Just obtained the Rain Badge from Wallace, the gym leader of Sootopolis City.

Unlike the previous gym battles I had, I wanted to make this one especially memorable. Hence, I told myself that I would try to use different Pokemon this time instead of using one strong Pokemon to KO his whole team (in all honestly I believe Russ would have been able to achieve that).

First up was Zenn VS Luvdisc. Zenn had a little problem as she had subpar offensive stats, but she still managed to take down Wallace’s Luvdisc after putting her to sleep with Sing.

Round two was Russ VS Sealeo. All I can say was - a lovely two-hit KO by our lightning fast friend.

Next up was Mitt VS Whiscash. Mitt’s wondrously high attack and STAB Fighting worked wonders. She even had time to throw in a Leech Seed for fun (see attached picture for one Sky Uppercut’s damage to Whiscash).

Then came the real fun, Lynn VS Milotic. As we all know, Milotic has a ridiculously high amount of SP defense. No worries, she was no match for Lynn. After a few rounds of setting up with Calm Mind (around 4x if I’m not wrong), Lynn’s Psychic definitely managed to dent Wallace’s Milotic. Badly.

Finally, Wallace was down to his last Pokemon, Seaking. I was supposed to send out Jepp, but I was having too much fun with Calm Mind boosted-Lynn. Moreover, I didn’t want to run the risk of having Seaking’s Horn Drill hit any of my Pokemon. Thus, Jepp was not switched in and Lynn struck first, one hit KO-ing Seaking with her Psychic attack. No screenshot here because I kinda, well, forgot to take one.

And that was how Fionn obtained her last, and final gym badge.

Onwards to the Elite Four! But first, let’s do some side quests.