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oooooh look, another list of aus for your writing pleasure: 
[sorry if any of these have already been done!]

+ you’re the cute barista and i’m the indie artist who plays at your coffee shop. i’m totally doing it for the pay and not to stare at your face for three hours every week, what are you talking about.
+ i’m the librarian and you’re the person who, in an attempt to flirt, just asked me if we carry books here.
+ you discreetly come into my bookstore every day just to play with my cat that i let wander. you think i don’t notice, but i totally do. don’t worry; it’s freaking adorable.
+ you are the lead singer of a rock band, and i’m the fan who you just called up on stage to sing a song with you. wow, you are way hotter in person and now i just forgot every lyric of yours ever.
+ you’re the cute trainer at the gym and i just fell off my treadmill because i couldn’t stop staring at you. 
+ we’re the only two people in this theater and i’m taking note of all the parts of the film that make you laugh so i can talk to you after. 
+ you’re selling cookies for your sister’s girl scout troop and you’re so adorable and awkward while doing it that i buy fifteen boxes.
+ you just started telling me your life story on the bus without even giving me your name first, and wait did you just say that you’re involved in the mafia?! 
+ you’re the tech guru on campus and i keep getting viruses on my computer just so i can come talk to you. 
+ we’re rival vloggers who are forced to do a panel together at vidcon, but it’s hard to despise you when you’re that much cuter in person. 
+ you’re an actor on my favorite tv show and i’m your biggest fan. needless to say that when i meet you for the first time, i get so excited that i accidentally punch you in the face. 
+ you’re a pirate and you were unaware about your feelings for me until a siren took my image. 
+ you’re my tutor but i keep getting distracted because you’re so pretty.
+ even though i’m about to be carted off to the er after my car accident, i’m still gonna try to flirt with you, the cute emt. 
+ i’m an escort but not that type of escort. if you play your cards right though, i could be. 
+ i own an esty shop and you’re the cute worker at the post office i keep running into. 

I’m really not a fan of the whole blame game that fandom likes to play. It’s usually pretty simple: the person who did the killing is the person responsible for the killing. Hades killed Robin. That’s it.

The blame game gets very convoluted very quickly because no one ever does anything for no reason, so you can always trace it back one more step. Let’s see:

If it’s Emma’s fault for “dragging” everyone to the Underworld, then first of all it’s also Emma’s doing that Hercules and Meg and Henry Sr and Liam and everyone else moved on. No matter anyone else’s role in any of it, because by this logic, only the person who initiated the entire situation is responsible for everything that happens within it. Emma Swan is the reason why all those people got to move on, why the Mills family got reunited, etc. Well done Emma.

Except we can trace it back further, because Emma didn’t go to the UW on a whim. She went to save Hook. Because he died to prevent the whole Dark One disaster. Which he brought about because Emma turned him into the Dark One. Which she did to save his life because Arthur nicked him with Excalibur, which he could do because they were in Camelot to save Emma, which was necessary because Emma became the Dark One, which she did to save Regina/the town from the Darkness, which was free because the Apprentice took it out of Rumple. Which he had to do to save Rumple’s life because Rumple had blackened his heart to that degree, with all his misdeeds.

Soooo you could just as easily say that it’s all Rumple’s fault. If he hadn’t done so many terrible things, he wouldn’t have needed saving. Or maybe it’s the Apprentice’s fault, for taking the Darkness out of him. Or Belle’s fault, for asking them to.

In fact, let’s talk about Belle. She asked the heroes to save Rumple - thereby putting the entire town in danger and necessitating Emma’s sacrifice - because she just couldn’t bear to let the man she loves die. My, doesn’t that sound familiar? And yet, none of the people who blame Emma for bringing about another bad situation because she couldn’t bear to let the man she loves die seem to apply that same judgement to Belle. Or vice versa.

I’m sure there’s another strand you could trace back whereby it’s all Emma and Hook’s fault for bringing Marian/Zelena back from the past. But even then - why were they there? Because of Zelena’s time portal. So that goes back to being Zelena’s fault, which traces back to being Cora’s fault.

