Ragna the Bloodedge

drowsle101 asked:

Is the timeline where Makoto hopped into in her story the same as the Wheel of Fortune or not? Cuz I don't remember Tsubaki going to Zero Squadron in WOF, whereas she did in Slight Hope.

No the two aren’t the same.

As it stands, it looks like 4 timelines are shown and explored in BlazBlue.

The main one that we know now.
The Wheel of Fortune timeline (which is likely the first).
The Calamity Trigger Part - 1 timeline (which is phase 298).
The one shown in Slight Hope.

Amatsumugi says:

“There are far more than 302 time lines. In one of Ragna’s bad ends in CT, Phase 724 was mentioned. So if(which I don’t believe) True end takes place after that phase, then the last phase would be 725.”