Rape as a weapon of war

By the 1990s, 9 of 10 people who died in war from direct and indirect effects were civilians. Bombs and weapons of modern war kill and maim civilian women in equal numbers to civilian men. A unique harm of war for women is the trauma inflicted in military brothels, rape camps, and the growing sex trafficking for prostitution and by increased domestic violence, all of which is fueled by the culture of war, male aggression, and the social and economic ruin left in the
wake of war. Widows of war, women victims of landmines, and women refugees of war are particularly vulnerable to poverty, prostitution, the extortion of sex for food by post-war peacekeepers, and higher illness and death in the post-conflict period. While problems exist with definitions and methods of measurement, a full accounting of the harm of war to civilian women is needed in the debate over whether war is justified.
—  On the Battlefield of Women’s Bodies:
An Overview of the Harm of War to Women

Published in Women’s Studies International Forum 27 (2004) 431-445
H. Patricia Hynes
Boston University School of Public Health
Department of Environmental Health
We are not here on this planet to do whatever we want, to just do whatever we please, even though this is the philosophy that our media loves to promote.  Our culture loves to tell us that life is just about enjoying all of the pleasures we can, as much as we can, until we die.  This is a very convenient lie for those who are benefiting from us behaving in that way, but we do not benefit from this behavior, neither does God, neither does humanity.  The evidence is all around us.  Because of our behaviors we have created this society.  Because of how each of us behaves individually on a day-to-day basis, we have created this world, not God.  We have created starvation, poverty, rape, war, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons.  We are the ones who created all kinds of cunning ways to cheat one another.  We have made all of that because of desire.  To change this planet, we have to change ourselves.

“The reality is that simply being alive constitutes a ‘dangerous situation’ for women. But if we attempt to talk about that - if women attempt to wrestle back control of the narrative of violence and its impact on women’s lives - we are accused of misandry and sexism. We’re chastised for not including caveats that remind people that 'not all men’ are involved in this extensive war on women. We’re bullied for the 'sexism’ of focusing solely on women, as if we should be prioritising the minute numbers of men who are victimised in hostile domestic situations although overwhelmingly not at risk of domestic homicide.”

“Deep Green Resistance is a radical feminist organization. Men as a class are waging a war against women. Rape, battering, incest, prostitution, pornography, poverty, and gynocide are both the main weapons in this war and the conditions that create the sex-class women.”

Melissa at Pigtail Pals on some issues with “The Princess of North Sudan”

From Pigtail Pals Ballcap Buddies on Facebook:

I frequently have screenwriters contact me asking to consult on scripts featuring strong, independent girl lead characters. They usually have great content and are usually turned away by the major networks and studios, but not before being told to switch the lead girl to a guy and come back later. It is maddening.

Let’s turn the table today and let all of YOU be the consultant. Here’s the pitch:
White American imperialism claiming land from Black Africans so American man’s white daughter can pretend to be a princess. From Africa. With a garden, in a desert. In area ravaged by civil war, ethnic cleansing, starvation, and systematic rape as a weapon of terror. But we’ll totally avoid all that human rights atrocity stuff and stay focused on the dad/daughter adventure stuff and call it ‘The Princess of North Sudan’, so parents know it is a kids’ movie for girls. Because PRINCESS. Dads and strong daughters are totally hot in marketing right now. We’ll kill off the mom, add in talking animal friends to bring in the boys and fully optimize the secondary merchandise market. Probably a camel and a lizard. Let’s start auditioning the hottest female pop star and middle aged-male comedian for voices.

Any takers?
Did I forget anything? Want me to run through it one more time? Oh god no, we won’t show the refugee camps. Didn’t you hear me say “talking camel”? This is *North* Sudan, with the American princess. Not *Sudan* Sudan, with the war and bombs. I’m going to go design the Happy Meal box…..

The UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie joined Foreign Secretary William Hague to visit the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda in March 2013, campaigning against the use of rape as a weapon of war. The mother of five called on governments worldwide to give the issue the attention that it “desperately deserved”, and said: “Unless the world acts, we will always be reacting to atrocities, treating survivors rather than preventing rape in the first place.”

