I was so excited to get the mail today, because look what came! This gorgeous wrapped moonstone pendant! I opened it so fast and tried it on with a gold chain I happened to have lying around, and I’m just stunned! It’s so simple yet so beautiful, and the rainbow flash it has is wow!
As well, the box was adorable (I’m a sucker for a good gift box) and upon opening I was greeted by the lovely aroma of sage! Thank you so much for this @bekkathyst, words really can’t describe how happy I am to own this!


For last year Comic Fiesta, I’ll be selling My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games postcards. The Mane 6 Wondercolts with Sunset Shimmer & Flash Sentry Download for full view

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✨Gorgeous piece of Amethyst Stalactite I got to look at the other day. It was about the size of my palm!..wish I could have brought it home 😩🔮 And those rainbow flashes! 🙌🏻

  • Me, looking at Roland:"You buggy, artificial, uncanny valley looking creep, dear God you're so damn *ugly*…"
  • Me, looking at Bog:"My beautiful scaly backed baby, the color of your eyes might as well be called Soul Piercing Blue, your cheekbones are to die for, your wings literally flash rainbows, don't even get me started on your lips -"
  • Me:"…I might have a bias."