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Ikemen Sengoku commissions - PART 1

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– Ikemen Sengoku: The Stage –
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Well, @kennyothebuddhist, Admin Yukari and I did our best to fulfill your request, and we sincerely hope you enjoy our work. I felt it was best to write out drabbles instead of making bullet points, and as a bonus added Ranmaru, Yoshimoto, and Motonari to your request. It is a very lengthy response from our creative minds. Without a further ado, you can find our work under the cut!

- Admin Toreishi

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Ikemen Sengoku PS Vita Original CG

Masamune | Ieyasu | Hideyoshi | Shingen | Kenshin | Ranmaru | Yoshimoto

Maid 1 Welcome home! I’m so happy to see Ranmaru-sama’s smile again!
Mai Misuzaki (Su-such an amazing enthusiasm…!
Ranmaru Mori Everyone, I’m home! I’m sorry I made you feel lonely. I’m not going anywhere anymore.
Maid 2 …Really, it’s just great to see you return home! If something happened to Ranmaru-sama, I would feel uneasy for a long time…
Ranmaru Mori “I’ll stay here properly, so don’t cry?
Ranmaru Mori I want to see everyone’s smiling face rather than your tears. Smile for me, please?
Maid 2 …! Yes!
Mai Misuzaki (The crying woman smiles at the presence of Ranmaru-kun’s smile…! It’s like magic.)

anonymous asked:

Since you already did werewolves, can you try the warlords as vampires? :)

Hello! I’ve already done some of our warlords as vampires herehere and here, but I’d be happy to expand more on them! They seem to be quite a popular request for an AU. Hope you enjoy!



  • Nobunaga can control fire as an element and frequently uses it in battle. The last time he set something major on fire was at the temple where Kennyo lost most of his men.
  • As a vampire, Nobunaga often “elopes” away with you to visit other countries with his flying or teleportation ability. He wants to explore the world with you and share his knowledge with you.
  • Whenever you run away from him after a fight and want to return to Azuchi, all you have to do is say that you desire to go home, and a flurry of bats will appear to teleport you away. Nobunaga’s familiars are always nearby for your convenience.
  • Prefers to partake from your neck but if he’s feeling a little frisky, Nobunaga might tease you and bite from your ankle instead. This sadist lives for your pained expressions.
  • Wishes for you to stay at his side for an eternity, but will surprisingly respect your wish to remain a human if you don’t want to become a creature of the night.


  • A terrible tease, Masamune likes to scare you by cornering you and pretending that he wants to take a bite from your neck. He laughs and pushes himself away from you when he hears you scream for mercy.
  • Hedonistic as ever, Masamune prefers the blood of young and beautiful women. They taste sweet and refreshing. He refuses to ever drink from a man.
  • Masamune can control the air element. It gives him an advantage when he wants to fly up to fight and dive down at his enemies before breaking out with his two swords to surprise them with an attack.
  • His favorite place to bite you is your shoulder. He wants you to feel his fangs as he sinks them deeply into you.
  • He wants to enjoy life with you as much as he can and doesn’t hold back either. Sooner or later, he’s going to try to persuade you into letting him turn you into a vampire. He loves you too much now to lose you.


  • Mitsuhide is merciless when it comes to his human lover. He warns them constantly that since he is a vampire, his love is 10 times more overbearing to deal with.
  • Addicted to your blood only. Before he goes off to battle, he’ll want one session of him just pampering you and drinking blood from your neck. It’s the only time you’ll see his secret romantic side.
  • Whenever you’re in trouble, you can easily summon Mitsuhide by calling his name. You won’t even know what happens to your assailants because all you feel is Mitsuhide wrapping his arms around you before everything turns black. He’s taking you home where you belong.
  • Telekinesis and mind-control are his special abilities, but he never dares to use these powers on his lover. No, he wants his lover to have free-thought and independence. There’s no need to control them.
  • He finds humans to be fascinating and likes to people-watch with his lover. Sometimes they’ll stroll around Azuchi’s town just for that whimsical hobby.


  • Hideyoshi is quite the gentleman, and prefers to drink from either your arm or fingers. He doesn’t want to inflict too much pain on you.
  • Frequently tries to control his thirst by taking Ieyasu’s special blood pills. He is deathly afraid of loving you so much, he’ll drain your blood to satisfy his uncontrollable thirst.
  • He can control the earth as his special power, which he uses to his advantage during battle. An earthquake to offset the enemy wouldn’t hurt at the beginning to decrease the enemy’s numbers.
  • Hideyoshi knows how fragile humans can be, and he goes into mother-hen mode whenever you are with him. He wants you to be safe and away from harm, so he makes you wear a charm so that he can detect you faster if you’re ever away from him.
  • In his younger days before he allied with Nobunaga, Hideyoshi was quite the literal lady killer. He’d lure unsuspecting women with his stunning charm and drink up their delicious blood without a second thought.


  • Ieyasu’s medicinal knowledge came in handy when he created his special blood pills for the vampire race to use to control their thirst and keep it at bay. The Tokugawa clan basically thrives on its income thanks to his work.
  • Before he bites you, Ieyasu always blushes and promises to make you feel good. But on days where he knows you’re tired, he’ll feed on your wrist. The veins give him the blood source he so desires.
  • Ieyasu can control his own blood and can form it to weapons. With just a bite to his finger, he can quickly form a blood whip or short sword.
  • He can’t imagine living a life without you in it. Thus, he works extremely hard to show that he loves you deeply and that being a vampire won’t be so bad if you were to turn into one.
  • He always makes sure to take care of your health after he feeds from you. He doesn’t want you to fall ill or become weak because of his desire to drink from you and only you.


