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Alex texted you nearly every night now, and you often woke up to texts from him, so you weren’t surprised when he messaged you at 8 P.M. on a Thursday. What did shock you was what the message contained. It was a slew of misspelled words and some bad auto correct mistakes that you could hardly decipher. You decided it would be easier to just call him.

The phone rang for a long time before he picked up. “Alex?” you asked carefully. Anxiety was filling your gut.

“Hey!” His voice rang through the speaker of your phone. “How are ya, pretty thing? Where you at?”

“Alex, are you drunk?”

“Fo shizzle.”

“Who’s with you?”

“No one. There’s a bird in this tree. I’ve been callin’ him Ricky.”

You furrowed your brow. “You got wasted by yourself? That’s kinda sad…”

“Yep! That’s me! A low-life, with no life, who’s going nowhere!”

You sighed and started to pull your coat on and walk out the door “Where are you? I’m coming to take you home.”

“In the park.”

It was hard to hide the annoyance in your voice. “Which park Alex?”

“One of ‘em.”

“Alexander Hamilton tell me right now what park you’re at.”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” The line went dead. By this time you were already in your car. You groaned in frustration and threw your phone in the cup holder. It looked like you would have to check every park in New York City never mind that there were probably more than a thousand.  

You started with the ones closest to his apartment, which he wasn’t at when you got there. You kept a can of mace at your side, just in case something happened. You tried not to stay too long at one park. If he didn’t respond to you walking around and calling his name, he probably wasn’t there. You kept moving, trying to keep the emotion out of this. You were alone at night walking around parts of New York you’d never been to, and no one but drunk Alex knew you were out. It wasn’t an ideal situation. You hated being alone in the city, especially at night. It pushed your anxiety through the roof. You only noticed when you put your hands on the still steering wheel how much they were shaking.

You were wandering in probably the sixth or seventh park you’d visited that night. You felt like you recognized this place, but you weren’t entirely sure why. As you walked, you called out for Alexander, but there was no response. You sighed and followed the loop of the path, giving up on this place. You were almost to your car when someone stepped in front of you so fast you narly stumbled into them.

“Hey there. How are you?”

You looked up at the tall man. He was older, with wrinkles on his face and white peppering his beard and hair. He was dressed in a suit and had an expensive looking jacket draped over his arm, but he reeked of alcohol and was leaning a little too close for comfort.

“I’m fine. Thank you.” you said quietly before attempting to step past him, but he caught your arm and spun you around.

“Woah, not so fast! Where do you have to hurry off to?”

“I…I’m looking for my friend.”

The stranger let out low whistle and stared at you. “Is that the bloke you were shouting for?” You swallowed hard a nodded, paralyzed for fear. “I’m sure he’ll be fine. Why don’t you stay here with me for a bit? I bet I’m a lot more fun than him.”

“I’m sorry, I really need to find him.” You tried pull your arm away, but his grip only tightened.

“What’s the harm in spending some time with me?” he said with a toothy grin. You wanted to scream and fight and push him away, but you couldn’t move. You couldn’t breathe. You were stuck. The man started to pull you closer.

“Please…” you whispered, tears silently falling from eyes.

“Hey don’t worry. I just wanna get to know you better.”  

“Hey!” someone shouted. You both looked over to the sound. Alex was standing a short distance away. It was nearly winter, and he was wearing a T-shirt outside. “Let her go, man.”

The older man stared at Alex. Your vision was started to go dark. “Why? We’re just talking.”

“Because if you don’t take your hands of her right now, I’m calling the police.”

The man grumbled something and let go of your arm, walking away quickly. You instantly feel to your knees breathing heavily. Your chest felt tight and no matter what you did it wouldn’t loosen. It was like someone had put a brace on your lungs and was pulling them tighter and tighter until you suffocated.

Alex was at your side. “Y/N? Shit, are you okay?”


“Okay okay. What can I do?” Alex moved closer. You squeezed your eyes just with the sudden nausea and pushed Alex away.

“The alco…hol…Y-You smell…like h-him.”

“Oh God.” Alex stepped back. “What…what do you want me to do?”

“Just…st-stay away. Don’t t-touch me.”

