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oh dear Diane, a good and lovely evening to you! would you, could you maybe share what fanfic you like to read and are currently reading and what your favourites are (and/or which fandoms your absolute favourites are)? please and thank you very good much and all the best to you! <3 sorry I am too curious, but I am too curious ;)

I keep meaning to answer this… sorry for the delay.

In terms of fic reading I dip in and out of a lot of fandoms – as over half a century one tends to pick up quite a few of them – but the one I’m most deeply immersed in, these last few years, is BBC!Sherlock. I don’t want to point to specific fics, as that way lies madness (since my ask box routinely then blows up with people who either want to argue my choices or get cranky at me for daring [as a pro] to have or express an opinion [about fanworks]– regardless of having been asked to).

But. In terms of who I read: looking over my bookmarks, and in no particular order whatsoever, here are writers I read regularly, in some cases repeatedly, and whenever they do anything new. (Pardon me for not linking to the names. They’re all on AO3.) A side note: routinely when I get to like something about a writer’s style, voice, or subject matter, I read everything they’ve done. Because I’m greedy.

Chryse. Mydwynter. Mazarin221b. Atlin Merrick. Wendy Marlowe. wordstrings. (BTW, apologies in advance if I accidentally capitalize anyone who doesn’t cap their name.) MirithGriffin. SilentAuror. liriodendron. mydogwatson. Odamaki. Philalethia. lifeonmars. scullyseviltwin. darcylindbergh. prettyarbitrary. MadLori. MirabileLectu. azriona. distantstarlight. XistentialAngst. what_alchemy. greywash. ivyblossom. ancientreader. esterbrook. kedgeree. Tysolna.1electricpirate. Salambo06. Kate_Lear. BeautifulFiction. etothepii. pennydreadful. abundantlyqueer. bendingsignpost. songlin. tepidspongebath. NoStraightLine. VerityBurns. JupiterAsh. earlgreytea68. roane. aubkae. Random_Nexus. mithen. Linpatootie. belovedmuerto. Passeriform. Valeria2067. aderyn. Callie4180. moonblossom. hiddenlacuna. katzedecimal. hitlikehammers. Kryptaria. professorfangirl. TSylvestris. strangegibbon. snogandagrope. ghislainem70. cwb. illwick. NyxUnderwood. snorklepie. Vulgarweed.

Also, at the graphic end of things, Reapersun, navydream, and anotherwellkeptsecret.

I think that (as the man says) should be enough to be going on with. :)

One of my favourite types of ACD fic lately has been when Watson’s past military lover makes his way back into Watson’s life, only to make Watson realise how much he loves Holmes. Specifically, My Private Affairs by A_Candle_For_Sherlock tells this kind of story and it is one of the best ACD fics I’ve ever read.  The Bee Grove by Random_Nexus is kind of on par with this. But this fic above, The Doctor’s Doctor by Ophelia_j is great and I’m so excited to read the sequel, The Case of the Missing Plumber, and see things fully resolved!

Hot Fuzz fic rec masterpost

Hello! As promised, here’s a list of my favourite Hot Fuzz fanfictions. About all of them can be found in AO3 and are mostly Angel/Danny centered. Note that the comments are my opinions on the fics more than actual fic info. I wasn’t sure how to categorize these but they’re now in general and nsfw sections for your preferences. Bolded ones are my personal favourites. Here’s also recs for aro/ace Angelbutter fics which can be found below here, too.

general content and teen audiences

First Date by KarlimeaghanThe cutest first date fic ever. Angel takes Danny on a proper date but not everything (nothing at all) goes according to his plan. English awkwardness and fluff. Rated T+. 4,371 words.

Reversed by sarahenany • What if Danny didn’t jump in front of Tom Weaver’s blunderbuss shot in time? Everything hurts. Safe from major character death, though, so not that bad. Rated G. 2,266 words.

Sunday In by anemptymargin • Domestic Angel/Danny and lazy Sundays. Life partners at their sweetest. Rated G. 727 words.

Christmas Number One by Phosfate • Nicholas’ and Danny’s first Christmas together. Domestic silliness and dreamy moments. Rated T+. 1,580 words.

Man of the House by mikes_grrl • Holiday ball at the stations wrecks havoc and Danny is the one to take the wheel next morning. I really love the badass and self confident mr. Butterman in this one. Rated T+. 1,157 words.

Partners, but not in crime by fizzyblogic • A bit uneven structure (the last 1/3 is just dialogue) but that doesn’t stop from this moving in together -fic from being cute as heck. Rated T+. 1,742 words.

A Boy’s Book of Practical Magic to Mystify, Baffle and Entertain by Phosfate • I love this fic so freaking much for several reasons: 1.the writing is super entertaining 2. it’s Danny’s pov 3. it follows a plot hole in the dvd extras (which I love) 4. the ending. is so lovely. rated G. 3,055 words.