  • Mitsunari may be a vampire now, but he’s still neglectful when it comes to his health. Hideyoshi and Masamune have to slip in Ieyasu’s blood pills into his food so that he doesn’t have to suffer from prolonged thirst.
  • At first, Mitsunari was really hesitant with feeding from you, so it took him a lot of coaxing to get him comfortable with you. He doesn’t like the idea of hurting you since he promised to always protect you.
  • His favorite place to bite you is your throat. He likes to feel you cling desperately onto his shoulders as he drinks your sweet blood.
  • His intelligence is heightened as a vampire, but he specializes in using water as a balance to Nobunaga’s fire element ability. It’s useful when he wants to avoid having his men being offered poisoned water as well.
  • When he proposes the idea of you turning into a vampire, he actually falls to his knees as he holds onto your hands and speaks with a shaky voice. He knows how important your human life is, but he can’t help but feel a little selfish for asking his lover to make a huge sacrifice for him.


  • Don’t be fooled by Ranmaru’s jovial appearance. He may seem youthful and active, but he’s actually a century old! He’s still quite young in the vampire world though.
  • Ranmaru can manipulate sound as a vampire with either his voice or his own actions. But he prefers utilizing his voice to pierce his enemies’ hearing and make them bleed or go deaf temporarily.
  • Ranmaru doesn’t want you to be afraid of the vampire race. You find him constantly reaching out for your hand and reassuring you that he is always here to protect you from harm.
  • A little devil himself, Ranmaru teases you by stating that he’ll bite you from your ear. He laughs when it takes you awhile to realize that he’s not really drawing blood to drink. He just wants to get you hot and bothered by the thought of his fangs sinking into you.
  • He loves you dearly but ultimately wants you to live life the way you want it to be. If you decide to live and die as a human, Ranmaru makes the effort to always keep your grave clean and decorated with your favorite flowers. This is how he chooses to honor and remember the life you decided to share with him.



  • The God of War won’t stand down when it comes to battle. Ice is his key ability to turning the waves of the war in his favor, and Kenshin loves piercing his foes with it. He’s bloodthirsty when he’s on the battlefield hunting for a good fight.
  • Kenshin is possessive of you in the sense that he doesn’t want other vampires to feed from you. He wants you to devote your blood only to him. That’s how much you mean to him. He wants your eyes only on him.
  • Whenever you accidentally prick yourself with the needle, Kenshin rushes to your side and heals it with a gentle kiss. He makes a comment with a sly smirk of how one drop of your saccharine blood has already made him feel drunk, much to your chagrin.
  • Your chest is his favorite spot to bite and draw blood from. He’d chuckle at your reddening face and remark how he couldn’t possibly share this expression with anyone else in the world. He wants you to feel as though only his fangs can make you feel this euphoric state.
  • Surprising you from behind, Kenshin would ask on a snowy day if you would be willing to spend the rest of your life as a vampire by his side. He promises to never make you shed a tear, and then murmurs how he loves you so much, it hurts. He doesn’t want you to be a human forever because he can’t stand being apart from you after your short life.


  • Shingen likes to mix drops of your blood in his alcoholic drinks. He believes his palette has been reinvigorated thanks to it and the scent is even more intoxicating than the alcohol itself.
  • Before he met you, Shingen was notorious for roaming the town of Echigo and pleasuring young women by feeding on them. He tends to go after women filled with pain or sorrow so that they can feel nothing but pure ecstasy once he’s done with them.
  • Shingen excels at creating illusions and manipulating memories. His enemies have difficulty finding methods to help their soldiers distinguish what is fantasy and what is a reality.
  • He’s not quite sure why you’re fascinated with his large fangs, but he allows you to inspect and touch them. But be careful, he might feel a little daring and bite you when you’re not looking.
  • Shingen’s love for you will never waver, and he reassures you that he is fine with your final decision. You’ll always be his princess, and he wants you to be comfortable with your choice. Should you decide to grow old and die as a human though, Shingen would want to bury you far away from prying eyes. Even after your life, he wants you to be protected and safe.


  • Yukimura becomes easily flustered when you first offer him your blood, and he denies it immediately. It’s not until you prick yourself that he becomes overwhelmed with the scent of your blood and decides to take a bite.
  • His favorite place to drink your blood is from your calves or naval area. He likes to look up at you with heated eyes to let you know that only you can have this kind of effect on him.
  • Yukimura specializes in controlling lightning and storms. With just a striking motion of his arm, Yukimura can send bolts of lightning at an enemy with high accuracy. He’s used to fighting in the rain because of his ability.
  • No matter where you go, Yukimura always appears out of thin air and scares you with his presence. He calls you a dummy before bursting out with boyish laughter and then apologizes after he realizes how angry you are with him.
  • This lovesick puppy wants to spend the rest of eternity with you and wants you to feel the same. With a straightforward gaze, Yukimura promises to bring you happiness as a loyal husband if you were to turn into a vampire. He doesn’t want anyone else but you to be at his side.


  • Sasuke was once a human until he was turned into a vampire by Kenshin in order to properly serve him. He doesn’t mind though since his life is now prolonged and he has more time to research more eras and perhaps even experience more of the future.
  • As a lower-class vampire, Sasuke’s abilities are heightened but not to the extent of a pureblood vampire. Regardless, he is still resourceful and has been able to cast ancient vampire spells. It’s not surprising to see Kenshin and his military amped up with more strength and power than usual.
  • Sasuke prefers to draw blood right above your knee. He doesn’t want to scare you away and deems that it is less painful this way. He’s smuggled some of Ieyasu’s blood pills as well for his own sake.
  • With his newfound powers, Sasuke does everything that he can to protect you from potential harm. If he finds that he can’t reach you in time, he’d immediately cast a spell to teleport you away to someplace safe. He’ll come and retrieve you later when the coast is clear.
  • Sasuke understands completely if you want to remain as a human for the rest of your life. Sometimes he misses the aspects of being human, as well. Pressing a chaste kiss to your forehead, he surmises that he respects your choice and will stand by it.


