Rape as a weapon

rape being used as a weapon of war is so heart wrenching. it was used during the partition of india, the french used it in algeria, serbians used it against bosnian women, it’s being used right now in syria and what’s so heart breaking is the fact that women choose to commit suicide because of the possibility of being raped. humanity never learns, we really have failed.

So much of the Silent Hill franchise is about the sexualization and hatred of women, with the male monsters (that act as guides for the main characters) mutilating and raping female monsters as an expression of the male character’s mindset.

How about an adult woman as the main character for once? A woman who has gone though a lot of hardship in her life and has a deep, subconscious hatred of men. She doesn’t want to acknowledge these feelings however because she has a young son, and the thought that he will one day be a man too makes her uncomfortable, so she has to pretend she has no problem with men, both for his and her own sake.

That is why her “Pyramidhead” is a towering female monster with scars on her abdomen like she ripped a baby out once. She attacks male monsters along the way, mutilates their crotches, rapes them with their own phallic weapons, and strangles them with her metal loop. She never attacks the main character unless the main character attacks her, and even appears to clear the way for her on a few occasions, guiding her through the game.

It sounds harsh, but just think about what happens in the Silent Hill games.

Edit: I can’t keep repeating myself. If you you want to correct me on something you think I got wrong about the franchise, read the answers I’ve already given in the comments. I have indeed done my research and isn’t just basing this on the second game.
Girlhood meant shrinking my waist but expanding
my hips. At recess in 1st grade a boy pushed me
down and I lost my first tooth. I was a mess of blood
and scrapes but when I told the teacher, she swooned.
Told me that this was how little boys showed their
affection. I didn’t let her put on the Band-Aid.
I thought about how we were learning sequence
in class – our ABC’s, how to count to ten, the order
of the months. Consequence and action. How if this
was reversed, I’d be reprimanded and in time-out.
I learned how to bandage myself up.

In middle school I got interested in sports and I was
damn good. Up until the girls’ basketball team got
kicked out of the gym when it was the boy’s turn.
Because nobody took us seriously. We were just
girls that didn’t make the cheerleading team
because we didn’t look ‘feminine’ enough.

My freshman year the boys and their hands got
grabby, because now I had tits and an ass. My
best friend and I used to hold hands to class,
lingered around outside her locker and tried
to ignore all the “can I watch” / “can I join in” /
“can I record it” / because now we had a body
they were interested in.

The first time I fell in love was with a boy.
We held hands on the way to class and
I lingered around outside his locker and
tried to ignore all the “did you hit that yet” /
“nice score” / “you look whipped, bro” / 
but at least nobody asked to join in.

I lost count of how many times I got sent
home for dress code. When I would take
off my jacket my bra strap would slip
down because I’d shrunk myself down /
because the magazines said to / because
the television said so / because the other
girls and their mocking stares said so /
because the boys and their hungry stares
said so. I grew my hair out / because boys
like to have something to hold onto / because
you don’t want to look like a dyke / because
you want to be a pretty object for their eyes.

Girlhood meant shrinking myself for you.
Girlhood meant letting you call me by the
wrong name. Girlhood meant my shoulders,
knees, arms, body was explicit. Girlhood meant
becoming invisible to leave more room for you.

Womanhood means deciding that girl isn’t a
bad word or an insult. Womanhood means
deciding this space is mine to occupy. 
Womanhood means deciding that I’m not
here for the taking. Womanhood means
deciding I’ll expand and stretch until I’m
able to walk down the street without a catcall,
without the threat of rape, without gripping
my car keys like a weapon. Womanhood
means deciding my body is the best weapon
I own.
—  Reign of the Feminist, angelea l.
A Brief History of Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia was a union of countries that first came to be in 1918, after the First World War. The concept of pan-South Slavic unity, however, had existed for centuries before that under various names. This union initially consisted of the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs which joined with the Kingdom of Serbia to create an autonomous, recognized state.

Unfortunately, even long before the Yugoslav Wars, conflicts weren’t rare. In the early 20th century, Serbian monarch King Alexander I succeeded in creating a rift between Serbs and non-Serbs and damaging the concept of unity by demolishing all countries’ history in an attempt to centralize Yugoslavia. However, the combined efforts of a Macedonian liberation organization and a Croatian fascist group put an end to his tyrannical rule by assassinating him - an act that wasn’t any more beneficial to the idea of supposed unity.

The Kingdom of Yugoslavia survived the First World War, even with great conflict and bloodshed. But twenty-three years later, in 1941, the Axis made sure to finish what had been started. Germany, Bulgaria, Italy and Hungary divided Yugoslavia and established a Croatian State, which was ruled by the aforementioned fascist group named Ustaše. The other countries - Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina - were occupied. Forced conversions, massacres and tortures became commonplace.

It’s important to note that Yugoslavia was home to one of the strongest resistance forces against the Axis. One group was the Chetniks - royalist Serbian nationalists, and the other was the Partisans - pan-Yugoslavic Communists, who were led by Josip Broz Tito, the man to later become the country’s president. 

As imagined, the Chetniks and the Partisans eventually came into conflict, seemingly caring more about overthrowing the other than combating Axis forces. In fact, within a short period of time the Chetniks had almost completely forgotten about fighting the Axis. Nevertheless, the latter of the two managed to expel the enemies from their land and free Belgrade, thus establishing an independent socialist state.

Since its founding, Yugoslavia had had few years of complete peace and unity. After the Tito-Stalin split, the country supposedly stabilized. Despite the dictatorial regime which ruled the country, things really were looking up. Until the 1970s, when the Croat-born President of Yugoslavia was faced with a Croatian uprising.

Croats saw Yugoslavia as a Serbian hegemony (as the early 20th-century influences of Serbia sustaining the union hadn’t faded), and therefore saw a reason to revolt. Attempting to both please his compatriots but also keep the peace in Yugoslavia, Tito decided to bring greater balance to the region.

And thus appeared the autonomous provinces of Kosovo and Vojvodina, both of which had very mixed populations. Kosovo had, at the time, an Albanian majority, despite always having been an important cultural center for Serbia. And though the Croats seemed content at this reduction of Serbia’s might, Albania hadn’t had enough. They demanded Kosovo become legally theirs, instead of remaining an autonomous province. Hence why they were viewed as a fifth column by the regime.

