This video is so beautiful. I love these Raising an Olympian videos, because it reminds you that behind all of these amazing athletes there are parents that have supported them. And each parent is so different too. It’s just beautiful.

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Raising an Olympian: Ryan Lochte x

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Raising an Olympian - Gabby Douglas


Raising an Olympian - Anna Bessonova
Rhythmic Gymnastics

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Raising an Olympian - GABBY DOUGLAS (by ProcterGamble)

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Over the weekend, I heard a little bit of Gabby Douglas’ road to the 2012 Olympics. Check out the video above as her mom, Natalie Hawkins, shares her journey in Raising an Olympian - Gabby Douglas! Also, congratulations to Gabby and the US Women’s gymnastics team on winning a gold medal!

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Jodyn Wieber’s mom- Raising an Olympian

I wanted Jordyn to get through so bad :(


Raising an Olympian - Jordyn Wieber

P&G commercial, London 2012 Olympics

I’ve always been deeply impressed by Jordyn Wiebers determination. She proved immense dedication and never gave up, especially in the London 2012 olympics when she wasn’t allowed to compete in the all around. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming events of her gymnastics career.

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Raising an Olympian - DIANA LOPEZ (by ProcterGamble)