  • Yoshimoto’s enchanting beauty as a vampire is hard to resist if you’re human. You may find yourself drawn to him because of it but little do you know that this is his way of capturing his prey.
  • He has the ability to control nature, specifically plants. Sengoku warriors have heard of horrifying stories of Yoshimoto’s infamous plants that emit poisonous gas into the air or his deadly vines that wrap around enemies and force them to take their last breath.
  • Yoshimoto would prefer to bite and drink from your hips. He can’t help but smirk whenever he sees you gasping or biting your bottom lip out of anticipation for what he plans to do next.
  • He reveals to you that he has no clear weakness but that he can be killed with a silver knife to his heart. Pulling you to his chest, he’d ask you solemnly if you would take good care of his heart since he now entrusts it to you.
  • Yoshimoto isn’t a big fan of the idea of you living your short life as a human, but he will quietly accept your resolve if you decide to remain as one. He’d bring your hand to his lips and press a kiss to it, promising that he would find you in your next life and have you fall in love with him all over again.



  • Having succumbed to the darkness, Kennyo’s new ability in the battlefield is controlling dark elements and bringing monsters from the underworld to the human world to fight. It’s a dirty tactic that he knows will create chaos and bring grief to the Oda forces.
  • Kennyo first met you when you had fallen and tripped over a root. He was able to heal you with his vampire powers, and you could have sworn that there was still some light shedding in his eyes as he looked at you with worry.
  • His favorite place to bite you is the palm of your hand. He doesn’t like to leave marks on your neck. Plus, he always heals your hand with a firm kiss once he’s done.
  • Kennyo’s familiars come in different animal forms, but he personally likes seeing them as cats or weasels. He can’t help but want to pet them and treat them for being so good to him.
  • Kennyo cares deeply for you as his beloved one, and it hurts him to think that you may want to be a human for the rest of your life. Nevertheless, he wants you to know that you will always be the only one for him. He may very well follow after you if he finds this life to be dull.


  • Motonari enjoys his life as a pureblood vampire simply because he gets to see the world change and evolve as he continues to age. He gets to experience more fascinating events and find more interesting treasures to keep for himself.
  • In battle, Motonari has superior control over water. He likes to drown his enemies or have them get caught in crashing waves from a tsunami. This is how he wipes them all out.
  • A bit of a sadist himself, Motonari finds it tantalizing to drink blood from your thighs. He makes sure to have you crying out for him by the time he’s done with you.
  • Sometimes when he’s sitting alone and watching the night sky, he’ll feel you press yourself against him and sit back-to-back with him. He can’t help but smirk and ask if you’ve been feeling a little lonely lately. He secretly enjoys these peaceful moments with you though.
  • The day he asks you to become a vampire and be his eternal lover, he warns you that he won’t take “no” as an answer. He doesn’t care how long he has to persuade or chase you down. He wants you for a lifetime, and he doesn’t have to think twice about it.

-Admin Yukari

No: *walks by wearing pink*

Hideyoshi: Oh my God.

Ranmaru: Lady No is wearing pink! She’s wearing pink!

Mitsuhide: Are we sure it’s not just something white that was bloodied when she killed someone?

Masamune: Maybe it wasn’t her. Maybe she has a twin sister.

Nobunaga: If No had a twin, she would have eaten it in the womb.

Hideyoshi: Wait, how come none of you are making fun of her?

Ranmaru: It’s Lady No. She’s scary.

Hideyoshi: You guys are unbelievable! I once wore purple and you guys called me Mr. Grapes for a year.

Masamune: Oh yeah, I had forgotten about Mr. Grapes!

Hideyoshi: If I had worn pink, you guys would have torn me to shreds!

Nobunaga: Yes, but you would look like a featherless baby bird.

No, walking back into the room: What are you all laughing at?

Ranmaru: If Hideyoshi was wearing pink.

No: I get it, that’s hilarious.

Hideyoshi: What is happening? No is the one wearing pink!

No: And?

Hideyoshi: …It’s gorgeous, I wish I could pull it off.

No: Dream on, strawberry shortcake.

Mitsuhide: Yeah, nice try, Mr. Grapes.

kennyothebuddhist  asked:

Good Morning ! ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ I hope Admin Yukari & Admin Toreishi are having a wonderful day today ! ☺ ❤️ May I please request MC and (Oda Forces + Uesugi-Takeda Forces + The Lone Forces) going on an adventure to any city/country (that you believe would suit the guys' personality, etc). I'm curious to see what type of fun MC &the guys will have while exploring distant lands & learning of new languages, food, culture, etc! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ (MC or guy’s time period is fine, whichever is more easy/fun!)

You gave us quite the tall order, my dear, so we hope we were able to deliver for this round too. Nevertheless, we enjoyed writing out this request! It was unique and fun! -Admin Yukari



  • Nobunaga would visit the vivacious country known as Spain, but he often goes back and forth between Barcelona and Madrid. You both would be awed by the intricate architecture and would want to catch a glimpse of famous cathedrals. La Sagrada Familia is a must as he is fascinated by Antoni Gaudí’s architecture.
  • Bull-fighting would intrigue Nobunaga and be entertaining for him, as well. He can’t help but grin whenever he sees the bull send people flying or get dragged around the ring. A part of him would want to participate, but you stop him before he actually takes a swing at it.
  • Nobunaga would want to learn Spanish to blend in with the locals and surprise them when he speaks in their language. He likes how frank Spaniards are, and how they greet one another with a kiss to both cheeks as well. Catalan seems a bit of a struggle for him, but he’s willing to learn it, as well.
  • You can bet that he also wants to learn flamenco with you, and he’s more than happy to just perform with you in the streets at night. He’s quite fast with his feet and rhythm.
  • Nobunaga loves tasting different foods, and he’s become fond of tapas and chocolate. Coffee has also become a stable in the afternoons after his meal, but you’re sure it’s just the caffeine that’s giving him the thrill.
  • While in Spain, Nobunaga would want to participate in the La Tomatina Festival. Just the thought of being drenched in tomatoes and throwing it at others brings out the inner-child in himself.


