Sailor Loyalty

Rainbow Dash always dreamed of being the fastest flyer in her town. Looking up to the Wonderbolts as her idol, she dreamed of what it would be life to be a Wonderbolt. Life took a different turn when she was chosen to join the Sailor Ponies.

Ah well, make the best of the situation right?

The fastest member of the Sailor Pony team. Able to run and fly faster than the speed of sound; blink and you’d miss her. Not only was she blessed with incredible speed, but incredible reflexes - able to react to situations beyond normal ability.

Sailor Loyalty is not the most powerful member of her team, often relying on her teammates for most of the hard-hitting techniques. Loyalty is also very arrogant and proud, occasionally throwing herself into situations to prove herself.

A valuable member to the Sailor Pony team; she’s always able to show up at the right time to help turn the tables.