Is there a home remedy for a snake with a starting resp. Infection?
I’m noticing some very slight wheezing in Pepper from time to time. I don’t wanna go out to the vet for something so minor if there is a home treatment!
I’ve bumped up the temps by 1,5 degree and I’m keeping my room heater on all day so the ambient is nice and cozy.

This gorgeous snake is the rainbow boa (Epicrates cenchria) from Central and South America. The species’ incredible iridescent sheen is caused by a phenomenon known as structural colouration, which produces colours on skin, feathers and fur via miniscule structured surfaces that are fine enough to interfere with visible light. This is what causes peacock feathers - which are actually pigmented brown - to appear blue, green, and turquoise. 

Images: (clockwise) bsmith4815/Flickr; Damien Farrell/Wikimedia; Angela Rothermann/Wikimedia

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