He had puppy brain at the starting point and first sign, but he did awesome after that! Score 93, Rally Novice A.

DETROIT: Rally against the murder of Terrence Kellum

Tuesday 4:30 PM at corner of EVERGREEN AND CHICAGO

MASS ACTION against the wanton murder of Terrence Kellum.

He was killed in his home by an ICE agent who entered the home illegally.

He was killed while reaching out to his father.

He was shot about 10 times, at least once in the back.

He was handcuffed after he was shot.

May 31, 1986 the fifteenth special stage of the  ADAC-Rally Hessen

At 20:34 the Ford RS200 driven by Marc Surer ran wide on a fast right hander. It spun on the grassy verges of the road and hit a tree broadside near the engine compartment at a speed estimated to be around 200 km/h. The car sheered this tree in half and continued to slide over the grass until it it a larger tree just behind its b-column. The Ford exploded in a great ball of fire and broke in two parts. Surer’s co-driver Michel Wyder was killed instantly. Surer was ejected from the car. He suffered multiple fractures, serious burns and other injuries. 


Colin McRae  swings wide on a corner and collides his right rear wheel with a boulder on the stage. The collision causes severe damaged to the right rear wheel. Colin finishes the stage, at Arrival Control Time before the next stage Colin and the mechanics go under the car to find a damaged suspension arm throwing the toe out of spec. The maintenance crew and Colin try to straighten the damaged suspension arm as much as they can by smashing large boulders against it before the next stage.They get it as close as they can before the next stage of the rally begins. 

Not only does Colin and his crew get the car running, but Colin goes ahead and clocks the fastest time of all the competitors in the next stage with a car not functioning at full potential. 

Simply amazing.