Ramada Encore Hotel review

We have chosen Ramada Encore Hotel for your accomodation as it is the place to be.  Close enough to enjoy the buzz of the city but far out enough to escape the hustle and bustle.  The Ramada Encore Hotel is the perfect Hotel for your short break in London.  This modern and comfortable hotel is in a quiet and relaxed area, yet it is easily connected to Central London via the underground. 


The coolest sights of PRince George - OFFICIAL GOAT HOTEL BULLSHIT


We literally saw everything there was to see in Prince George within the first few hours of arriving. There’s literally not much else to do aside from drinking and eating. I had 3 meals every day and felt like barfing all over the damn place. We found that we were planning our day around meals rather than things to do. lel


Nightcap at the Ramada…

So the other night, we went for dinner and secret santa swaps, which i will post the pictures up for soon enough, lol i have some on my phone but i wanna put the ones up of everyone ~! lol and not just me and someone else, anyways after dinner, we went to the sky lounge of the 5 star hotel in Cheongju, it was nice, and the view was good. drinks were a bit pricey but what do you expect haha~! was a good chilled evening, nice place to drink after….so Chilled, glad to have the friends i do in my city :)

More than 1,000 attend NDP rally in Edmonton ahead of Tuesday vote

More than 1,000 NDP supporters turned out Sunday for a political rally in Edmonton where leader Rachel Notley responded directly to the five Tory-connected businessmen who attacked her party Friday.

The men, who together donated $95,000 to Jim Prentice’s long-governing Progressive Conservative party over five years and received millions in government contracts and appointments, urged Albertans to “think straight” and vote Tory in the election Tuesday.

“Right here in this city on Friday, the PC party made … their final case to Albertans,” Notley said. “It was delivered by five conservative businessmen. They lined up in front of the media in a luxury penthouse boardroom, in a tower not too far from here, and they asked this: Why? Why should we have to pay anything?”

The packed Ramada Hotel ballroom erupted in boos.

“So, let me just respond,” Notley said. “Here’s why: By asking those who can afford it to contribute just a little more, 12,000 children will have a teacher when they show up for school.”

The chanting crowd applauded wildly.

“By asking them to contribute just a little bit more, we’ll be able to start reducing wait times in our hospitals and our clinics and care for our seniors,” Notley continued.

“If they don’t contribute that little bit more, then ordinary working Albertans will have to make up the difference, which is why Albertans are rejecting your budget, Mr. Prentice.”

Notley condemned the Tories for turning Alberta’s government into a circus, with “four premiers in four years,” adding that if the party can’t govern itself, it certainly can’t govern the province.

“Jim Prentice has been right about one thing. … Jim Prentice said Alberta is not an NDP province,” Notley said.

“He’s right, because Alberta doesn’t belong to any political party. Alberta is not a PC province, it’s not a Wildrose province, Alberta belongs to Albertans.

“And Albertans — Albertans — are going to decide who the government is. Not Jim Prentice. And not his five friends.”

The businessmen were former PC party vice-president Doug Goss, Melcor Development’s Tim Melton, Keller Construction’s John Cameron, Clark Builders CEO Paul Verhesen and Ashif Mawji, president of Trust Science and CEO of NPO Zero.