“Whenever I play Fallout 3, I get horrible chills from seeing the ruins of Fairfax because I live there in real life. It’s both awful to see the town that I have called home since I was a child destroyed and covered in ash, and at the same time a dark and strange beauty. I often spend large amounts of my time there, and I hate it when the raiders take over again because it’s my town, and I won’t let it be ruled by them.”

Fallout Confessions



- Wall Torch Holder

- Wall Torch Flame

- Stakes (6)

*  Stakes found under Sculptures for $5 each

*  Wall Torch Holder found under Wall Lights for $10

*  Wall Torch Flame found under Table Lights for $3

**  You may require the Holiday Celebration Pack (Free through Origin)

in order for the torch “flame” to work.

- Recolorable

- Stakes are Basegame Compatible.


- The Torch is based on meshes from Plasticbox at MTS, the flame has been adjusted to use the tuning of the Campfire.

-  The Torch has the function of “Light”, “Extinguish”, “Put in Inventory”.

-  The Torch will go out by itself after a period of time just as the Campfire does.

-  The Sim animation does not match up with the height of the flame, if you are expecting    perfection with the animation it won’t happen here.

-  To create the torch - place the Torch Holder then place the Torch Flame on the top of the wooded torch (like a shelf).

Created for SimDougnuts by Request

Download Here