock’s an angel stuck as a guardian to danger addict John Watson. Everything is fine until he gets too involved. Now he has to make the choice, eternity alone or one life time with a man who may or may not love him. {{This is only one chapter and it feels like it should be more… I love it but feels incomplete. Kind of an AU of City of Angels}}


John Watson’s Moon by patternofdefiance (E, 11,314 w. || Werewolf!John, First Time) – Sherlock finds out John is a werewold and wants to see the transformation. It, uh, gets really kinky.

An Acquired Taste by kinklock (E, 31,059 w. || Bat!Sherlock, Humour, Misunderstandings) – At Montague Street when Sherlock was forced to sate his body’s needs, he was at least able to wander about the flat as much as he pleased. At Baker Street, it was mini-bags in a mini-fridge and bedroom confinement.

Bleed Me Out by antietamfalls (E, 87,987 w. || Soul Bonding, John Whump, Fluff and Angst, H/C) – John isn’t exactly surprised to discover that Sherlock isn’t human. His vampirism doesn’t pose a problem, even when their relationship gradually grows into something more. That is, until a deadly revelation about John’s blood sends their lives spinning dangerously out of control.


Shatter the Darkness (Let the Light In) by MojoFlower (E, 109,683 w. | GenieLock, Torture, H/C, Magical Realism) Fairy tales are for those who remember how to dream; not John Watson, broken and hiding from his bleak future in a beige bedsit. But then he discovers a lamp and finds himself in the dangerous riptide of an enigmatic man whose very existence is unbelievable, murder charges against his sister, and the growing pains of feeling alive once more. {{This is a REALLY great story, which tears at your heart consistently}}.

De Veritate Unicornis Moderni by tepid sponge bath (T, 5K+ w. | Fantasy & Drama) – John Watson, a unicorn of this day and age, is trapped in a mortal body. Life as it is seems pretty pointless, almost unendurable, until he meets one Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective and very much a virgin. {{This is such an interesting take on unicorn mythology}}.

To Mend A Heart by dee-light (G, 1,472 w. || Magical Realism, H/C) – Hearts can be broken, and mended, and broken again. Good thing, then, that hearts are only the seat of all emotion, and not something Sherlock needs in order to live.

Winter of Life by You_Light_The_Sky (T, 5,178 w. || Magic Realism, Fluff, Christmas, Angst) – It was an experiment, really. On Christmas, Sherlock wrote to Santa asking for a friend. He got a broken toy soldier instead. This is the story of how he finds him again and again.

Software Malfunction by tiger_in_the_flightdeck (E, Tumblr fic || Android!lock, Jealous, Angst, Unhappy Ending) – Assigned as the head of Medical Research on the Baker, John Watson meets- and quickly falls in love with- Sherlock, a specially commissioned Companion android with a malfunction.

No Strings Attached by Elster (G, 2,714w. || Fae / Faeries, Love Confessions, Fairy Tales) – To save John from being spirited away Under the Hill, Sherlock challenges the fairy queen to a fiddle contest.


The Semantics of Crop Circle Formation: a case study by Sherlock Holmes [unpublished] bycanolacrush (M, 41,710 w. || Sherlock POV, Aliens, Wordplay, Casefic) – “Look at these photographs,” I said, gesturing to the wall of crop circles. “What do you observe?”“Crop circles,” John replied.“Obvious. What else?”“Are…are those intestines surrounding them?”“Yes. The majority are bovine and ovine in origin. The farmers who have acquired these crop circles in their fields have also had a tenth of their livestock murdered and arranged thus.”“Why?” John said, presumably in a rhetorical fashion. I detest rhetorical questions. “That is what I must find out, John.”

The Red Dianthus by kinklock (T, 11,382 w. || BAMF!John, Misunderstandings, Halloween, Fluff) – The boys investigate a mysterious disappearance in a supposedly haunted house, and get much more than they bargained for.

Upon Waking by joolabee (E, 3,901 w. || Somnophilia, Mildly Dubious Consent, Angst) – It sets on slow: John can only be awake while Sherlock sleeps, and vice versa. Their lives are codependent, but never meeting. Like a set of scales.

London’s Ghost by JustlikeWater (K+, 5K+ w.|| Tragedy/Angst, MCD, TRF AU, Sherlock POV) – "Today, it’s been weeks since Sherlock died. Other times, years. He doesn’t know for sure, though. Time passes differently for the dead" 

Electric Potential by pygmymeese (T, 5K+ w. || Supernatural) – It’s not clear why everyone in the world suddenly gets a ghost only they can interact with. All John Watson knows is that he’s stuck with a brilliant, if smug, ex-consulting detective, and that life is definitely looking up.

Second Waltz by Atiki (T, 6,685 w. || MCD, Angst, Fluff, Cancer) – "The night I died, you wished I could wait for you.“

Where The Ghosts Have Voices by HappyJuicyfruit (M, 37,665 w. || John Whump, Magical Realism, Ghosts, Coma, Happy Ending) – John has lived his whole life as an outcast. It is only when he meets Sherlock, that be realizes being a freak might not be such a bad thing, and that the curse he has lived with his whole life may be a gift after all. {{Haven’t read this yet, it’s on my MFL list, read at your own discretion}}


The Heart On Your Sleeve by flawedamythyst (T, 5,441 w. || Heartmark, Stubborn Sherlock) –  Sherlock stared at the imperfect circle on his left wrist in horror, then sat down on his bed with a bit of a thump. After over thirty years, his heartmark was finally showing activity. This was not good.

The Best Picture of the Human Soul by SwissMiss (T, 5,776 w. || Tattoos, Finding Your True Love) – The stories of our lives are written on our skin. Every time you fall in love, you gain a mark. Part 1 of Imagines Moti

With All My Heart by QuinnAnderson (E, 19,257 w. || Tally Marks, Magical Realism, Fluff and Angst) – AU in which every time a person falls in love, a red line like a tally mark appears on their wrist. Sherlock is determined to keep himself from ever gaining one of these marks for fear that love will corrode his mental faculties. Then he meets John Watson.

Finding John by orphan_account (T, 5,456 w. || Symbolic Rings) – Sherlock Holmes has met exactly twenty-four Johns in his life. They have all been the wrong John. He’s getting tired of waiting, staring at the inscription on his finger and wondering when his John will turn up, if ever. Part 1 of Inscriptions

what’s in a name by flight815kitsune (NR, 1,285 w. || Soulmate Names) – There were some things you just knew. The name, if you were lucky enough to get one, was one of those things

the fearful passage of death-mark’d love by urcool91 (T, 1980 w. || Tattoos, H/C, Angst) – The first time that John meets Sherlock Holmes, the younger man has his sleeves pushed up to his elbows, wrists bare of any hint of ink. Within 48 hours, John has added “Jefferson Hope” to his clavicle. (Or: The One Where, When You Kill Someone, Their Name Shows Up On Your Arm)


{{SEE ALSO: Johnlock Body Swap Fic Rec List}}

Bringing Colour to the World by SD_Ryan (G, 1,168w. || Est. Relationship, Sickfic, Fluff, Schmoop) – In which we encounter a sick detective, a snuggle on the couch, and a silly fairytale.