Vodafone by majorenglishesquire • Angel tries to get over Janine. Luckily Danny is there, in everything. Cute ace stuff imo. Rated T+. 1,727 words.

Sandford: The Village that Cares! by mikes_grrl • I honestly don’t know why this fic is rated E because there’s nothing sexual or violent going on in it. Nicholas is just worried what everyone else thinks and Danny is delightfully caring. Rated E. 1,081 words. Part 2 of this (cute and rated G).

Staying here by sunnyrea • Janine wants Nicholas back and he’s got a lot to explain why exactly he doesn’t want to leave Sandford anymore. We all know the reason, though. Rated G. 1,356 words.

After The Explosion, the Days by Marie • Danny’s recovery from the explosion. Romantic but not too fluffy. Also note there’s scars involved (which I personally like), in case that’s triggering for you. Rated T+. 2,653 words.

Film Studies by Azarias • Incredibly adorable writing from Danny’s pov as he tries to figure out a way to ‘seduce’ Nicholas. It doesn’t go as planned but ends maybe even better. Also!! !!!Car chase!!! Love this fic a lot. Rated G. 3,947 words.

Preparation and Proposal by karlimeaghan • The one and only Angel/Danny proposal fic out there! This is so romantic and fluff-filled that it will melt your arteries. Rated G. 3,184 words.

Danny knows by anemptymargin • If hurt and comfort is your thing, this fic is too. Takes place after the explosion and Danny knowing what’s going on between the two of them. Nicholas is oblivious but the future and his heart are open. Rated T+, 2,006 words.

explicit content and mature audiences

What I See in You by irisbleufic • Study in the point of view of both Nicholas and Danny and how they see each other. Hint: it’s pure adoration. Rated E. 1,416 words.

Hot Chocolate by big_twinkie • This is personally my favourite read-smut-before-bedtime-with-a-cup-fo-tea-fic because even though there’s some clichéd tropes it works so well it can be read over and over again. Rated E. 3,736 words.

Handy Man by Random_Nexus • This fic struck (and Angel gets struck quite literally) with its hurt/comfort that leads to exactly what you expect. Rated E. 6,237 words.

Long Shot by Kass • Thinking some things are better untold is rarely a good idea. Luckily happily ever after isn’t that hard to obtain. Rated E. 3,272 words.

Words Unspoken by tawg • Such pretty writing but oh my poor heart watch out for the angst. Rated M. 1,729 words.

When to Stop by irisbleufic • It’s smut and it’s beautifully written. A short one but the same grand quality you can always expect from iris. Rated E. 720 words.

Danny’s Plan To Beat The Heat by Random_Nexus • Oh gosh I have such a weak spot for this fic. Danny and Nicholas spend a summer day alone together and get intimate when no one else is around. There’s also a lot of other sweet stuff but smut too. Rated E. 4,474 words.

Lie In by anemptymargin • It’s Sunday morning and these cute lazy bums can’t get out of bed. Might turn you into a marshmallow. Rated E. 1,803 words.

It’s in Your Jeans by tawg • Nicholas looks really hot in jeans. Maybe a bit too hot for his own good since he and Danny are basically in a public place. Only downside in this fic is the lack of appropriate use of lubrication. Rated E. 2,985 words.

At First Sight by irisbleufic • From the very start, Danny has his eyes on Nicholas – and the other way around too. Near perfect following of the film plot with the romance just waiting to raise its head. Rated E. 2,932 words.


Sexless Fic Rec

for @james-watson, who wished for smut-free fics. If you headcanon Sherlock as gay-ace, or you just want some g-rated romance, this is your list.


Next To You by cyprus_tree:  The absolute loveliest bed-sharing-for-a-case fic I’ve ever read. They wake up holding hands!

Operation Baby Girl Watson by earlgreytea68:  Parent!lock. There’s a plan in place at last, and it starts five minutes after Mary gives birth. @earlgreytea68

Love Notes: Heliocentric by aquabelacqua:  Sherlock tries his best to make John a playlist, but it’s not very logical. @aquabelacqua

Vagal Tone by Ewebie:  John kisses Sherlock for the first time. Sherlock’s flustered, to say the least.  

Stir Fry by thatwritertype:  The fluffiest little sickfic that ever fluffed. John takes such good care of Sherlock.

Persistent and Aggravated Imbecility, by Waldo:  John’s reached the end of his patience with the feet in the fridge. Sherlock’s sure he’s going to lose him, but instead he gets…a list.

Seven Ways to Fall Asleep, by tartanfics:  They keep falling asleep with each other by accident. And then, not by accident.

Cold Feet in the Hydrangea Room, by mithen:  They get booked in a room with one bed, which is…fine. Until Sherlock turns out to be a sleep-kicker.

