These are some pieces I’ve always wanted to invest in for school. I found some discounted authentic sellers online but I’m still worried about a few things.

I’ve been eyeing Sierra Brown Rainbows ever since I moved to SB. I had some cheapy brown sandals from F21 that did the job, but they finally broke down in Hawaii. So I think it’s time to move on. I’m a size usually a 7 in women’s. Rainbows size small (5.5-6.5) or a medium (6.5-7.5) and I find myself needing a smaller size with open toed foot wear. So I’m debating between small (or even buying the largest kids size to save money) or a medium. I even took a ruler and literally measured my foot according to their size chart! So if any of you guys own a pair of Rainbows please let me know if they run true to size.

ALSO, I’m tired of skipping class just because it’s raining. If you bike to class like I do, you know riding in the rain is no bueno. I was thinking about getting the Resolve (center) or the Venture (right). The Resolve is $10 cheaper but I don’t like how high the collar is. I’m also not sure if I’d be a small or extra small! Damn, I’m a hot mess.

Or Tumblr, you could even do me one better, and write out cheaper alternatives to super comfy sandals and rainwear. Cause I could care less about brand names. Help a brotha out?

Come on Californians! You know what these are. If you’re from Cali, you own at least a pair of these, have friends who wear these, or at least know what they are! Very popular sandals that are SUPER comfortable. Everyone is my area has them :)

If you’ve been hanging around for some time, you know that I’m not scared of complaining if a product or service doesn’t meet my expectations.

Recently, I ordered a brand new pair of Rainbows. I had this same pair for the past two years, but someone stole them so I had to reorder. I got them not too long ago and wore them maybe 5-6 times before I noticed that the rubber sole was wrinkled–I guess where it bends when I walk. None of my previous pairs of Rainbows ever did this, and it felt really weird on the bottom of my foot. 

Since they are guaranteed, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to email them about it. They told me that based on the photo, the warranty should cover my sandals but that I have to mail them in for inspection. 

As we speak, a brand new pair is on their way to me from California.

Thank you, Rainbow, for being a great company and making me a satisfied customer!

Also proof that if a company does the right thing, I will write about it too–not just the negative stuff!

I got a new pair of Rainbow’s on Saturday. I’ve been trying to break them in, but they are seriously killing my feet.  The break-in period is the worst.  I also sent my old pair in under warranty.  I hope they send me a new pair.

rainbow :’) by andr3ja featuring rainbow jewelry

Wildfox Couture white shirt, $123
Bodycon skirt, $38
Tube socks, $10
Lola Ramona rainbow sandals, $175
Irregular Choice rainbow sandals, $150
Rainbow shoes, $30
Venessa Arizaga rainbow necklace, $475
Zipper necklace, $9.99
Rainbow jewelry, $7
Forever21 rainbow jewelry, $4.80
Ariane Lespire wool scarve, $125
Paul Smith Accessories scarve, £69
Paul Smith Accessories scarve, £69
Summer scarve, $19
Gigantic 3-Pound Rainbow Swirl Pop, $40
Takashi Kamijo Rainbow Chopsticks, $35
Rainbow Cocktail Napkins, $20
Rainbow Shimmer Jimmies | Decorating | Layer Cake Shop, $3
Rainbow Sugar Pearls 4mm | Sugar Pearls | Sprinkles | Decorating |…, $2.75
Time to Celebrate Rainbow Rose Bouquet, $70
Color Wheel Stick Umbrella, $40
Rainbow Heart, $20
Rainbow Knit Beanie, $12
Amazon.com: Mini Rainbow Spiral Lollipops (16): Grocery & Gourmet Food, $9.63
Rainbow Tutu | Tutu | Fairy Tutu | Ballerina | Ballet | Princess Tutu…, $6.95
PMMA Silhouette Flesh Plug - Rainbow Check- Buy Jewellery, £3.95
Here's to summer.

Well, this is it. The last day of my summer. This morning, after eating a delicious grilled muffin, I sat down outside on my back porch and played some of the songs I had learned on guitar, mulling over the last couple months in their entirety. Let’s give a run down, shall we?

I went to the beach more times than I can count. Chilling on the sand with my Rainbows, the best sandal ever made, a soul sister, and the seashells, Cape May seemed like the answer to all my worries and problems. There’s just something about the ocean I love.

Music re-entered my life in a way I can’t even describe. Due to an injury leaving me stuck in my house a couple weeks, I put my focus on rebuilding my library, and it has certainly paid off. My iPod is loving me.

And finally, I found love as quickly as I was able to lose it. The details don’t matter, but how I changed does. I started off thinking it wasn’t going to be a summer fling, it would be forever…how naive I am. But I’m learning to be happy again. I’m learning to live life. And I’m learning how to take chances. Because when it comes down to it, and excuse me for being cliche, sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

So, here’s to a great summer. There may have been good times and bad times, but all in all…I leave the distinct summer sunshine with a smile on my face.