The Steadfast Tin Watson by what_alchemy  (T, 3,973 w. || Fairytales) – When the fairies left, they took their stories with them. But they left the characters behind.

Otherwise, I actually have a lot on my Marked for Later list, all of which have come from Alexx’s lists:


What are some things that you seem to always include in your stories? This could be an interesting thread. It’ll help you see the things that are unique to your writing

I’ll start.

  • I live by the hills in real life so I constantly write about hills and mountains
  • I love trees and write about forests or magical trees or such often
  • Grew up in the Bay Area so I wrote about fog a lot
  • Rivers and lakes. Not the ocean so much…
  • There and Back Again/Into the Wild tales where the main characters adventure into far lands and return home afterwards changed.
  • Anything to do with flying in open air; steampunk sky ships, dragon-riding, etc
  • Swords as main weapons; or times when guns and swords are still used together
  • Sideshadowing: showing that the world of the story is a lot larger than the plot of the story itself
    • Idle dialogue of things happening in the world that aren’t touched on in the story; heroes of other stories (this is the real reason I have over two dozen novels, short stories, and series in queue)
  • The un-glorification of war and murder
    • I write a lot of war stories that show the graphic and extremely dark and miserable side of these things; losing loved ones, genocide, rape, famine, pestilence, PTSD. I really hate stories that glorify war and have a bunch of mindless killing. When people die or kill in my story, that weight is always shown hanging in the air.
  • Fellowship of the Ring casts:  several characters with different histories and relationships with one another, and a multitude of personalities that often clash at some point
  • The Princess Saves Herself/Dame in Distress: My favourite stories are ones with girl main characters that take care of their own problems; slay their own dragons. If there’s a male love interest involved, he usually tries to help and ends up getting himself in trouble, leaving her to kick dragon’s ass AND save male character’s ass.
  • Characters battling anxiety and depression

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Thor Ragnarok Social Commentary on Imperialism

SO!  I just got out of Thor: Ragnarok and I have Things to Say!

This contains some spoilers for THOR: RAGNAROK!

Nothing like, HUGE, but some narrative strings, some villain motivation, and a few choice lines.  BIG SPOILERS I will put beneath a cut. 

There was an underlying thread through the movie that commented on some of the cost of society that is swept under the rug:

One of the more obvious lines was when The Grandmaster refuses to use “the s word” [slavery] and instead prefers “prisoners with jobs” (which, lbr, can absolutely be some commentary on the American prison system… and how it’s virtually become slavery 2.0…. )

BUT what I really want to talk about is the narrative theme of the oblitteration of the sins of imperialistic nations in order to gloss and glam over the past in order to promote a narrative of a grand, benevolent nation.

Imperialism and sins of the past being swept under the rug is a characteristic of many nations: The US, the UK, etc etc etc.

Taika Waititi, relevantly, is Maori, and a member of the Indigenous people of New Zealand and this very well may be a message close to his heart.

In the film, it is revealed that Odin used Hela in order to violently conquer nine realms and pillage their wealth to build Asgard.  Only after conquering those nine realms did Odin stop - figuring that that was enough (and answer the question why “THE Nine realms” - that’s when he was sated) - but Hela wasn’t - she was trained and conditioned as a weapon of war, and when she continued that path, she was banished; Odin then then literally PAVED OVER the history in the kingdom (murals on the wall) with more recent history of the glory times and a “whitewashed” history where the nine realms were formed from talks of peace treaties rather than the bloody wars.  This is a strong parallel to the way England/the US ousted native populations and raped and pillage their way to wealth, then virtually obliterated that from their own narrative of their rise to power and history.  It’s a lesson against forgetting the past and how damaging that can be. 

There is a line (I can’t recall specifically) to the effect of “where do you think all the gold that built this palace came from?”) That really resonated with me.  Asgard isn’t this great land of the benevolent gods.  They are not without blood on their hands.

More below the cut:

When the physical kingdom of Asgard is abandoned it brings this narrative full-circle.  The people living in the kingdom - the ideals of Asgard is what is good in it - the Kingdom itself built on the lies and imperialistic pillaging HAS to burn down - it is the narrative solution - it is not salvageable - burn it down to the ground and start anew.  It’s fruit from the poisoned tree - the gold, the halls, the kingdom itself has been built on conquest - and that is a very strong, and relevant message.  

how could one ever choose between them?

Hillary Clinton: is currently under investigation for using a private email server

Donald Trump: called Mexicans rapists, tried to claim Obama was born in Kenya, claimed that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama created ISIS, proposed a ban on an entire religion from entering the US, was accused by 12 women of committing sexual assault, asked ‘second amendment folks’ to take care of his opponent, mocked a disabled reporter, praised Putin and other totalitarian leaders, bragged about walking backstage at beauty contests to watch the contestants get changed, bragged about not paying income tax, didn’t pay income tax for 18 years, said he might not accept the results of the election if he loses, lost a billion dollars in one year, claims the polls are rigged when he’s losing, refuses to release his tax returns, used money from his fake foundation to buy a 6 foot painting of himself, lied about funding his own campaign, said he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and wouldn’t lose any supporters, said John McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was captured, cheated on his wives, bragged about grabbing women by the p***y, said some of the women accusing him of sexual assault weren’t attractive enough for him to commit sexual assault, questioned whether an Indiana born judge could do his job fairly because his parents were of Mexican descent, wants to throw his opponent in jail, claims Hillary wants to introduce 600-650 million immigrants into the country in a week when the current population is only 320 million, is awaiting a trail for fraud in November, created a fake university to scam people, called global warming a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese, wants to make Mexico build and pay for a wall they don’t want, encouraged violence at his rallies, declared bankruptcy 6 times, kicked a black supporter out of his rally because he assumed he was a protestor, supported the invasion of Iraq, would not say whether he treats women with respect, wants to give nuclear weapons to more countries, mocked a disabled reporter, wants to implement “stop and frisk”, humiliated the parents of a fallen solider, said women should be punished for having abortions, referred to his opponent as a nasty woman, encouraged his supporters to vote on November 28th, illegally solicited contributions for his ‘foundation’, said on multiple occasions that it is important to be “unpredictable” with nuclear weapons, tweeted at 3am telling people to check out a sex tape, is threatening to sue the women accusing him of sexual assault, has referred to multiple women as slobs, pigs and dogs, publicly ranks women from 1-10 based on looks, had a twitter war with Cher, is endorsed by the KKK, wants to become best friends with Putin, had a lawsuit filed against him for raping a 13 year old girl but most importantly:  has blatantly denied most, if not all of these things