  • The One-Eyed Dragon ventures off into South Africa to be where he belongs: in the wild! Masamune would take river cruises and safari rides to encounter ferocious beasts of all kinds! He loves sightseeing in general, but to meet animals of this region really excites him! After all, tall creatures like giraffes aren’t an everyday sight in Japan!
  • One time on a safari ride, Masamune jumped out of the jeep to fight off vultures picking on a lone lion cub. It wasn’t long before he ran for his life when the lioness came back for her cub and chased him away. He gets scolded later on from you for being reckless.
  • Masamune would go diving with great white sharks off the coast of South Africa. It takes all your courage to be in the underwater cage with him, but Masamune finds it thrilling to be surrounded by them. He’d slip his arm through the cage just to pet them.
  • He tries all the various foods that South Africa has to offer, including melktert, African-horned cucumbers, and more. It’s different than what he’s used to cooking in Japan, but it’s an experience that he figures he could add to his cooking skills.
  • Masamune loves the people of South Africa. He finds them all warm and friendly, and jokes that maybe he should move here just for the heck of it. The diversity of people and languages is what convinces him to stay longer than the planned vacation time.
  • Masamune would want to pick up only a few necessary phrases while he’s in South Africa. Since there are 11 official languages, he’d be interested in Zulu and Xhosa, and perhaps dab into English too.


  • This uptight warlord needs some relaxing time away from his fellow warlords, so MC decides to take him away to Mexico for a week.
  • While he’s there, Hideyoshi’s smoking habit is more prevalent when he discovers huge, rolled-up cigars. He smokes one every night just to calm down and unwind from a day of adventure. It’s not quite like smoking from his kiseru, but he likes the change.
  • At a restaurant, Hideyoshi is surprised when MC brings a mariachi band to come to sing at their table. He can’t help but laugh and clap along with the beat of the music, even though he has no idea what the mariachi band is singing.
  • Hideyoshi decides to surprise MC later in their trip with a serenata standing amongst the performing band holding a bouquet of roses in his hands.
  • One day, Hideyoshi ends up playing futbol with a few kids, and they teach him some Spanish words and slang in return. By the time he returns to MC, he’s practicing the language over and over so that he won’t forget it.
  • Hideyoshi finds himself enjoying the history and art of Mexico, but he’s becoming a fan of Frida Kahlo’s work. He can’t imagine how crazy her life was, but he respects her highly for her perseverance.
  • Takes a tour of a local Mezcal plantation to learn how to make tequila. The whole process peaks his interest and gives him the inspiration to open up his own plant one day.


  • Mitsunari practically lives at Sanrio Puroland. He fell in love with the place as a child like any normal kid would. He has annual passes (including for Tokyo Disney Sea, but that’s another story.) He used to go every now and then, but he makes it a habit to go every weekend especially since the two of you are now dating.
  • Mitsunari is a fan of all Sanrio characters, but his favorite is Cinnamoroll. Because he’s a cinnabun himself. You don’t really have a favorite, but you’re a big supporter of Hello Kitty.
  • Never misses the parade and sings along to every song. You can definitely find Mitsunari with a light-up glow stick in hand deeply engaged and engrossed in the parade. Don’t even attempt to speak to him. He will not respond.
  • While Cinnamoroll is his favorite, Mitsunari also shops for goods of the other Sanrio characters. His room overflows with merchandise from his many trips to the theme park.
  • Mitsunari never really thinks about traveling out of the country. He’s content with staying at home mainly because he wouldn’t be able to visit his favorite theme park.


  • Wanting to study more about medicine, you and Ieyasu would venture into China and take a stroll through its historical roots of their ancient times. Ieyasu would be skeptical about acupuncture and its true effects on people, but he’s interested in the elixirs and herbs used in various medicines. He’s so caught up in the readings that he has to have some of the books shipped back to your home so he can finish his research later.
  • You and Ieyasu would visit the Great Wall of China in Beijing and marvel at its grand size. Taking a detour to the Forbidden City would also be thrilling, and you can see Ieyasu becoming interested in the history of the Han Chinese and other ethnic groups in China.
  • He was against it at first but after some persuasion, you and Ieyasu would take a bamboo raft up the Li River in the morning and drift through the enchanting mist. He’s worried that you’ll fall off the raft, so he makes sure to hold your hand the entire time, or so he insists.
  • When the both of you visit the Sichuan Province, you introduce Ieyasu to a hot pot style dinner! And while Huajiao peppers are known to be extremely hot and numb a person’s tongue, you aren’t surprised to see Ieyasu eat it without burning up and demanding for water. He wants to take some of the peppers back home so that you can cook some of his favorite meals with it.
  • Ieyasu has a great respect for the Chinese and especially pays attention to their mannerisms and customs. He notes that there are some similarities that they share with the Chinese, such as bowing and using honorifics to address a person. He decides that he’ll have to learn Mandarin one day to keep up with foreign trade and business.
  • Spending the last few days in Hong Kong was pleasant, but Ieyasu is surprised to learn that the McDonald’s in Hong Kong actually delivers to your front door! It’s very convenient, especially on the rainy days where he just wants to sleep in with you. He doesn’t like to eat out much, but he’ll accept this for once.


