Picked up a couple Glock 42’s today.

Going to be doing some extensive range time & conceal carrying this as my back-up firearm.

Shot 10 mags through it today without an issue.

Using Hornady Critical Defense Ammuntion.

Stay tuned for range time!

Take care


So today I took my WASR-10 to the range. Had a new tapco AK74 muzzle break put on.

Didn’t work out too well.

@25 ft i got the first 3 rounds around center before they dropped to the bottom. For a good while before dissapearing. Finally got back on and then round #36 blew the freakin device up.

Got peppered with bits of it but nothin bad.

You’ll notice that at 25ft the rounds were already tumbling. Turns out it was hitting the device on the way out. Freakin sucked. Corresponding with the company already so now it’s a wait and see.

Just so everyone knows, they make 74 style muzzle breaks for 7.62

At the range with the CZ-USA Scorpion, P-09, & our very own Andre De Villiers Butcher.

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My S&W 15-22 build is now complete!

Started as a 15-22 MOE FDE

Equipped it with a Magpul MS4 Tan sling, and a QD Rail for a two point option(shown in pictures), or one point option.

NDZ performance tactical charging handle & magazine tab in FDE.

Magpul vertical grip in FDE to finish her off.

Let me know what y'all think!

I do have two 50 round drums to go with it. :)

You can find more information on these products here:





Take care