Despite internal conflicts, Yugoslavia was a very rapidly advancing country. Its industry was flourishing, and the unique type of socialism it had established ensured a reasonably decent living standard, as well as a steadily progressing economy. The majority was pleased, the average person’s life lacked nothing. But an oil crisis quickly put an end to that.

Bankruptcy, mass layoffs, impoverishment and liquidation followed. The West no longer wanted Yugoslavian imports. Poverty had completely overcome the country.

And the civil conflicts were still going on. Serbia was being weakened, and Croatia wasn’t being strengthened. Albania was viewed as treacherous and dangerous for its criticisms of Yugoslavia, and the autonomous provinces were a subject of controversy.

On the 4th of May, 1980, Tito died. Albania saw this as an opportunity to strike Serbia and obtain more land, Serbian authorities responded by suppressing Albanian protests in Kosovo. However, Kosovo and Vojvodina had practically become independent republics, far out of Serbia’s control. Slovenia and Croatia were in an on-and-off alliance with Serbia, fighting against it in favor of Albania, but supporting it against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Nationalism started rising once more. Slobodan Milošević sought to preserve Serbian unity by sustaining Yugoslavia, which non-Serbs noticed, and refused to cooperate with. Every independent republic was driven by its own nationalistic ideology - Greater Serbia, Greater Croatia and Greater Albania became frequently spoken promises of expansion and annexation of foreign lands.

The 1990s rolled around soon enough, and brought war and bloodshed with them. Croatia began its fight for independence, which was boycotted by the Serbs of Croatia. In a union with a population as mixed as Yugoslavia’s, nationalism was a very fragile ideology, as all countries were largely heterogeneous, mixed from years of changing borders and territories. Nationalist propaganda became the new leader. People with mixed identities were fighting against themselves, years of forced assimilation finally crumbling.

There were no alliances, there was no concrete ideology. Slovenia and Croatia demanded reforms, such as a union of six republics, while simultaneously trying to bring down Yugoslavia through a War of Independence. Milošević persistently threw out their demands in favor of the Serbian population.

However, when it came to partitioning Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia were all but enemies. Republika Srpska was armed by Serbs and Herzeg-Bosnia by Croats. The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, supported by Bosniaks, declared independence, to which the other two countries did not react well. 

In 1992, the Croat-Bosniak War broke out, effectively creating a “war within a war”. Thus began the Serbian and Croatian genocide against Bosniaks. However two years later, after American intervention, the Croats turned against the Serbian army in Republika Srpska.

Serbia then turned to Kosovo. In response to the Albanian oppression of Serbs, which included the prohibition of Serbian culture, pogroms and massacres, the now Serb-controlled Yugoslavian Army shut down everything Albania in Kosovo, from schools to radio stations. The US interfered once more by bombing Serbia and enabling Albania to gain greater access to Kosovo.

Satisfied with the power it was gaining, Albania struck the Republic of Macedonia next, demanding to be given the territory of Vardar as well. Unsurprisingly, as the aggressors were not Serbian, the US did not react.

The Yugoslav Wars were a time of great crimes against humanity. Massacres, enslavement and rape camps weren’t at all rare. Torture was a primary weapon, used by everyone. No country was exempt.

By 2001, ten years after their beginning, the conflicts had finally died down, and Yugoslavia died with them. However, the disputed territories and nationalist ideologies are still alive. The imagined superiority of Serbs, Croats and Albanians alike still haunts the Balkans to this day. The markings from the genocides and bombings are still visible in every city.

Thus arises the question - was this celebrated concept of pan-South Slavic unity achievable? In the entire century during which Yugoslavia existed, peace and unity were only words; there is no strength in a union where every country seeks dominance.

Vikings Preference "How they save you from being raped"

(Woooo Vikings preference :) Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Ragnar-When he has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, he’d quietly follow behind until the perfect moment arises. He’d then instantly grab your assailant to pull them back towards him and wouldn’t hesitate to stab them through the back of their neck as he whispers to them how much of a mistake they made to even have thought of doing such act.

Rollo-When he has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, he’d grab his axe and march his way to where you are. The instant he sees your assailant, he’d surprise him with a stern voice, asking as to what he thinks he’s doing, only to strike them on the head the moment he’d try to explain himself. He’d then grab you close to him and bring you further away to get you to safety.

Floki-When he has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, he’d sneak up on you and simply tackle your assailant out of nowhere. He’d straddle them and in a fit of outrage start to throw punches until they are beaten to a pulp all while he laughs crazily as reminds them how much of a mistake that was to even think about touching you. He’d end up never stopping until they’d stop breathing.

Athelstan-When he has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, he’d grab the nearest weapon and push your assailant off of you. Quickly, he’d grab you to pull you up before standing in front of you as he threatens to hurt them if they come anywhere near you. In the end, Ragnar would find his way towards you both and take care of getting rid of the problem while Athelstan comforts you.

Bjorn-When he has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, he’d run towards you and your assailant and instantly would grab him by the scruff of the neck. He’d yank them away from you and starts to threaten them about what’s going to happen as he talks to them in condescending manner. He’d then stand in front you to keep you safe, only to strike back at him with his axe the moment the other man steps forward.

Ubbe-When he has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, he’d follow you until the perfect opportunity for him to grip onto their hair and pull them away. He’d bring a simple arrow to their throat and graze it along their skin as he whispers about how wrong they were to think about touching you in any way, only to end up slitting it. He’d then grab a hold of you and offer to take care of you.

Hvitserk-When he has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, he’d following you around, pretending to be drunk, only to grab onto your assailant’s shoulder and ask him as to what the hell was he doing. He’d then sarcastically laugh along, only to surprise him and smash his cup against his head before beating them to a pulp. He’d then grab you to him and quickly take you away to tend to your injuries.

Sigurd-When he has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, he’d walk over to you and ask your assailant as to what was going on. Slowly, he’d get closer and closer, only to end up throwing his axe at his back the instant he’d turn his attention back towards you, surprising you for a moment. He’d then offer his hand to you and pull you up to help you out.

Ivar-When he has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, he’d call upon his brothers to help him as he’d ride to find where you are. The moment he sees your assailant, him and his brothers would circle around and take him away from you. As they’d have him in their grasps, he’d then make sure to torture him by the method of “Blood Eagle”, and by going at the slowest pace to make sure they feel everything.

Halfdan-When he has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, he’d instantly barge into your tent and without a second thought he’d drive his sword into your assailant’s back. He’d pull them away from you and out of pure rage would yell and scream as he’s losing his mind, about how wrong it was to even touch you at the slightest inch. He’d make sure to give him a slow death and take out his anger on him.