  • You and Mitsuhide find yourselves in St. Petersburg, Russia on a spontaneous trip. Although, you had an inkling why Mitsuhide wanted to come to Russia in the first place. You thought back to last week as the two of you spent an entire afternoon binge watching 007 movies. You didn’t miss the twinkle in Mitsuhide’s golden eyes as you told him about espionage in general.
  • The two of you wander through the streets admiring the colorful buildings, distinctive architecture, and the beauty of the city. Holding onto Mitsuhide’s hand, you feel him leading you through narrow streets as though he already knows where to go. You question him, but Mitsuhide glances over his shoulder at you replying that you place your faith in him.
  • You wonder where Mitsuhide could be taking you, and your mind goes through the endless possibilities of what a beautiful city like St.Petersburg could offer like The Hermitage or the Mariinsky Theatre. Instead, you both find yourselves inside a small, local pub. Mitsuhide leads you to a table and orders a bottle of vodka for the two of you. It doesn’t surprise you that the first thing Mitsuhide would want to do is get hammered.
  • The next day, after nursing your dreadful hangovers, Mitsuhide takes you on a proper tour of the city. You visit museums, places, and churches as you both take in the sights once more. You take a boat tour as well, enjoying the city from a different perspective. You both visit shops searching for perfect souvenir gifts for all your friends back home. And, it surprises you how well Mitsuhide is adapting to the Russian language as he exchanges a few words and phrases with shopkeepers.
  • Later at night, as the two of you unwind from a day of sightseeing, you and Mitsuhide enjoy a candlelit dinner savoring the delicacies of traditional Russian cuisine. You’re thankful for the amazing opportunity to discover a cultural place like St. Petersburg. Mitsuhide is content seeing you happy to have enjoyed yourself on the trip. Still, he’s looking forward to learning all about Russia’s history of spies and espionage. You can’t help but indulge in his interest looking forward to what the next day of travel will bring you both.


  • This cute ninja idol knew he had to visit South Korea with all the rage of the K-Pop music industry! Taking your hand and prompting you to pack up quickly, Ranmaru would catch the next flight to Seoul, South Korea with you. After all, he wants to be able to meet some K-Pop idols and go to their concerts or special cafe promotions too!
  • Whenever you’re out on the streets, many people would compliment Ranmaru for his nice and smooth skin complexion. He says he’s just born this way, but you know how devoted he is to his Korean skincare routine. He makes sure to stock up on his favorite products while he’s in South Korea.
  • When you visit Gwangjang Market, Ranmaru discovers that his favorite dishes are bibimbap and tteokbokki, and he’s always dragging you to all sorts of cafes around South Korea too. He’s especially fond of the peacock cafe where he can approach peacocks and enjoy his drink.
  • It’s no secret that Ranmaru loves Korean dramas and K-Pop music, and he’s learned to pick up on the language after watching several dramas and listening to many songs. A lot of the locals find him rather adorable and charming for being able to speak the language. Some even ask him if he’s a K-Pop star, but he denies it.
  • Using public transportation was fine and dandy until the both of you head out to Busan for the day. Ranmaru eerily turns to you with a scary grin and wonders if a zombie apocalypse should break out today while you were both on a train to Busan. You gasp and slap his arm, only to have him laugh and confess that he was teasing you. (I hope someone gets my reference here.)
  • Thinking that it would be fun to take pictures at a historical palace called Gyeongbokgung, Ranmaru would have you all dolled up in traditional Korean clothes and have you spin around in your Hanbok. He thinks you look absolutely stunning and teases that maybe instead of having a traditional Japanese wedding, the two of you should get married wearing Hanbok instead. It suited the two of you very well.



  • Kenshin finds himself in the United States of America, specifically in the heart of Los Angeles in California. He finds the bustling city to be a bit dirty, but at least he’s dealing with dry heat instead of Japan’s usual humidity.
  • On your second day together, the two of you visit the happiest place in the world: Disneyland! Kenshin doesn’t understand the whole fiasco of waiting in long lines for rides and he doesn’t like how alcohol is only served in a private area, but he’s willing to bear the day just to see you laugh and smile. He’s a little awkward in taking pictures with Disney characters though because people would rather take pictures with him!
  • A day at one of California’s beaches proves to be relaxing, but the water is so cold! Kenshin would rather sit under an umbrella and build sand castles with you or play beach volleyball. Everyone underestimated his true strength at first, but once he scored his aces after each serve, the opposing team was done for.
  • Kenshin finds English a little difficult but manages to speak it after some practice. He can’t stand the valley girl accent though, and is confused as to why Californians would always begin their sentences with either “like” or “omg.” What does “hella” or “stoked” even mean? He’ll never truly understand.
  • While in LA, Kenshin and MC would visit many famous local eateries like eggslut, Pink’s Hotdogs, and Korean BBQ places. It takes him a while to avoid his usual staple of sake and pickled plums to broaden his tastes, but he’s taken a liking to sushi burritos and In-N-Out burgers. They’re savory enough to keep him full for the day.
  • Thanks to California’s huge agriculture industry, Kenshin has the chance to visit wineries and brewing companies. The alcohol is much different from sake, but he doesn’t hate it. He likes exploring the grapevines and seeing machines being used to make and ferment the alcohol. He wonders if he can start his own winery in Echigo after visiting several of them.