This Isn’t About the Bathtub, by cyprus_tree: John means to propose to him tonight. It’s suddenly very obvious. The thing is, Sherlock had planned to propose to John.


The Old Familiar Sting by songlin:  Autistic! Sherlock, written by an autistic author. Sherlock’s never felt normal. John lets him know that’s more than okay with him.

FAQ by ancientreader:  Parent!lock. Sherlock has had access to the internet for eight days, post-prison. Turns out he’s used the time to look up how to change diapers. (Aka: the parent!lock oneshot that made me cry.)

The Empty Heart by sussexbound:  S3 divergence. What would have happened if Sherlock had gone straight to John’s practice earlier that day, instead of walking in on the proposal?

Normal, Sane, and Not All Right by mithen: When the bicycle knocked John Watson over outside Bart’s, he lost all memory of that day, and…other things. He isn’t sure what, until a stranger in a blue scarf insists he must remember.


Skeletons by flawed_amethyst: A multi-chapter Halloween-y AU involving more than one kind of skeleton in Sherlock’s past.

Obscurity by UrbanHymnal:  One of the loveliest things I’ve ever read. They thought John Watson couldn’t talk when he was small, but that’s not it; he can only speak in other people’s words. Sherlock is one of the few who will wait till he finds what he means to say.


The Bee Grove by Random_Nexus:  When an old friend dies, leaving Watson a letter, grief prompts him to write a letter of his own. (tw: suicide)

I have lots more, but I’ll save them for another day, another fic rec!

Berlynn Wohl's "Catching Up With Johnlock and Hannigram" post

Greetings, true believers!

The purpose of this update post is to supplement to my Johnlock rec posts here and here and my Hannigram rec post here.

Hope you enjoy! As always, do heed the tags – just because something’s in the “Miscellaneous” category does not mean it’s vanilla!


Johnlock – Pet Play

The Perfumed Garden by StudyOfTheBrain
Spoiled Kitty ‘Verse by philalethia


Johnlock - Tentacles

The Case Of The Consulting Cephalopoid by Random_Nexus
A Study in Homo-Octopoda by darkangel1211
Just One by drwatsonsjournal
No Better Excuse by Percygranger


Johnlock – Star!John

Celestial Bodies by UrbanHymnal


Johnlock – Mpreg

Until We’re Done by okbutjusthisonce
Built For It by okbutjusthisonce
Spawn by okbutjusthisonce
Handle with Care by annabagnell
Pressure by annabagnell


Johnlock - Omegaverse

Going Nowhere Fast by bobross
Her Majesty’s Secret Service by ButterscotchCandybatch
The Breath Between Us by fayfayfay


Johnlock – Plushophilia

Like a Teddy Bear by Citrine (orphan_account)
Bear Essentials by Citrine (orphan_account)


Johnlock – Watersports

Boys Will Be Boys by Citrine (orphan_account)
The Tickle Monster is an Elephant in the Room by The_Sherlocked_Shadow



Ensnared by Sexxica


Johnlock – Miscellaneous

What My Body Has Seen by philalethia
Not My Area by SailorChibi
Let’s Talk Shop by testosterone_tea
Scorpion Universe by buttsnax
The Way to a Consulting Detective’s Heart by Brennah_K
Bread And Honey by Dirty_Corza
Comorbidity by merripestin
How Can I Meet You? by pennypaperbrain
Sex with Sherlock by magikspell
My Love is as a Fever by Bishopsbird
Color of Your Love by twoandfour
The Dance of Death by Citrine (orphan_account)
Well Begun Is Half Done by Avice
Control by LapOtter



Hannigram – Daddy kink

Daddy Loves You by foxontherun


Hannigram - Omegaverse

Tender Loving Care by extremelyperturbed
Exposing the Truth by Durrant
Sculpted Desire by Durrant
Snared by cutglasscaress
sing for the damage we’ve done by coloredink
Tested in Blood by Annibal


Hannigram - Miscellaneous

Omega Point by cognomen, whiskeyandspite
Laconic by cheshirecat101
The Solitary Mermaid by telera (not going to include any more telera recs, because everyone knows telera’s work and it’s all awesome)
Equilibrio by lepus
by sketchnurse
throwing off sparks by coloredink
Prey Instincts by taylorpotato
You Suffer so Sweetly by DangerSlut
Wolf and I by t_pock
if you will come all the way down with me by coloredink
Penetration, Avidly Welcomed and Encouraged by DarkDreamsOfHannigram, theconsciousdarkness

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Do you have any recommendations for Lestrade fanfics? (Smutty or non)


