Pairing: Jimin x reader

Genre: Fluff, best friend!Jimin, drabble

word count: 788

100 ways to say “i love you” ➞ 34. “That’s okay, i bought two”

When you thought about music festivals, you’d always imagined tropical temperatures, burning sun on your skin, skimpy clothes, loud music and the smell of sweat and beer lingering in the air. Not standing outside in shorts and a tank top in the pouring rain and cold weather, mud almost up to your knees and barely being able to hear the music on stage as you stood hundreds of meters away from it with a massive crowd inbetween. You weren’t one to complain easily, but this just fucking sucked.

A short finger tapping on your shoulder snapped you out of your downward spiral of negativity before you turned around to be greeted by a smiling face that never failed to turn that frown upside down, as he would say.

‘Jimin, finally! You’ve been gone for almost two hours, where have you been?’ you asked happy but worried, watching as your best friend sucked a deep breath in through his teeth as he grimaced a bit in what seemed like disappointment.

‘I went to get us some food, like i said i would…But…’


‘It’s…It’s nothing, really. Shouldn’t we try to get closer to the stage, though? I barely hear anything from here and-‘

‘Jimin, what is it?’ you pressed on. He wasn’t exactly helping your worried state with the way he was avoiding your questions.

‘The food is…it’s… Whatever, taste for yourself,’ he ultimately sighed, wordlessly handing you the small, carton container with something resembling paella, going off on the colour and the…Going off on the colour.

‘Oh, dear,’ you murmured, already knowing where this was going as you reluctantly stuffed a spoon of the dish in your mouth, only to have your gag reflex demanding to spit it out right when it hit your taste buds.

‘Nasty, right?’ Jimin looked at you with a knowing and compassionate expression, having gone through the same suffering not too long before you.

‘Jesus christ, this isn’t edible!’ you managed to choke out between trying to spit every remaining bit of the taste off your tongue, ‘Please tell me it was as cheap as it tastes?’

The look on his face said it all and you groaned in defeat. This festival was not going how you had expected it to go at all.

‘Those were our last food vouchers, too…’ you sighed out, your stomach growling violently, which could’ve been funny considering the timing if you weren’t in such a miserable mood.

Jimin shuffled back and forth before deciding the ‘food’ was better off with the rest of the garbage as he made his way through the mud, almost losing his shoe in the process, and threw it in one of the nearby trashcans. When he headed back over to you, he noticed how your whole body was trembling, your lips slightly turning blue and your arms wrapped around your body and rubbing against each other in an attempt to stay warm somehow. Guess the combination of the cold, lack of sleep and an empty stomach was finally catching up on you.

‘____-, you’re getting soaked here. You’ll catch a cold,’ he murmured, pulling his disposable festival parka over his head to fit it over yours.

’N-no, J-Jimin…what ab-bout you?’ you couldn’t help but chatter your teeth as you felt your body cooling down and growing cold very quickly, but you didn’t wish that upon him too. He shouldn’t sacrifice his own health for yours.

‘That’s okay, i bought two,’ he beamed at you, his eyes smiling along with his lips in two small crecents as he pulled out another parka from his back pocket, ‘i got them on the way back here, they were really cheap!’

You nodded frantically, happy about his thoughtfulness but also shivering too hard to get any descent words past your lips. Jimin just looked around him, taking in the sight of the grey clouds, the rain falling with buckets out of the sky and the stage he couldn’t even see with his own eyes. And if even Jimin couldn’t find anything positive to say, it’s safe to say that it can’t get any worse.

‘This blows. Let’s go back to the camping site, lock ourselves in our tent and bundle up in our sleeping bags while eating cereal, yeah?’ he proposed, taking your hand and shooting you another one of his bright smiles. You felt better already.

‘That sounds amazing. You’re the best,’ you sighed, relieved, squeezing his hand in return as you made your way towards the camping ground. It was a long way of mud pools and drunk people blocking whatever was left of the path to go, but as long as you had Jimin by your side, you felt like it wasn’t all that bad.

Ok, witches! I gotta tell you about meteorological symbols!

There’s one for every weather condition you can think of! You can probably find a longer list in the back of a dictionary, or just search Google images.

  • You can use them as sigils on their own, or use them as inspiration to make your own sigils!
  • Use them for weather summoning!
  • Use the symbols as a substitute for certain weather conditions! For example, if a spell calls for rainwater and you live in the desert, use the meteorological symbol for heavy rain.
  • Use the metaphorical attributes of the symbols in spells! For example, a hurricane for added energy, or fog for concealment.
  • The list goes on!