My digital is in need of repair and off to the factory, but that does mean I’m down and out…. No it doesn’t.

1957 Leica M3 with LEICAMETER and 90mm f2.8, 50mm f2, Illford XP2 C-41 B&W, Agfa Ultra 50 Color Neg, Fuji Film Acros 100, Fuji Film Neopan 400 (personal fav) Ray Ban Aviators, Business Cards.

Pentax 67 with Metered Prism and 75mm f4.5, 165mm f2.8, 90mm 2.8 Leaf Shutter, 67mm Lens Caps, Kodak 400 Tri-X, Kodak E100, Fuji Film Provia 400X, Fuji Film Provia 100F

© Randall Bellows III - RB3 Photography