Tomb Raider: 30 Day Challenge.

Day 28: Do You Like the New Lara?

I love the new Lara. She may have her flaws if I constantly compare her to classic Lara, but she is a freaking bad-ass. I love the little geek out moments she has (one trait I’ve always wanted to be a part of Lara for a while now) and I love how she still persists, no matter what sort of fucked up shit is thrown at her. I do think Crystal could improve her character a little, and not have her motivated by her father 24/7. It seems that this is a re-occurring theme not just in the Tomb Raider series, but in nearly every series I have watched/played with a female protagonist. I find her relatable as I am that twenty something woman trying to make her mark on the world like Lara.
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“All systems okay, Jaeger code name First Order ready for series of test 2.0.1 to 2.0.2. Matt?” Hux sniffs, blinking away the moisture from his eyes as a tide of soothing comfort encircles him. It’s Ren, and he’s apologizing for letting Hux see the memory but also consoling him as well. Hux feels his own emotions double into something similar to infatuation and Hux feels it’s too soon for that but from now on he can never hide a single thought from Ren again.

 “Everything is good down here,” Matt communicates from the bay containing the Jaeger. The coupling has already fused into the rest of the mech, awaiting their commands.

 “Ren?” Techie’s voice echoes and Hux feels himself acknowledging this as Ren does. “Armie? What’s your status?”


Update!! Chapter three is up! The above summary for this chapter is based on artwork by the lovely @jeusus which is featured at the end notes on the chapter!! Hope everyone enjoys!



Ten tracks detailing the Chieftain’s life, from his beginnings as a courtesan’s son, to the founding of Virulent, to the onset of his paranoia, to his death, to his resurrection. All in reverse, with events most recent first.

Title art is by the wonderful @tangelojack

NOTE: Due to a conflict between the hosting website and the owners of the song, I was unable to add track #10, City (Hollywood Undead), to the playlist. I strongly recommend that you pause the playlist and listen to it after ‘Wake Up’ to have the best viewer experience.

SEIZURE WARNING: The music video for ‘Mind Electric’ features some flashing, and I suggest that you skip that song if you may be affected by it. There is another, non-flashing version on Youtube, but the music quality isn’t as good. 

@incalyscent look

1. SHOVEL AND BONE | Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival | A New Reign

heave on / heave on / cast out your skin / fat to the feast
with each crumb that’s offered / another mouth springs
surrender your wool / and kin to the beast / heave on / heave on
down the throat of an alle-alle-luia / spoil an empty god

2. INDIANA MAN | American Murder Songs | Return to the Rot

he rose from the fire / with the deed in his hand / like saul from the old ash tree
“damn their treaties / damn their kings / i’ve got a gun named destiny”

3. AWAKE O SLEEPER | Brothers Bright | Resurrection

let no man bright me harm / i bear the marks of jesus
let no man bring me harm / i bear the marks of the lord

4. MIND ELECTRIC | Tally Hall | Death Interlude

scattering sparks of thought energy / deliver me and carry me away
here in my kingdom / i am your lord / i order you to cower and pray

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