Unlikely Connections We Make by Linpatootie

Sherlock: Give Me A Label (I’ll Make Confetti) by IBegToDreamAndDiffer

Sinking the Land by emungere

Human Remains by Saziikins

The DI and the Spy by chasingriver

Grey by Lucy

Virtually Perfect by Random_Nexus

Puppet on a String by kazvl


I’d Arrest You if I Had Handcuffs by taylorpotato

Consolation by Mildredandbobbin

Pinch by emmagrant01

Blank Canvas, Warm Bed by taylorpotato

The Contents of Greg Lestrade’s Camera Phone by taylorpotato

Lighting Up by Persiflager

The Operative Word by peevee

This Doesn’t Change Anything by Shellysbees


Seventeen First Dates by emmagrant01

In Deep by codswallop

Upon the Greeny Grass by Persiflager

The Horror of Lovebirds by UrbanHymnal


Last year, I assembled a list of popular Sherlock Christmas/winter holiday fics.  They were mostly Johnlock, so this year, I’ve done a similar hunt for rare pairs and gen Christmas fic on AO3.  I also did a search for Sherlock Hanukkah fic and included those results.

I used AO3 works search to search the Sherlock fandom for “christmas” or “holidays” or “hanukkah” and for the pairing in question, and I sorted the results by kudos.  I then looked for fics that appear to be seasonal, not abandoned WIPs, and not too angsty.  (I also tried for a diverse set of authors – meaning I sometimes skipped fics when one author had written a bunch for a pairing.)  But I make no guarantees about the content – and I’m quite sure I’ve left out a lot of great stuff.  Please feel free to reblog and add your own favorite seasonal fic recs if you have more! :)

Note: threesomes and moresomes are listed separately – so e.g. Sherlock/Molly/John stories are listed separately from Sherlock/Molly stories.


  1. Healing Touch - PetraTodd
  2. Deductions and Declarations - Sherlockian_87 (also Warstan)
  3. Christmas Cards - Aithilin (also Warstan)
  4. The Eligible Bachelor - conchepcion  
  5. Four Christmases holnnes (nicolebrander)


  1. So Full of Light - mydwinter
  2. Outside the Box - stardust_made
  3. Maybe This Christmas - feverishsea (also Johnlock)
  4. Holmes for the Holidays - moonblossom (also Johnlock)
  5. All My Exits Became U-Turns - bubblesbythebeach
  6. Trials and Tributes - reichenbach_riots (also Johnlock; Hanukkah fic) 


  1. Definitely Not the Antlers - wiggleofjudas (WIP but definitely not abandoned)
  2. “Snow Day” - fannishliss (shortly after the winter holidays)
  3. Twas The Night Before Christmas With Holmes And The Watsons - Random_Nexus
  4. To Interlace - onereeler (bumblebeesandsussex) (written pre-S3)
  5. The good life - Secretsofdreams

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I’m not usually a sucker for fluff (give me angst and smut and preferably at the same time) but these made my heart flutter. 

A Quiet Murmuration by cathedral_carver

Once More, With Feeling by redcarrigan

Unconventional Decor by coloredink

A Terrific Soporific by antietamfalls

Random Numbers by songlin

Laundry Day by Tysolna for Random_Nexus

The Coat (that was also a blanket. And a metaphor) by juxtapose 

Fresh New Recs

Served steaming straight from the hotpot of my joyful tears. Come and get it. 


Opposition Party & Armstice by mydwynter

  • I’m late to the game on discovering this one but as one of the most scorchingly hot pieces of text ever to set fire to my iphone its an absolute must-read for any mystrader, new or pre-abiogenetic. 

Virtually Perfect by random_nexus.

  • A squirmingly delightful get-together fic with an unusual premise. Tension cranks beautifully right up to the fluffy ending. 


Mankind should be our business by thatworldinverted

  • A Christmas Carol retold with protagonist a grouchy and disillusioned Sherlock Holmes. 

Santa Baiting by prettyarbitrary. 

  • Christmassy fun as John helps Sherlock deal with an old issue. If I have one criticism its that it ends too early - right before we get to watch them enact some serious revenge. 

(Omegaverse) Serviceman series by prettyarbitrary

  • Quite probably no introduction needed. 

Better than Canon. 

The Case of the Moebius Trip by bitenomnom

  • With regular updates and just a couple of chapters to go, give this WIP a try as it is one of the most knee-grippingly intoxicatingly well written bits of slow-burning johnlock out there. 

I’m with you by Random Nexus just updated!

Playing with the notion of John Watson meeting Sherlock Holmes a year or so earlier than in Ep. 1. WARNING: WORK IN PROGRESS, CONSTRUCTION ZONE, WEAR A HARD HAT AND EXPECT NO IMMEDIATE CLOSURE.

I love AUs even when it goes into BBC Sherlock canon. Sherlock has an alterna/nickname and John is BAMFy. It doesn’t update often so if you don’t like WIPs… don’t start… but it’s soooo good.