  • A romantic getaway to Paris, France with this huge flirt will get you going in no time! Shingen makes sure that this will be a trip you’ll never forget.
  • There are so many things to see and do around France, but the two of you make sure to visit the Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles, the Notre-Dame de Paris, and The Louvre. After all, these places were the essentials to visit while in France.
  • Shingen expresses an interest in learning French so that he can speak it between your legs because he finds the language to be quite dazzling. He finds the airy accent to be attractive and would want to speak to you in it with love and adoration. He sweetly calls you “le petite ma chere” in public just to fluster you.
  • French pastries, crepes, and macarons have become a favorite of Shingen, and he’s always asking for his desserts after his meal. You can’t help but give in to his requests because you don’t want to ruin his fun in trying new foods.
  • Shingen has no qualms in melting you with passionate French kisses. After a wonderful evening of dancing and drinking rose champagne, don’t be surprised if he leads you away into an alley to steal some from you.
  • It’s not a surprise for photographers or talent agents to approach Shingen and ask him to become a model when the two of you are walking in the streets. Fashion is prominent in France, and Shingen’s style screams smooth and suave. He’d definitely turn some heads around because of his charm and height. If you’re not careful enough, you might find him on the runway instead of your arms.


  • Yukimura would be whisked away to Vietnam where the greenery is everlasting and nature’s presence is overwhelming. He’d be impressed by the endless amount of rivers and rolling hills that stretched across the land.
  • The first meal he shares with you is a bowl of pho in Hanoi. Yukimura has always had a taste for ramen, but the soft rice noodles and rich beef broth in the pho have him in heaven for days. For the rest of your trip, this is the meal he craves for the most.
  • Yukimura would want to take a fishing trip on the Mekong River with you in a cargo boat. He enjoys the tranquility of this moment and likes to hold your hand as you both wait to catch some fish from the river. He can’t help but wonder if this is a memory you’ll share and look back at with him when you’re both old and grey.
  • Yukimura thinks learning Vietnamese is hard, and thinks it all sounds a little like gibberish. But he’s willing to learn a few simple phrases and words just to get around the country. After all, how else is he supposed to go on tours and ask for help around the cities? He has to look reliable and responsible for you!
  • You and Yukimura would also visit the Ho Chi Minh City Museum to learn about Vietnam’s bloody past. Yukimura is especially interested in the Vietnam War, but can’t help but think the war was all for naught. The failed war tactics and terrifying napalm burns the people went through has him looking away with grief. War was never pretty, but this was just another reminder of it.
  • On your last night in Vietnam, you and Yukimura would head over to the market town of Sapa to participate in the Love Market, where Hmong men and women come out at night and sing songs of love and courtship to each other. He’s blushing furiously at first, but Yukimura warmly sings back to you with his heart racing fast. He wants you to know how much you mean to him with his melody for you.


  • Out of all the countries to visit in the world, you and Sasuke decide to pay a visit to Iceland. It was a random and quirky decision, but he insisted that the two of you go for it for the experience.
  • Iceland is famous for their Blue Lagoon, and you definitely wanted to take a swim in the milky blue waters and relax. Meanwhile, Sasuke was more interested in the fact that it was a geothermal spa and wanted to test its chemicals and healing properties. “It’s for science,” he says matter-of-factly. But before the two of you could enter the spa, you were both surprised that a shower was required upon entrance! It was an interesting rule to take note of, if anything.
  • This astrophysicist couldn’t miss the opportunity of viewing the illuminating Northern Lights of Iceland. Wrapped up in a blanket and staring up at the night sky in Seltjarnarnes, you and Sasuke would marvel at how pretty the Northern Lights danced across the dark sky. Even the brightest stars couldn’t outshine the ribbons of light at that moment.
  • Your adventures in Iceland aren’t just restricted to land. Sasuke takes you out on a guided boat tour for whale watching, and he secretly enjoys seeing your ecstatic smile as you watch humpback whales leap and breach the ocean waters. He’s holding you tight and marveling at this unforgettable experience too.
  • While Icelandic cuisine was a little out-of-the-norm for the two of you when it came to dishes consisting of lamb, you two were no strangers to seafood and the infamous dessert: ice-cream! You and Sasuke are always trying out different ice-cream shops to compare which ones are better than others, and you’re just as bananas for it as the citizens!
  • As cheesy as it sounds, Sasuke actually used Google Translate on his phone whenever he wanted to speak to a local or get his message across. Just showing them his message on his phone to them was enough to help the two of you out on your trip, even though it wasn’t always an accurate translation.


  • As someone with exceptional tastes, Yoshimoto would head over to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with you for a luxurious vacation. He practically wants to spoil you rotten and show you the finest things in life.
  • There’s no doubt that Yoshimoto wouldn’t miss the chance to take you the world’s largest shopping center in Dubai! Whatever you want or take a mere glance at, Yoshimoto purchases it and spares no expense. His dear lover deserves the best, so he’ll get you everything you set your sights on at the Dubai Mall.
  • Whether you’re cruising through the Marina or taking a desert safari in the sand dunes of Dubai, Yoshimoto makes sure you’re comfortable and enjoying yourself. He doesn’t want you to get bored, but he has no idea that you’re fine as long as you have him at your side.
  • In most of the restaurants you visit, there aren’t a lot of dishes cooked with pork due to the country being a Muslim region. Nevertheless, the zesty spices in the food keep you two going, and the street food is a secret craving you both share. However, the both of you have to learn how to accept and eat food using your right hand only. It was a proper custom in a Muslim country, after all.
  • When you’re out in public, the two of you decide to dress modestly and cover yourselves up properly. It took the both of you a while to get used to the dress code and while the two of you did not practice the Islamic faith, you both respected it enough to blend in and acknowledge the appropriate dress wear in the country.
  • Yoshimoto becomes a little exasperated when he discovers that it’s not proper to show large amounts of PDA when he’s with you, but keeps quiet whenever you reach out to hold his hand. You reassure him that you will continue your love festivities with him behind closed doors.