Fleshing out your Original Character(s)

Hello! This is just a little thing to help writers of all kinds help develop their characters. Not only will this have simple questions, but also scenarios that would make you have to think. Happy writing :)

Section 1: The basics

Date of birth:
Astrological and Zodiac signs:
Natural Gender:
-Gender they identify with:
Hair/fur color:
Hair/fur style:
Eye color:
Eye shape:
Skin tone:
Highest level of education:
dialect or accent:
typical clothes style for Winter:
Does your character need glasses/contacts?
Posture when feeling guilty
Physical and/or mental disability?
body style
facial features

Section 2: Favorites/favourites

-nonalcoholic beverage:
-alcoholic beverage (if legal age):
-TV series (non animated):
-Animated TV series:
-genera of music:
-animal (non mythical):
-animal (mythical):
-recreational activity:
-place to be when sad:
-thing to do on a cold winter night:
-thing to do during a sunny summer day:
-thing to do when with someone they like:
-Video game:
-Voice actor
-art style
-style of dance
-thing to learn about
-place to visit
-sweet treat
-vehicle (Make and Model)
-ice cream flavor
-Hair color
-eye color
-School subject
-way to pamper themself

Section 3: Personality Traits

introvert or extrovert?
outgoing or reserved?
Brave or timid?
finicky or sloppy?
studious or negligent?
adventurous or cautious?
stubborn or flexible?
Leader or follower?
shameful or shameless?
trustworthy or unreliable?
Capable or inept?
Cultured or uncivilized?
Creative or unimaginative?
Dynamic or predictable?
Gentle or surly?
Stressful or relaxed?
withdrawn or wild?
Pratical or Imaginative?
vague or straight to the point?
What kind of drunk, if they drink to the point of getting such, are they?
Optimistic or pessimistic?
suspicious or friendly?
secretive or honest?
tactful or tactless?
thoughtful or thoughtless?
strong willed or weak willed?
penny pincher or spendthrift?
quirky or plebeian?
what is their view on pain?
What is there view of ‘suffering’?
Would they help others, leave them be, or make them suffer?
What would they do if they found a wallet with no ID in it?
What would they do if they were witnessing a kidnapping? a rape attempt? a gang attack? a theft? a murder? an Assult? Bullying?
What would they do if someone was drowning? on fire? bleeding? Freezing? Or some other medical emergency?

Section 4: Family

(Step) Father:
(Step) Mother:
(Step/half) Sibling(s)?:
what is their relationship with each?
Were they adopted?
Were they neglected?
Were they abandoned?
Were they abused?
-who did the abusing
Did they run away?
What kind of home did they live in?
How was their childhood? Teenage years? Adulthood?
Did any family member die?
Did parents get a divorce?
was there infidelity or incest in the family?
are there any famous people in the family?
Family coat-of-arms?

Section 5: Negatives

Pet peeves
Bad habits
Criminal record (including DUI and public indecency)
When was the last time they lied? what did they lie about? Who did they lie to? why did they lie?
when was the last time they got into a fight?
have they ever (attempted to) killed anyone?
have they done anything in the black market
Are they racist? Sexist? ageist?
have they ever deliberately hurt someone?
do they bash anyone because of their religion? sexual orientation? gender identity? physical or mental disability?
dark secrets?
have they ever stereotyped someone?
Have they ever judged someone before getting to know them?
have they ever self-injured?
have they attempted suicide?
which of the seven deadly sins are stronger in them? (Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Lust)
Have they ever failed a class?
-have they ever dropped out
Bad manners?

section 6: other

hopes for the future:
Dreams about:
longs for:
job history:
status in society:
medical history:
blood type:
-have they ever donated blood?
in their free time they:
style of writing:
their opinion on “the price of freedom”:
what is “freedom” to them?
have they ever lost faith in someone?
have they ever changed religions?
what is their greatest achievement?
what is their life goal?
what do they dread having to do?
who is their best friend?
who is their worst enemy?
what do they long to do?
what is their dream vacation?
do they have any survival skills?
-cooking skills?
-sewing skills?
-mechanical/electrical/plumbing skills?
-woodworking skills?
Dating history
credit score (if able to have a credit card)
mode of transportation
guilty pleasure
have they ever moved?
have they had their wisdom teeth pulled?
have they ever broken a bone?
If they identify with a gender opposite to what they were born with, have they gotten a sex change?
What was their schooling like?

Section 7: Scenarios

1) They are stuck in a zombie apocalypse. They are only able to bring 5 things with them. What do they take? (Pets do not count)
2) They are trapped on a deserted island; what is the first thing they do?
3) They come across a man unconscious on the ground. he does not respond when called. What do they do?
4) They hear a rumor about their best friend- a rather nasty rumor too- what do they do?
5) Zombie apocalypse time again; Does your character work together with Their worst enemy to survive or do they do something else?
6) Your character’s significant other is sick, what do they do to help them feel better?
7) Your character gets some terrible news- the worst news they could every receive. How do they react?
8) Your character meets their idol and gets to spend the day with them; what do they do and how do they act? v9) They are celebrating their favorite/favourite holiday but they had to invite their enemy to the party
10) Your character became a parent! What is their knee-jerk reaction?

Section 8: Opinions on

1) Gay Marriage
2) Abortion
3) Divorce
4) Religion
5) Stereotypes
6) Vaccinations
7) War
8) Eating out/Dining in
9) Guns or weapons in general
10) Rape
11) School/Education
12) Technology
13) Drugs (Illegal)
14) Drugs (Legal)
15) The legalization of Drugs
16) Animals in Captivity
17) Improper Grammar
18) Working
19) Betrayal
20) Swearing
21) Abuse
22) Illegal activities (such as snag fishing)
23) Moving
24) Government
25) Monopolizing
26) Businesses
27) Immigration
28) Animal Testing
29) Standerdize Testing
30) Death Penalty
31) Climate Change
32) Piracy (taking of other people’s work)
33) Obesity
34) Prostitution
35) Meat eating
36) Sex


Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey

Summary: Set in a future dystopian United States, the town of Santa Olivia is a desert war zone where citizens have no rights. Loup Garron is the daughter of a genetically modified father who was bred by the US military as a weapon, who her powers to avenge the town, masquerading as their patron saint, Santa Olivia.

Thoughts: This is your typical dystopian, genetically-modified werewolf boxing story about a lesbian Latina boxer and her bi girlfriend. It starts a little slow, but the plot picks up towards the middle when Loup and Pilar start to fall for each other and Loup’s boxing career begins.

