My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Season 6 Episode 17 : Dungeons and Discord

When the Mane 6 leave town, Discord decides to join Spike and Big Mac’s top secret Guys’ Night; Much to Discord’s disappointment, the Guys’ Night turns out to be an evening of fantasy role-playing.


End of August Art dump!

In no particular order

“Filly Applejack” I really like the camp uniform she had in the episode with rara :>
“Lightning!” Decided to draw dash lookin good in lightning :D
“Wet mane” Drew a soaked happy Rarity, Still surprised there was no nsfw entries on that topic hahah
“Changeling Larvae” Those things are adorable omg.
“Solar Flare” This version of Celly would be more appropriate for that banana video on Youtube wouldn’t it? :D