in the extras section of miracle mask there’s an episode where descole and randall are, just, hanging out in the reunion hotel planning their next nefarious scheme. so i choose to believe that between dark miracles, these two were just, chillin, watching tv, and ordering expensive room service because its absolutely  h i l a r i o u s   to think about

The Signs as Professor Layton characters:

Aries: Dimitri Allen

Taurus: Henry Ledore

Gemini:  Jean Descole

Cancer: Flora Reinhold 

Leo: Clive Dove

Virgo: Hershel Layton

Libra: Luke Triton

Scorpio: Emmy Altava

Sagittarius: Randall Ascot

Capricorn: Anton Herzen

Aquarius: Katia Anderson

Pisces: Claire Foley