Warnings: Proceed with caution ⚠️

Forcible rape tw, consensual m/f and f/f sex scenes (*details and spoilers below)

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The Field of Fire 2.0: when war changed forever

I read annoying posts of people who defend Danielle and that complain about the fact that if anyone acknowledge that the Field of Fire 2.0 has been a catastrophe it means using double standards because Cersei and Tyrion did it too.

Let’s make it clear:

  1. if you think that the fact that Cersei did it too is a good parallel in any way for Danielle you’re absolutely wrong because we all know Cersei is ruthless and burning the Great Sept of Baelor was a moment of total madness therefore you’re just admitting that Danielle is just like a mad and ruthless Queen;
  2. when Tyrion used wildfire during the Battle of the Blackwater he wasn’t attacking soldiers like Danielle he was protecting the people of King’s Landing from soldiers “Don’t fight for your king, and don’t fight for his kingdoms. Don’t fight for honor, don’t fight for glory. Don’t fight for riches, because you won’t get any. This is your city Stannis means to sack. That’s you’re gate he’s ramming — and if he gets in, it will be your houses he burns, your gold he steels, your women he will rape. Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let’s go kill them.“ 
  3. what happened was something we never saw before and even the director of the episode, Matt Shakman, agree with this

The director said “when war changed forever” and this fits perfectly that quote I used in this post (x) “fast-paced destruction sets nuclear weapons apart from the customary implements of war… there is difference between nuclear weapons and bayonets. It is not in the number of people they can eventually kill but in the speed with which it can be done”.

4. It’s a great disservice to the show if we ignore the fact that the scene between Arya and the Lannister soldiers is also important to understand “the Spoil of War”. Once again the director agree with the fans who saw Ed Sheeran and his friends in the Field of Fire and who felt bad for them.

So yes, it wasn’t really Ed Sheeran and his friends but the soldiers that were burned alive were people just like them and the fact that they humanise them in a previous episode was intended to allow us viewers to feel connected with them when we saw them turned to ashes in just a few minutes.

So I just watched Wonder Woman (2017) dir. Patty Jenkins for the third time today and I’ve decided that while I do like the symbolism of Wonder Woman beating up some white dude with a superiority complex as the climax of the film, how much more interesting would it have been for Isabel Maru to have ended up being Ares?

Think about it. Everyone imagines Ares as this big, buff, burly dude right? And that’s… kinda what happened (I have a hard time thinking of Remus Lupin and Ares in the same thought, so sue me, but they definitely gave him… big biceps and big thighs and big armor). They never really explain what Ares has against humanity or why he chose to corrupt them in the first place. He says something about them destroying the world, so I guess he’s an environmentalist? But it’s not very well explained. But what if Ares had actually been…. dun dun dun!… a woman. 

Ares, not as this big burly warrior man type, but as the small, petite woman who fights wars with her mind and can create the deadliest weapons known to Earth. Ares, who instead of being Zeus’ son is Zeus’ daughter. Zeus’ daughter who he scorns because she isn’t a warrior like Athena or Artemis and her type of weaponry isn’t the kind of weaponry he finds “honorable.” Ares who was looked down upon by Zeus for being the female goddess of war who never actually fights anyone, who would lose a battle immediately if someone challenged her.

And then Zeus makes humanity in his image and Ares sees the same kind of corruption in them as she saw in Zeus. She sees the same kind of derision for people who are different from them. And she sees Zeus love them in a way he never loved her. And so she chooses to ruin this thing that her father loves so much, to try to show him that they are not the perfect beings he imagines them to be. She doesn’t CHANGE them, she just brings out the darkness that is already inside of these creatures. She whispers ideas in their ears about power and glory and how best to obtain these things and they do the rest. They choose to turn on each other and kill each other. They choose to create weapons and use them to harm their own kind rather than just to hunt for food or defend themselves. They choose to be selfish and cruel rather than selfless and kind. She does not choose that for them, she just shows them the options and lets them choose for themselves. And inevitably, all of them choose the darkness. Not one seems willing to turn away from the promise of power over everyone else and choose love instead of hate.

But then Zeus creates the Amazons and rallies the Gods against her to bring her down in defense of humanity and Ares is unable to fight off all of them. Zeus wounds her enough that she is now forced to live amongst the humans for the rest of her life. 

And what she sees, well, it tells her that she was never wrong. The humans just get worse over time. They continue to wage wars against each other, they continue to treat people different from them as lesser, they continue to be selfish and greedy and cruel. They kill and rape and enslave. She is not powerful enough anymore to destroy all of humanity by herself, so she does what she can to make humanity destroy itself. She whispers ideas into people’s heads the way she always has, she learns to pretend to be human so she can help move things in a specific direction that will lead humanity even further towards its own imminent destruction. 

She continues to create weapons, weapons that are ever more advanced and capable to killing more people with one blow. She never uses them herself (what would be the point really), but she always makes sure to hand them off to the person most likely to them on the most people. 

When she sees the Godkiller, Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, for the first time, she feels a tinge of fear for the first time in a long time. But she soon realizes that this girl does not know the power she holds inside of her, does not know what she is capable of, and so Ares sees an opportunity for the Godkiller to become her ally. When she is finally able to talk to Diana for the first time, to tell her the other side of the story Diana had heard as a child, she makes sure to bring up all of the things she knows Diana must have faced already. Their disrespect of women in positions of authority, the way they treat people whose skin color is different from theirs, the way they won’t allow women to fight, the way their leaders will not fight with their soldiers and die with honor and instead see their soldiers as expendable, the way they hurt each other just for the sheer delight of watching someone else in pain. Ares tells Diana that these were all things that were also present in Zeus, in so many of the other Gods and Goddesses. She tells Diana all about how she was treated by the other Gods, how they laughed at her, the Goddess of War who refuses to fight. How they called her weapons, her genius inventions, her way of fighting, cowardly. She tells Diana how Zeus once told her that he wished Ares had been a man instead, because a man would have been brave and not ended up a disappointment. She does everything she can to convince Diana that these humans are just like their creator, that there is nothing to be done to save them because she did not create their corruption, their corruption came from Zeus. She tells Diana that the two of them, together, can start the world anew. They can destroy Zeus’ corrupted creation and let the world go back to the way it was and then, perhaps, they can make their own creations. A new humanity, a BETTER humanity. Ones that are not so selfish and cruel, ones who will not dispose of someone simply for being different.

But Diana sees something else in them, too. Diana sees something worthy of protection. Diana believes that they have grown beyond Zeus’ corruption, that they have Zeus’ darkness, yes, but that they have a light that is all their own, as well. A light that is worth protecting with her life.

