Iwan on Ramsay:
“… You have to find the joy in him. He’s not just cold and horrible. He actually really enjoys doing this stuff, he enjoys life. He’s not just someone who’s miserable all the time. He’s an extrovert and he enjoys all this. It was finding that kind of joy in it all, which really helped me. I think that’s what makes him interesting… I think finding the real joy was the key to the character for me.”

Preference: Cancelled Betrothal...

Reaction to an arranged marriage they actually want being cancelled.

Dany – She has three dragons. Large, fire breathing, dragons. She would be upset and do her best to negotiate the decision without getting violent. If things didn’t go her way, she would go to plan b. Codename: Dracarys.

Cersei – The Queen of Westeros would display how “power is power” and use all the power she still has/now has to get anything and anyone that she wants. No matter what she has to do to get it. There’s nothing she’d stop at until the marriage was back on.

Jaime – The Kingsguard Knight would challenge whomever he needed to for your hand in marriage. It wouldn’t have to be a fight to the death, a best out of *insert number* would suffice, but he would definitely fight till the death if that’s what it took to have you.

Ramsay – The Bolton Bastard would kill anyone who tried to take you away from him. End of story.

Joffrey – The eldest of Cersei’s three children would go immediately for an order of arrest and threats of murder. “No one takes away my Queen,” especially someone he genuinely cares about and wants nothing more than to have at his side during his reign.

Tommen – The Third Baratheon King of King’s Landing would do everything in his power to get you back and keep you at his side. He would use the “I am the King” line and for just a moment do almost anything to get the marriage betrothal reinstated.

Tywin – Do you really think anyone would try to tell Tywin Lannister he couldn’t marry whom he wanted to? If he really wanted to marry you, he would pay out money to keep the betrothal standing.

Oberyn – The Red Viper wouldn’t listen to reason. He would go right to you, take you from your home, and run off to elope in secret. Not only that, but he would wait until he was absolutely certain that you were pregnant (if it’s possible for you to become pregnant) before reappearing with you on his arm just so no one could take you away from him.


Starks don’t send their regards. They do it themselves. And walk it out.

Stab me. Take my life. Lay my body in the snow. Float it down a river; beat my living soul. Try as you will, I will not break. My triumph may delay and the pain may never abate. Yet I will overcome, and they shall sing of my rise; of my bitter-sweet goodbye; of a justice paid and the steel it made.