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The person who saw them at the museum is not some random person, She often tweets Sam and Tobias, She is a freak

Whatever anon. Sam was in NYC. Now he’s in Budapest. Time to move on.

I really can’t get over how messy Harry Styles is. Like. That fucking bitch is one breath away from dropping 5 copies of his album on random street corners and tweeting out their coordinates just to sit in a car down the street and laugh as people knife each other for a copy.

signs as random billie joe armstrong tweets

aries: I just got attacked by a pigeon!! 

taurus: Shit.. I’m following twitter people and I can’t figure out how it happened. Damn this device! How do I make it stop?? Crap 

gemini: Donald trump you’re fucking fired! Go back to your shit hotel. 

cancer: If anyone needs work to be done around the house, I’m thinking of becoming a handyman.. Not much experience.. 

leo: Happy b day paris hilton! 

virgo: Spent the last few seconds finger painting fuck you to my fans. I wish I could fart on all of you. You suck 

libra: I want to get a tattoo of myself but taller 

scorpio: I’ve seen bridesmaids 3 times. I’m seriously considering bleaching my asshole.. 

sagittarius: Doing huge line of meth and watching megadeth.😁 

capricorn: I will be performing in my bedrOom by myself in front of my dog and stuffed animals. no charge and no guest list. Tickets still available! 

aquarius: Just got kicked off a southwest flight because my pants sagged too low! What the fuck? No joke! 

pisces: I really have nothing to say. Nice photo of my dog huh?

Reasons Dean and Seamus totally got married after leaving Hogwarts
  • They were minor characters but the most noted thing about them was they were best friends
  • When Dean got the new chaser spot on the Quidditch team that Seamus wanted they stayed friends and had no conflict 
  • When Dean returned to Hogwarts to fight in the war Seamus roared with joy and hugged Dean
  • They’re always seen together even after the war like just casually talking to Aberforth Dumbledore, probably holding hands but Harry is the least observant person ever 
  • They were way closer to each other than anyone else
  • Seriously did they have any other friends besides the other
  • They’re pretty relevant characters but don’t have canon on marrying women
  • Seriously, Dean even has a biography on actually being a half blood and how his dad was a wizard and left him and his mum to protect them but really nothing on him getting married to some random witch? 
  • This tweet from Seamus’ actor 

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I love the picture dan chose for phils profile because then even when dan can't be with phil and talk to him in person he can still look into his eyes :(

i like it bc it’s from one of my fav ever random dan tweets. still have no idea why dan randomly decided march 1 would be #philday but i think he jst wanted to share this pic and it amuses me to know he finds it so funny n memorable that it’s still phil’s contact photo over 3 years later wtf

Being in a polygamous relationship with Tom Holland and Harrison Osterfield would include

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  • your parents being shocked and feeling weird, at the beginning 
  • watching them while they’re working out 
  • them pulling out poses whenever they catch you staring
  • always spoiling you with gifts
  • traveling together 
  • weekly movie nights
  • fighting about what movie to watch
  • you always end up being the winner
  • them pouting and looking cute af 
  • you being the one in the middle every time you cuddle   
  • silly pics 
  • always posting pretty pictures of you on Insta
  • with cute little captions
  • them being possessive over you
  • always needing to have some kind of physical contact with you
  • Tommy likes holding your hand
  • Haz prefers having his arm around your waist
  • both of them being very protective of you, as well (Like no one can flirt or touch you (especially in an intimately way) or worse hurt you) (Honestly I feel bad for the ones that hurt you… They would knock him down, and if it was a girl hurting you… They would be pretty rude) 
  • sometimes they will compete against each other (even tho you love both) 
  • listening to music together (after a lot of arguing because of the different music tastes) 
  • making lovey-dovey playlists for each other
  • skinny dipping
  • playing video games together (or just watching them) 
  • whenever you’re playing with them, they always lose so that you’ll be happy
  • you being the price every time they’re playing against each other 
  • It may end up with the three of you 
  • taking bubble baths together
  • eskimo kisses
  • knowing their twitter passwords and tweeting random stuff from their accounts
  • fangirling over celebrities together
  • “OMG i’d so make out with Chris Evans!”
  • “same”
  • reading fanfics together whenever you’re bored
  • food fights
  • adopting a parrot together
  • naming it RDJ
  • teaching it to speak
  • “RDJ, say “a$$hole”
  • their families adoring you
  • hanging out with their moms 
  • taking sneaky pics of your boyfriends when they’re asleep
  • them looking after you when you’re feeling down
  • the making out sessions can either be really sweet and soft or really rough and hot
  • it could be a make out session with just one of them or with both 
  • normally with both of them it gets heat really fast 
  • the sex is mind blowing
  • you receive more than you give (and be ready for not be able to walk properly in the next few days) 
  • none of you three can be quiet
  • having sex with music playing in the background (normally chose by the boys)
  • when one of them is away it’s okay for the other two have sex
  • whoever is away, always wants to know how it was (so he/she can be better)
  • and because it may turn them on • Teasing them when you’re away   
  • with really sexy skype calls (it would drive them insane!) 
  • sexy pics 

this was a tiny collab between the amazing and beautiful @we-all-have-a-psychopath and i. hope you enjoyed it!

Dan is Phil Trash #1 but Phil became best friends with a random kid who started tweeting him, convinced Dan to finally make videos, brought him onto his channel, supported his channel, took him to YouTuber meetups, brought him to BBC Radio 1 and recently shared his Bonca award with him

Dan is Phil Trash #1 but Phil is also Dan Trash #1. Don’t ever forget it.

do you realize that if the Beatles were young and famous now Ringo would have a video blog with all the random shit they’d get themselves in to, John would tweet random strings of words/jibberish alongside incredibly wise thoughts, George would have a tumblr with a url he would keep a secret, and Paul would post shirtless pics on Instagram