Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: au!the bus

Okay… well, if I get off at the next stop, I’ll just have to walk… an hour to get home.

…That’s okay.

Deciding instead that he was better off finding the bus route to go the opposite direction, Shizuo gave a heavy sigh. He was beginning to feel cramped but couldn’t bear to move, disturbing the stranger who had fallen asleep on his shoulder.

It had happened a few stops ago. Shizuo knew of the black haired young man choosing the seat next to his (ignoring the fact there were only two open seats on the bus) and felt a bit flustered, simply because of the fact that he found the other attractive. And then he felt a pressure on his shoulder, looked over to see him asleep.

“Last stop up ahead.”

Head jerking up, Shizuo felt his breath hitch, feeling his skin prickling as his heart rate quickened. He turned back to the sleeping figure; how was he supposed to wake him? Shrug? Tap him? Cough? Stand?

Definitely not stand.

Clearing his throat, Shizuo mumbled ‘excuse me’ but it was barely audible. It came out in a croak and Shizuo wondered what happened to his voice. He tried again, though this time it was a bit sudden and rushed, almost like a yell.

And the stranger was still asleep.

Feeling lost, Shizuo kept trying to wake him until the bus rolled into a stop. The driver opened the doors and Shizuo looked around a bit anxiously. After being told to get off three times, he ended up carrying the sleeping figure off, standing by as the bus drove off, arms laden with a cute stranger.


“I’m surprised…”

Blinking, he turned to see the stranger’s eyes open. He was smirking confidently and it was easy for Shizuo to figure out he hadn’t been asleep for a while. He’d been awake; his expression lacked the fatigue that came with being woken up.

“You went through all that effort to wake me… you even carried me off the bus!”


“What a gentleman.”


“…Well! My name is Orihara Izaya, and you have, at the very least, deserved a date with me. So why don’t you take me to dinner at–”

Shizuo promptly dropped him.

Nali week day 0: Cosplay
Nope i’m nowhere near done with this prompt


                            My Top 5 anime characters ^^

                                    1. Accelerator 

                                    2. Xerxes Break

                                    3. Akashi Seijuro

                                    4. Orihara Izaya

                                    5. Lelouch Lamperouge