So I was re-watching the Pushing Daisies Comic-Con panel from 2008, and Bryan Fuller refers to Randy Mann as how Ned would be of he never had his gift. Oh my god. The world makes sense now.
They both hold onto loved ones who’ve died.
They both are socially awkward and easily confused but still romantic.
They both are embarrassed and try to hide who they are.
They both have abandonment issues and hate being alone.

In a cameo during the second season of TV’s short lived fantasy comedy, Pushing Daisies, David Arquette plays Randy Mann, a taxidermy fan who recently lost his roommate and Best Friend. He is of course best known for his role in the Scream movie franchise and for divorcing Courtney Cox Arquette.

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Good Times with Steve Simeone - Liner Notes

This week I was the guest on the podcast Good Times with Steve Simeone. 

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Steve was one of the very first “real comics” I got to know when I started out in stand up back in 2002. I say real comic because he already had years of experience and a sweet job at The Comedy Store

Back then, all that separated the Store from the Wild West was a distinct lack of working firearms among the comics. It was a truly crazy place. In the middle of all the madness was Steve. He was the Store’s Resident Advisor/Camp Counselor- sort of a hybrid between Val Kilmer in Real Genius and Bill Murray in Meatballs. In a place that had enough negative energy to open a portal to another dimension, he was a beacon of positivity. 

On top of that, Steve’s flipping hilarious and has carved out a unique voice in comedy. Whenever a friend or relative asks who some of my favorite comics are, I always end up rattling off a list of non-household names (for the time being) which leads to a little confusion on their part, which then leads to me getting explain why I think they’re funny and maybe even do a little show and tell with their comedy. 

Anyway, Steve’s been on that list for years. Check out his album Remember This and try not to chug a two liter of Mountain Dew after you listen to it. 

Here are some notes about some of the things we chatted about. We were all over the place. 

Megaforce - For those of us lucky enough to have seen it, it’s a cult classic that deserves more recognition for just how ridiculously awesome it is. You can watch the full movie here.


Space Camp - This was the ultimate destination for any kid in the 80s. Out of all the friends I’ve ever made, exactly two have gone to Space Camp. 

USS FLAGGSeven and a half feet of G.I. Joe awesomeness. Had I never opened the box (or any of my other toys as a kid), I could have retired to my own island years ago. 

WCW in Lincoln, NE, 2.27.98. -  Holy cow was that a good line up. Diamond Dallas Page vs Scott Hall, Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero and Ric Flair vs Curt Henning. 

Macho Man Randy Savage - That new documentary is worth a watch or ten. 

Wrestlemania 2 - Hulk Hogan vs King Kong Bundy in a steel cage. 

Howard Mann - My friend and comedy mentor. He was wonderful. Out of all the things he ever did, becoming known as “Skittles guy” from Seinfeld was his favorite. You can check out the old man ranting videos we talk about here.


The Joke MachineMarc got the name from Ari Shaffir back when Ari hosted the Potluck at the Store. Ari would challenge Marc to write a jokes virtually on-demand from topics given by the audience and Marc could do it. 

Tornado HillThat little bump is the largest (and only) hill in my hometown of Grand Island, Nebraska.

Stu ThomsenThis was the ad that was in the back cover of nearly every Marvel comic for a stretch during 1984. Competition Certified monster frame and fork, Power Stem, Power Bar, pinstripe pads.Such a sweet machine.


OMG, those names are beautiful.


SOUND IN THE ANAL. Man am I just glad I got a boring name.

Oh, I know xD

Also, my mother worked with a British immigrant named Steve Pick. Now, that sounds like a pretty normal name to native English speakers. The problem in Norway is that “Steve Pick” is pronounced EXACTLY the same as “stiv pikk”… which means “hard cock”. So when he introduced himself he really got a laugh out of people.

Also, a friend of my father’s was named Randi Mannsåker. She moved to England to study, and the problem was… when they tried to pronounce her name, it turned into “Randy man sucker”. Which is honestly how that name would sound with most English accents.