There was a moment of silence filled with only your ragged breathing and choked sobs, and then you heard Alex’s footsteps slowly moving away.

You leaned back and put your head between your knees, willing the ache to stop. You took deep breaths until it hurt. Finally, after several minutes of breathing and whispering mantras to yourself, you started to calm down. You wiped at your face and felt you tears soak into your glove. Slowly, you turned your head toward Alex.

He was sitting on the ground a few feet away, watching you. His eyes were concerned, he looked hurt and ashamed.

“I’m fine.” Your voice was quiet, but it was enough for him to see.

“Can I…”

You nodded and stood up. Alex walked quickly over and took you in his arms.

“I’m so sorry.” he whispered.

“It’s okay.” You rub your hand along his back soothingly. “Aren’t you cold?”

“Not really.” He pulled away and shrugged. Alex stared down at the ground. You frowned.

“Alex, what’s up?”

“You shouldn’t have come out here.” he said quickly. “You almost got hurt. You shouldn’t have come after me.”

“What is going on with you? Why were you out here in the first place?”

Alex looked up to the sky with an annoyed face. “I just wanted to take a walk, think, forget for a bit. Things got out of hand, but you shouldn’t have come after me.”

“Are you crazy? Of course I was gonna come after you!”

“Why?” His eyes met yours carefully

“You could’ve gotten hurt tonight too, Alex.”

“Why do you care?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

Alex turned away from you. “You shouldn’t.”

“Jesus, what is with you tonight?”

“The possibility of me getting hurt shouldn’t compel you to risk yourself. I’m not worth it.”

You stared at him in shock and anger. “You can’t actually believe that.”

“Well,” He threw his hands up. “I do.”

“What do you mean you’re not worth it?”

“Look at me, Y/N. I’m an idiot. All I do is drink and get high. I barely have any real friends. I can’t keep a stable relationship. I hate my job, and I’m going nowhere, everyone knows it.”

Silence passed between you two. You weren’t sure I don’t break it, but you did know one thing.

“I don’t think that…I don’t think you’re going nowhere.”

Alex scoffed. “Yeah, okay.”

You grabbed his hand and made him look at you. “Really. You’re not going nowhere. So, you’ve made some mistakes, and yeah, maybe journalism sucks right now, but you’re a good writer Alex. You can do some much more if you just put your mind to it. You’ll never know how much potential you have until you start trying. And just because you’ve done some bad things, that doesn’t make you a bad person. Not regretting your mistakes is what’s not okay.”

Alex looked at you, for a long time. Your hand still held onto his. “You really think I could do something great?”

“I think you have the potential to. Maybe if you spend less time drunk in parks and more time  on building the career you want.”

Alex laughed lightly and nodded. He met your eyes, before looking at the scenery around you. “You know…this park is where I took you on our first date.”

“Really?” You swiveled your head around, looking at all the different landmarks. “That’s why it looked…familiar.”

“I am sorry, by the way.”

“Alex I told you, it’s oka-”

“No not for tonight. I mean I am, I am sorry for tonight. But…I’m sorry for how I treated you. I was a dick, and you didn’t deserve that. You’re a really great person, Y/N.” He stepped closer to you and took you other hand in his. You were mesmerized by his dark eyes. “I really regret leaving you…”

Alex leaned down and connected his lips to yours. They were cold, like the rest of his body, but it made you feel warm. He tasted like spice, probably Fireball.  You never wanted this moment to end.

But then you realized, this was Alexander Hamilton. He had hurt you, and so many others. You shouldn’t be kissing him. You should be kissing him. You shouldn’t be kissing him.

You put your hands on his chest and pushed Alex away. “I’m sorry I…I just.”

“Seriously?” he asked. “Y/N, we’ve been hanging out regularly for almost half a year! You can’t just pretend there’s nothing here.”

“Alex, I told you I wanted to stay friends. I want to keep this platonic. I’m sorry if you expected something more from me, but I told you from the beginning that I didn’t want to get back together.” you explained, but he didn’t look convinced. “And with Gilbert…I don’t want things to get complicated.”  You regretted it the moment you said it. Being caught in a lie would be the worst thing for your plan, but it did seem to shut him up.