I am not actually saying that Robin’s death or the whole UW thing is Belle’s fault. Or Rumple’s. Or Emma’s. Or anyone else’s aside from Hades who, you know, killed the guy.

People make choices. Sometimes they’re tricked, or influenced, or whatever. But everyone is responsible for their own actions and their own choices. Cora killed Daniel. Emma killed Cruella. Regina killed Graham. Hades killed Robin. That’s it. And just because maybe something could’ve been prevented had someone made different choices doesn’t make it their fault. If you invite a friend over, and she’s walking along the road and a car splashes her, that’s the driver’s fault for driving through the puddle too fast. It’s not yours for inviting her over, even if otherwise she’d have been at home and not gotten splashed.

So these arguments are a bit ridiculous, honestly. The show is pretty clear about the whole choice issue. You’re responsible for your own choices, not anyone else’s. And you make the best decision you can, in any given situation. Sometimes it’s a mistake, sometimes it has unforeseen consequences, but no one can read the future. All we can do is act in the moment.

Not to mention that we’ve SEEN what happens when you blame the wrong people. Regina spent years persecuting Snow for Cora’s crime. And as long as she kept blaming her misfortune on others, nothing got better for her.

No one is responsible for anyone else’s choices. I don’t know what’s so hard to understand about that.



Hey guys!! I’m finally officially opening commissions! If you’d like one, you’re more than welcome to email me at citra.kirana95@yahoo.com!

Some things you might want to pay attention to:

  • The price listed above are in USD
  • The payment is only via PayPal and must be paid in advance
  • Any type of background and/or additional details will cost you more
  • Will draw: OCs, mild gore, ABO, most pairings
  • Won’t draw: NSFW, incest

In your email, I will need info regarding:

  • type of commission (sketch, comic, etc)
  • description (bust/waist up/full body, the character(s), coloring, etc)
  • reference (only if you think i will specifically require one)
  • deadline (if you have one)

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! I’m pretty flexible about the prices too (especially for comics), so as long as I’m concerned, the prices are negotiable :) Thank you and have a great day!

au where transforming also makes adrien and marinette very hungry

they can be found making mug brownies and sitting on the floor eating doritos at like three am after patrol


happy birthday to seventeen’s hardworking leader seungcheol!

Sometimes you make me think you’re a dad, other times make me think you’re actually a puppy, but either way happy happy birthday to you love!! You’ve managed to confidently lead a group of 13 boys, even if you doubt yourself sometimes. (which you shouldn’t) You’ve done an amazing job leading the members through countless interviews, stages, and concerts in korea and abroad. I hope you realize how priceless you are as a person, and as the leader of seventeen. These boys would be lost without you. It is a relief someone as amazing as you is seventeen’s leader. And I hope your birthday, and every single day afterwards, is phenomenal. Enjoy all the cakes and presents from us wonderful carats and kick back and relax. You deserve it!


I LOVE Assassins Creed, I honestly don’t give two shits that there isn’t a female assassin that’s playable, does that fucking make me a misogynist?? NO I JUST LOVE THE GAMES. You all have your fucking opinions but PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO MAKE OTHER GAMERS FEEL GUILTY ABOUT LOOKING FORWARD TO, LOVING, OR PLAYING THE GAME JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE BUTTHURT. AC: UNITY IS GOING TO BE AMAZING WHETHER THE ASSASSINS WERE FEMALE OR MALE. IT DOESN’T MATTER TO ME. Gender never matters to me as long as I love the character. The assassins a hawt male AWESOME the assassins a hawt lady AWESOME its the same reaction so i don’t care what Ubisoft said I just want the damn game :3

canon karezi versus fanon karezi

I’ve been meaning to make this post for quite a while, but ever since the “you don’t need him” update happened I’ve seen the world abuse get tossed around like it’s cheap candy, so before I even start I want to clarify something: karezi was unhealthy, but it was not abusive.

