Caption: “Rock Island Jet Rocket (GM Aerotrain). Presumably this was taken circa 1956 while the train was in use on the Chicago-Peoria run? In 1957 it was transferred to Chicago suburban service, where they really must have been something different to ride!”

Purchased dupe slide- RR Wallin photo.

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2017-0121-LACMTA-WomensMarch-003 by Metro Library and Archive
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Large crowds from Women’s March at Metro Civic Center/Grand Park Station (January 21, 2017) Photographer: F. Andres Di Zitti, LA Metro


Shibuya bound by Eric Flexyourhead
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Photographed while exploring with Kiyoshi-san and Makiko-san. Harajuku, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. December 24, 2014.


Caption: “It was a grungy dark day in late November 1972 and we rode the Rock out to Blue Island just for something to do. This Rock Local came by with one of the former P&LE NW2’s the Rock picked up second hand. The Rock was always looking for bargains!“

Blue Island, Illinois

November 1972

Photos by Lou Gerard

A full length portrait of Corporal T. Sillito, who was a member of a four-man SAS patrol tasked to blow up the rail line in the enemy’s rear, just before the offensive at El Alamein. After a firefight with the enemy, Sillito got separated from the rest of his group, and set out to walk the 100 miles back to the British lines, without food or water, a gruelling week-long experience which he only just survived. 

Photograph taken after several days in hospital following his rescue, with his feet still bandaged.

Of Secrets and Dresses

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Riza sighed for the third time since she had left her house that afternoon and tightened her scarf around herself in an attempt to combat the cold. She glanced in all the frosty shop windows that she passed along the snow covered street and frowned. Wreaths were hanging on every door, garland lined railings and roofs, and everything in Central was merry and bright, but there was nothing merry for Hawkeye when it came to dress shopping.

The annual winter military ball was in a week and, courtesy of Fuhrer Grumman, all attendees were given the option to wear formal clothes as opposed to their dress blues. He made it clear that he wanted to see Riza in something other than her uniform. Not wanting to upset the Fuhrer, who also happened to be her grandfather, she was forced to search for a dress that would be suitable to wear to such a formal event.

But dress shopping had never been an easy task for Riza. The dress had to meet her special requirements and few actually fit the bill. If they did, they usually were not flattering. She had learned to lower her standards long ago when it came to clothes shopping and it was why she rarely shopped for new clothes, much to her best friend Rebecca’s disappointment. Many an outing was declined for reasons Riza always refused to disclose. Rebecca knew her friend was lying every time Riza made an excuse about why she couldn’t or didn’t want to go, but she was a good friend and never pushed Riza to explain herself.

There were far more elegant shops to choose from now that Riza lived in Central and it was actually the first time she had ever truly looked at them. She hadn’t ever needed anything too fancy to wear since moving, so shopping in this part of town never crossed her mind. Now that an occasion presented itself, Riza realized she had no idea where to even start.

She almost ran into someone when a particular shop caught her attention and she quickly stepped closer to the building to avoid a collision.

“Excuse me,” Riza said. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

“I noticed.”

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One of the rail lines buried by landslides during the recent Kaikoura Earthquake, New Zealand.


endless list of plot bunnies: Maggie McKinnon

“Oh Newton, do come over and have a look. It’s breathtaking. I dare say it’s more beautiful than the Kalahari…” Maggie’s hands gripped tightly to the railings that lined the deck and she leaned forwards taking a deep breath and smiling when the ocean mist licked at her face. They’d set sail from Liverpool, England 6 days earlier, and New York was finally within touching distance. As much as Margaret McKinnon enjoyed the open ocean, she was excited to soon be back on dry land.

“Come now Mags, away from the railings.” Newt still didn’t understand why she’d insisted that they came by boat, but as he stood up and the skyline of New York City came into view he couldn’t help but join her in smiling and shuffle towards his companion - making sure to keep a tight grip on the case they’d spent the last couple of years filling. 

“We made it!” She beamed. 

“You knew we would, you saw it.” Newt commented, rather matter of factly, causing Maggie to roll her eyes. She was a seer, that was no secret. Though it also wasn’t a secret that she was not a particularly good one, and that her visions were limited to no more than forty six minutes into the future. She had in fact only foreseen their successful arrival to Manhattan around fifteen minutes before the island had come into view.