Bjork, Mike Patton, Rahzel, and Tanya Tagaq blending their voices together into a song that is insanely beautiful. In the middle part of the song, that’s Mike doing the higher, feminine-sounding parts an octave over Bjork. Rahzel and Tanya provide rhythmic structure. Medulla is such an amanzing album and I wish they’d all collaborate again.

Beatbox…. the essence of Doug-Biz-Rah x

Another EgoStrip joint in it’s raw Black and white form. 

I’ll hopefully colour it over the weekend. 

The prints are in the process of being created! 

‘One’ will be ready in the next 10 to 12 days.

*I’ll most likely put one print out per month. 

Focusing on Quality not quantity 

100 limited per design at £25. I’ve yet to figure out the P&P, but once the shop is up, all info will be available