“I know, I just-” He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Nothing. Never mind. I’m sorry.”

A surge of annoyance, ran through you. Was he really that unaccustomed to not getting what he wants?

“C’mon.” you said, dejected. “You’re gonna freeze to death out here. I’ll drive you home.”

Alex followed your wordlessly to your car, and stayed that way for most of the ride to your house. You put on some quiet music in an attempt to ease the tension, but it didn’t work.

You stopped in front of Alex’s apartment complex. He unbuckled and opened the door, stepping out. When he turned to shut it he paused and looked at you for a moment.

“I really am sorry. “ His eyes were so hurt and sincere.

“I know.” you whispered. Alex lingered for a bit, but eventually he nodded and shut the door, walking away.

You leaned your forehead against the steering wheel. What the hell had just happened? Why had he gotten so angry? Yeah, you’d been spending a lot of time together, and yes, the kiss was nice…very nice…knees weak swooning nice…

Your mind wandered back to that kiss, picturing what would’ve happened if you hadn’t pushed him away. It was nice to think about.

Well, it was nice, until you were interrupted by a text from Gilbert.

Hey, Alex made it seem like you thought something was going on between us? I’m really sorry if you misread my intentions but I don’t see you that way…I’m sorry….

“Shit shit shit!” you whispered to no one in particular. You quickly replied with a “NO” and then started to type a text with more explanation.

I’ve honestly just been saying a few things to piss him off. He can be a real player sometimes and I’m tired of it so I wanted to make him jealous

Gilbert replied quickly.

Oh haha I’m tired of it too mon amie use me however you need ;)

You thought back to the article. The reason you’d started this whole thing. You thought of how badly Alex had acted to your rejection tonight. You smirked and texted Gilbert back.

The Phone Call

The first time Ezra’s phone rang and the unknown phone number flashed across his screen, he didn’t answer.

The second time it rang, he thought about answering, but let it go to voicemail.

When it rang a third time, in rapid succession, he excused himself from the queue at the coffee shop. Reaching out for Nicole’s arm with an apologetic look on his face, he handed her his wallet, then ducked into a quieter space down the hall. It was extremely early in the morning, and though it seemed like the airport terminal should have been deserted, there were plenty of people walking around. The phone was still buzzing in his hand, and as he lifted it to his ear, sliding his thumb across the lock screen, he kept an eye on Nicole through the glass storefront.

“Hello?” he said, his voice rough, detached, and a little bit irritated. He was sure that whoever was calling had to have the wrong number.


From the other side of the glass, Ezra watched Nicole turn in search for him; she was almost to the counter, but it didn’t look like she wanted to continue to stand in line alone. He raised a hand to her and she nodded back, still hesitant.

“Yes,” Ezra said, his attitude changing just slightly. The voice was familiar, but paired with the unknown number, he was having trouble placing it. “Who is this?”

“It’s Byron Montgomery.”

Ezra tore his gaze away from Nicole and turned his back on the window. “I’m sorry,” he said, “I didn’t recognize the number. Is everything all right?” His heart started to beat a little faster.

“I’m calling from a coffee shop because service is spotty; Ella and I are in Vancouver for the weekend. Listen, Ezra, Veronica Hastings called about ten minutes ago and left a message. Spencer was admitted to Rosewood Community Hospital late last night…”

Ezra’s heart stopped cold. He was listening, but he wasn’t hearing a word of what was being said.

Slowly, he began to sink down the glass window, his back dragging the whole way until his knees were at his chest, one hand covering his mouth.

“We’ve been trying Aria’s phone for the past hour but we haven’t heard from her…we were hoping she was with you, or that you had heard from her recently, or…” Byron’s voice grew quiet on the other end of the phone and Ezra shut his eyes, bracing himself. Byron cleared his throat and Ezra knew he was having trouble keeping the concern out of his voice. “Is it possible that she listed you as her emergency contact? Have you heard from her? We haven’t talked to her in the past few days, and she said she was staying with you… we’re just worried.”

