Ranger Sequoia

Oh, beat the drums slowly and play the fife lowly
Play the dead march as you bear me along
Take me to the valley and lay the sod o’er me
I’m a young cowboy; I know I’ve done wrong

I was just hanging around, looking through music, when I felt like listening to New Vegas songs, and I happened upon “Streets of New Reno”

and I dunno, something about that song really inspired me. I’ve been trying to not draw fanart for a long time, but hearing that song, it was all I wanted to do

I know it’s wayyyy later than I usually post, but here it is, hahah

Somehow, it wasn’t all that hard to draw this. You’d think it would be, considering how different it is from my usual fare, but it was actually really easy. I guess I was just inspired enough to practically let it draw itself

 I really like how it came out, yesss

How good you are...

This is the story of a lie. As it turns out it was only me that I was trying to fool. 

I lied to my wife about 7 years ago, and though we didn’t suffer from the lie, it did alter the course of our journey a bit. I remember it pretty clearly. I had left my career in higher education to go chase a seasonal life in the American West, where we both wanted to be. We had put in a season at Zion National Park and a winter in Colorado ski country. After visiting family back home, we were driving from Kentucky toward California in the spring of 2008. She was due to start work as a backcountry ranger in Sequoia National Park. She was also up for a permanent job at Zion. Her future looked great. I had been turned down for two jobs in recent months and was feeling a bit down on myself for that. Maybe I was looking for signs. 

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"If I had to choose between the Brotherhood of Steel Paladins and the NCR Veteran Rangers, I’d side with the Rangers - in terms of favorites and who would win in a fight.

The Veteran Ranger uniforms are badass. And I’m pretty sure the Sequoia could kill anything. Regardless of whether or not that ‘anything’ was equipped with Power Armor.”


Fallout Confessions