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au where transforming also makes adrien and marinette very hungry

they can be found making mug brownies and sitting on the floor eating doritos at like three am after patrol

i see a lot of posts going around about how the process of making art is essentially just tears and experiencing The Struggle™ and while those are ALL TRUE i would also like to point out the GOOD THINGS about making art!!!!!! 

  • when u finally find that ONE PERFECT SHADE OF COLOR
  • experimenting with different art styles 
  • those tiny mindless doodles u make on the corner of the page
  • flipping ur canvas and seeing that ur drawing isnt TOO asymmetrical 
  • [picks brush u dont often use] why the HECK dont i use this more often??? 
  • putting ur music on shuffle and a song that fits the scene of what ure drawing comes on 
  • turning off ur lineart layer and having a good laugh over how ur color layer looks like a melting ice cream
  • drawing something u’ve never tried and realizing that u LIKE IT 
  • when ur friend does the compliment thing. thank u friend 
  • drawing a curvy line and GETTING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TRY
  • overlay. thats it 
  • blushies!!!
  • spacing out in the middle of sketching/lining/coloring and 5 mins later going like o HEY COOL i can draw
  • that tiny pop when u stretch ur back after hours of arting 
  • seeing the final result and thinking goddamn!!!!!!
  • I Did That!!!!
  • wow!!!!!!
  • i really love art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a few thoughts about Keyleth’s new tattoos...

Let’s start this off by saying I am not here to start drama that is the last thing that I want or need right now. I have always been an avid Keyleth/Marisha supporter because she gets far too much hate as it is. However, these tattoos really aren’t that ok. There will be a few Māori words in here so if you don’t get it just google it. Under the read more because it got very wordy.

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everything is just a dream

“-last I remembered, they’re my Scouts, so that bluebear can suck it.”

“…kay okay, Caydie.”

have some Caymanda floofs

inspiration from @theishtar-sivacollective lol

Eddsworld shippers...

You need to stop. I mean it. Stop attacking others for what they ship, especially tomtord. It’s just a damn ship. None of them are canon. So let’s say that tomtord is abusive, which it isn’t. If it is, then all of the ships are abusive because they all hurt/killed each other at least once. Nobody wants to hear you rant about a fictional thing because /you don’t like it/. I mean, I guess it’s okay to harmlessly rant about it, but attacking/targeting others? That’s a big no-no. Listen, I’m sorry that if a ship triggers your emotions or reminds you of trauma. You have every right to dislike that ship. But hey, don’t make people feel bad over it. Leave people alone, for god’s sake. Stop causing ship wars, that’s the reason why many of the Eddsworld members left the show. You going around spreading your social justice is just, sad to watch. IT’S JUST A WEB TOON. IT’S NOT THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST. CALM YOUSELF.

But listen, please do not ship the people irl. It’s okay to ship the characters in the web toon, but not physically the people who help with it. For example, don’t say something like “I ship Thomas Ridgewell and Tord Larsson”. That’s literally the people irl. Don’t use their real names. And don’t force people to ship something, that’s the same thing as attacking someone over a ship.

You see what happened with Pat? He left because he was being shipped irl, and his real name was being used. Do NOT let that happen again with Matt or anyone else. STOP USING THEIR REAL NAMES!!!

That’s all I wanted to say. 

Taking baby and child spirits away from their parents is such an awful idea. Sometimes you have no choice to take in a child for their safety, or you can’t find an adult of their species to help care for them, I understand that and applaud anyone who can handle the difficulties. I have young spirits I’ve taken in for various reasons and some of them I couldn’t find an adult to help, because there were so few of their kind left I literally could not find a single other individual or they were exiled from their civilization for their (deceased) parent’s crimes or other reasons. I’ve rescued orphans of a species I had badly wanted to work with for a very long time where, after taking them to adults who could help, the entire species declared me an enemy because my involvement with the child meant I had a part in their tragedy, nevermind that I had been the one to rescue them. And I still returned the child knowing this would happen.

There are issues with babies that have been said before: Chances are that you’re not prepared for a human baby, much less a spirit where you do not even exist within the same plane and cannot be there for them the majority of the time they need you. The issue of exactly where you or the spirit shop obtained the child. That they’re a developing creature and not something cute to be your pet. I won’t list every issue.