And Diana does not want to kill her sister, but Ares will never know peace so long as she lives, so Diana does what she must and fulfills the mission of the Amazons. But Diana also learns a very valuable lesson from Ares. Not everything is at it seems, not everything is as black and white as her mother led her to believe. There are always multiple sides to every story, to every war, and sometimes no one is right or wrong. Diana always remembers Ares and her pain and how that pain made her cruel. Diana remembers Ares always, because she wants to make sure that she never ends up like her, that she never lets the darkness win over love. 

I just love the idea of Ares as a woman, to have this foil to Diana. For Diana to see what she could become and choose not to be that person. And I always like it when Zeus ISN’T the good guy because despite how awful he actually was in the myths, he always ends up being this all-powerful, benevolent leader who wants and does nothing but good. This would have shown that even the Gods are not incapable of corruption, and that everyone has to make the choice between darkness and light. It adds more sympathy and motivation to Ares as a villain and brings an extra level of addressing “modern day” feminism into her story. I would have found a female Ares to be really interesting and while I ADORE Wonder Woman (2017) dir. Patty Jenkins as it is, I think this is one place where it could have been made even better.

America is Not the Land of the Free

-Genocide against natives that continues today
-Slavery which continues today
-Jim Crow
-Bombed a hospital in Mosul and killed 484 people using an illegal chemical weapon
-Kills civilians in airstrikes all the time
-Police Brutality
-Japanese Internment Camps from WW2
-Philippine–American War
-Haditha killings
- the routine raping of Okinawan women in ww2
-No Gun Ri Massacre
-My Lai Massacre
-Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse
-the aid given to the Contras
-Guantanamo Bay
-The imprisonment of Chelsea Manning
-conversion therapy
-Tuskegee Experiments
-past and current support for authoritarian regimes


Its really albeist to say that Casca is useless as a character because her mind is broken. People with mental illnesses and disabilities rarely get any good representation in media, they should have a place in fiction too because their stories are just as valuable as a person who does not suffer from mental illnesses or disabilities.

Just fucking shut the fuck up and stop all that damn whining. Yeah its hurtful because Casca became this way due to what happened to her. We really want her to be okay and thats fine, but man to call her an idiot because of the way she is now To call her names like potato ( Im guilty of this bullshit. I guess shes called that because of what shes wearing idk but still…) or calling her worthless and saying that shes gonna kill herself or return to Griffith is just wild dumb.

I mean fucking think about it for a second. In real life there are women who are suffering from the same shit that Casca is suffering from. The physical, emotional, spiritual, and MENTAL trauma that rape causes is no fucking joke. It’s nothing to play with. Victims of rape suffer from some of the most horrible physical injuries ive ever fucking heard of. And just like Casca, they CAN regress depending on the severity.

Think about Rwanda, World War II, The Arab and Transatlantic slave trades. These are just a few examples where rape was used as a monstrous weapon against people. Would you call the victims of these crimes potatos? Would you call them idiots? Would you call them worthless? A waste of space. Would you tell them to give up and that they should kill themselves? Would you tell them that they should go back to their rapists? Would you tell a victim of domestic violence that they should go back to their husbands or boyfriends? Or wives or girlfriends????

Would you call them potatos, idiots, or worthless? If you would youre a fucking piece of shit.

I mean fuck Guts isnt mentally stable . I laugh at you if you think he is just because hes swinging a huge sword and can actually do things. That doesnt make him better than Casca I’m afraid in terms of principle. It just means that he deals with his trauma in a different way and hes fucking been SCRAMBLING to get Casca back for 3-4 years now.

But i dont hear you guys calling Guts a fuckin potato or whatever????


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Inhumans Part Twelve

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Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen,

Genre: A/U, Angst, Violence, Fluff, Romance, more in the future.

Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Word Count: 3.4K

AN: We’re almost done with Inhumans. One or two parts left! I’ll probably post drabbles from this story after it’s over from time to time, but I’m kind of sad it’s almost over. Also I’ll be posting some trigger warnings below the cut. Kind of spoiler-y, but I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t.

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Over 50 years ago, Malcolm X said “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” An awful lot of people still haven’t understood this essential lesson. 

Saddam’s soldiers throwing babies out of the incubators; Iraqi weapons of mass destruction ready to strike against Britain in 45 minutes; Libyan soldiers using rape as a weapon of war; Gaddafi using black mercenaries to perpetrate a massacre in Benghazi; Assad using chemical weapons in pursuit of a sectarian anti-Sunni agenda… These slick “infomercials” - the fruit of a close collaboration between news agencies, PR firms and phoney Twitter personalities - have been used routinely as a means of hiding the reality of imperialist wars; as a means of painting the US and its allies as the representatives of justice and peace, and the anti-imperialist states as brutal, murderous, anti-popular, undemocratic. It’s Goebbels on steroids; stop falling for it.

—  Carlos Martinez via Facebook

I love how people still think that D@enerys is some badass feminist who is going to be loved by everyone in Westeros once she ‘breaks the wheel’ and sits her ass on that very uncomfortable looking chair…Like first, I am surprised there is still anyone left in Westeros to fight the wars of the high lords, second she really should have checked the weather forecast, third how do we know her control over those weapons of mass destruction everyone sees as big, purring kittens won’t slip away again and fourth she has about a hundred thousand warriors whose favorite past time is to killing and rape as we are repeatedly told. Like where does this belief people will throw flowers and honestly admire her come from? 

Shit my man, people that have not been killed in the wars, are already starving and winter that has come is feared off due to the length of the summer that preceded it. Women certainly won’t thank her for atrocities that would befall them, that is if they had not been accosted by the previous wars already, so besides some nobles that might manage to slither in her favor, I really don’t see anyone forming D@enerys fan club in Westeros. Nope, I just can’t get with her badass program that she had qualified for with dragons, birthright begotten by being a member of an inbred, crazy conquering dynasty (let’s not forget that Targs were also slavers) and ability to make speeches. 

mrfandomtrash  asked:

What are your thoughts on how sex (or lack there of) is presented in Fairy Tail? Because for a series who's main theme are the importance of closeness and companionship and is brimming with sexual imagery. The series never really uses it to any meaningful extent. Which could be contributed to how Fairy Tail is a Shonen manga aimed at teenagers.

You would have to actually try in order to achieve a worse presentation of sex in a manga.

Sex is almost always used as a means of humiliation with regards to women or, if you’re Juvia, harassing a man. It is never allowed to be dignified; women must be stripped against their will for “comedy ha ha” or worse yet, for torture scenes. Nudity during torture is supposed to display vulnerability–and that vulnerability is not supposed to be sexy or titillating, something which Mashima apparently never got the memo about.

