Ramsay de Give

“Just over one year ago, I traded in my subway pass for Roxie, my pink Schwinn cruiser. She was given to me by my Dutch friend, Kirsten, who bought it off of a Brooklyn-based Haitian voodoo doctor whose colorblind son originally bought it thinking it was blue. One day I was riding through Brooklyn and a teenaged black boy yelled at me as I rode past, ‘Normally I would make fun of a dude riding a big pink bike, but your arms are so big, I don’t wanna mess with you.’”

Baratunde Thurston was photographed in New York City on June 27th. You can follow him on Twitter.

“He brought this box with him from China to Taiwan when the Communists came in 1949, and then later to the U.S. with just a few belongings. When he came down with cancer, I was too absorbed in my new job and life in New York City to understand that even superheroes are mortal. I never took my grandfather around the world, so now I carry his box with me everywhere I go.”

Tricia Wang was photographed in New York City on July 28th. You can view her writing.

“When I was younger I would spend hours playing with my collection of toy Breyer Horses but when I grew up they all somehow got lost.  A few years ago I opened a birthday present from my older sister and inside were these vintage Breyer Horses. I was so touched I cried; she’s the only person in the world who would know how wistful I was about this missing souvenir of my childhood.” 

Joanna Lily Wong was photographed in New York City on January 24th. View her site.

“One of the things that I’ve kept over the years is a book of classical Greek myths from my grade nine English class that was falling apart by the time I got it. The notes in its margins from past students who borrowed it - beginning in 1976 - seemed like they were just for me. I knew that if I stole it I couldn’t pass it on to the next student but I fell so much in love with it that I had to.”

Christian Lo was photographed in New York City on May 18th. You can follow her on Instagram.

“The moment I saw this ribbon on a goodie bag at a disco party, I decided it would be my lucky ribbon because it was white and satin and beautiful. Sometimes I use it to tie up my hair when I want to dress up a bit fancy for class. One time I took my lucky ribbon to school, and it brought me good luck because it made me have a fabulous day.”

Beatrice was photographed in Montclair, New Jersey, on January 5th.

“This leather jacket was my father’s and by some grace of God, it fit both of us perfectly. He wore it with aviators and ascots and I wear it with everything—dresses, jeans, nightgowns. A small hole above one pocket got stuck on a metal fence and completely ripped, but I just think of it as an extra pocket." 
Morgan Doff was photographed in New York City on August 5th. Here she is on Twitter

“I got my life-sized Pikachu on my fourth birthday from a friend of my Dad’s in Japan. He stays on his tiny bed I made for him at the corner of my bed and he has a wife in my home and they will be having kids soon. I hold him all the time and he helped me feel confident in making new friends when I started school.”

Kai was photographed in Toronto on May 18th.

“I was obsessed with filming everything with this Super 8 for a while, partly because hiding behind the camera allowed me to go places I might not have been comfortable going, especially when I first moved to New York, and people always want to talk to you when you have a weird old camera. One day I abandoned it and moved on to something else, and I think I’ll wait at least five or ten years to develop the finished roll of film in there. Super 8 looks and feels like time that is so long past, and eventually when you look at it that will be the case.”

Sara Cwynar was photographed in New York City on May 26th. You can view her work