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international productions » Elisabeth in Hungary

Okay. I just.. Gotta Say something about TS.

I apologize that this might be a bit a long.

I loved ts. For everything it was and everything that it could have been. With out ts i would have never of had the courage to go out into the world and do a lot that I did. I would have never met some of my greatest friends.. and my greatest enemies. I would have never met miru and joined acd. I wouldnt have made the friends in there. I wouldnt have met izi or obo or bella or jubby.

I wouldnt have met nanna. Who gave me the confidence to actually be more open about myself and take chances. If it wasnt for her I wouldnt have even joined ts in the first place.

I wouldnt have made ashcreek if it wasnt for ts and I wouldnt have met Rin Or Muffin. I wouldnt have met pixu or had the amazing chance to have my best friends mod ashcreek with me and make some of the best rps I had ever had.  I wouldnt have created one of my favorite oc’s Ive ever made. And as much as I miss inessa I wouldnt change a thing in the world for all of this. I wouldnt have met poi or ash. or sky or sukee or  ice or vesp or the millions of other people that I now to this day call my friends.

I wouldnt have gained the experiance to run a group like ashcreek had I not been in ts. Because of its flaws I understood what I should do to run my own group. and because of the good things about it I understood what it took to be a good moderator and a good person… how ever much that stuck with me Ill leave that up to you. I learned to be kinder then I am.. to be more accepting of people. and learned that i need to be there for people.

I also learned to be critical. to be cold when the time came for it. That I have full right to get angry when the time comes and to stand up for myself.

It also made me improve in my art. The one thing that totally and utterly keeps me going day to day when I dont have much else to do that. If it hadn’t been for the competition though it was hidden under the layers of friend ship there was always the friendly competition. It taught me to strive to make better art. It taught me that I can always improve and that I have to strive to improve. It taught me that I shouldnt care what other people thought of my art as long as I was willing to adapt to what was needed.

But all in all. Of all the things that I know about ts.. I know this

It was.. a great group. There were idiots. there was drama. There was passion. and there was a sense of being together in the group. 

Honestly.. if It wasnt for TS. I wouldnt be typing this right now. I would have been a casualty of teenage suicide and I wouldnt have moved on past the first month of me being out of highschool.

I am honestly.. Thankful for ts. But I must.. and I mean.. MUST. make this point. Ts as helpful as it was.. has passed. With a wavering leader.. with mods who did way more then what they were asked to just to try and keep the group up.  I fully understand why things went the way they did. But this happens.

Things die. and the world keeps turning. You’ll find other groups. You’ll lose your friends and you’ll keep the ones closest to you. Ts was a GREAT group. but it had its flaws… So does everything else..

So please.. Don’t defend it like it was perfect. But as well. Please don’t bash it as if it was the worst thing on the face of the earth.

Because it was neither of them. 

Little bit about Mom

This topic’s been on my mind for a while now. I’ve talked to a few friends about it, but I still needed a little bit of an outlet so here it goes.

My parents came to America about 20+ years ago, carrying baby me on their flight to start a job in the U.S. Both my parents worked, but my mom got out of it early to take care of me (and later sibling) and do housework stuff. 

Mom had to go through a lot of shit. She really couldn’t make any longtime friends or acquaintances for a very long time until quite recently. No American friends because she was Japanese. No Japanese friends because other Japanese mothers would talk shit behind her back for really stupid reasons.

Here’s a short list:

“She’s working full-time, she must be stuck up”

“She hangs out with other Americans, she must look down on us”

“She can speak English better than us, show-off”

“She’s from the west provinces, she must be a slob” (I guess east and west Japanese peeps don’t fare well together, just an assumption though)

Also, some piece of shit had the bright idea to spread a rumor that my mom only hung out with Americans and they better “be careful”??? The hell??? Be careful for what? You might catch the Caucasian?

