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I can't believe the skeptics believed a random tweet from someone saying that they were delivering BC/SH baby. They were all over it!! Now this week we have pics to prove that she is still pregnant and they're back to same "PR shilling/happy family" narrative or the "fake bump is back" analysis. It gives me a headache trying to understand these women. Where does all this hatred and lack of logic come from? Are they still going to be around in a years time?

I’m still leaning toward the idea that that tweet was made by a hater trying to start shenanigans. Regardless of that, though, it was incredibly dumb because it was inevitable that it would be proven wrong anyways.

I wish I knew where all of this hatred for people they’ve never met has come from, especially since it’s a virus that infects way too many fandoms. There’s obviously something wrong psychologically with the people who think this way. This is a total minefield that I prefer not to venture into because it’s unfair to diagnose someone over the internet (even though Gator insists on diagnosing Sophie based on a couple of pictures and a snippet of video). The one thing I will say is that erotomania is an element, since they believe Benedict is reading their blogs and sending them signals. As for what else is going on, I would leave that to the professionals.

The other thing that always makes me so confused is that the most vocal ones are not teenagers or young adults, they’s supposedly “mature” women. SoGo is my age (I’ll be 53 next month), Gator is in her late 40s, Annashipper is 40, and Aeltri is almost 40. I also remember there’s one who’s a grandmother in her 60s, but I just can’t recall what her name is. This is incredibly disturbing.

The truly sad thing is that the most heavily invested ones will still be here in a year’s time. We’re entering the third year of this, with so much evidence of Benedict and Sophie being so very in love and Sophie pregnant with their second child, and they still live in the land of delusional hatred and denial. Even if Benedict showed up at Gator’s house and showed her video of Kit and baby #2 emerging from Sophie’s uterus, she will never ever give in and admit she was wrong the whole time. She’s addicted to the drama and simply can’t live without it.

i really think that has a family we need to talk about michaels sense of humor more bc well

its one of a kind

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