Rainbow Road

a bet, pt. 2

Person B: What the hell is this stupid f***ing f***ed up track?

Person A: It’s not my fault that I’m in first and you’re in twelfth.

Person B: *snatches the remote out of A’s hand and sends them flying off the track*

Person A: B! Jeez!

Person B: You can’t win the bet! I can’t get tickled! [thinking: not to mention that I’d like to win for other reasons, too.]

Person A (taking remote back): It’s not like you’re going to win. I’m pretty confident that you suck at this game.

Person B (adrenaline rush): Look who’s in seventh.

(When the round finishes, Person A is in 8th. Person B is in 5th.)

Person B: Ha! You didn’t win!

Person A: You didn’t win, either!

Person B: The person with the highest score wins. Isn’t that the point?

Person A (sighs): Look, B, if you want me to kiss you, why don’t you just say so?

Person B: No, it’s not that. I’m just overly competitive.

Person A:

Person B:

Person A: (shakes head and silently pulls B to them by the collar of their shirt)

Person A: We both know that’s not really true.

(Person A kisses Person B hard on the lips. B is blushing incredibly red.)

Person A: All you had to do was say the words.



So I decided to make a huge art piece dedicated to these wonderful YouTube content creators! 
- Daithi De Nogla
- TheGamingTerroriser
- Mini Ladd
- fourzer0seven
- BigJigglyPanda
- BasicallyIDoWrk

I really don’t know if any of these guys use Tumblr but goddamn I’m going to post it here anyway

Also I tried making the image larger so people could see Marcel and Anthony just fine, but Tumblr didn’t like the larger sizes. So, if people want to see them in greater detail, let me know and I’ll reply to this or something

Anyway hope you guys like this!
I’ll probably post this to Twitter as well