Harald-When he has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, he’d march towards you with his axe in hand along with a few of his men, as he asks your assailant out loud as to what he is doing. The moment he’d turn around, his men would’ve caught and kept him within their grasps, letting him march up to the other man and plant his axe right down his skull. He’d then walk over to pick you up and bring you back to safety.

Aethelwulf-When he has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, he’d quickly run to where you are and barge in to help you. He’d pull his sword out and ask your assailant as to what he is doing. He’d push him away from you and quickly stand in front of you to keep you safe, only for his men to come in the right moment and take the other man away, letting him take care of you.

King Ecbert-When he has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, he’d gather his men and walk over to you to retrieve you. He’d let them do whatever was needed to handle your assailant and incite you to quickly run into his arms. He’d then order out for the man to be taken to the cells to wait for his judgement, only to walk you to his room and tend to you.

Arne-When he has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, he’d instantly put himself in front of you by pushing your assailant away. He’d end up having a fist fight against him but no matter what he wouldn’t give up, only for the others to notice and come in to help you both.

Torstein-When he has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, he’d walk towards you and your assailant, only to end up provoking him. He’d end up managing to start a duel against him and would do all he can to bring the other man down. The others would then rush in to help you back to your tent and wait for him along with you.

Erlendur-When he has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, he’d grab for his crossbow and march his way towards you. He’d then yell out his threats towards your assailant and tell him to back off, only for his men to come right in time to help you. He’d then avenge you by having the man brought out and humiliated.

Lagertha-When she has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, she’d bring her shieldmaidens to help in and surround your assailant. She’d ask him as to what he was doing, only to grow angry at his attitude and order her women to grab the man away and teach him a lesson. She’d then walk over to you and grab your hand to help you up.

Aslaug-When she has a feeling that you’re about to be raped, she’d have her men capture your assailant and have her brought to her. She’s confront him about his mistake and give out orders for him to be punished as she’d see fit. In the end, she’d get her maids to take care of you before she’d go to see you.

Your Savior - 29

So this chapter is quite long, mostly because I couldn’t stop writing, but also a little to make up for that terrible cliffhanger! Thanks again to all for reading, I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

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Chapter 29


Any chapter in this fic may contain purposeful content by the writer to induce: emotional distress, anxiety, and all of the feels! It is NEVER my intent to cause vomiting! ;)   (Seriously, could be one of my fav convos ever!)

Any chapter may also contain: swearing, Negan being Negan, violence/gore, angst (see above), mentions of death, mentions of past sexual assault, PG adult contact, or smut (This is to avoid spoilers in future chapters. I guess read at your own risk.)

Negan’s POV

You watched in horror as the boy pulled the trigger of the gun, his arm jerking upwards from the recoil. A spray of blood exploded from Y/N’s head, and she twisted to the side and crumpled to the ground.

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On the afternoon of the 27th June 1946, Margaret Drinkwater who lived in the small Welsh village of Penllergaer, near Swansea was beginning to worry. She had just seen her twelve-year-old daughter, Muriel, enter the small wooded area that led to their village but had failed to see her emerge from the other end. And, since it was so out of character for Muriel to be late when arriving home from school, Margaret decided to leave the family farm and see what was causing her daughter to dawdle. However, upon searching, Margaret found no sign of her daughter and, now panicked, she headed into the village to ask for help. A dozen local village men conducted their own search but they too could not find Muriel. It struck everyone as odd, how easy she managed to disappear. 

The next morning, while walking through the woods, a police inspector came across Muriel’s battered body. It was later concluded that not only had she been beaten around the head, but she had also been raped and eventually shot twice in the chest. 

A day later, the murder weapon -  a US Army Colt .45 service revolver from WWI - was discovered; but despite investigators’ best efforts, neither the original owner of the weapon nor any other information could be gathered.

However, police were visiting each house in a 150 square miles area and conducting interviews with over 20,000 men from the Swansea, Aberdare and Carmarthenshire areas. Yet their efforts failed in turning up any concrete leads.

Unfortunately, as time passed, the case grew cold and it seemed unlikely that the killer would be found. But in April 2003, authorities revealed that the murder weapon was being tested for any DNA that had potentially been left behind by the killer. Just five years later, in 2008, attention was again drawn to the case when cold case investigators discovered DNA from a no-longer-visible semen stain on Muriel’s coat and while it failed to match anyone in the national database, police officials did reveal that they are still very much hopeful.


Its really albeist to say that Casca is useless as a character because her mind is broken. People with mental illnesses and disabilities rarely get any good representation in media, they should have a place in fiction too because their stories are just as valuable as a person who does not suffer from mental illnesses or disabilities.

Just fucking shut the fuck up and stop all that damn whining. Yeah its hurtful because Casca became this way due to what happened to her. We really want her to be okay and thats fine, but man to call her an idiot because of the way she is now To call her names like potato ( Im guilty of this bullshit. I guess shes called that because of what shes wearing idk but still…) or calling her worthless and saying that shes gonna kill herself or return to Griffith is just wild dumb.

I mean fucking think about it for a second. In real life there are women who are suffering from the same shit that Casca is suffering from. The physical, emotional, spiritual, and MENTAL trauma that rape causes is no fucking joke. It’s nothing to play with. Victims of rape suffer from some of the most horrible physical injuries ive ever fucking heard of. And just like Casca, they CAN regress depending on the severity.

Think about Rwanda, World War II, The Arab and Transatlantic slave trades. These are just a few examples where rape was used as a monstrous weapon against people. Would you call the victims of these crimes potatos? Would you call them idiots? Would you call them worthless? A waste of space. Would you tell them to give up and that they should kill themselves? Would you tell them that they should go back to their rapists? Would you tell a victim of domestic violence that they should go back to their husbands or boyfriends? Or wives or girlfriends????

Would you call them potatos, idiots, or worthless? If you would youre a fucking piece of shit.

I mean fuck Guts isnt mentally stable . I laugh at you if you think he is just because hes swinging a huge sword and can actually do things. That doesnt make him better than Casca I’m afraid in terms of principle. It just means that he deals with his trauma in a different way and hes fucking been SCRAMBLING to get Casca back for 3-4 years now.

But i dont hear you guys calling Guts a fuckin potato or whatever????