  • Kennyo would take a trip to Indonesia with you to rediscover the roots of Buddhism and find his own peace. But he wants you with him for support and to explore the country too.
  • When you first arrive, you notice that a lot of people greet you with smiles and handshakes as common practice in the country. While you have no problem with it, Kennyo seems to be struggling a bit with it. You have to remind him to relax his facial muscles and just smile gently.
  • The temples in Indonesia are quite different from the standard shrines that Kennyo is used to in Japan, but he takes a liking to the Borobudur Temple. The monks make him feel nostalgic and he pays his respects each time you visit one. The dullness in his eyes starts to fade away and shine again with each visit.
  • Kennyo also takes the time to visit orphanages and helps build schools for the children in rural villages. He seems cold and unapproachable, but the children become fond of him at the end of the day and teach him a few phrases of their language too.
  • A visit to the capital city of West Sumatra lures you and Kennyo to Padang’s delicious food. The spices in each dish make the both of you hum in pleasure, and you both come to appreciate the simple taste of homemade Indonesian food.
  • On your last day, Kennyo wants to visit Tanah Lot to offer one last prayer while he’s in Indonesia. While you’re freaking out about venomous sea snakes though, Kennyo is quietly enjoying the view. He makes sure to protect and watch you while you’re both there.  


  • Motonari is all about traveling the world and taking things as he wants, but he’s intrigued by your idea to take a sudden trip to Thailand.
  • While he’s there, Motonari calms down when you both visit an elephant sanctuary and take the time to wash and feed the elephants. He won’t admit it, but he’s impressed and touched by the amount of care the elephants receive. It takes him some convincing not to steal them away from their sanctuary because he thinks they’d be really cool to keep as pets!
  • Motonari develops a deep love for Thai food, but his favorite dish is pad see ew! The flavored rice noodles are large and delectable, and he especially enjoys it with white rice. The dish is fulfilling and keeps him satisfied for the day, and he likes it more than pad thai noodles. It takes him awhile to get used to eating with spoons and forks instead of chopsticks, but he doesn’t care as long as he’s able to eat his favorite Thai dish.
  • Motonari would often be mistaken for someone who is Thai instead of Japanese, but he doesn’t mind. He smoothly picks up on the language after a few days, and laughs with the locals to get a few perks out of their small shops or goods. You’re also surprised to see him clasp his palms together by his chest and bow slightly whenever others greet him. He later informs you that he was returning the Wai, a common greeting in Thailand.
  • The tropical beaches in Thailand draw the two of you out for a day, and Motonari can’t resist swimming in the crystal blue waters with you. He’s splashing you and holding you tight in his arms, and he especially wants to try surfing at Kata Beach. And even though he’s an amateur and falls off his board constantly, he still shares a laugh with you at his mistakes.
  • Motonari would buy you intricate Thai dresses and clothes along with the gold jewelry and beautiful hairpieces after watching Thai dancers perform at a market. One way or another, he’s going to try to convince you to learn how to dance like them and sway your hips just for him. 

