Ramsay de Give

“For my final contortion show at the National Circus School, my director told me, ‘Be different.’ So I saved money (a lot), bought myself a beautiful pair of ballet shoes, and created a choreography that I performed with such pleasure. So yes, I love my ballet shoes.”

Elle was photographed in Montréal on May 16th.

“Isadora Duncan’s story - being an eccentric, reckless, courageous woman in a time when it would have been nearly impossible to be so - changed the way I thought about my own life. I look for this book every time I’m in a new bookstore and pick up copies to give to friends. Even if I lost it I feel like fragments of her stories are kind of part of me now.”

Sarah May Taylor was photographed in Toronto on May 20th. You can follow her on Instagram.

“As a product designer, I have always had a special place in my heart for objects. I found this old-school cap gun on a routine hunt in my basement and knew it would be with me forever. In many ways, this toy gun is a lot like me - small, harmless, classic, nostalgic.”

Michael Madjus was photographed in Toronto on May 16th. You can follow him on Instagram.