But consider this too: No matter what you do, there is a high chance of the child’s development being stunted. It doesn’t matter what you are Over There, you’re a physical human here and this is where you are centered. Even if you are a member of their species Over There, can you really say that you have the full experience of growing up and adulthood necessary to raise them?

Can you show a dragon where their fire comes from or reassure them that yes this is what it feels like at their age and their feelings are perfectly normal, no their fire isn’t sick? Or reassure them that the bursts of magic and energy beneath their scales are at a normal level and you don’t need to see a healer? Do you know what to do when they get a headache from the influx of magic that every child of their species goes through? Can you make sure they’re learning everything the other dragon parents are teaching their hatchlings?

Or what about taking in a young demon and they have no choice but to follow you on this plane, how well equipped are you for handling the insecurity and other issues that can come from seeing the way humans view demons? What are you going to do when your child sees nothing but Christian depictions of evil demons and bad horror flicks? Are they even going to see anything beyond biblical demons in media if you live in a mainly Christian area, or are you going to have to deal with their issues from that as well?

When a multiheaded spirit with separate personalities can’t stop fighting and begins to hate themselves and wish they could remove the others, are you really able to help them through that? Do you have any idea how to talk with them? Do you even have the slightest level of personal experience so that they don’t feel like you don’t understand a single thing they’re going through?

With any number of predatory spirits, can you help them to understand that their urges are natural and everything is okay? And really help them to understand what is okay to hunt and what is not, and why you still have certain morals, and how to use their weapons and hunt properly and not get hurt in the process? To not get lost in their bloodlust? Gods forbid you have a cannibalistic spirit or one with major hunger issues, can you handle those instincts?

I could list any number of examples but my point is that you are a human on this plane and they are not, and your development cycles and learning are not mutual. 

Okay, here’s the thing, fuck all writing advice that tells you how to do your story or write your scenes, because guess what! THEY ARE NOT THE ONE’S WRITING THE STORY!!! I can not stress this enough, you are the one with the vision for how YOUR story is supposed to go. Only you know how to tell this story. Only you. Fuck anyone who’s like “Prologues are bad, blah, blah blah,” “Don’t kill your main character off early, I feel cheated, blah, blah, blah” or “Starting off with a dream sequence makes me feel like I’ve been lied to” GUESS WHAT ASSHOLES THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE, WE WRITE THINGS TO INVOKE A FEELING, BE IT GOOD OR BAD, ITS A FEELING TO GET YOU TO UNDERSTAND HOW THE CHARACTERS FEEL DUMBASS

Ok so this has been driving me nuts but I’ve been thinking about the Hanahaki Disease trope.

If you’re unfamiliar with the trope, the premise is that it is a disease that causes the victim to uncontrollably cough up flowers, eventually leading to death by suffocation. It is contracted by intense feelings of unrequited love. The only cure is reciprocation of that love, or a surgery to remove the disease, but in doing so also removes the host’s feelings for the subject of the unrequited love.

The mysterious thing about this trope is that it seems like it just popped up one day? Just appeared out of the nether, people were really taken with the idea and spread through various fandoms like a disease (lol).

So I got curious where exactly this trope spawned from so I did a bit of Googling and it seems like it came from a 2008 manga by the title of Hanahaki Otome.

Now, uh, background established, I’ve been pondering this trope. I think fictional diseases are rad (I mean, look at my love for gembond yo). There is just one thing that I really take issue with with Hanahaki. The whole fixation on romantic love. Technically, I don’t believe there’s anything that explicitly states that the love felt must be romantic, but if you base it on one-sided platonic love that requires reciprocation? Either the situation falls flat or becomes mildly incestuous in portrayal (though I will say that the removal of feelings by surgery aspect seems all the more tragic).

Anyways, what I’m getting at is that as someone who is looking at this through an aromantic lense, the sense of tragedy is rather lacking. If under this disease, why wouldn’t you just go through with the surgery and remove these pesky feelings that are giving you such grief? Why die for such an unnecessary reason for someone who obviously doesn’t feel the same? (Of course, stories featuring these tend to be focused around some miscommunication but boy do I not have that kind of patience or tolerance when a life is at stake.) It all seems rather blown out of proportion is what I’m saying.