There was a pause that should have been filled with Ezra speaking, but instead was filled with a woman’s voice from the intercom overhead, calling for the passengers of a departing flight.

“Are you home?”

Ezra’s brain was telling him to respond, but nothing was coming out. His throat was dry and his lips suddenly felt like sandpaper. All the blood that had been rushing through his veins was now getting blocked in his brow, between his eyes. He could feel the weight there, and he could feel his heart slowly breaking.

“I’m not,” he said quietly. “I’m at the airport in Philadelphia. Do you know…is everything okay?”

A pair of feet appeared before him and he looked up to find Nicole staring down, a confused expression on her face. He hadn’t noticed that there were tears brimming in his eyes until he was having to look through them.

“What’s wrong?” she mouthed.

Ezra didn’t respond and instead looked away, trying to focus on something else.

“Oh,” Byron said.

If Ezra’s heart wasn’t shattered at the thought of Aria being hurt or in trouble, the tone of her father’s voice at hearing that his daughter’s soon-to-be husband was miles away when the state of her well-being was in jeopardy certainly did it.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t know you were headed out of town. I’ll try to reach Veronica or Peter to see if they have an update. No one seems to want to answer their phone this morning. We’ll let you know if we hear anything. Can I trust that you’ll do the same for us?”

“Of course,” Ezra stammered. “I–”

“Thank you.”

“Byron, wait,” Ezra said, trying to keep the other man on the phone long enough to tell him that he wasn’t on his way out…he was just getting back.

He was met with a soft silence and two little beeps that signaled the call had ended. Ezra let the phone fall from his ear and his arm fell slack at his side. He was now completely seated on the ground, his back pressed firmly against the window, one knee still bent in front of him, the other leg sticking out into the traffic of passersby.

He wanted to call Byron back and ask if they’d heard from the other girls, if Spencer was okay, if there had been any suspicious activity in town lately…but if they were in Vancouver, they probably didn’t know much more than he did.

He also couldn’t stop his mind from racing long enough to tell his fingers to redial, and though all other points were true, this was perhaps the biggest reason he didn’t call Byron back.

“What’s wrong?” Nicole asked again, crouching down so that she was at eye level.

“Aria might be in the hospital,” he said. His eyes were trained on the wall across from him. He was trying to process what this meant. He let his eyes fall to Nicole and tried to read her face. She was either being very understanding or didn’t realize the weight Aria’s name carried as it fell from his lips.

He held up his phone, as if that said enough.

“That was her dad, and…he thinks her best friend was taken to the hospital last night, but no one can reach her. I’ve been so distant and distracted lately that I’ve hardly even tried to check in or keep up with what’s been going on at home….”

“Ezra, stop,” Nicole said, easing herself down next to him. “I’m sure she’s just fine, and I’m sure her parents will get a hold of her soon and if something is wrong, they’ll be there.” She reached a hand out and gave his upper arm a squeeze. “I’m sure she’s fine. You don’t need to worry about it.”

There is an awkward, palpable silence between them as they both tried to wrap their minds around the situation, both of them under a slightly different understanding. Ezra felt sick to his stomach, for multiple reasons.

The irony of the situation was almost painful.

“Her parents aren’t home,” he said, only halfway paying attention to the woman in front of him and the words that were coming out of his mouth.

Nicole gave him a funny look, this time realizing that there was something else he wasn’t saying. She tried to put the pieces of the puzzle together, but was coming up short.

“What was I thinking?” he said to himself. He rest his head in his hands, both his palms cupping his forehead. “I shouldn’t have left the country.”

What he thought, but didn’t say out loud was this: What had he been thinking leaving Aria at home, alone, with a murderer wandering about. What had he been thinking, not mentioning to Nicole, first thing, the fact that he’d moved on? That he was engaged… How had he expected things to play out?

His palms started to grow clammy as he thought of all the countless things that could be keeping Aria from answering her phone – all the things “A” could be doing to her at this very minute.

He reminded himself that this most likely wasn’t like the last time. Best case scenario, she was at the hospital too.

Best case scenario.

The only thing that gave him an ounce of comfort was knowing that neither Byron or Ella had received a call from the hospital. Or the Rosewood Police Department for that matter.