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Fleshing out your Original Character(s)

Hello! This is just a little thing to help writers of all kinds help develop their characters. Not only will this have simple questions, but also scenarios that would make you have to think. Happy writing :)

Section 1: The basics

Date of birth:
Astrological and Zodiac signs:
Natural Gender:
-Gender they identify with:
Hair/fur color:
Hair/fur style:
Eye color:
Eye shape:
Skin tone:
Highest level of education:
dialect or accent:
typical clothes style for Winter:
Does your character need glasses/contacts?
Posture when feeling guilty
Physical and/or mental disability?
body style
facial features

Section 2: Favorites/favourites

-nonalcoholic beverage:
-alcoholic beverage (if legal age):
-TV series (non animated):
-Animated TV series:
-genera of music:
-animal (non mythical):
-animal (mythical):
-recreational activity:
-place to be when sad:
-thing to do on a cold winter night:
-thing to do during a sunny summer day:
-thing to do when with someone they like:
-Video game:
-Voice actor
-art style
-style of dance
-thing to learn about
-place to visit
-sweet treat
-vehicle (Make and Model)
-ice cream flavor
-Hair color
-eye color
-School subject
-way to pamper themself

Section 3: Personality Traits

introvert or extrovert?
outgoing or reserved?
Brave or timid?
finicky or sloppy?
studious or negligent?
adventurous or cautious?
stubborn or flexible?
Leader or follower?
shameful or shameless?
trustworthy or unreliable?
Capable or inept?
Cultured or uncivilized?
Creative or unimaginative?
Dynamic or predictable?
Gentle or surly?
Stressful or relaxed?
withdrawn or wild?
Pratical or Imaginative?
vague or straight to the point?
What kind of drunk, if they drink to the point of getting such, are they?
Optimistic or pessimistic?
suspicious or friendly?
secretive or honest?
tactful or tactless?
thoughtful or thoughtless?
strong willed or weak willed?
penny pincher or spendthrift?
quirky or plebeian?
what is their view on pain?
What is there view of ‘suffering’?
Would they help others, leave them be, or make them suffer?
What would they do if they found a wallet with no ID in it?
What would they do if they were witnessing a kidnapping? a rape attempt? a gang attack? a theft? a murder? an Assult? Bullying?
What would they do if someone was drowning? on fire? bleeding? Freezing? Or some other medical emergency?

Section 4: Family

(Step) Father:
(Step) Mother:
(Step/half) Sibling(s)?:
what is their relationship with each?
Were they adopted?
Were they neglected?
Were they abandoned?
Were they abused?
-who did the abusing
Did they run away?
What kind of home did they live in?
How was their childhood? Teenage years? Adulthood?
Did any family member die?
Did parents get a divorce?
was there infidelity or incest in the family?
are there any famous people in the family?
Family coat-of-arms?

Section 5: Negatives

Pet peeves
Bad habits
Criminal record (including DUI and public indecency)
When was the last time they lied? what did they lie about? Who did they lie to? why did they lie?
when was the last time they got into a fight?
have they ever (attempted to) killed anyone?
have they done anything in the black market
Are they racist? Sexist? ageist?
have they ever deliberately hurt someone?
do they bash anyone because of their religion? sexual orientation? gender identity? physical or mental disability?
dark secrets?
have they ever stereotyped someone?
Have they ever judged someone before getting to know them?
have they ever self-injured?
have they attempted suicide?
which of the seven deadly sins are stronger in them? (Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Lust)
Have they ever failed a class?
-have they ever dropped out
Bad manners?

section 6: other

hopes for the future:
Dreams about:
longs for:
job history:
status in society:
medical history:
blood type:
-have they ever donated blood?
in their free time they:
style of writing:
their opinion on “the price of freedom”:
what is “freedom” to them?
have they ever lost faith in someone?
have they ever changed religions?
what is their greatest achievement?
what is their life goal?
what do they dread having to do?
who is their best friend?
who is their worst enemy?
what do they long to do?
what is their dream vacation?
do they have any survival skills?
-cooking skills?
-sewing skills?
-mechanical/electrical/plumbing skills?
-woodworking skills?
Dating history
credit score (if able to have a credit card)
mode of transportation
guilty pleasure
have they ever moved?
have they had their wisdom teeth pulled?
have they ever broken a bone?
If they identify with a gender opposite to what they were born with, have they gotten a sex change?
What was their schooling like?

Section 7: Scenarios

1) They are stuck in a zombie apocalypse. They are only able to bring 5 things with them. What do they take? (Pets do not count)
2) They are trapped on a deserted island; what is the first thing they do?
3) They come across a man unconscious on the ground. he does not respond when called. What do they do?
4) They hear a rumor about their best friend- a rather nasty rumor too- what do they do?
5) Zombie apocalypse time again; Does your character work together with Their worst enemy to survive or do they do something else?
6) Your character’s significant other is sick, what do they do to help them feel better?
7) Your character gets some terrible news- the worst news they could every receive. How do they react?
8) Your character meets their idol and gets to spend the day with them; what do they do and how do they act? v9) They are celebrating their favorite/favourite holiday but they had to invite their enemy to the party
10) Your character became a parent! What is their knee-jerk reaction?

Section 8: Opinions on

1) Gay Marriage
2) Abortion
3) Divorce
4) Religion
5) Stereotypes
6) Vaccinations
7) War
8) Eating out/Dining in
9) Guns or weapons in general
10) Rape
11) School/Education
12) Technology
13) Drugs (Illegal)
14) Drugs (Legal)
15) The legalization of Drugs
16) Animals in Captivity
17) Improper Grammar
18) Working
19) Betrayal
20) Swearing
21) Abuse
22) Illegal activities (such as snag fishing)
23) Moving
24) Government
25) Monopolizing
26) Businesses
27) Immigration
28) Animal Testing
29) Standerdize Testing
30) Death Penalty
31) Climate Change
32) Piracy (taking of other people’s work)
33) Obesity
34) Prostitution
35) Meat eating
36) Sex

“My father was a fascist. He was trained to be a terrorist in Mussolini’s army. He was anti-everybody. The Irish were ‘micks,’ black people were ‘niggers,’ and Jewish people were ‘kikes.’ His main weapon was pain. He raped me, locked me in closets, beat me with broom handles. He sent me to the hospital many times. He’d threaten to blow my brains out in the middle of the street. I absorbed a lot of his emotional energy. Sometimes his voice still comes out of me. When I’m really angry, and cussing myself out, I sound just like him. It’s him inside me, speaking to me. But I didn’t become him. My grandfather saved me. My grandmother was a fascist like my father. She counted her rosary beads and condemned the world, but my grandfather was a simple man. He lived with us. He always told me: ‘Your father is a nut.’ He hugged me and kissed me. I swung between two extremes: the love of my grandfather and the hate of my father. My grandfather knew how to love. My father couldn’t love because he was too filled with terror. He didn’t have the tools to love. Once when I was fifteen, I walked over to my father and gave him a big hug. He kept his arms stiff by his side. I said ‘I love you Dad,’ and his body started trembling. There was a terrified child inside of him. He wanted to love. And he wanted to be loved. He just didn’t know how.”