So I propose a different version of Hanahaki, a more aro-friendly version. Instead of the point of contraction being unreciprocated love, I think it would be more meaningful if it was regret. A deep regret that consumes the soul (which is a bit more open ended so hey, you can spin this romantically if you want, but it doesn’t have to be!). You can cure this by either finding a resolution to the regret (fulfilling what was not fulfilled or making peace with it), or by surgery in which case you would lose all motivation for the subject of the regret. A clean slate in both ways so-to-speak, but no passion, no (platonic or romantic) love, no emotional baggage.

anyways im going to need people to stop saying that louis is the most closeted  out all the boys because he literally isn’t? lmao like have yall forgot that liam also has a fake child or? oh i forgot yall think liam is homophobic and straight…but i just saw a post on my dash of someone basically listing all the shit that louis has gone through and im like ok but liam is/has gone through the same thing… liam also has a fake child with a women a lot older than him because she can’t get her career back so she’s needs tons of promo lmao like im real tired of yall acting like louis has it the worst because he doesn’t 

Sometimes I feel really mediocre, you know ?

Like, I’m not particularily pretty, I want to have a sophisticated and cool fashion style but I end up dressing pretty blandly because I can’t accessorise for shit and every time I try on clothes that look cool they just look out of place on me.

I know stuff but I feel like there are always people know more about that subjects I’m passionate about that I do (namely video games, animes and stuff, I feel pretty illegitimate) or stuff that I want to know about but don’t really have the time or money to do so, like … makeup ? D&D ? Musicals and plays ? 

Heck, even if I write stuff for my blog (and I’m pretty proud of whate I write) I always find someone whose better, more analytical, smarter in what they say, more documented, EVERYTHING.

I just feel mediocre most of the time, and I guess there’s nothing wrong with that, but it gets me down really fast. 

anonymous asked:

Post reconciliation sarumi are at Yata's mum's house and yata's mum pulls out photo albums and as they're looking through it there's photos of Yata's dad with his arm around someone who looks like Fushimi and it turns out Niki and Yata's dad were friends in high school? So maybe they were delinquents because Niki's dodgy and Yata's dad sounds dodgy as well Fushimi's just like that asshole had a friend?

But imagine Yata has some memories of his dad and he and Fushimi get to share ‘my dad was such an asshole’ stories. Ooh, and what if Yata’s mom knew Niki too and she always thought he was her ex-husband’s worthless trash friend and she’s amazed to learn that Niki was Fushimi’s dad. Like maybe post-ROK Yata and Fushimi are just hanging out with Yata’s family having dinner and afterward Yata’s mom decides to show Fushimi some pictures of baby Misaki because isn’t that what you do when your son brings his boyfriend home. Yata’s all embarrassed but Fushimi’s snickering and smirking, like look Misaki, your tiny baby butt is showing in that one. That’s when Yata’s mom expresses some surprise because she didn’t realize she still had the old photo album from her high school days. There’s a lot of pictures of Yata’s bio dad in them too and that makes Yata curious, just because he doesn’t know a lot about his bio dad other than that he was a jerk. He’s looking at one picture of his dad and one other person and Yata’s like ‘who’s that guy next to dad, he looks like an asshole.’ That’s when Fushimi leans over and is like what the actual fuck because that asshole is his dead dad.

Yata’s mom is surprised to hear that Niki actually found someone to marry him, let alone had a kid, and imagine her being all sweet and loving to Fushimi because this just reminds her that the poor kid always looked stretched so thin and no wonder he was in such bad shape with such a dick for a parent. She admits that she knew Niki too and wow was he an asshole, in retrospect the fact that he was even friends with her ex-husband should have been a cue to run. Yata’s amazed to hear his dad was so awful that he even hooked up with Saruhiko’s asshole dad. But maybe they have a cute bonding moment too, like Yata knows Fushimi’s always still so concerned about becoming Niki and having too much Niki in him and this is like a good reminder that Fushimi’s his own person and not what his dad made him. Like Yata’s dad was awful too but Fushimi would never say that Yata’s turned into his father so that means that it’s no different from Fushimi, they both were born to men who didn’t care about anyone but themselves and they both managed to rise above that and be who they are and Yata thinks that’s something Fushimi needs to remember, that he’s better than Niki and always will be, and he doesn’t need to chain himself to his father’s legacy of terribleness, he can be his own person.