Of course, this is coming from the author who literally made sex into a weapon against women. Starbiter Satsuki, anyone? Oh wait, we don’t need to go there–we have Larcade. I feel like people need to be reminded that Sorano Aguria’s only purpose in the war was to show up in a bikini and be orgasm’d halfway to death by rape magic.

In another author, I’d feel the need to remind them that women being embarassed by being sexually harassed, stripped, or otherwise nude is not “comedy”–naked people are funny when done carefully and subtlely–you can’t just show tits and go “hey it’s okay! It’s funny”. It’s not funny, it’s just uncomfortable. But with Mashima, I don’t need to do that–because I know he doesn’t think it’s funny. Mashima clearly wants us to think it’s there to be funny, but it’s there to get his rocks off and both he and everyone else knows it. The comedy is a paper-thin excuse.

As far as sex is approached with men, it’s….eh. Fanservice is done semi-competently, at the very least because Mashima knows how to show a man looking hot and badass while not feeling the need to humiliate him sexually. Gray Fullbuster (who every dickhead likes to use to say that Fairy Tail isn’t sexist because, after all, he’s constantly getting naked right?) is quite clearly given a nonsensical habit in order to increase viewership, primarily among women. If Mashima didn’t think it would increase his audience, Gray wouldn’t have the habit at all. It’s not a believable habit in the first place–behaviors that lead to public humiliation and shaming are generally cut off pretty quickly. 

Even if you do take into account that men do lose their shirts often enough, you have to notice the vast difference in how male sex appeal versus female sex appeal is treated. Look at Tartaros, the guild full of demons. 7/9 of the Gates of Hell are male–and are ugly, cartooonish monsters. Torafuzar, Tempester, Ezel, Keyes, and Franmalth are all inhuman, beastly caricatures of demons with no sex appeal whatsoever, at least until Tempester is put through the Hell’s Core at Lamy’s whim. Jackal fares better, but is still not given the same overt, blatant sex appeal of his female peers–anyone who finds Jackal hot probably does so because he’s simply their type. 

Even Silver, a gorgeous DILF, is covered in thick, heavy armor at all times that leaves his body completely to the imagination. Contrast that with Kyoka and Seilah, the female demons. They are dressed in completely inappropriate clothing, with Seilah’s only hint towards being demonic being the horns on her head. Kyoka’s wearing some sort of spandex underwear that is clearly cutting into her ass cheeks, for no other purpose that I can tell other than getting Mashima’s rocks off.

If a man is given fanservice, it’s to show off how badass he is. Someone with huge muscles like that is going to impress the dudes in the audience and make them want to be like him! If a woman is given fanservice, it’s to show how vulnerable and funny she is when she’s vulnerable. Expect men to lose their shirts if hit by a powerful attack. Expect women to lose basically their entire goddamn outfits and be left with some shreds of cloth over the course of a twenty-page chapter or twenty-minute episode.

Sex is essentially what started the ruination of Juvia’s character. What started out as a gloomy, serious, but capable water mage looked at Gray, got blushy heart eyes, and it was all downhill from there. Sex, specifically her sexual attraction to Gray, began to absorb almost all of her other character traits until her “love” for Gray was the only thing left, and was based mostly on his hot body and the fantasies she’d constructed in her head without ever really getting to know Gray. 

While men think about sex in this manga, it’s fairly down-low in comparison to the women. Juvia has already been mentioned, while Lucy is constantly teased for her failures to seduce anything out of anyone, and Erza is hailed as a seductress who even has a goddamn “Seduction Armor” she thought about using on Azuma, not to mention the bunnygirl armor. Wendy gets jabbed at for having small boobs (despite being, you know, 12/13) and is always wishing she would grow into a more womanly body. Levy, too, is constantly the butt of jokes about her small breasts. Mirajane is a goddamn model, and she and Cana both have no objections to showing off the goods for the audience. Evergreen alone seems to have escaped overt sexualization, although she didn’t escape being jammed into a flat love interest role for Elfman.

By contrast, Gray might think about how cute Erza or Lucy are from time to time, or Elfman might blush when looking at Evergreen. Being overtly interested in sex if you’re a guy is reserved for A) older characters, who are portrayed as undesirable perverts (Makarov, Macao, Wakaba, Ichiya, or heaven forbid–Master Bob), or villainous characters (Laxus pre-Fantasia; Kain Hikaru, a fat undesirable stupid slob; Larcade with his rape magic.) Because showing sexual interest is for women, not men. There are a few exceptions–the Trimen pursue attention from women, though are usually not taken seriously. Bacchus Groh is clearly sexually active and promiscuous, though his perversion is never punished or acknowledged as wrong, which is perhaps a tad scary considering what he’s like. Bixlow, who is interested in sex, is portrayed as creepy for it, while Freed is far more reserved and professional and is portrayed as desirable. Levy, Juvia, and Erza are all the ones more interested in romance or sex and prone to humor centered around sex, while their male love interests all have much less sex on their minds.

Considering this is a shonen manga aimed at teens, potentially younger ones, it’s no surprise that actual pursuit of sex is limited to comedic harassment and not any actual serious encounters. But one wonders how Mashima can jam sex into so damn much of his series and break the tension of his arcs over his knee by forcing in a bunch of irrelevant fanservice, and still call it a PG-13 affair. There is a LOT of sex in this manga, just no actual intercourse, if that makes sense.

It makes its way into so much of the manga that it begins to become clear when the author is drawing with one hand in his pants. Need to show a torture scene? Make sure it’s a naked woman. Need to get the audience laughing? Yank some of those clothes off of Lucy or put her in embarrassing fetish costumes. Let’s donate one of the 7 super serious deadly dragons attacking in the Future Rogue arc to sex and preying on women! Want to design a scary demon or Satan Soul? Pack some boobs and skin-tight, body-hugging clothing in there. Carla wants to become more effective in combat! So obviously, she’s going to turn into a catgirl. That last one is especially notable  because even if you countered that Panther Lily’s got it goin’ on in the body department himself, that is due to the above mentioned attempt to make Panther Lily look badass and capable, while Carla’s is solely to make her look fuckable

I could be reading a fantastically-written story (I’m not) and the amount of sex jammed into it and used in all the wrong ways would still turn me off of reading any more of Mashima’s work.

anonymous asked:

A few months ago I seen this guy from japan talk about wanting to create some sort of pro-traditionalism anti-globalism group in asian countries and then ally with the same people in the west. His theory is that people are only extremely anti-white bc they see the success of whites as a people and are basically just jealous, and as soon as they get rid of whites they'll come for east asians next. He believed east asians like himself have a vested interest in allying with white people on this.

East Asians are next. You can already see in Leftist circles that East Asians are treated differently because they’re “model immigrants” i.e. they work hard and don’t cause trouble.

