Please consider the following: Community Garden AU where the Inquisition members rent small plots of land for the growing season.

Varric is the generous landowner that decided to rent out his property for a small fee.  He has no interest in gardening – “Why would I waste my time in the dirt when there’s a perfectly good store just down the street?” – but he won the unused land in a bet and he’s not one to waste any of his assets.  Sometimes he can be seen tending to one of the plots, filled with daisies.  

Cassandra decided to try gardening for the first time, seeing it as quite the romantic hobby.  She realizes early on that it’s way more work than expected and quickly frustrates over the constant weeding, watering, and wayward animals eating her sprouts.  But when the first roses begin to bloom, she is over the moon and makes the commitment to return next season.

Solas diligently tends to his plot every morning before dawn.  He has an assortment of strange and rare plants that are carefully labeled and spaced. Never has a problem with deer or rabbits eating his plants because of the “secret” spray he covers his fence with (it’s wolf pee).

Sera’s garden is covered with fruits, vegetables, and flowers.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason with her garden, and weeds cover almost every available inch.  Her fence is covered in strips of colored plastic and cans to ward off animals.  Whenever she’s at the garden, she spends her time talking to other renters instead of tending to her own plot – “If it grows, it grows.  Who am I to decide what happens, yeah?”

Vivienne can be seen at the community garden every afternoon, wearing catalog-worthy gardening gear in her flawless plot filled with medicinal plants and herbs.  Her garden puts all others to shame, and she knows it.  If you’re brave enough to approach her, she’ll happily give you advice on how to improve your skills and sometimes even give you clippings if she likes you enough.

Blackwall loves his small plot of land.  He sees it as a summer tradition and puts all his effort into it.  It takes him an entire month to just prepare the land: exterminating every weed, tilling the ground, setting up an impenetrable fence. He even mixed in nutrient-enriched soil to help his seedlings grow.  He’s one of the few renters that owns his own rain catcher (everyone else needs to carry their own tubs of water from the nearby water spigot).  He only grows vegetables that he eventually salts and freezes.  They last through the entire winter.

The Iron Bull also loves his small plot of land.  He and Blackwall share adjacent plots and they often exchange gardening tips.  He grows a small patch of vegetables, but the rest of the space is filled with flowers.  He is very proud of his flowers and brings the Chargers out to see them whenever a new species blooms.  There are always bees and butterflies flying around his plot and he swears he knows each of them by name.

Cole’s garden doesn’t have a fence, and the other renters rarely see anyone tending to it.  But there are huge piles of growth that threaten to overtake neighboring plots.  Animals come to eat the vegetables and new sprouts, and Cole always makes sure there is enough for them to leave with full bellies.

Dorian often complains about the manual labor and “blighted humidity” that comes with gardening, but that doesn’t stop his garden from being taken care of.  Each type of plant is sectioned off in their own little fenced area, carefully labeled and even shaded if needed.  He keeps a detailed journal of their growing process, illustrating and taking lots of pictures.  He swears he won’t come back next year, but he’s already planning how to improve things.

Leliana only grows food for her nugs.  She makes sure to use the best kind of soil, fertilizer, and cleanest water for her garden.  Sometimes, she even brings a few of her pets to the garden to enjoy the fresh air and kind company.  Cole always seems to be there when they come.  

Josephine doesn’t have a natural green thumb, but she still tries her hardest. Her garden has a balanced amount of vegetables, fruits, and herbs, but it is a little crowded with the space she has.  She eventually has to buy a second plot to make enough room.  

Cullen treats gardening as his therapeutic reward after a long day’s work, so he’s often seen at the community garden late at night.  Unfortunately, that also means he gets a lot of mosquito bites during the growing season.  He doesn’t mind them one bit.

“Worlds Apart”

(So, the other day I watched ‘Blendin’s Game’. At one point, Dipper has the throwaway comment “No one should be alone on their birthday.” The line is made in reference to Soos, but Stan is standing right there when it’s spoken and BOOM just like that, my brain started cooking up some Stangst).

It’s been a few months since Ford was accidentally sucked into the portal. Ford tries to avoid being captured in a dimension far from home, while Stan closes up the new and flourishing Murder Hut. Angst, good grief, so much angst. SFW. 4,429 words.

Fic below cut! Enjoy!

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Perhaps the most of you can remember that I posted a picture similar like this one some time ago. This here was the second shot. Just her look and the light is a little bit different. At the time when I posted it I can´t decide, which one I choose. Now we´ve got both. It´s one of my favorites.