There’s only one thing Bostonians love more than iced coffee in the dead of winter and that’s complaining about the weather.

#10: Rainy Day - Dan

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Because it’s been rainy weather in Hawaii lately and I’ve been obsessing over Mystic Messenger for the last few days @beforethebraces I blame you for this lol). 20/10 would recommend to play because it makes me wish Dan or Phil (in some way, Phil reminds me of Yoosung and Dan as a little bit of 707) could be one of these boys and we can romance them. Side note: if you’re already playing MM, which boy do you like and/or what route are you currently on? I’m only on the 4th day of Zen’s route (I just started playing and bestie told me to play him first), but I’m excited to get to Jumin and 707. Jumin especially, because he’s got a cat named Elizabeth the 3rd (cat whiskers anyone?) and my nickname for him is “rich bitch” (though bestie call him Mr. Trust Fund) 😂

Rain: the weather that’s supposed to be the perfect excuse for couples to take advantage of the “sweater weather” and cuddle up next to a fireplace or on a bed next to a window. Or the weather where a cliché “rain scene” happens like in The Notebook or any other romantic scene where a couple shares a kiss while raindrops soak their clothes and gives them the 75% chance of contracting pneumonia. Then there’s me, underneath Dan’s dark shaded duvet with my phone in my hands, grinning like I’m watching a marathon of (your favorite TV show). 

“Babe, I made you some coffee,” I hear Dan call out. I’m not paying attention to him though, my (E/C) orbs remaining glued to the screen. 


“What’s up?” I ask distractedly. 

“(Y/N), are you playing that game again?” 

I press ‘pause’ on the screen. I glance up at Dan, keeping my grip on my phone. “What other game would I be playing?“ 

He places the steaming mug on the dresser. “Just wanted to make sure. You’ve been investing a lot of hours on it.” 

“I have to. If I miss a single chat, these boys will hate me.” 

“You do know they’re not real, right?” 

“They are to me.” 

He pouts. “And you’re choosing them over your boyfriend who’s a better Elizabeth the 3rd?“ 

I giggle. This is why Dan is a good boyfriend: he’s attentive to my needs and understands my obsessions. I knew he was worth keeping when I got into (your favorite band) and bought a bunch of their merch for me and wrapped them up in a gift basket as a Christmas gift last year. “I’ll pick you with cat whiskers over a real cat any day.” 

He grins, joining me on the bed and draping his arm across my shoulders. “So if I cuddle with you right now, you’ll ignore the game for the rest of the afternoon?” 

Oh, I see what you’re doing, mister. I duck under his arm and scoot a few inches away from him, leaving his arm dropping back to his side. “Not a chance. Juggling four needy boys and a female secretary is on my to-do list at the moment and I’m this close to getting enough hourglasses to finally get into deep story.” 

“Four needy boys? Wow, I got some competition.” 

“Not really. I mean, a narcisstic actor, upbeat gamer, uptight business man, and depressive jokester have nothing on a procrastinating, philosophical, cheeky smile, moth-fearer.” 

He pouts again. At this rate, his pouting will be slightly more adorable than the boys’ consistent questions of whether or not I ate yet (it’s ironic when they ask the question after I just ate a meal or when I’m as hungry as a feral tiger). “In that case, shouldn’t my cuddles be more of a priority over your senpai’s?” 

“They will be once I complete this chatroom and answer back to any emails and texts.” 

He sighs. “Fine. I’ll be in the living room with Phil when you’re done, alright?” 

I smile, moving back to his side and tilting my head to give him a brief kiss on his lips. “I won’t be long. I’ll be there in a few minutes. If you can’t wait for me, go cuddle Phil instead.” 

“If you’re not there in the next ten minutes, I might do just that,“ he mock-warns. 

“Fine… I promise. Ten minutes tops.” 

He wraps his arms around me for a hug. “I’ll hold you to that promise.” He releases his hold on me and, getting off the bed, gives me one of his dimpled smiles before leaving the room. 

I laugh to myself. I may love Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin, and 707 (and even V if he had a route), but I love Dan just a little bit more. 

Okay, a lot more.

It snowed today. I hate the snow. I hate the rain. I hate Massachusetts weather. I hate it.
On the bright side, I get to see my politics professor tomorrow (:
She’s so cute