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David Swanson: The No More War Movement

David Swanson: The No More War Movement

Wouldn’t it make more sense to start an Only The Good Wars Movement? An Only the Good Wars Movement ends up making as much sense as an Only the Good Rapes Movement or an Only the Good Child Abuse Movement. There are no good wars.

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Remarks at UNAC Conference, May 8, 2015.

This week I read an article by someone I have a lot of respect for and who I know to mean well, and who…

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You know… Using depleted uranium shells is technically a war crime. I used to play a lot of video games, so I’ve basically committed every war crime known to man in video games.

Except for rape. They don’t allow that in video games.

But anyways. You’re really not allowed to use weapons that leave any lingering side effects.

And uranium is super toxic. Just the non nuclear bomb uranium is toxic.

Like kids in Iraq would play inside destroyed Iraqi tanks and get really sick because they were hit by American sabot rounds.

The uranium turns into powder inside the tanks, and the kids would breathe that stuff in.

And then they would die.

So technically speaking, Barack Obama is a war criminal. Although he is probably a war criminal for a lot of things.

So anyways, if a stealth fighter crashes in your backyard, really don’t breathe in that shit. Hella toxic. You’ll die from cancer.

Fun facts.

With 48 rapes per hour according to a speculative study realized by the American Journal of Health, the Democratic Republic of Congo continues to be notorious for being the “ rape capital of the world ”, as describe in 2010 by Margot Walström, Special Representative for the United Nations on Sexual Violence in Conflicts. Used as a weapon of war during the conflict that has torn the eastern part of the country for about ten years, the rapes - collective in most of the cases and committed by both civilians and soldiers – have ever since ravaged the Congolese communities. #congo Gwenn Dubourthoumieu/INSTITUTE

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“I want to get to know you”
I hate today and wars
“Wars are importent they are killing us for no reason”
We are on their soil, taking their lives, raping their women. If someone broke into your home with weapons what are you going to do, you will either fight back or die. It sucks that’s Americans are dying but maybe if we didn’t do all this shit then a lot less people would die.

It is undeniable that women’s rights have improved since the close of the eighteenth century; however, women worldwide still have a long ways to go in the march towards equality. Atrocious human rights violations are still being made towards massive amounts of women in different corners of the world—particularly in their use as a weapon of war which has not been uncommon even recently. Recorded cases of systematic rape have occurred in Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Uganda, Somalia, Liberia, Haiti, Cyprus, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Bosnia,  Peru[1] [2]…and the list goes on. Rape is psychologically scarring and has been recognized as one of the most disturbing traumatic events—by both sexes. Yet, it has not been uncommon for women to be used as objects and systematic weapons of war, especially as a means to “ethnic cleansing.” Rape victims oftentimes are forced to “bear the enemy’s child,”[3] abandoned by their families, and infected by STDs.

[1] http://www.unicef.org/sowc96pk/sexviol.htm

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The mind is fear. Hate, war and terror, murder, disaster! Rape, drugs and violence, lost in our failure! Fear is suffering, intimidate to OBEY! Fear is CONTROL, suffering is hell! Police enforce obedient behavior, manufactured weapon of conformity! Fears of war and pestilence, fear of loss and failure, fear the hate of your enemy, fear your god and savior, failure! What do you fear?

It is the most strategic tool used to MANIPULATE! Intimidation to make me weak in order to OBEY! Strategy to manipulate, paralyze, intimidate! Righteous greed suffocates, a powerful fear campaign! MIND-KILLING, RESTRICTING, FEAR IS THE ENEMY ON MY PATH! MIND-KILLING, RESTRICTING, FEAR IS THE ENEMY ON MY PATH!

Fears of war and pestilence, fear of loss and failure, fear the hate of your enemy, fear your god and savior, failure! What do you fear - FEAR IS YOUR GOD! What do you fear - FEAR IS YOUR GOD!


“It is now more dangerous to be a woman than to be a soldier in modern conflict,” said Major-General Patrick Cammaert, former military advisor to the UN, in 2008.