rain witch self-care tips 🌧

- allowing yourself rejuvenation through dancing under the rain

- gazing at majestic gray clouds and only finding inspiration in them

- keeping a rain-scented candle for those times in which you’re missing the cloudy days

- doing deep-breathing exercises outside (or in front of an open window) during storms, inhaling the freshness of the air

- likening yourself to the earth after a rainfall, utterly cleansed and purified

- drifting asleep to storm sounds

anonymous asked:

Well northern Germany has nice weather, with a maximum of 35°C (on a really hot day), with an average of 22°C, cold wind from the north or the Baltic Sea and much rain~ perfect weather....Oh and as a native I want to state, that our summer only lasts about 3 weeks, before it gets colder again (at least it feels like that)

sounds good except i’m southern german so i’m not going to fall for this. you can’t fool me


This tree in St. Louis, MO was struck by lightning, causing it to burn on the inside.

Video: Jim Probst