Keeping Up With the Oda Forces || 1K Special AU

  • Nobunaga and Hideyoshi are the parents of the Oda forces. Have been “happily” married for ten years. Have been together longer than that.
  • Ieyasu is their eldest son poised to take over the family business one day. He is the cute, rebellious teenager.
  • Ranmaru is the youngest Oda son. He’s actually Nobunaga’s favorite child. Ranmaru is a miracle child, after all.
  • Mitsunari is Hideyoshi’s son from a previous relationship, and Nobunaga’s adopted son.
  • Masamune is Nobunaga’s nephew. Has a close relationship with him, so Masamune is basically like another son to him. He is also the estranged and wild cousin. 政宗にいちゃん❤️
  • Mitsuhide is Nobunaga’s dirty mistress. Nobunaga is always committing adultery on a daily basis (or so, Mitsuhide claims). Always agonizing Mama Hideyoshi for his entertainment ;)
  • Hideyoshi knows of Nobunaga’s cheating but keeps quiet to keep the family together even if it makes him really mad.
  • Mitsuhide never gets into cat fights, but he sure does love provoking them. Especially at Hideyoshi’s expense.
  • Hideyoshi is a busy full-time mom.
  • He never lets a sale escape him, especially the supermarket sales. Hideyoshi is also into extreme couponing. The Oda family is financially well off, but Hideyoshi believes in always saving money. It’s his thing when the kids and the hubby aren’t home.
  • He’s the mom that always says “You don’t need to eat out. There’s food at home.”
  • Hideyoshi is always scheduling events the whole family can participate on even the dirty mistress. There’s no stopping Mitsuhide from coming over anyways.
  • Hideyoshi is also meticulous in keeping the family healthy so regular doctor visits are always scheduled.
  • Hideyoshi has the kids also enrolled in extracurricular activities, and takes Ranmaru to his band lessons right after.
  • Ranmaru happens to be a “triple threat.” He sings in the choir, plays in the school band, and is the only boy on the school’s elite dance team.
  • Ieyasu is part of the kendo club and works extremely hard to bring his team to regionals in hopes that they could move on to nationals.
  • As the captain of his team, he’s the best out of the city, but he always chides Ranmaru for not taking it seriously.
  • Nobunaga may be busy, but he makes time to come and watch Ieyasu’s competitions. It’s only fair, as Hideyoshi notes, because he already goes to see Ranmaru’s dance competitions, choir shows, and band performances.
  • Mitsunari is the star member in the debate club. He’s quick to find flaws in arguments once he goes into analysis mode, and can be quite scary when he catches his opponent slipping.
  • He wants to join the kendo club to be with Ieyasu but can’t because of his conflicting time schedule. Ieyasu is secretly thankful for it.
  • Makes the kids their lunches every day. Hideyoshi believes in good nutritional food, and what better place than to get it from home.
  • Ranmaru is always giving away his lunches at school especially to the kid that can’t afford a meal. Ieyasu also lets Ranmaru give his lunch away, so Ranmaru is always giving out two meals.
  • At first Ieyasu had no idea the effect that Ranmaru’s charity would have, but it seems to have propelled Ranmaru into popularity with the students as he’s easily approachable and cute.
  • Because of this, Ieyasu keeps his distance from his younger brother at school. He ignores Ranmaru until it’s time to go home.
  • Rolls his eyes whenever Ranmaru goads about how popular he is.
  • Mitsunari often spends his school days in the library deeply reading book after book. Doesn’t need to attend classes to retain information. He self studies when he needs to, and always passes his exams with perfect scores much to Ieyasu’s chagrin.
  • Mitsunari always offers to tutor Ieyasu or share notes with him, but Ieyasu always rebuffs his offers.
  • Mitsunari is always taking top score academically, and Ieyasu always comes in second place. This also applies in sports meets.
  • Masamune has a strained relationship with his parents mainly his mother. He feels pressure from his folks to stop being such a party boy that’s always wasted and to finally correct himself.
  • It is because of this that Masamune often spends time at the Oda house to escape his parents’ daily lectures.
  • Occasionally, Masamune may appear at the Oda house wasted from a night of partying. He doesn’t like going home and getting another chewing, so he goes to Uncle Nobu’s because he’s cool
  • He casually lets himself into the Oda home unannounced, sits at the dinner table uninvited, and often time eat just about every edible thing in the fridge. He is the main reason Hideyoshi extreme coupons and takes advantage of grocery sales.
  • Hideyoshi isn’t so forgiving, though, and ends up lecturing Masamune the next morning when he’s hungover.
  • Regardless, Hideyoshi always has the guest room ready for Masamune making sure his nephew has everything he needs for an overnight stay.
  • Masamune is aware of the dirty secrets in the Oda family, but keeps quiet because the Oda house is his haven. He’s loyal to Uncle Nobunaga and would never betray him or his family.
  • Despite his college frat kid status, Masamune is surprisingly in his third year of university. It’s a secret only known to Nobunaga which is why Masamune trusts him so much.
  • Still, that doesn’t stop him from attending every party on campus and smuggling Shogetsu in an attempt to get all the chicks.
  • Masamune is also the one to treat everyone to a round of drinks to keep the party going.
  • Before going to university, Masamune helped around the Oda house mainly with his cousins. Always gave them rides to school.
  • He tries to make time for Ieyasu, Mitsunari, and Ranmaru when he isn’t busy with school or secretly cramming for exams. He helps the boys with their life experiences.
  • Imagine Ieyasu’s surprise when Masamune taught him calculus. To this day, Ieyasu does not know how an alcoholic like Masamune excels at math.
  • Ranmaru keeps asking Masamune to take him to one of his frat parties, but Masamune denies him every time. He doesn’t want to get on Uncle Nobunaga’s bad side for taking his favorite child to a wild frat party.
  • Masamune has much respect for his favorite family as wild as he may be.
  • However, that didn’t stop him from trying to introduce Ieyasu and Mitsunari to their first porn magazine for shits and giggles.
  • They were discovered by Mitsuhide and a deal was made to keep the incident under wraps from Mama Hideyoshi.
  • Speaking of Hideyoshi, he’s always encouraging Masamune to go to church so he can get closer to the Lord.
  • In reality, Hideyoshi is trying to set up Masamune with Mai (MC).
  • Mai recently appeared in church and Hideyoshi couldn’t help but think just how ideal she could be in helping Masamune get on the right path in life. Deep down, Hideyoshi believes Masamune needs a good cleansing of the soul.
  • There’s now a bible in the guest bedroom with an encouraging note from Hideyoshi promising to invite Mai to church if Masamune goes.
  • Masamune humors Hideyoshi, but in reality, he got curious about Mai. Now that he has met her, Masamune always sits next to her during service and casually tries to hold her hand.
  • Mama Hideyoshi is later texting the other church ladies about how his nephew and Mai might be in a relationship soon.
  • Except Mai is a girl that doesn’t like to be tied down. She’s pretty liberal but amuses Masamune because she finds him amusing. She still hasn’t decided if she wants to keep it casual or become friends-with-benefits when it comes to Masamune.
  • The dirty mistress, Mitsuhide, always visits the Oda house “for work” so he’s there about twice a day, mornings and evenings unless business does indeed need to be taken care of.
  • Despite being Nobunaga’s mistress, Mitsuhide also takes great care of the family business.
  • His reasons for seeking Nobunaga out are a mystery.
  • Mitsuhide has many secrets he cannot reveal, but whatever it is he does has exponentially helped the Oda clan antique business prosper for the last ten years.
  • The Oda clan come from a long line of antique collectors drawing notoriety once Nobunaga took position as head of not only the clan but of the business.
  • Many believe it was for this reason Mitsuhide approached Nobunaga but not much else is known about the silver fox’s goals.
  • Each time Mitsuhide sees Hideyoshi, he can’t help but smirk and recount a steamy night of passion with Nobunaga in the office.
  • Mama Hideyoshi always stalks off raging sometimes looking for Nobunaga to confront him.
  • There are also times when Hideyoshi stops by the office to bring Nobunaga a home cooked meal. Mitsuhide always takes advantage of the situation and can be found clinging to Nobunaga as he shoots Hideyoshi a cunning smile.
  • Despite Hideyoshi getting mad with jealousy, Nobunaga ignores their antics. Whatever Mitsuhide spouts hardly ever holds any merit which is why Nobunaga hardly reacts to the accusations of his presumed adultery.