Opens Tonight, June 28, 6-8p:

Strange Fruit
 Randall Bellows III, Andrew Brodhead, Nicholas Hall, Tom Lovelace

Rare Gallery, 547 W27th St., NYC (#514)

a group exhibition of photo-based work. Each artist depicts scenarios that are strange, disturbing, and even surreal in appearance, yet seem plausible and metaphorically true.   - thru Aug 9

Randall Bellows III, All My Past Futures, 2012. C-print, 20” x 30”. Courtesy Randall Bellows III and RARE Gallery, New York.

RARE Gallery Presents “STRANGE FRUIT”

Artist Reviews

The original inspiration for STRANGE FRUIT comes from the poem written by Abel Meeropol, a Jewish high-school teacher from the Bronx that was then turned into a song of the same name popularized by Billie Holiday. While the poem and song refers to the horrors of lynching throughout the United States, particularly in the South, the haunting and brave quality of the poetry, the spareness of the arrangement, and the almost strangled quality of Holiday’s voice singing the song became the inspiration for this exhibition. When I first viewed Andrew Brodhead’s plastic-wrapped bodies hovering over refulgent landscapes, a direct link to the song wasestablished in my mind. I broadened the conceptual basis for the show after gaining a more refined understanding of Andrew’s work and that of the other three artists included in the exhibition. The show serves as a vessel or repository for all sorts of strange, disturbing scenarios – plausible, even possible situations, yet often surreal or at the very least not readily fathomable.

Andrew Brodhead, Ben, 2012. Giclée print, 20” x 30”. Courtesy Andrew Brodhead and RARE Gallery, New York.

My digital is in need of repair and off to the factory, but that does mean I’m down and out…. No it doesn’t.

1957 Leica M3 with LEICAMETER and 90mm f2.8, 50mm f2, Illford XP2 C-41 B&W, Agfa Ultra 50 Color Neg, Fuji Film Acros 100, Fuji Film Neopan 400 (personal fav) Ray Ban Aviators, Business Cards.

Pentax 67 with Metered Prism and 75mm f4.5, 165mm f2.8, 90mm 2.8 Leaf Shutter, 67mm Lens Caps, Kodak 400 Tri-X, Kodak E100, Fuji Film Provia 400X, Fuji Film Provia 100F

© Randall Bellows III - RB3 Photography