Your Savior - 2

I cannot believe how many notes Chapter One has gotten in the last 24 hours! Thank you so so so much to everyone who took the time to read, like, and reblog!
Chapter two is still building the plot, but at least our favorite man is finally around!
Warnings:mentions of rape (from previous chapter), swearing (Negan, hello!)

Chapter Two

Just hang on, just a little longer. Why? It’s useless, no one is coming to save you, you have no food, no water, and you’re slowly bleeding to death. Face it, this is where you die. You can’t die! You’ll turn! The sounds of the dead moaning and shuffling just feet away from you served as a constant reminder of your impending fate. And now you were arguing with yourself, definitely not a good sign.

You weren’t sure how long it had been since you had locked yourself inside here. Several days maybe? Blood loss, dehydration, and fatigue had you slipping in and out of consciousness, despite how hard you tried to stay alert. You knew the end was coming, but you just couldn’t accept becoming one of the dead. There was no way to destroy your brain on your own, not armed with only a knife, not in the state you were in. So you continued to battle with yourself every waking moment.

You let your mind drift to your family, the one you lost when the world turned. You had tried to not think about them before, it hurt so much, and pain made you weak. But now? Well, it seemed fitting to let in some pain, everything else hurt, why not your heart? Goddamn it, goddamn it! You cried to yourself. I’m so sorry guys, I tried, I tried to go on, to make it, but I guess I just wasn’t strong enough.

One of the dead must have heard you crying, as it had shuffled to the glass cage and began growling and clawing at the glass. “Go away, go away!” You yelled hoarsely, to no avail. Several nearby biters heard the commotion and joined the first, their growls growing louder and louder, becoming a surround-sound symphony to your death. You covered your ears to try to drown out the sound, but it was no use, the groans had turned into a roar. Was the ground shaking too? What the hell?

Through your foggy brain you finally realized you were hearing engines, car engines. Omg, people! “Help!” You tried to yell. “Help!” But you were so weak and the dead so loud, you knew they couldn’t hear you. You grabbed Tommy’s knife and used the handle hit the inside of the door, hoping that the sound would carry over the sounds of the dead. Please, you thought, please somebody hear me.

You could just make out the sounds of life over the growling, it sounded like a sizable group of people was outside. You could hear voices, but couldn’t quite make out any words. Several minutes passed, and while you could still hear them outside, it didn’t seem like they could hear you. Please, please, you whispered to yourself. Then, one of the dead outside of the cashiers box fell, obviously having been incapacitated from behind. One-by-one they continued to fall, until they were all gone and you could see your potential savior. You almost sighed out loud, of course, it had to be a man.

The mustached man in front of you looked you over through the glass, quickly assessing the situation. His face remained passive and unreadable as he leaned back and yelled “Hey Boss! We’ve got a live one over here!” You weren’t sure whether to be elated or terrified. You knew you couldn’t last much longer, but the last people you had had contact were the reason you were here in the first place. You sunk back down to the floor while waiting for the “Boss” to come over. Pounding on the glass had refreshed the pain in your side and increased the seepage of blood, you were starting to wonder how you had any left.

“What’ve we got Simon?” Another voice drawled, getting louder as he obviously came closer. “A girl. Looks like shit, but she is alive. I’m not sure for how long honestly.” Simon reported casually. Well fuck you too, you thought, let’s see how good you look after getting stabbed and being left for dead. Simon’s boss finally was close enough for you to see from your position on the floor. His face was also unreadable while he took in the sight before him. “Go see what the others are up to Simon, I need a minute alone with this one.” Simon turned on heel and walked away. No questions. No arguments.

“Well now darling, it looks like you’ve had it pretty damn rough.” His dark eyes were traveling up and down your body, taking in your bruised face, lack of pants, ripped panties, bloody socks and shirt. You could tell that just by looking at you, he knew just what you had been through. “How long you been in that shitbox?”

“I don’t know, honestly. A few days maybe?” You quietly responded.

“You gonna let me in?”

“How do I know if I can trust you?” You asked.

“You don’t.” He answered blatantly. “But it doesn’t look like you’re in any position to fucking gamble.” Fuck. He was right. And he knew it. Confidence radiated off of him like heat from a summer sidewalk. And while he did not seem like a man to cross, he didn’t frighten you either. Maybe it’s the blood loss talking. Shut up.

You struggled up to your elbow and unlatched the lock on the door, falling back to the ground and rolling away from the door with a groan. The man stepped into the room and crouched down next to you. “Hell darling, you DO look like shit.”

“Yeah” you hissed “I guess dying isn’t as glamorous as they made it seem in the movies.” This made him smile, and chuckle darkly.

“What happened?” He asked, his face softening.

“Does it really matter?”

“No, no I guess it doesn’t.” He admitted. “What in the hell am I gonna do with you?” He asked, rubbing his salt and pepper scruff.

“Kill me. Please.” The answer rolled off of your tongue as if you had been planning it all along. You were surprised at how calm you were. You were just so tired of fighting. “I’m not going to make it, and I don’t want to turn, don’t want to be…one of THEM. Please, just do it.” You said, calmly handing him Tommy’s knife.

“Hell doll.” He muttered, running a hand through his slicked back black hair. “I don’t make it a habit to kill women, but it does seem that you have a point. No fucking way you’re making it out of here alive.” You just stared into his eyes, you were ready, you’d been ready. He let out a sigh, taking the knife from you. “Alright, alright. Let’s get this shit over with. Damn doll, I’m real sorry about this. You look like you’d be smoking hot if you weren’t almost dead.” He said with a wink. You couldn’t help but smile, what an asshole, you thought.

He shifted his weight and adjusted his grip on the knife, putting his hand gently behind your head. You grabbed the wrist of his knife hand, halting him for just a moment. “Thank you.” He looked down at your hand on his and stopped dead, his gentle cocky expression instantly turning dark.

