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Roy Bivolo/Rainbow Raider Headcanons
  • Once Roy and Mark got free from Team Flash at Ferris Air and safely away, Roy was the one to suggest a drink; both Rogues got thoroughly hammered that night. 
  • Roy often comes down to breakfast in the morning with flecks and smudges of paint over his hands and forearms, inspiration having struck in the night and the artist having not gone to bed in order to pursue the idea. 
  • Roy has been found to overthink and worry over impact his powers have to the point of sleeplessness as a voice in his head taunts him for removing people’s free will by manipulating their emotions. It’s Mick who suggests that he learns the full extent of his powers by trying different emotions to varying degrees on the Rogues in a controlled, safe environment. Turns out to be good stress relief for everyone and Roy’s incredibly grateful. 
  • On that note, Roy - upon Rory’s own request - does use his powers to calm Mick down during his rages if he can. Once he undoes later on, Mick’s returned to a natural, neutral state. 
  • Axel - in all his tall, lanky glory – loves spooning Roy.
  • Roy Bivolo is asexual. All the Rogues are aware of this and Len took the time to discuss the man’s boundaries and identify if there was anything he was uncomfortable with (such as a dislike for casual touches etc.). Roy reassured him that no one was pushing their luck and thanked him and the others’ concern, no one having asked before. 
  • Within Poly!Rogues, everyone’s aware of Roy’s asexuality and comfort zone and carefully not to be overly forward with him. While he’s not sex repulsed, just tends to be ‘eh’ about the whole sex thing, only very rarely taking interest and having the urge to pursue attention. The Rogues are very accommodating about keeping him included in everything else to make sure he doesn’t feel left out at any point.
  • Roy is still colour blind in the CW!verse. He – with Hartley’s help and physics knowledge – managed to create a set of goggles that correct his vision so he can paint without a problem. The look on Roy’s face when he stares around at the world and the new colours and he breathlessly, excitedly grips Hartley and thanks him, staring at his face in awe as he takes in the new environment makes Hartley feel a burst of joyful pride that makes him blush when he thinks about it, not used to receiving genuine gratitude from people.
  • Roy likes doodling on people. For his birthday Shawna got him a large palette of body paints and now there are some beautiful photographs of the Rogues all painted up around his studio and the safehouse – intricate patterns and tattoos painted and drawn across the Rogues’ arms and backs, over shoulders and up necks. Lisa had patterns of golden scales and a spine down her back; Hartley had splashes of watercolour paint dabbed and merging up his arms from his fingers; Mark had intricate black patterns working their way up his chest. Axel got an entire photoshoot dedicated to himself with a bunch of neon paint under a blacklight. 
  • Roy did suggest another body painting session but it just dissolved into them all buying cheap paints in the summer and having a paint fight - Mick and Axel had left noticeable, unashamed painty handprints on Len and Mark’s backsides. 
  • Roy has a separate studio away from the Rogues’ safe houses which is a lot more peaceful to work in and a good place to wind down - it’s invitation only, he reminds Axel regularly, half expecting to find the place graffitied every other day.
  • Roy has asked the Rogues to model for paintings and sketches for him - he can’t exactly hire anyone in the tristate area, what with being a wanted Metahuman criminal and all. His favourite subject to work with is Hartley who he excitedly claims looks like he’s stepped out of a Caravaggio painting. The Piper and Raider end up good friends, sharing ideas and news about music and art, visiting galleries and theatres together. 

Thought I’d share some headcanons about Roy because he doesn’t get enough love! :0 

i told a straight person i wasnt straight and when they replied to me, their uvula was a small discoball flashing rainbow colours while lady gagas “born this way” played from somewhere deep in their body