on one hand im glad society’s imposing on (generally cis) guys to become more “feminine” by wearing manbuns and wearing rompers, doing makeup/general hygeine and stuff and normalizing gender neutrality 

but on the other hand its always being advertised as “MAN bun” or “rompers FOR MEN” or “soap/makeup FOR MEN” like they’ll only wear it when it caters to their toxic masculinity

I don’t understand the argument that Hanna & the kids have come to other races and not been photographed, so the fact that they were photographed this time somehow means it was intentional and they’re fine with it. The fact that they never have before shows that they do not want to be photographed. The presence of what appears to be a bodyguard in the pic, who appears to be objecting to it, shows that they do not want to be photographed. 

The fact that they have come to races before and very conspicuously avoided being photographed is all the more reason to assume they did not consent to this.  I’m sure they’ve walked from the motorhome to a car or whatever many times, but most people either respect Seb’s wishes or obey the bodyguard and don’t try to sneakily take pictures, because that’s a shitty thing to do. Just because one asshole managed to sneak a picture does not mean Seb has suddenly changed his very strongly held opinions. 

People saying he was asking for it by bringing them to Monaco - I guess he should never bring them to any race, because there’s always a chance someone will be a jerk and post sneaky pictures of innocent kids on the internet. Yeah, there is always a chance, but just because someone succeeded doesn’t mean you should help them invade his family’s privacy by spreading them all over!

If he’s suddenly fine with the kids being photographed this weekend, why weren’t they cheering him on in the Ferrari garage, or down in parc ferme to greet him or photographed openly in the paddock by real, accredited photographers? Probably because the real, legit photographers know they would be sued and blacklisted and lose their F1 press credentials in a heartbeat if they invaded Seb’s privacy against his wishes!

We don’t know for sure the circumstances of this one picture but we do know for an absolute fact that Seb has said over and over again for YEARS now that he fears for his family’s safety and that his privacy is very important to him.

So regardless of all the justifications and excuses you can think of, if there’s even a CHANCE that the picture was taken without his consent, the decent thing to do if you really respected his privacy would be to not spread pictures that 100% contradict EVERY SINGLE THING he’s ever said on the subject.

oooooh look, another list of aus for your writing pleasure: 
[sorry if any of these have already been done!]

+ you’re the cute barista and i’m the indie artist who plays at your coffee shop. i’m totally doing it for the pay and not to stare at your face for three hours every week, what are you talking about.
+ i’m the librarian and you’re the person who, in an attempt to flirt, just asked me if we carry books here.
+ you discreetly come into my bookstore every day just to play with my cat that i let wander. you think i don’t notice, but i totally do. don’t worry; it’s freaking adorable.
+ you are the lead singer of a rock band, and i’m the fan who you just called up on stage to sing a song with you. wow, you are way hotter in person and now i just forgot every lyric of yours ever.
+ you’re the cute trainer at the gym and i just fell off my treadmill because i couldn’t stop staring at you. 
+ we’re the only two people in this theater and i’m taking note of all the parts of the film that make you laugh so i can talk to you after. 
+ you’re selling cookies for your sister’s girl scout troop and you’re so adorable and awkward while doing it that i buy fifteen boxes.
+ you just started telling me your life story on the bus without even giving me your name first, and wait did you just say that you’re involved in the mafia?! 
+ you’re the tech guru on campus and i keep getting viruses on my computer just so i can come talk to you. 
+ we’re rival vloggers who are forced to do a panel together at vidcon, but it’s hard to despise you when you’re that much cuter in person. 
+ you’re an actor on my favorite tv show and i’m your biggest fan. needless to say that when i meet you for the first time, i get so excited that i accidentally punch you in the face. 
+ you’re a pirate and you were unaware about your feelings for me until a siren took my image. 
+ you’re my tutor but i keep getting distracted because you’re so pretty.
+ even though i’m about to be carted off to the er after my car accident, i’m still gonna try to flirt with you, the cute emt. 
+ i’m an escort but not that type of escort. if you play your cards right though, i could be. 
+ i own an esty shop and you’re the cute worker at the post office i keep running into.