I accidentally made a sort of sequence lmao -I just wondered “what if these two were actually pro dancers” I know that Yusei said that he’s not good at it but plz let me dream (also inspired by these two songs: [x] and [x] )

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I’m getting real peeved at certain people in certain fandoms and tumblr in general, especially this past week. Why do people go bananas when they read or hear or see something they don’t like, like an opinion, headcanon, ship, fanart, etc? And why do people feel like they have to send hate mail, say derogatory comments about others, and make others feel horrible for not agreeing with them? It’s juvenile and stupid. If you don’t like what someone has to say, don’t bother with them, just block them and don’t respond to them, because quite frankly, they aren’t worth your time and you’re wasting yours in the process as well.

Otherkin ≠ Mental Illness

A mental disorder (also called a mental illness, or psychiatric disorder) is a diagnosis, most often by a psychiatrist, of a behavioral or mental pattern that may cause suffering or a poor ability to function in life.

  • Identifying as otherkin is not, by itself, mental illness.
  • Identifying as otherkin is not, by itself, unhealthy.
  • Identifying as otherkin is not, by itself, a delusion.


  • A person who identifies as otherkin may also have an unrelated mental illness.
  • A person who identifies as otherkin and has a poor ability to function as a result, may be mentally ill.
  • Identifying as otherkin is not an excuse for bad or anti-social behavior.


  • It is not okay to bully and harass people who are mentally ill.
  • It is not the job of random Tumblr users to determine if someone is mentally ill or not.
  • The stigma that “mentally ill” people are “bad” or “crazy” is harmful and needs to end.

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Yeah and now you can pretend youre important because some random peope on tumblr like you, okay sweetie maybe if you had talent or you weret so sour people would like you in real life, then you could find something to do instead of bitching online

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if u didn't want him to see it u shouldnt post it online with his name attached its not uncommon for youtubers to go on tumblr and go through their tag nd he has a right to see what ppl say abt him

he’s famous and busy as fuck. why would any of us anticipate he’d look at some random Tumblr blogs?


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