The Left have plenty to bitch about as well. Japan is obvious; they allied with the Third Reich, they were an imperial power, they committed deplorable acts such as killing an estimated 6 million Chinese, Korean, Filipinos etc between 1937 - 1945, human experimentation, use of chemical weapons, torturing POW’s, forced labour, mass rape. The Japanese, including Japanese-American, will absolutely not be part of the Lefts utopia.

Then there’s China. They’re currently engaged in neo-colonialism in Africa, which the Left ignore right now but won’t ignore forever, they committed war crimes during the Korean war, they’re repressing the Muslim minority in Xinjiang, and their people live like slaves to produce commodities for the West.

Fact of the matter is, every country has done horrible stuff and still does, but the Left ignore it until they need it for their agenda.


And life-changing events. Found it on Deviantart thought it would be a good idea to share it. All credits to the person who posted it: dark-sheikah.

- Rite of passage (birth, adolescence, marriage, joining a religion or club, etc.)
- Death of a family member, mentor, lover, pet, or best friend
- Committing a crime; murder, stealing, break-in, kidnapping, arson, rape, drugs, adultery, forgery, treason, etc.
- Victim or witness of a crime
- Falling in love
- Converting beliefs
- Switching jobs/careers
- Switching lifestyle
- Saving a life
- Scientific discovery
- Personal discovery; destiny, spiritual goal, family secrets, hidden potential, power, or talent
- Fighting in a war
- Winning or losing a battle
- Being recognized for a skill, trait, endeavor, or heroic deed
- Falling into/out of an addiction or habit
- Gaining an inheritance or gift: money, a weapon, armor, jewelry, privilege/rights, property, pet, etc.
- Moving to a new residence
- Going to live with a different family member or guardian
- Achieving a long-term goal
- Earning an award, winning a prize, trophy, certificate, badge, etc.
- Separation from family member, friend, teammate, or spouse
- Becoming rich or poor, change in financial state or status, going into debt
- Forming a new friendship/partnership, alliance
- Gathering allies; hiring or recruiting people for a task or mission
- Becoming rivals or enemies with someone
- Illness or injury; poisoning, broken limb, blindness, deafness, virus, disease, etc.
- Undergoing healing or purging of a disease, poison, injury or curse
- Becoming cursed, possessed, or instilled with a new power
- Lifting a curse from a person, place, or object
- Joining a group or organization; art club, publishing, activist, services, terrorist group, etc.
- Marriage or divorce
- Imprisonment/being held hostage
- Escaping from imprisonment
- Retirement
- Quitting or being laid-off from a job
- Being exiled from a group or society
- Pregnancy/birth
- Adopting or stealing a child
- Change in acceptance by peers
- Traveling/Vacation, pilgrimage
- Bonding moment, reconnecting to a person, place, or memory; reunion (family, high-school, etc.)
- Volunteering in humanitarian services
- Promoting a belief, value, or cause to a group of people
- Founding a society, organization, or group
- Running a business
- Elected as a leader, manager, overseer, etc. of a society
- Offered a job under a powerful or prestigious person
- Attending school or being tutored; teaching self; learning a new skill
- Mentoring someone else in knowledge or skills
- Write and publish journals or books.
- Expanding on, revising, or establishing a new theory, philosophy, or way of doing things
- Being disowned or sold away by family
- Being discriminated against, denied rights
- Being bullied, harassed, stalked, molested
- Undergoing surgery; medical or body-modifications
- Being experimented on
- Forced to live in isolation due to illness, a crime, protection, etc.
- Battling for power, influence, or ownership over a person, group, city, nation, property, or object.
- Caught up in a natural disaster; earthquake, hurricane, fire, flood, building collapse, draught, etc.
- Victim of war or revolution; different ruler, government; terrorist attack; bombing, arson, raid
- Becoming inspired by, and striving to be like, a famous or honorable person
- Finding out a friend or loved one has been diagnosed with a serious illness or has suffered an accident
- Attempting or contemplating suicide or suicide-by-cop
- Resurrected from the dead
- Reincarnated into a different body
- Physical fight or argument with a friend, falling out
- Being lied to; tricked or deceived into doing something humiliating, dishonorable, illegal, or dangerous
- Being betrayed, having rumors spread about them, blackmail
- Betraying, deceiving, or abandoning someone else
- Exacting revenge, punishment, or retaliation against someone
- Defending a person, object, or place against attack
- Running away from home
- Trapped for days in a wreckage
- Imposing religious beliefs upon others
- Getting lost in the wilderness, or stranded in unknown territory
- Experiencing visions, hallucinations, or vivid dreams
- Exposing secret or vital information to the public or a special group
- Setting loose a demon, monster, criminal, spirit, plague, etc.
- Intervening in government affairs; settling a dispute or making one worse; foiling a plan
- Entertaining a crowd with a speech, comedy, dancing, singing, music, acrobatics, sparring, tricks, etc.
- Questing to find and retrieve a valuable item, person, creature, or knowledge
- Capturing a person, animal or creature
- Stumbling upon a valuable artifact, resource, or magical item
- Taking or stealing an artifact or magical power, for oneself or for another
- Rivalry between a family member, teammate, fellow worker, fellow student, or a political opponent
- Falsely accusing another of a crime
- Placed in a cryogenic sleep, or experiencing a coma
- Fighting for a person’s affections, love, or acceptance
- Helping to popularize an item or drug
- Survived a fall from a building or cliff
- Surviving an animal, creature, or A.I. attack
- Being rescued by someone; by fire, wreckage, attack, imprisonment, sacrifice, death sentence, etc.
- Ordering or taking part in a building project: roads, bridges, palaces, renovations, facility, weapon, etc.
- Destroying an important or dangerous piece of machinery, weapon, robot, or other scientific invention
- Taking part in a contest or tournament
- Leading a revolt or conspiring against someone; mutiny
- Going into hiding or assisting another person or people into hiding
- Repaying someone for favors or good deeds
- Redeeming oneself or making up for past crimes, injustices, or debts
- Being mistaken for committing a crime, having awesome power or talent, being a famous person, etc.
- Signing a contract; making a deal or promise with someone
- Breaking a promise
- Auditioning for a play or talent show
- Being interviewed for a job or report
- Sending an important message or item to someone, or serving as a spy
- Journeying to Heaven, Hell, Limbo, a different dimension, or someone else’s dream world
- Emergency landing in a flying aircraft
- Becoming lost or stranded at sea, or shipwrecked
- Appointed and tutored at a young age for a specific role—soldier, nun, artist, slave, ruler, criminal, entertainer, etc.
- Being the first in a group to achieve something extraordinary
- Receiving guidance from a ghost, spirit, angel, demon, or god
- Getting caught in a trap
- Being summoned by a friend, family member, stranger, rival, enemy, deity, etc. to meet somewhere
- Holding a meeting or attending one
- Having something stolen or taken away by force
- Being pressured into choosing a side