“Where did you get this?” He asked.


“This knife. Where did you get it?”

“It belonged to the fuckers that attacked me. I used it to get away and brought it with me.” You answered, very confused. Why does it matter?

“Where did they get it?” You could feel anger building deep inside of him, not that it made any sense to you.

“I don’t kn…” you started to say.

“Where?!” He barked, dark eyes flashing.

As confusing as his actions were becoming, something about them was starting to rub you the wrong way. “You know, I didn’t think to ask the history of their weapons as they were raping and trying to kill me. Sorry to disappoint you.” You answered cooly. What the hell was his problem? You could see the wheels turning in his head, but couldn’t for the life of you figure out what he was thinking.

“Nope.” He said, shrugging off his leather jacket and covering you up. “I’ve changed my mind.”

“Wait, what?” You gasped. “What do you mean? Don’t leave me like this! Please!” You felt tears start pouring down your face. What the hell happened?

“Don’t you worry Doll, I’m taking you with me.” He said, scooping you into his arms. The movement sent shooting pain down your side. “Simon! Load the fuck up! I’m ready to roll. Now!” He commanded, his tone leaving no room for negotiations. You barely noticed the commotion of his men loading up to leave, the motion of him carrying you was torture. When he got into his truck it was several minutes before the pain subsided enough to focus, and by then the brain fog had returned, so you rested your head onto his warm chest and let the fog overtake you. “Now don’t you fucking go dying on me now darling, you’ve hung on this long, I need you to hold on just a bit fucking longer.” He breathed into your ear.

“I’ll try.” You whispered before the world went black.


Thanks again for sticking around to the end! This has been such a blast to write, I honestly can’t wait to get the next chapter out! Feel free to reblog, comment, or message me with any thoughts!

Hello everyone! I’m gonna open a few commission slots so i can make some extra cash for gas money/utilities/etc while I’m in-between jobs. I am thankful for anyone who asks me for commissions, as I know many people are tight on money, but it goes a long way and I am grateful. Before looking into prices, please consider the following!

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- I work rather slowly, as I do have a (small) job and other engagements that will take me away from the internet. I will however, send progress pics upon request! Paintings WILL end up taking longer, as I have to put more energy into them and take significantly more time.
-If you have ANY questions be it about my policies/a commission fitting my guidelines, please send me an ask, or message me, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 
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- Fetishes
- Hate art (rape, racism, sexism, etc.)
- Heavy Machinery (Cars, gundams, etc)

PRICES in USD (text version, scroll down for picture reference):
These are for single characters, simple/no BG or Transparent
$5-$7 sketches 
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$45 Single Character Simple 
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+$10 NSFW fee
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anonymous asked:

what unsubstantiated claims? he made a rape joke. he made a transphobic joke. he worked as a weapons manufacturer and did not give a single fuck about the innocent brown people who got caught in the crossfire (only about the poor americans) "i want one" "does she come with the car?" "stop being a pussy" those are all admirable traits i guess

Tony is homophobic? Where? 

Tony objectifies women? Yes. In Ironman 1. He keeps it up in public because it is expected of him. 

I have talked about the rape joke in AoU before and the fact that it was out of character for Tony to say it, and equally out of character for nobody else to react to it in any form shape or way. It’s almost like that was shitty writing.

Tony didn’t care about brown people in the crossfire? Okay, go protest Lockheed Martin then (assuming you’re american if not find your countries equivalent) If you think a fictional character is Evil because they were raised to run a weapons manufacturing company that worked with the American Goverment only. 

Also, this is from the MCU companion comics.

Just in case you were wondering where “Stop being a pussy” came from.

Those are not the only claims being made in the anti tag and you know it, and they’re all nuanced situations, not Tony is an asshole, end of story. Furthermore you have failed to answer my question. Why do you think a hate tag should be discourse free? The whole point of it is to shit on a character a lot of people love and identify with. 

Now, seeing as how I have not been on the anti tag in literal months, how about you learn to stay in your own lane, and not bother people on their blogs considering you seem to think that’s a form of harassment when people do it on your posts.

Over 50 years ago, Malcolm X said “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” An awful lot of people still haven’t understood this essential lesson. 

Saddam’s soldiers throwing babies out of the incubators; Iraqi weapons of mass destruction ready to strike against Britain in 45 minutes; Libyan soldiers using rape as a weapon of war; Gaddafi using black mercenaries to perpetrate a massacre in Benghazi; Assad using chemical weapons in pursuit of a sectarian anti-Sunni agenda… These slick “infomercials” - the fruit of a close collaboration between news agencies, PR firms and phoney Twitter personalities - have been used routinely as a means of hiding the reality of imperialist wars; as a means of painting the US and its allies as the representatives of justice and peace, and the anti-imperialist states as brutal, murderous, anti-popular, undemocratic. It’s Goebbels on steroids; stop falling for it.

—  Carlos Martinez via Facebook

anonymous asked:

Is this blog trans exclusionary?

#LAVENDER sisterhood answer:

Here’s the problem!

When I tell you.  That’s not enough.  

It just opens the door for tons of “crazy-making” harassment that takes both my energy and time away from my single goal: recovery from MY INCEST.

Millions of women, have the same journey.   

so even if their not American white, hetero, or their perpetrator was their father, they still can relate to relatively the same general journey. 

WHY? Menstruation.  

We have the baby making equipment.

Doesn’t matter what race? Age? Gay? or whether we ever become mothers, we all share this experience; menstrual cycles.   and that from the second we are born into this world, we are being groomed to teach and take care of others under these rules.

I have example after example of a trans writing a scathing synopsis of why my advice is BULLSHIT.    Why do they TRANS feel they have a right to get inbetween my advice regarding rape and patriarchy with a fellow vagina woman?  WHY DO TRANS feel they understand incest better than me?

As for voting, I want them to have everything they desire for social and political equality.  We are not the same women complaining about bathrooms; get your enemies right.   

BUT I DO HAVE A RIGHT to give woman who ask me woman advice without having a not fully transitioned woman that I’m full of BULLSHIT.  or the constant demands to black-ball a great writer bc she’s a terf.  

I HAVE A RIGHT TO give my advice to WOMEN who must understand how their menstrual cycle effects their psychology.  

INCEST & TRANS RAPE only have the act of sex as a weapon as similar and general self-esteem to mental health problems. 

 I told you why? 

