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Looks like Rainmaker and Ian James Corlett (Glitch Bob) have been busy.

Will you be seeing Sly Cooper when it hits theaters 2016?


Luna - A Short Film (by NeoMatrix225)


Okay, so having seen the teaser trailer, I’m a bit less completely disgusted by this.
The designs definitely look waaaaaaaaaay better in motion, but I still don’t know how I feel about this.

I guess thinking about it, they couldn’t really just do a Sly cartoon in the same style as the game like they are with Ratchet & Clank because Sly had a much more stylistic design. Although to be honest, why don’t they use cel shading in movies? I still maintain that Thieves in Time was trash and they had NO reason to change the designs and art style for that game, but for a project like this, it’s at least understandable.

To be frank though, I would MUCH prefer if we could get a 2D traditionally animated Sly Cooper movie done in the actual Sly 2/3 art style where it’s all pulpy with the really heavy lines. It would probably come out looking like Atlantis which would be tits.
But I suppose for the moment I will reserve judgement on this even though it does look kinda gay.