Simply put, she was pretty much an outcast from everything. Honestly, I’m Japanese and I don’t even understand why/how people can automatically hate others just because of their traits. Like dude, no shit she can speak English, it’s pretty much a prerequisite to live here for the rest of your life??? Slovakian’s not gonna help what the fuck???

Americans didn’t treat her too well either:

- children would make fun of her accent and their parents would laugh and praise them for their shit (one of the main reasons why I hate children, although I understand it’s their parents fault)

- We were at Universal Studios in line for the E.T. ride. The day was going super well until this dipshit child came up to my mother, pulled his eyes to do the super racist Asian face, laughed and ran back to his fucking parents. Day ruined for all of us.

- There was an Air Show (or whatever it’s called) going on and my mom went to buy water from a stand. A kid was selling coke and water so my mom asked for water. The brat mocked her by repeating ‘water’ in her accent. She was, of course, pissed and left the stand without getting anything.

- grocery stores pretty much ruins her day depending on the area. The cashier is super friendly to the people ahead and behind my mom, but when it’s her turn they don’t even crack a smile or a simple hello. Sometimes she gets angry glares for no reason.

- she was sitting at a restaurant and wanted to get vanilla ice cream. Because of her accent, the “v” sounds like a “b”, but you can still clearly tell she’s saying vanilla. The waitress taking the order got impatient with her and yelled “I’m not here to teach some foreigner how to speak proper English!” at her. Dude chill, you only had vanilla and strawberry ice cream to choose from, it’s not that hard to tell which one she wanted.

I guess I wanted to say, yes these are super minor things, they’re not life-threatening, they’re not extremely traumatizing, but they certainly build up when experienced DAILY. We have a saying “dust collects to create mountains”, and these simple ignorant acts can really leave a negative impression on people on the country. The amount of these incidents have certainly diminished, but they are still pretty loud and clear (E.T. happened last year, grocery store shit still happens in a lot of places surrounding my area). 

I also wanted to say, mom, as much as we have our disagreements, like on homosexual issues and sexist shit, I’m still proud of you and thankful that you stayed strong in this pretty shitty society we live in. 

“Damon forced the sirebond on Elena, nothing she feels for him is real.”

“I hate Damon for shutting off Elena’s emotions. This is all Damon’s fault.”

“I liked Elena better as a human. I don’t like her as a vampire.”

“Stefan and Caroline woud be a really great relationship for the show.”

“Klaus doesn’t deserve love.”

“Klaus is heartless.”

(i am not even part of the musicals/theatre fandom but this is pissing me off so much i just have to say something)

i will never get a chance to see hamilton live

like, ever

there is literally no chance of me ever seeing it for two primary reasons (but there are other ones as well) that are also relevant to other performances i desperately want to see

1) i am poor as hell and other hamilton/theatre fans are poor as hell. literally i can barely afford to pay for the songs on itunes no matter actually affording the how many goddamn dollars a ticket costs

2) (also kind of related to the money thing) as i do not live in america, there is literally no affordable way for me to get there. i live about a a $2000 plane ticket away and even if i could afford a ticket to see it i most certainly couldn’t afford a way to get there or stay there or the days off work/school my parents and i will have to take. and i know this is relevant to so many other people as well

like, the people who are angry about bootlegs need to realise that people have different lives than they do and aren’t as fortunate to be able to see the things they love in person

i know i know you should support things in every way you can and i do realise that bootlegging stuff isn’t helping and if i could go see it live i most definitely would 

but i do buy songs on itunes and i do try and buy other things like merch but one thing i can’t do and will never have the chance to do is watch hamilton live and god if they do ever film it i will definitely buy it but if the bootlegged copy is the most i’m gonna get right now, then i’m sorry but i’m going to watch it and i’m going to fucking enjoy it without other people making me feel shit about it



I AM NOT LYING OR TRYING TO PULL FACTS ITS A THING IN OUR FAMILY UNCLE CALLS EVERYBODY TRASH well except gran and grandpa since you can’t call them bad words it’s forbidden