If your not in agreement then just leave.  … NO MORE DISCUSSION.

I’m leaving the BBC Sherlock fandom

(Please read this while listening to Eurus’s theme for emotional effect)

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE BBC SHERLOCK. I admired the clever writing, the dry humor, the way I saw how Sherlock thinks, the time when I felt intelligent, and last, but not the least, especially, the subtext Yes, the TJLC subtext gets me back all the time. All those Johnlock videos on youtube, Rebs TJLC explained series, TJLC on tumblr, on instagram, and pinterest. All were believers.

However, I just can’ deal with this bullshit anymore. Not even after I gave 1/29 a chance and put a deerstalker-shaped tinfoil hat on and donned it for two weeks. Most especially, after the TFP put up their middle fingers to our faces and made up a parody of their own show. A rip off. A James Bond/Shutter Island/Saw/The Ring show. And REALLY, REALLY AFTER THIS WHOLE BBC COMPLAINTS TEAM WAS BEING RUDE. I had hopes, excitement, and motivation to keep me going for 5 years after first seeing Sherlock. I am not part of the LGBT+ community, but I identified myself through Sherlock, I saw who I was, I found resemblance in my being/personality through him. Not wholly, but there 90% of the circumstances/things he did were the things/tasks/attitutde/personality I actually sported in real life. Believe me or not, this is not the time to debate. 

After TFP, I was so hopeful of coming fourth episode. It was just too fucky, too shitty, to be the last episode. However, after Moftiss mentioning the “This was never a love story” thing, and “Perhaps we took the joke too far”, I knew this show is already toxic for me. But no, I pushed. and pushed for a fourth episode. I made a complaint to the BBC one after Jan 15, TFP. It was about queerbaiting, about the plot holes, about the rape, about the weapons used in TFP, about the representation of “gay baddies” on the show. And all I got was the template answer of BBC. If you haven’t seen it, it’s here. 

Then, I saw Sue’s tweet, saying that there was no fourth episode, and Gatiss’s tweet saying “RIP” to a fan who said that she/he would die if there was no canon johnlock. There, I did not believe that yet. But now, one day before 1/29, I lost all my hope. All my hope for Martin’s statement “This is the gayest show”, Benedict’s statement on “Love conquers all”, BBC Three’s tweet on “Sherlock back and he’s in love. But with who”, Luke’s (The Sherlock reacts guy on youtube) statement on “The greatest love story never told” and “a fourth episode? That’s silly”, Moftiss’s statement on “This is the story we want to tell”. BBC’s statement on “Groundbreaking and making television history”. I’m all done with that. These were all lies. They feed on false hopes. Tomorrow is already 1/29, the johnlock anniversary. And we’re getting nothing. All those metas, speculations, analyses, they were really great. And I really appreciate all of those because they made me have hope, and made me believe in johnlock, once more. I want to thank all the meta - writers and those who made predictions based on the subtext and clues in the show. I CANNOT EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE ENOUGH FOR ALL OF YOU. You made me realize that there was still hope for the PLOT, and hope for the show to be saved. Because TFP just really killed the whole series. All that build-up, for SEVEN FRICKING YEARS, just to have an ugly, blown-up, messed, fucked-up ending.

The articles posted by the independent, vox, nerdist, I agree with them. All those gaping plotholes, and why the story is not good. It is better compared with other TV Series, but for character development, NAH. Then considering how rude some of those who comprise of the Sherlock team in answering the fans’ questions on twitter, it made me question this show. Yes, what would you do with a show which teaches you important values such as humanity, family, trust, bonds, friendship, valuing of life, when they won’t even demonstrate it to us? The fans were asking questions because they were searching for answers. They were curious. We were. We wanted a closure. Something that would say that this is really the END. No series 5, no loose threads, no cliffhangers, no possibility of episode 4. So we turned to them for answers for the questions we had regarding the show. I’m not one of those who tweeted/messaged them on twitter, but I saw how they reacted to the fans. That was just rude. Well, I’m sorry we tried fixing the mess you made in series 4??!?!!? I never asked/wondered why this show got the lowest ratings in rotten tomatoes compared to the past 3 seasons. We’re all about the cases, not the relationships. The relationships/character development will work out in the background (TJLC included of course, Molly’s becoming stronger character, esp). But season 4 was just all over the place. I thought then, that all these were illogical if it would not lead us to another episode to answer for all of these. We only got logic to help us. So far, nothing’s been confirmed. I’m losing hope. I lost hope. All we got is that stupid email. 

We were just seeking for closure, for understanding, for someone to comfort us during these difficult times, for someone to take our side from the BBC Sherlock team. No one dared to take our side. The show’s MOST LOYAL FANS were hurt, the LGBT fans community were hurt, and they would not even just say that they apologize. “I like to play with the homoeroticity between Holmes and Watson” just kept replaying in my mind. THAT’S STRAIGHT UP QUEERBAITING. “Who you really are doesn’t matter” THIS IS THE MOST HURTFUL THING EVER. What was the point of the whole TFP if it was about Sherlock discovering about his identity, his best friend, and his sister? What was the point of TAB, if it was not for equality? I’m sorry for all those who were offended, including me. I took the bait, I was definitely sure of it. I was friends with many people who are fans of the show. And hurt? No one can tell you when, how, or why you got hurt. It is a feeling. Every one can say that they are hurt, and they are allowed to express that. Hate comes after the hurt. It’s the anger inside that drives you towards hate. I love this show, indeed, but I had hated this season for many reasons. 

I’m not going to discuss the reasons here, instead, I’m just going to put my feelings through gifs (disclaimer: i don’t own the gifs) while I have been in this journey with you, fellow Sherlockians. 

Me while watching Series 4:

My family members and friends to me after watching TFP:

One-two days after Jan.15. I thought that was really it. No means of saving TFP and the mess that was eps 1 -2 of Series 4

Then I saw the TFHC (tinfoil hat club/tinfoil hat conspiracy) on tumblr and started to believe again:

Yes, that must be it. Apple Tree Yard is fricking fake!!!! I outsmarted this strategy of Moftiss!! HAH! Now give me the fourth episode!!!! “THE LOST SPECIAL”, YES, THAT ONE! 

And that Apple Tree Yard is definitely a FAKE SHOW. I waited for ATY like this: 

I was looking for answers. What made Sherlock so groundbreaking then? Making history? Amanda’s answer: Sian Brooke’s acting of different characters. Surely, this was done in other films/shows. So… now what if this ATY was a real show?