“i would have loved if someone noticed how my childhood was ruined because of conflicts… now, i’d like to help the survivors acknowledge their experiences. i want them to know that i’ll be there to communicate their suffering and highlight the contradictory emotions they often evoke. my aim is to take part in the process of empowering them… there are glimmers of hope, even in dark times.” – widad akreyi

widad akreyi is a kurdish humanitarian and human rights activist from southern kurdistan.

as a teenager, akreyi became a defender of her rights and the rights of her fellow classmates. at age 16, she left her hometown for hewler and attended salahadin university, where she studied human rights and the physical and psychological impacts of violence on victims and communities.

in 1987, akreyi secretly documented the immediate and long term impacts of torture and other human rights violations in iraq and kurdistan. she later became politically involved in various struggles for human rights, peace, and social justice. akreyi carried out surveys and interviewed the victims and their families.

after the first golf war, akreyi fled to turkey and later relocated to a third country seeking political asylum. she attended university with the goal of studying health, disease, and disease-related microorganisms. she earned a PhD in global health and cancer epidemiology. although she was busy in labs, akreyi still found time to advocate for human rights and volunteering, including volunteering for amnesty international.

in 2007, akreyi co-founded defend international - an NGO devoted to responding to grave violations of human rights; monitor the implementation of preventive measures that are designed to end impunity for the perpetrators of these crimes; conduct research that may directly or indirectly improve the health standard of communities; and to promote peace and democracy through cultural relations and advocacy.

in 2014, when isis targeted and attacked ezidis, assyrians, christians and other minorities within kurdistan and iraq, akreyi launched a global campaign. she urged global leaders, religious and spiritual leaders, activists and others to speak out. her advocacy efforts were rewarded when senior representatives of governments and international agencies demonstrated their commitment to the protection of ezidis, trapped on mt. sinjar.

in october 2014, akreyi was awarded the pfeffer peace prize. she dedicated the award to ezidis, christians, and the residents of kobanî. soon afterwards, she published documents that confirmed isis’ use of slavery and rape as weapons of war. one of the documents was isis’ “price list” for kidnapped and enslaved ezidi and christian women and children.

in december 2016, she called on individuals, organisations and civil society groups in the mena region to urge their governments to put an end to the flow of recruits and financial aid to isis, noting that “together we can make a difference. together we can bring peace and unity to our communities. together we can build a better world.”

since 2014, widad has become a global voice for kobane/rojava, ezidis and christians, including the females abducted, sold and enslaved in the middle east. 

We Need Feminism

We need feminism because my brother still tells me i can’t do things because “I don’t know, you’re a girl.”

We need feminism because my younger brother can stay out til 3 AM and my parents won’t care but if i’m out past midnight I’ll have five missed calls.

We need feminism because I know someone who was raped on the sidewalk walking home from a party.

We need feminism because they’re teaching girls to walk a little faster at night instead of teaching guys not to rape.

We need feminism because four guys took advantage of the fact that i was drunk and one of the last girls at a party, and stuck their tongues down my throat.

We need feminism because my Dad can go out and spend 25,000 dollars on a tractor without telling my Mom, but if she spent a few hundred on anything other than groceries without telling him there would be hell to pay.

We need feminism because a guy who tried to stick up for his female friend who was drugged by a fraternity member at a party, needed reconstructive surgery after the entire fraternity gang beat him and his friend.

We need feminism because if a girl is drunk and gets raped, she’ll be told it’s her fault because she was drinking. If a guy gets drunk and rapes someone, it wasn’t his fault because he was drunk.

We need feminism because people still think it’s not rape if it’s his girlfriend.

We need feminism because an old RA on campus stole the codes to his old building and tried to rape two girls. They both identified him. He walked.

We need feminism because guys can take up as much space as possible but girls are expected to sit with their legs crossed and be small.

We need feminism because even though there was a taped confession, Viner Curtis Lepore got away with rape.

We need feminism because my Dad said my shirt that exposes my SHOULDER is inappropriate.

We need feminism because it’s the twenty first century and women are STILL not being paid equal to men.

We need feminism because what men fear most about about prison is what women fear will happen to them when they’re walking alone at night, and even in their own home.

We need feminism because to this day, rape is still used as a weapon of war.

We need feminism because the literacy rate of women in Somalia is 26%

We need feminism because we need equality for everyone, regardless of sex, gender, or race.

Voyager critique

Ok, so I wrote a couole of days ago about consent issues in Gabaldon’s writing and I have some more thoughts that have developed on the matter. One of the things abiut the aftermath of Culloden is that rape was used as a weapon of war. Just like the Democratic Republic of Congo in modern times, rape was used in the aftermath of Culloden as a weapon of war against the civilian population of the Highlands.

In the books, as well as having romanticised sex scenes where rape is not present we also have in Voyager a complete absence of any exploration of the scale of the war crimes perpetrated against civilians because we skip forward srven years and explore much of that period from Jaime’s perspective. So we see the summary execution of male soldiers and the imprisonment of male soldiers.

Again, I am not a historian but there is a strong aural tradition in Scotland that continues to this day. I wad told once by a relative the story they hadheard from a member of an old Highland family what the aural history was of the war crimes that were perpetrated by the Duke of Cumberland. It is quite graphic and requires a trigger warning for rape, so be warned.

Soldiers went from home to home, glen to glen. They would surround a home and set it alight. When the family came out the children would be killed by hand in front of their parents. The wife would be stripped and gang raped with the huband and any live members of her family being forced to watch. After every soldier present had ‘taken their turn’ the husband would be killed and she would be left, alone and naked out on the hillside. This was done to every home in every glen that supported the Jacobite cause. In addition, every chief was required to sign a legal document that pledging allegiance to the crown. Anyone who did not, their lands were forfeit and they would be removed and replaced with an Englush aristocratic landlord. They were also required to send their sons to England to be educated (in a parallel of the much older Statutes of Iona after the Kingsom of Dalriada became part of Scotland) in addition to all the other things discussed such as the banning of living in crannogs, wearing tartan and suchlike.

In that person’s professional medical opinion, they considered there to be a deep and profound psychological scar that runs through the native people in many parts of the highlands of Scotland.

Rape was used as a weapon of war then, as it is now, and it feels wrong -
it feels like a betrayal of those who endured that suffering - not to acknowledge what happened.

Remember, this not just a story. The decendents of those who were victims in these events are alive today and in terms of the reading of consent isssues in Gabaldon’s writing, her decision to write 'sexy’ scenes lacking consent should also be seen in the context of her deliberate choice not to portray accurately the way that rape was used as a weapon of war in the post-Culloden years.