Rant thing I guess

Okay. I just.. Gotta Say something about TS.

I apologize that this might be a bit a long.

I loved ts. For everything it was and everything that it could have been. With out ts i would have never of had the courage to go out into the world and do a lot that I did. I would have never met some of my greatest friends.. and my greatest enemies. I would have never met miru and joined acd. I wouldnt have made the friends in there. I wouldnt have met izi or obo or bella or jubby.

I wouldnt have met nanna. Who gave me the confidence to actually be more open about myself and take chances. If it wasnt for her I wouldnt have even joined ts in the first place.

I wouldnt have made ashcreek if it wasnt for ts and I wouldnt have met Rin Or Muffin. I wouldnt have met pixu or had the amazing chance to have my best friends mod ashcreek with me and make some of the best rps I had ever had.  I wouldnt have created one of my favorite oc’s Ive ever made. And as much as I miss inessa I wouldnt change a thing in the world for all of this. I wouldnt have met poi or ash. or sky or sukee or  ice or vesp or the millions of other people that I now to this day call my friends.

I wouldnt have gained the experiance to run a group like ashcreek had I not been in ts. Because of its flaws I understood what I should do to run my own group. and because of the good things about it I understood what it took to be a good moderator and a good person… how ever much that stuck with me Ill leave that up to you. I learned to be kinder then I am.. to be more accepting of people. and learned that i need to be there for people.

I also learned to be critical. to be cold when the time came for it. That I have full right to get angry when the time comes and to stand up for myself.

It also made me improve in my art. The one thing that totally and utterly keeps me going day to day when I dont have much else to do that. If it hadn’t been for the competition though it was hidden under the layers of friend ship there was always the friendly competition. It taught me to strive to make better art. It taught me that I can always improve and that I have to strive to improve. It taught me that I shouldnt care what other people thought of my art as long as I was willing to adapt to what was needed.

But all in all. Of all the things that I know about ts.. I know this

It was.. a great group. There were idiots. there was drama. There was passion. and there was a sense of being together in the group. 

Honestly.. if It wasnt for TS. I wouldnt be typing this right now. I would have been a casualty of teenage suicide and I wouldnt have moved on past the first month of me being out of highschool.

I am honestly.. Thankful for ts. But I must.. and I mean.. MUST. make this point. Ts as helpful as it was.. has passed. With a wavering leader.. with mods who did way more then what they were asked to just to try and keep the group up.  I fully understand why things went the way they did. But this happens.

Things die. and the world keeps turning. You’ll find other groups. You’ll lose your friends and you’ll keep the ones closest to you. Ts was a GREAT group. but it had its flaws… So does everything else..

So please.. Don’t defend it like it was perfect. But as well. Please don’t bash it as if it was the worst thing on the face of the earth.

Because it was neither of them. 

did i ever mention how important it is to be nice to other toons in game?

ever since ttr was released i feel that there is an increase in rude behavior such as: insulting other toons, greening, and belittling other toons based on species or in game stats

i think that some people forget that children play the game and are not as experienced/dont know how to train their gags and other things like that

to tell a little story, when i was 10 years old, on tto, a group of toons i had been doing a building with nitpicked everything about my toon, insulted it, then proceeded to green me. i refused to go on toontown for 2 months because i was afraid it was going to happen to me again.
toontown was/and will always be a place i come for comfort and it always hurts more to be insulted in a place that you consider safe.
anyway, whenever a toon is rude to me now, it obviously hurts less, but it still reminds me of the ten year old who cried for a hours because somebody attacked a place where they could feel safe.

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Strange magic is so good? Why do people shit on it all the time??? Yeah the story is a bit cheesy but that’s what I love about it. I love that the hero gets with the “villain”, I love the music numbers, I love all the songs. The movie is beautiful, it’s probably the best animation I have seen in a long time. Like?? Sorry that you have a stick up your ass and you can’t enjoy at least some of it. Hell I wouldn’t be mad if they just didn’t like it, but to go out of their way and say it was cringe worthy? That was a bit much.

“Damon forced the sirebond on Elena, nothing she feels for him is real.”

“I hate Damon for shutting off Elena’s emotions. This is all Damon’s fault.”

“I liked Elena better as a human. I don’t like her as a vampire.”

“Stefan and Caroline woud be a really great relationship for the show.”

“Klaus doesn’t deserve love.”

“Klaus is heartless.”


I’m quite pleased with my outfit to dinner tonight 😊

I’m honestly so terrified of growing up. Like I have no idea what I’m going to do when I get out of highschool. I have another year and a half, but it’s gone bye so fast and ugh. 
I really want to go into psychiatry, but I feel like I’m going to just get overwhelmed and quit. 
So I’m thinking I’m probably going to just go to cosmetology, and then into special fx makeup cause that seems like so much fun but omfg i don’t want to grow up. .-.

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I wouldn't listen to PDD. imo they're too out of touch with the show to give a fair review. Characters have acted OOC to teach the episodes message to children better since season 1 so Idk why they think that mlp has somehow suddenly gone downhill.

idk i mean, i haven’t seen s6 at all i’m hardly more in touch with what’s goin on! maybe they’re right maybe they aren’t i can’t rlly comment

although this ask did remind me of the most amazingly out of touch criticism of an mlp ep i’ve ever seen. in response to the beautiful episode that was testing testing 1, 2, 3:

apparently equestria doesn’t have that level of technology :o of course they do have

airships (sweet and elite, season two)

and um. flying moving trucks (feeling pinkie keen, season one)

it’s kind of weird that ppl complain about the show changing and going downhill by calling out traits it’s had since the beginning lmao


Well, of course, Anon! I’ve no reason to be impolite when someone has a question, after all. Some of them are actually quite fun to answer~!

🗣🗣🗣🗣 there’s only like one reason why I haven’t deleted all my social media