With that in mind, he quickly flipped through his phone until he found his missed calls. They were all from the same number – the one that had ended up being Byron.

Nicole reached a hand out and let it sit on his shoulder. It wasn’t there for five seconds before he was pushing himself up, forcing himself to move from the ground.

“I need to make a call,” he said.

Stepping a few feet away from Nicole, he started to dial Aria’s number. As he lifted his phone to his ear, listening to the ring back, a million thoughts started to tumble around inside his head.

He had been a witness to the tragedies that followed Aria and her friends for years. Not even a week ago, she had confided in him the fact that someone was stalking them again, that a man had died…at her hands no less, in one way or another. For Christ’s sake, the whole reason she’d come back to Rosewood in the first place was to testify that no, she did not feel safe, not even after all the years that had passed.

He had been selfish in pushing her away and in the wake of that selfishness, the woman he was engaged to marry may have been left in harm’s way.

After no answer, his call finally clicked over to voicemail.

“Hi, you’ve reached Aria Montgomery. Leave your name and number after the beep and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.”

Ezra’s heart dropped to the pit of his stomach once more. Immediately, he ended the call, pulled the phone away from his ear and dialed her number again.

“Pick up, pick up, come on, Aria,” he mumbled into the receiver as he listened to the ring back once more. Her voicemail clicked over again. “Fuck,” he said. He brought his hand up to his mouth again and waited through her greeting before finally hearing the beep and gathering himself enough to speak. “Aria, it’s me. If you get this, please call me back. I’m leaving the airport now and I should be home in an hour. Just…call me back.”

He brought the phone down and ended the call, closing his eyes and trying to force all the possible reasons she wasn’t picking up out of his head. He hardly remembered Nicole was standing behind him until he turned around and was face to face with her. Concern and confusion were written from her brow to her lip, and the truth hit Ezra in the gut – there was still so much he hadn’t told her.

“Ezra, what’s going on?” she asked. The lilt that came through her accent made her sound so naive that Ezra thought, just for a moment, maybe it was possible to avoid the confrontation all together.

But no.

He knew better than to think she wasn’t putting things together on her own. And he knew better than to think that it was fair to keep in the dark after all that she’d been through.

She knew who Aria was, she wasn’t stupid. Aria’s shadow had always been hovering in the background of their relationship, and in her heart, Nicole had to know that some part of Ezra was always going to compare the two – regardless of whether or not he meant to.

It came as no surprise when she let her eyes blink slowly and looked away, past Ezra. Then slowly, she said, “you still love her, don’t you,” and it wasn’t a question.


“Don’t,” she said, stopping him. “Don’t tell me what you think I want to hear, or what you think I need to hear. Just tell me the truth.”

“I’m not going to lie to you,” he said, a bit offended. His tone was harsher than he meant it to be as fear took the shape of anger. “I am so glad that you’re alive, and safe, and so thankful that I was able to be here for you…”

“Then why do I get the feeling you’re not being honest?”

Her words caught him off guard, but he’d also been thankful that she hadn’t been oblivious to his hesitance.

“There are a lot of ways I could say this,” he started, his brow furrowing, highlighting the age lines that had carved their mark since she last saw him. “None of them are easy…and I’m afraid that any way I put it, it’s going to sting.” He paused before continuing, but only enough to make sure that what he was saying next was clear. “I never stopped loving Aria, and that wasn’t clear to me until I was searching for you…” he could tell that the way this was starting to spill out was wrong. The words he’d been about to say were true, but they weren’t kind or considerate of Nicole’s feelings and she…she deserved more than that. She did.

He took a deep breath, planning to start again, but she cut him off. Her voice was gentle and there was nothing but love in her eyes, albeit a shred of sadness lurked behind them.

“You don’t have to go on. In fact, I’d prefer if you didn’t. I can’t compete with her, Ezra,” she said, shrugging her shoulders in defeat before stuffing her hands in her back pockets. “It’s nothing new,” she added, as if this was somehow supposed to help. “This was our problem from the start.”

“Don’t,” he said, “don’t do this. I feel awful, okay?”

