Ranmaru Mori


Let us stop and look how beautiful the artwork in Pokemon Conquest is


 A new Manga I’m addicted too and it’s set during the Sengoku period. A time period I have interest in. It’s also the setting and characters from the otome game I’m playing Shall We Date Demon Bond.

I think Ranmaru Mori is like Sasuke him being distant and cold with the heroine real name Hotaru or her pseudo name which is Kikyou. He is especially when she is trying to talk to him it reminded me of SasuSaku. I think Ranmaru  has trouble  expressing himself with her. Not to mention Hotaru is both a kunoichi and has pink hair like Sakura.

I’m starting to wonder if the Uchiha’s are long lost descendants of Ranmaru Mori of the Mori clan which explains their  genius combat abilities, techniques and strategizing. It also explains their personalities, intense stares and responses especially to the girls they like. I find it funny how Ranmaru is trying to deny he was looking at Hotaru when she said he was staring. 

Mori’s seem to be frank when they talk but men of few words which I think suits Sasuke, so who knows he could be a descendant of the Mori Clan.

The pictures are from the Manga Geten no Hana by Author Ruby Party and Artist Kumada Yuka. I recommend especially too if you like stories set during the Sengoku period.
I read it here http://www.mangatown.com/manga/geten_no_hana/c001/