EVERYTHING JUST MADE PERFECT SENSE!!!!1/22 or 1/29 FIT THE PUZZLE! JOHN’S DREAM. CHEKHOV’S GUN, 3 GARRIDEB-CLIFFHANGERS, EVERYTHING! We were trying to make sense of everything that was nonsensical in TFP. It was clever, good. It was what we made of TFP.

But at least we still got 1/29, right? After 1/22 was a failed attempt of Moriarty hacking into the BBC? (because he has been hacking Picadilly circus, right?)

The bomb being the heart, and the analyses on TEH connections and all…

But then. One day before 1/29, everything just fell apart. I just couldn’t believe that BBC’s PR was not so …. good at doing their job??? PR? I mean…. 

That’s when I thought that this is ACTUALLY THE SHOW’S REICHENBACH. Probably, some higher ups in the Beebs requested this? Forced Moftiss to write something else? Make a parody? Cause they built this on something, definitely. 

Me right now:

I mean, why would they do something like this? They were award-winning writers, actors, production team, for fucking Pete’s sakes. Why won’t they just do it?? ??? Somebody will do a johnlock adaptation in the future (and you might just be one of them)

I wish I hadn’t believed in all their lies. Hadn’t read much into subtext. Hadn’t invested ALL MY FEELINGS, AND EMOTIONS INTO THIS SHOW. JUST TO BE THROWN AWAY. 

Yes, they told us all the fucking time. But still, the show speaks for itself. I don’t need anyone telling me that it’s not a love story when clearly, the show says it is!!!!! I wish I did not love this show. This show disgusts me. It disappoints me. I cared so much.

I think I’m going crazy. I dream about the show because of how often I spend my waking hours reading fanfics, metas, viewing drawings, art, rewatching and rewatching and rewatching and  rewatching and  rewatching and rewatching and  rewatching and rewatching this HELLA SHOW. 


Now, I only have my own to save. Not even BBC would take action and look into the mess they have made. Stop looking for closures, people. Stop looking for answers. You’ll never get one. 



So here I am now, please help me.

Just. I dont know what i even want. 

I once thought that you were the best, most clever show I have watched. I was wrong. I was played for a fool. Trick. I gave you everything, BBC SHERLOCK, my time, talent, treasure, EVERY FUCKING THING, YOU TOOK ME FOR GRANTED.

SO, I’M SORRY SHERLOCK FANDOM. I’M JUST DONE. SORRY I LEFT YOU ALL. it was for my mental well-being. i’m sorry i had to leave you during this crisis. during these unfortunate times. I just can’t take it anymore.

I’m not leaving Sherlock. The story is still in my heart. I have read the original books, watched too many adaptations of Holmes and Watson for it not be part of me. It is part of me now. I’m just leaving BBC shithole Sherlock. And this will be me reading and telling the story to my grandchildren in the future. 


  • Me: Wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute. So I can't join up with the Forsworn to fight the Nords of the Reach? They're the militant win of an oppressed, displaced native group. Why can't I help them?
  • Me: Fine, so you think that. But I'm role-playing, here. Let me decide how I feel. Let me join up with them.
  • Me: They're freedom fighters! And why are witches and hagravens "evil," when there are entire colleges dedicated to fire ball throwing, and everyone who ISN'T a Nord or an Altmer worships some Daedra that gives them magical powers? Why are you being so particular?
  • Me: But I can torture a guy for Molag Bal, King of Rape, just to get a new magical weapon.
  • Me: I'm a werewolf and I just joined the cult of Namira the Cannibal daedra.

anonymous asked:

Your homeboy Trump seems to also be in the business of deporting illegally-immigrating Christians (probably also Jews) back to Syria and Iraq. Just so you know.

He ain’t my homeboy.  But okay.  What you failed to mention is that these arrested and deported individuals are all people who have committed crimes, ranging from drug or weapons trafficking to assault to rape.

They’re illegal immigrants.  These aren’t people who recently came to the US either, they’re illegals from sometimes decades back who were just caught now.

Did they apply for refugee status?  Did they apply for citizenship?

And precisely what are you to do?  What if Mexican immigrants from cartel run parts of Mexico say their lives are in danger if they go back?  Does that get them the chance to stay in the country too?

Like, either he has to enforce deportation regulations universally or he doesn’t.  And I feel he’d be lambasted either way.

The Soldier's Boy Chapter 33
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works


Hydra always has use for weapons and when they secure Clint Barton, they also secure the loyalty of their soldier.
An au where Hydra takes Clint as a child and the soldier grows attached.

We Need Feminism

We need feminism because my brother still tells me i can’t do things because “I don’t know, you’re a girl.”

We need feminism because my younger brother can stay out til 3 AM and my parents won’t care but if i’m out past midnight I’ll have five missed calls.

We need feminism because I know someone who was raped on the sidewalk walking home from a party.

We need feminism because they’re teaching girls to walk a little faster at night instead of teaching guys not to rape.

We need feminism because four guys took advantage of the fact that i was drunk and one of the last girls at a party, and stuck their tongues down my throat.

We need feminism because my Dad can go out and spend 25,000 dollars on a tractor without telling my Mom, but if she spent a few hundred on anything other than groceries without telling him there would be hell to pay.

We need feminism because a guy who tried to stick up for his female friend who was drugged by a fraternity member at a party, needed reconstructive surgery after the entire fraternity gang beat him and his friend.

We need feminism because if a girl is drunk and gets raped, she’ll be told it’s her fault because she was drinking. If a guy gets drunk and rapes someone, it wasn’t his fault because he was drunk.

We need feminism because people still think it’s not rape if it’s his girlfriend.

We need feminism because an old RA on campus stole the codes to his old building and tried to rape two girls. They both identified him. He walked.

We need feminism because guys can take up as much space as possible but girls are expected to sit with their legs crossed and be small.

We need feminism because even though there was a taped confession, Viner Curtis Lepore got away with rape.

We need feminism because my Dad said my shirt that exposes my SHOULDER is inappropriate.

We need feminism because it’s the twenty first century and women are STILL not being paid equal to men.

We need feminism because what men fear most about about prison is what women fear will happen to them when they’re walking alone at night, and even in their own home.

We need feminism because to this day, rape is still used as a weapon of war.

We need feminism because the literacy rate of women in Somalia is 26%

We need feminism because we need equality for everyone, regardless of sex, gender, or race.