“I’m not trying to make you feel bad,” she said simply. “I’m trying to set you free. You’ve done more than enough. Go on, be happy. Live a life without the guilt of leaving me behind, and for heaven’s sake, don’t send her off this time.”

In the time they’d been standing outside the coffee shop, a flight had unloaded and the hall had grown more crowded. Men and women were weaving around them, giving them curious looks as they entered the coffee shop, every so often attempting to catch a bit of what they were saying.

Ezra looked around them. “I can’t leave you like this,” he said, even though only half of his heart was in it.

“But you can. I’ll be fine, I promise. My parents are anxious to see me anyway,” she started to laugh, and seeing a smile on her face gave Ezra the assurance he needed to know that she would be okay. “When I told them last night that I wasn’t coming straight home, they were politely put out. They’ll be very happy to know that plans have changed.”

“I’m sorry,” Ezra offered.

“Don’t be,” she said, shaking her head. She watched him for a moment and in the ten seconds of silence that sat between them, she saw him check his phone, as if a call could have somehow come in unnoticed. “I’m going to go out on a limb here,” she said, trying to break the tension, but also trying her hardest to do him a favor. “You’re not getting any younger – those grey hairs don’t do you any favors. Skip all the boring stuff, go find her, make sure she’s safe, and dear god, ask her to marry you already.”

Ezra’s breath caught in his chest.

“I’ll let you buy me a ticket to New York if you don’t mind…I’m kind of broke at the moment,” she added.

“I,” he closed his mouth then opened it again, trying to think of something to say.

Telling her that he and Aria were already engaged wouldn’t do any good now. Then and Now would be out soon enough and he was sure Nicole would see it – and even if she chose not to read it, which he wouldn’t blame her for in the slightest – he knew that she was smart enough to put two and two together. He could say something, but he didn’t need to. And so he didn’t.

“I can do that,” he said.

It wasn’t more than two hours before he was pulling into a spot outside Rosewood Community Hospital, throwing the car in park and whipping his seat belt off at the same time. He was going as fast as he could, but it didn’t seem fast enough. He had tried Aria’s phone every ten minutes for the entire drive home, calling Emily every so often as well, and wishing that he’d thought at some point during the past seven years to ask for Hanna or Ali’s number.

As he pushed through the door it occurred to him that he was literally at an emergency room at the crack of dawn, desperately in search of his fiancée because he hadn’t talked to her in days and no one else had been able to get a hold of her. He felt sick to his stomach as he remembered the way he’d treated her right before he left for Colombia. He remembered the fact that she exchanged their tickets to Tuscany for his flight…and what made him more sick was that he remembered how he had hardly spared a single thought for her since that flight took off.

How had he fallen so far so quickly?

The scent of the hospital was strong on his nose and it was enough to make him feel weak in the knees. He scanned the room for Aria’s face – or anyone’s face, honestly. He would have been happy to see Alison at this point. As long as someone could tell him that everything was fine. Everything was alright.

As he approached the front desk, he tried to gain a handle on his nerves.

“Hi,” he said to the woman at the counter. “I’m looking for Aria Montgomery; has anyone by that name been admitted tonight? Small brunette…short hair, uh, hazel eyes…” His voice was shaking, his hands were shaking, his knees felt like they might buckle under the weight of his own body.

It only took the woman a few seconds to look over her records and say, “no, I’m sorry, there’s no one by that name listed here. Is everything alright?”

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” Ezra said, feeling defeated. “What about a Spencer Hastings?”

He knew for a fact that Spencer was there. That would be a better start than he had at this point.

The woman gave him a quizzical look before nodding her head to her records again, this time coming up with a bit more than an apology.

“It looks like Ms. Hastings has been admitted; she’s down the hall in room C117.”

“Am I able to go back there? Do you know if anyone’s with her?”

“I’m not sure if she has anyone with her at the moment; you’re welcome to go back and see.”

Ezra nodded his head and thanked the woman before heading down the hall in the direction she had pointed. His feet moved quickly, and he was thankful that his panic was starting to fade – not entirely, but just enough to give him a sense of ease. A hope that if she hadn’t been admitted along with Spencer, maybe she was okay.

He reached the end of the hallway and went to follow the numbers around the corner, but before he could even focus on the room numbers, he heard Emily’s voice.

“When are we going to be able to see her?”

“She’s just been brought back from intensive surgery, honey, she’s resting. You’re welcome to wait, but she doesn’t need to be woken up right now.”

“Thank you,” someone else said.

Ezra turned the corner, his face a mess with the worry of a day that had barely started – or perhaps a day that had yet to end. There, on the floor, with her head between her knees, shaking and rocking back and forth was a small woman – a woman he would recognize anywhere.

“Oh, thank god,” he said, relief rushing out of him like water bursting forth from a dam.

Aria’s head snapped up; her face was covered in dried tears, her makeup a mess, her hair sticking out at odd angles. It was clear that she had been through something and Ezra hated that he had no idea what it was. He was sure that if he were to look around at the other girls, they wouldn’t look any better.

“Ezra?” she said. She didn’t move right away – she couldn’t believe that he was actually standing in front of her. “Oh, god, Ezra,” she said, desperate. She leaned forward and pushed herself up and off the floor.

They fell together and everything around them seemed to fall away.

“I’ve been trying to reach you all morning. Your dad called me…are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she said into his shoulder.

He smelled so strongly that she couldn’t stop the tears as they pooled over onto her cheeks, making new trails.

“I’m so sorry I left,” he said into her hair.

She took in a deep breath and leaned back. “I don’t care anymore,” she said, shaking her head. “I’m just glad you’re here. I’m so glad you’re here. All I keep thinking is that she could have died. I can’t – I can’t live like this,” she said, a sob caught somewhere in her throat.

She let her forehead fall forward into his chest and it was then that he pulled her in with the intent of never letting go. It was then that things were finally put into perspective. As he breathed in the heat coming off her body and memorized rise and fall of her chest as she cried, he resolved that she was always who he had intended to spend the rest of his life with.

It was always her, and he should have known that.

I Can Lift a Car

a super mix of jumpy songs to make you wanna get out and do something

I Can Lift A Car Walk the Moon ✽ Harlem New Politics ✽ Best Day of My Life American Authors ✽ Guilty Pleasure Cobra Starship ✽ Oh No! Marina & The Diamonds ✽ Daylight Matt and Kim ✽ Hello Brooklyn All Time Low ✽ Holiday Vampire Weekend ✽ Wetsuit The Vaccines ✽ Stars (Hold On) Youngblood Hawke ✽ Fluorescent Adolescent Arctic Monkeys ✽ Color On The Walls (Don’t Stop) Foster the People ✽ I Wanna Get Better Bleachers ✽ The Run and Go Twenty One Pilots ✽ That Green Gentleman Panic! At The Disco ✽ Waste Foster the People ✽ Tchaikovsky & Solitude Miniature Tigers ✽ Norgaard The Vaccines ✽ All the Pretty Girls Fun. ✽ What You Know Two Door Cinema Club ✽ Diane Young Vampire Weekend ✽ Ain’t It Fun Paramore ✽ Young Volcanoes Fall Out Boy ✽ While We Go Dancing White Rabbits ✽ Carried Away Passion Pit ✽ Starlight Tonight Alive ✽ Oceans The Format ✽ Believer American Authors ✽ White Sky Vampire Weekend ✽ Quesidilla Walk the Moon

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Picked up a couple Glock 42’s today.

Going to be doing some extensive range time & conceal carrying this as my back-up firearm.

Shot 10 mags through it today without an issue.

Using Hornady Critical Defense Ammuntion.

Stay tuned for range time!

Take care


So today I took my WASR-10 to the range. Had a new tapco AK74 muzzle break put on.

Didn’t work out too well.

@25 ft i got the first 3 rounds around center before they dropped to the bottom. For a good while before dissapearing. Finally got back on and then round #36 blew the freakin device up.

Got peppered with bits of it but nothin bad.

You’ll notice that at 25ft the rounds were already tumbling. Turns out it was hitting the device on the way out. Freakin sucked. Corresponding with the company already so now it’s a wait and see.

Just so everyone knows, they make 74 style muzzle breaks for 7.62